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Definitely one of the best and most effective purple conditioner I have tried!

I have dark Asian hair that goes brassy everytime I bleach it and blonden conditioner has been amazing at removing the brassiness! 

Smells amazing, made my hair silky smooth and such a lovely blonde.

 The purple is not too intense, so you don't have to worry about staining!

Fantastic conditioner!

Left my platinum blonde hair feeling smooth, soft and shiny! I left it on a little longer and it gave my hair a slight blue tint that I loved! Will definitely be changing over to Blonden now! ????????????

Highly recommend.

I’ve got long naturally dark hair which I’ve tortured with ‘bronde’ balayage! I’ve used Blonden conditioner three times now, it’s really helped untangle my hair after shampooing, it washes out beautifully and removes brasiness. I love that it’s locally made and without the usual nasties too! 

Will definitely buy again!

So happy with Blonden conditioner!
My hair is very dry and quite frizzy especially in the tropics in summer.
Blonden tones beautifully and makes my hair feel super soft.
The longer you leave it on the more it tones and softens.
Also great value for a 200ml tube. 

Love this!

 Not only does it smell sooo delicious! It also toned the ends of my hair beautifully, getting rid of the brassy tones without dying the hair a purple or silver colour like a lot of other purple hair care brands.

Love Love Love

I'm so impressed at how much this reduced the brassy tones in my blonde in just one wash.

Love this product!

I have used this product a couple of times already and I’m very happy. It’s improved the colour of my blonde highlighted hair. One of the best purple conditioners I’ve used so far. It has a really nice sweet bubblegum smell to it aswell. Thank you!

Fantastic product, hair loved it and drank it up.

 Really happy with it the only thing I found not to be too fond of was the bubble gum smell made me feel like I was using my kids bubble bath but despite that great product.

Awesome product.

Have used a few times and it has definitely made a difference.

This product is the BOMB !!!

I couldn’t believe how soft and orange free my hair was after one wash! 

I will definitely be repurchasing. Thankyou :)

Great product for fine hair especially prone to get oily like mine! I found it lightweight whilst nourishing from the hydrolysed silk.