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Great products, but disappointed I ain't get no coupon yet that's ok my friend


Awesome products, and even better customer service. Product was damaged due to delays with Canada Post, customer service was very helpful and resent the product.

The products are wonderful and I can attest to the quality of the product as long time psychedelia fanatic. Will continue to purchase from BG in the future and will recommend BG to my friends and family.


Very fast shipping, in 24 hours my shrooms are on their way, and I got them 2 days later. The GT is super potent even with only 2g.


Tried the macrodose caps and a few grams of White Burma. Order arrived early and was packed discreetly. Happy with my purchases and will be ordering again.


Arrived super quick before the estimated date. I haven't tried it yet but I will be buying more also the package is discreet.


I am an experienced psychedelic user for 20 years plus now. I bought an OZ of goldmember and am completely blown away!!!! I was limited on time so thought I’d have a taste, I consumed 1.1 grams thinking I’d have a mellow to mild time. It lasted for 5 hours and was very visual. There were so many bright colours and every thing would not stop moving. These are the best mush I have ever done and am so very impressed with the strength and quality. That I am looking forward to next weekend where I can take the full experience of these.

Thank you again for all that you do and provide!!


The DMT is easy to disolve into vegetable glycerin and the smell is not too harsh like other DMT I tried. The LSD is approved and powerful don't take a full dose the first time ! Great source I might settle with BlueGoba as my principal plug


Great first experience. 10/10


...Even the ziploc baggies are unexpectedly HQ! Everything came in tact, clean, and clearly labelled. Sent off a quick inquiry and was met with great customer service (s/o to Donnie!) Would recommend throwing a silica gel packet after getting your order if you're storing the rest for future use.

As a fellow forager (of the more everyday culinary variety), I'm super impressed with how these were preserved--no sponginess due lingering moisture, specimens fully in tact, clean cuts from the volva. It can be challenging to dry a variety with such tall, wide stipes whole (I'll halve everything from C. comatus to the stubbiest of Suillus just to make things easier) but everything came super crispy. Gently handled and only lightly bruised juuust enough to show off that characteristic blue staining. Super neat to see!

Thank you so much! I'll be back for your freeze-dried stuff some other time :^)


No question about the 5* rating. I ordered the Enigma Premium strain, Penis Envy Premium, as well as the regular blue goba strain. And all I can say is wow! I’ve tried the enigma from another site, and there is no comparison. Their PE is heads above any other site (I’ve tried almost every site that was being praised online) and I can say with confidence that every other site wishes they could produce product like BlueGoba. EVERY other site is not even on the same level as these guys. I guess that explains why they are continuously out of stock. When you see them in stock. Any strain. Get it while you can. Have you seen their HPLC testing results? Some of their strains have higher potency than cyanscens and azurescens. That takes time, technique and superior skills on part of the mycologists. Hats off!! Don’t bother wasting your time with trying any other sites. These guys are on another level.


BlueGoba is the best seriously! Orderded 14g of pe and 14 g of white rabbit and got 15.7g of pe and 16.3g of White rabbit and its not the first time they give a lil extra either. :) Super happy with them they truly are the best Shroom online dispensary in Canada in my opinion! Hands Down! Thx BG


These guys and their products are great!
My first order was 10 hit Blotter. I took two hits which gave very nice high, with good strong body rushes. I was also really pleased how quick and well packaged it came. Next, I bought some Enigma cubensis and a pack of PE gummies. The Enigma look weird, not like shrooms at all, but they make for a really good high, better than most shrooms, and they don't taste bad either. The gummies aren`t cheap, but they are really good.
These guys offer some of the best products I`ve had, and a great service too.


Ordered 21 grams in 3 seperare strains
21 grams came but one of the strains was wrong. After 1 email no questions asked I was sent be replacement strain 100% free thanks blue goba!!


Ordered 7g of penis envy and got 15 grams total.


Penis Envy - Very potent, I found them great for laying down and closing my eyes to meditate for awhile. Will definitely buy again.


The Golden Teacher micro dose made me feel free and a heart opening experience whether it was one capsule or 3. It was so subtle but a defined experience at the same time. Will definitely be trying more!


A very well earned 5 stars. Such a focus on customer service. I was able to enjoy a rare treat with the wild foraged liberty caps. So different. Ordered one gram and got closer to 2. I took it all in one session which is the highest amount I've ever done (I'm still fairly new to this, and definite am following the low and slow mantra). Despite their strength compared to other shrooms, it was a very manageable and meaningful trip. For the strength, I was surprised at the lack of anxiety producing body load. Good visuals (my wife was suddenly sporting a long mustache and beard when she walked in the room). I would love to see a process to turn feedback into anecdotal data such as a survey form with which customers could rate individual strains based on set criteria. Would be extremely useful. I got a lot from reading through reviews, as opposed to the very short product descriptions.


Feedback about Blue Goba premiums.

I have used this strain personally couple weeks ago. This strain is incredible and it’s really a flagship medicine from BlueGoba store. Me and my few friends ordered some collectively few weeks ago.
Finally my friends got a chance to try them recently.
In nutshell they all were astonished with the ultra clarity, visuals and potency. They all said this strain has something which they have never experienced ever before. This is really a DMT style strain. They also mentioned the feel of freeze dried is quite different from conventional dried mushrooms. Very comfortable, lightweight feeling and easy on the stomach. They are all super happy, not a bit of complaint or issue. 100% satisfied



I ordered 7g PE, 7g GT and the microdose lsd bottle.
The shrooms were great and precisely what I ordered and were more potent than what I was used to getting from another website.
The LSD on the other hand, hmmm it was it great. It gave a horrible headache and neck pain that lasted for days after i took the recommended beginners dose. I’ve red online this usually happens when it’s not pure LSD but I didn’t test so I’m not saying it. Also, neck and jaw tension are pretty common side affects of LSD that a lot of people seem to experience regardless of the quality of it so maybe it was just me? Nevertheless, I still have a full bottle after giving it a try 2 times and won’t be using it ever again. The discomfort i got from it wasn’t worth it


Just received my order of white rabbit absolutely amazing shrooms amazing high and beautiful mushrooms some with the veil still intact and some weighing 4 to 5 g each mushroom, also thanks for the extra 4 gs in both bags,you guys are my go to psychedelic shop best around keep up the great work!


I have purchased from Blue Goba many, many times over the last 2 years. Quality continually exceeds my expectations. I have always received my order within 3 days. Their JMF has become my personal favorite for the vivid visuals and calming effects. One word of advice to anyone purchasing their premium Blue Goba strain: it is *very potent*. I have been trying to achieve ego death but so far have been unable. So, I took 4.5g of the blue goba strain hoping to break through. Instead, I became a prisoner of my own mind, existence became irrelevant, and I was able to perceive distant, far off galaxies by soaring through space. Eventually reality morphed into a living "stairs to nowhere" painting and I became trapped in an endless cycle of frivelness, constantly repeating "I need help". Terrifying does not adequately describe how I felt. Although I have been consuming mushrooms at various doses for years, I was not prepared for this strain. Respect the Blue Goba.


Always is a blessing. Since the beginning, I think 2 years now.


Always a great experience with BlueGoba!! From the service to product they’re here to help! Super professional and knowledgeable! Great discrete packaging!


Blue Goba is seriously awesome! Super great customer service - they clearly care about their reputation. Super accommodating and very professional.


I would like to know how these ratings work cause i've tired 4 different types. PE premium, aztec,mexi & trinity.
PE makes me feel Too nervous of a build up, aztec & mexi is about the same but i did enjoy aztec more so.
I don't know how to rate any of these other then i don't like the nervousness of some.
Once the bacon hits the pan 'am ALL in to cooking as long as i use no stick..........hahaha.
Yeah, it's not for everyone out there that uses stainless steel. when it sticks, it gets Really sticky...........


I’ve ordored MD capsul and 7g golden teacher. Service is perfect and the product is good quality. Thanks!


Hands down best customer service I have ever experienced. Had an issue with postal service and the Blue Goba team was quick to respond and take action to ensure I received my order. Very polite, professional and speedy, informative replies to any and all questions. These people have earned a satisfied customer for life and a personal recommendation to all my friends and family. Thank you so much Donnie and the Blue Goba Team!! Looking forward to trying your product and definitely coming back for future purchases!!


Blown away by the professionalism, fast and politite service and quick turnaround on the order. Looking very forward to becoming a repeat customer.


Golden Teachers. Your GT's seem to be very different from others I've bought in the past, by a long shot. I consumed 2G and had the strongest trip of my life. I ate them and within 10 min I could feel it coming on strong (that's never happened, even when drinking it in a tea). I was somewhat incapacitated with panic this time for a good 3 hrs and the body load lasted a good 7 to 8 hrs. The OEV were very strong (actually stronger than when my eyes were closed). I had a lot of trouble focusing and was a bit overwhelmed. This was a difficult trip for sure, but I would not say a 'bad trip'. There is always something to be learn. I should mentioned there was a moment where I seemed to transfer my consciousness in to 3 separate individuals. Strange indeed! I think I'll take it a little easier next time and consume less with this strain. Your Mexicubes are much more gentle.


Got the LSD. Everything was moving.


Super rapide merci j'adore vos produits!! produits de qualité!keep smile and good work👌


I left out in my other review that they're super potent too so be careful.


Ever since I found this website I've constantly recommended it to anyone looking for mushrooms. The blue Goba people Cleary take pride in their work because the mushrooms I get from them are always freakin top quality. Seriously, they have like no bruising and sometimes even the veil is still intact. Can't recommend enough and I appreciate them for what they do.


I was struggling with persistent PTSD and low-grade anxiety and depression due to some traumatic life events a few years ago. I had lost a lot of ability to enjoy life. Microdosing regularly for the last 2 months has helped me regain my spirit, my joy, and a feeling of physical lightness and motivation. It took some time but slow and gradual progress has been made and I am so grateful. Thank you, Blue Goba! Your reliable, trustworthy, quality product has changed my life.


Long time customer here! BG has consistently delivered top of the line mushrooms. Big thank you!


Can't go wrong with Blue Goba. Quick and courteous customer service. Super fast shipping, often coming in sooner then expected. Counts are always slightly more than what you ordered. Most of all, always been happy with how potent my shrooms are.


Transkei Premium

I did 4g and this strain hit me harder than expected, and I experienced significant visuals, which are reportedly light with this strain. I was seeing rainbow fractles in mid air. A really inspiring, spiritual, and euphoric experience. Warning though, I ate them straight up (I usually make tea) and they gave me SERIOUS heartburn, which can be scary while tripping. So keep tums handy! Making tea with this strain for a later trip yeilded no heart burn.


Golden Teacher capsules were my first step into microdosing. Helps with my depression and anxiety.


ordered 7gs of the malabar, super fun experience, lasted about 6 hours tripped out the whole time


Just finished a 2g journey on Albino Treasure Coast. Was one of the most insightful 4-5 hrs of my life. Thanks Blue Goba for the wonderful product.


I gifted a friend some PE shrooms from BLue Goba and he said it was one of the most transformative experience of his life. I’m so happy to have been able to introduce others to the experience. I’m currently only using GT microdose. It’s great to have a trusted source for dried shrooms and microdose. Placing my next order shortly to share with other friends.


I took 4.something of the Premium Albino Treasure Coast.
My god, I wasn't sure what to expect but this was the most mind blowing experience of my life. The closed eye visuals on this particular strain were so beautiful, almost as if I was in a new world, things twisting and turning but forming a gorgeous kaleidoscope effect, fractals and shapes being bright and colourful but also forming crazy tunnels. This trip eased my anxiety and depression while boosting productivity the following day. Also the longest trip ive done lasting around 7ish hours. Solid 8.9/10(I never give 10/10) Highly recommend, ships fast too.
To anyone new to psychedelics, take it easy at first. Going too deep too quickly is a big mistake. Its better to have an underwhelming trip then a terror trip. Start with 1g(or less) and work your way up in .2-.5 increments.


I ordered a few things from these guys. And as an experienced tripper I decided to buy APE premium. Well at the end of my work day I ate one tiny cap and one tiny stem(barely over a half G). Was expecting a relaxed euphoria feeling as I have eaten this amount before for the same reason. Well I tell you what, I ended up going on a four hour trip that I couldn’t believe I could even get to with that low of a dose. I am very excited for the weekend to finally be able to get the mental clarity I’ve been needing/searching for a while. So far I am very impressed with everything I have bought. Thank you guys so much for giving me this opportunity. I highly recommend this site you will not be disappointed in the products they are of only the finest quality and very discreet shipping. I am currently putting together another order.


Blue Goba provides fantastic products that get delivered quickly and discreetly. I’ve enjoyed their mushrooms for recreational and therapeutic purposes, and all experiences have been fantastic. I recommend BG to all of my friends and they all have had a similarly great experience.
Customer service is also top notch.


Made an order early this summer. But spaced on writing the review.
Quick and responsive with emails.
Some of the best products I've experienced. Will be re ordering for sure. Trust these folks!


So far, I've ordered a few different types of of Blue Gobas premium mushrooms, their mini dose capsules, while they still had it, the DMT pen and LSD. Each thing I've purchased has came in speedily, their customer support is wonderful and each and every single last one of their products is high up there in quality.

Their premium mushrooms taste wonderful, the LSD was properly dosed, and the dmt pen wasnt too brutal nor too forgiving.

I've got nothing but good things to say about BG, each of their products are worth the price, when you order with Blue Goba you know exactly what youre getting, to me this is my one stop shop for good tasting, potent, magnificent mushrooms.


We bought the 7g package of penis envy and consumed a third each. We are now in our late sixties and have not done Psilocybin for 40 years. The dosage seemed much stronger than our earlier experiences in Thailand and Nepal. I experienced loss of control of movement and autonomy and speech to a very high degree. I felt poisoned. My wife had a near death experience due to low blood pressure. This might of course be age related, but we are both in good health. Coming down from the high was pleasurable. Be warned! Start with a low dosage. If we go back to Psilocybin we will microdose.



First BG order, I laughed out loud when I saw what my crypto had bought me! I’ve tried numerous cubensisMoMs and while many of them were good and 1 other was great, nothing else comes close to these guys!
A whole other level with the freeze dried premiums. Just wow. Seriously, treat yourself.
Use is primarily microdosing, Having great luck so far! Larger doses will come when the timing is appropriate, don’t want to force a good time.
Anyway, thanks for the great zoomers, truly worthy of respect!


Fast and informative response when asking about products. Cant wait for my order to arrive

Review consistently impresses with there top quality products and knowledgeable staff. It is the only safe, discreet and reliable website you can trust! I have never been let down, or disappointed. I recommended them to my family and we all share the same love and appreciation!!


I have purchased penis envy multiple times now. Delivery always comes quick and is nicely packaged. They are very high quality shrooms, great for having fun with friends and by yourself. Would highly recommend to anyone.


I have some experience with both macro and microdosing and will never again order psilocybin anywhere else! Golden Teacher is an incredible product for anyone who is considering easing into it. Mildly euphoric, highly connective and absolutely subtle, it's my favourite strain!

Penis Envy was a little more introspective and mellow for me than the Golden Teacher, but still enjoyable.
I received some LSD microdose and some mescaline and have not sampled those yet, but will soon. Will write another review thereafter, as I'm sure both will be phenomenal!

Blue Goba kind of goes above and beyond for their customers. They're incredibly generous with their loyal customers and I can't recommend the site enough!


Been a customer for some months now and am very happy with this company. They’re always super quick to answer questions and their expertise have helped a lot (I’m a newbie). Orders also get shipped super quick and arrive sooner than expected.


Purchased the premium White Rabbits mushrooms, and WOW! Premium in every sense, from look, to taste, and especially the potency. A surprisingly quick on set, which rapidly excelled into deep visuals and welcoming euphoria. After the prefect amount of time, there’s a super clean and insightful afterglow. Some of the best I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend these. Top notch work Blue Goba!


Previously bought microdoses (loving the neurostack + 100mg GT combo - 4 on, 3 off) and was very happy. Next I bought 3 different types of shrooms as a gift for a friend. He’s very pleased with them. His first time trying the premium freeze dried shrooms.

Blue Goba was recommended to me by a friend and I’ve recommended it other friends to try.


Terrific Products. Blue Goba sells genuine article psychedelic products. I can see why they were recommended by friends.


These really are high quality products that provide a high quality experience. Took Prm White Burma it felt like it was a completion of my experience with ATC a few weeks ago, very much a Yin/Yang quality about it all. Whereas my ATC was completely inward this time it was a very extroverted experience did some gentle yoga and movement of my body. Then spent several hrs in the bath, incredible potent noetic session. Low visuals throughout Lemon Tekked it on an empty stomach the trip lasted almost 8 hrs. Well done BG team, you have gained a very loyal customer.


I had been fooled by the imposter site and i informed blue goba about bad experience i had with the imposter site ,and they immediately sent me a free bad of white Bermas without hesitation , I can wait to try them, thank you blue go ba you truly are the best shroom dispensary around !


This site was recommended to me by a doctor at CAMH earlier this year and it has been my go-to ever since. I can trust that the experience will be consistent, as it has been, the dosage is precise, and the products are crafted with care, so I can rest easy knowing I'm in good hands.


Got an ounce of the Amazon strain to enjoy with friends and it was a first class experience. I was sceptical at first to order online but the product came quickly and discreetly.


I'm just finishing my Golden Teacher 100mg and I'm very happy with the results. I feel less depressed and anxious then I was when taking antidepressants or anxiety medication. I love that it's a natural product that brings more natural results with your mental health than pharmaceutical drugs. Definitely recommended!! Going to order more now! :)


Bar far the best site to order from very high quality mushrooms , and almost evetime they give you more then you order,very professional if you have any problems, I love blue goba


I was interested in macrodosing and my friend suggested Blue Goba. It was overwhelming for me to choose what to get but I found the descriptions and information very useful. I ended up getting various doses 50mg, 100mg and 250mg mini dose so I can experiment on dosage. I started on the 50mg neurostack and am on my 4th day. I definitely feel the difference in terms of focus and overall mood. (Less overthinking and feeling more present.) I am very surprised and grateful to have found something to boost me and as an alternative to allopathic medicine. I have friends who are going through similar struggles and have suggested microdosing as an option. I think a lot of people are interested in non-pharma options to manage difficulties and I'm really glad I have found a reputable source. Planning on ordering premium mushrooms next.


Started microdosing as an alternative to Citalopram (whose withdrawal effects were staggering) I am noticing that I am more in tune with my feelings. I am a emotional wall builder thanks to CPTSD and feelings that I have buried for a lifetime are starting to come up. It's scary but necessary. Will continue for another month to see how I do. I did change the strain as I found Golden Teacher was keeping me up at night.


I did 5 grams of Premium Penis Envy as a tea. In less than 1/2 an hour I was higher than I have ever been. I'm a person who usually takes and hour and a half to peak. I suspect this 5 grams was about equivalent to at least 10 grams of any shrooms I have tried before. It was more than I was expecting but - wow - I also went further than I have ever been and I do not regret a thing. I would recommend Blue Goba to anyone. These people really know their shrooms and I will never order from anywhere else! I recommend their Premium Penis Envy to serious psychonauts only.


The Albino Penis Envy Lyophilized Premium are amazing! Such a smooth natural feeling and it truly makes like better! Thank you! Absolutely amazing! And thank you for the extra 3G! It doesn't go unnoticed!! Also the microdose LSD is amazing for depression!

Indigo Child


This is the best supplier in canada HANDS DOWN... amazing product and super fast discreet shipping. I highly recommend bluegoba. A+


Great love this site. Best so far


Just woke up after a night with some MexiCube Premium and I feel amazing. MCP offer the kindest and gentlest of experiences. I went with something small, 1g+, and it was smooth and invigorating. I tried some with tea and there was not a strong flavor so I ended up chewing the rest. Happy to report zero stomach issues. The way up, zero body load. No anxiety. I just looked up and realized I was there. All was smooth during the trip and the wind down felt great.. afterwards I noticed my jaw was sore. Weird. Then I realized it was because I was smiling literally the entire time. 10/10. If you're looking for something that will help but as gently as possible, these are for you. I love them. Will DEFINITELY order again.


I was very impressed with the look of my latest order’s variety, and spent quite a few minutes just admiring them.

If all that weren’t enough, I also happened to find a bottle of Blue Meanie microdose capsules at the bottom of the package, even though I had not ordered them. Whether it was accidental or on purpose, I’d just really like to say thank you, and to let you know I had received them.

My friend and I had a beautiful experience up in Algonquin Park this past weekend watching the Perseids meteor shower while experiencing some of your finest PE. I think we stopped counting after we saw around 40 meteors on Saturday night.

Keep up the amazing work. Nothing better out there.


I am very impressed with the service provided. Blue Goba was very accommodating with modifying my order after it was already placed, I will definitely recommend them to anyone. Thw experience with Mexi Cube was of a spiritual character, very deep and filled with love for nature. I am happy with very every aspect of my interaction with both the company and the medicine :)


Blue Meanie Micro Dose 250 mg, byBlueGoba.. Are Great. so thankful for the Freebies thank you BlueGoba, Next time I will Be getting the P.E Micro dose.


I'm one of the 36 individuals who with the help of Therapsil have received my exemption from Section 56 which is the law that psychedelics fall under as being an illegal substance. With the support of a counselor & sitter I took a 6gr dose of Prm Albino Treasure Coast, this was my 2nd trip but the first time using Blue Goba the description does not lie, it was the best tasting of any mushroom cleanest high & the most incredible introspective spiritual experience. Have already recommended it. I also purchased the GT neurostack and enjoy the gentle lift I get. Will absolutely be my go to for mushrooms over the next year.


The product of ground magic mushrooms was received within the same week in which they were ordered. Everything was as expected. I found the reusable tin very practical and the potency was on point with my previous magic mushroom experiences.


Just received my order today, they threw in a sample of multi-mushroom micro dose with my order for free, Thank you! Can’t wait to try out this order and the others that follow. Thanks B.G team!


I'm sure you get this all the time but thankyou!! I was very timid to order at first but after my local supply went the way of the dino i found myself up the perverbial creek without a means of locomotion and i can say i am very pleased as an indivual with diagnosed ptsd ive dreaded going the "TRADITIONAL" western route of medical help and in my experience have found hallucigenics to be the best option ever for mental health.

long story short thank you thank you thank you, your a genuine life saver for my mental and physical health and just wish I could thank you more I plan to spread the good word of Blue Goba and your realiable service (discretely of course) and hope you receive many years of good business to come


I ordered the Golden Teacher microdose bottle a couple of months ago. Two nights ago I lemon tekked 4gs of them and boy they did not disappoint. I felt happy at first and then my body got very heavy. I started to see different colors and patterns in my couch pillows started moving. I knew at that point they were really working. I was very body stoned. My cat had a similiar pattern to the Cheshire cat besides being purple of course. I had many epiphanies. It was a very intense trip but well worth it. This is not my first time trying this website and I will continue to be a loyal Blue Goba customer. Thank you so much Blue Goba!


I have done numerous shrooms experiences. Some were big experience. This Blue Goba is something of different league altogether. Hats off to this Blue Goba strain. I really bow down to this strain. Salute to the grower of this strain.
Most mind bending, astonishing, coherent, powerful Shroom experience ever in my life. It obsoleted all my Psychedelic experiences whatsoever ever. No words can describe this experience. I was speechless for next two days after experience. I think I need few days though few weeks to integrate my experience. It’s really a ceremonial medicine. The speed, cohesiveness of thought process was unmatched and immeasurable. On peak of experience awareness was crystalline razor sharp. Like million frames per second . This Blue Goba has something in it which I never experienced in any Shroom experience. Body weightlessness felt like I am cloud and suspended in interstellar realm. Extreme wisdom .
This strain is something when you really want to treat yourself when there is intense calling from inside.
So much healing, very therapeutic too. Ultra light.
This is Super clean rocket fuel.
My experience last for around 4 hours but felt like millions years passed by. Concept of time was vanished.
Vincent I can’t say enough thank to you who brought this medicine on the table for public.
Wonderful. And many thanks from my bottom of heart.
Your level of customer Service is also like Blue Goba, lol.
It’s really is flagship medicine. It’s really a crown jewel.


Even though the experience of psilocybin is pretty new, I truly believe in his benefits on mental health, social connection and self-love. It's hard to put words on such an intense experience like this one but, if you have the intention and actions associated to your experience, then it'll worth it. Thanks Blue Goba for democratizing a medicine that can change our approach to mental health and depression.


i'm glad i decided to try the white rabbit!! this strain is one of the most clear-headed yet. i use mushrooms as a tuning key for my vibrational frequency and these ring with the clearest, cleanest tone. i'm thinking the ape genetics pull through really strongly because my vision is greatly enhanced with vibrancy and depth of colour and texture. euphoria and energetic motivation unfold rapidly as the effects seep in, and thoughts become organized and purposefully productive. i have only tried them in small doses, a couple times, but so far, first impressions place the strain amongst my favourites! i look forward to trying the lyophilized version of white rabbit and hope the strain becomes available in something like neurostacks because they'd be a go-to morning supplement 🤞

thanks for the top shelf quality like usual, bg!!


This stuff is amazing !! I can't get enough of the energy boost and clear/creative headspace I get from taking it.. it has really increased my productivity! I also find my mood to be a lot better since starting and it is great for washing away any anxiety I have making it awesome for social situations! Highly recommended!...


Honestly the best 🍄 you will find eny where! Look no further then Blue Goba. I can't say enough about the company. I've been purchasing products from them for a few years now and have never been disappointed!


Blue Goba is life changing. Best mushrooms around hands down, the quality is unmatched and you can stare at these babies just admiring them, like some fine cannabis. Always get whole mushrooms and no shake, packaged well and shipped quickly. Customer service is top notch, very helpful and friendly staff. Id recommend any Penis Envy Variant if you like colourful visuals with lots of geometric flowers of life. All the mushrooms are great here, but PE definitely my favourite, and I highly recommend trying the premium dry. The experience is longer, stronger, and does have a different feel than the regular dry. Blue Goba strain in particular is fantastic, I cant decide which I like better that or regular PE. These mushrooms are so healing and I know will change the world for the better. So happy to have a solid source for these healing wonders. Oh, and thanks for the free sample of blue meanie mini dose, theyre great! Ive always wanted to try micro dosing, Im currently on day 4 and its going well so far! Thanks Blue Goba, truly the best.


The Blue Meanie Mushroom Powder is mean :P haha and I mean in a good way! It packs a punch so start small! Compared to the golden teacher mini dose I took 2 grams of those and had a delicate time, but on the other hand 2 grams of blue meanies sent me into a very introspective realm! I was able to figure some things out in my life that were affecting me negatively! and alas!!! Microdosing is good for some, but macrodosing can make positive lasting changes in your brain chemistry if you struggle from depression or anxiety.. etc! Thank you blue goba once again!!!


I finally experienced the Blue Goba Premium and they are the strongest most mind bending mushrooms I have ever experienced in my life. I have never, never ever been as high as I was on those. Please pass along my compliments to your grower, whatever mix they did for them. Congratulations on those, they are an amazing achievement. I did 3 grams of them and just wow. The visuals were unreal and the euphoria felt amazing. Thank you so much, I will definitely be ordering more of those and trying the other premium mushrooms.


I have ordered ground PE often. Fantastic trips and versatile product.


Had a very good trip on penis envy, quite potent would recommend highly.


blue goba is the best of the best of the best! every single strain is nothing short of miraculous. this is the 4th website i've ever tried for mushrooms in my time purchasing online, and goba is not only superior, but in an entirely different leage. the supremely compassionate and personable customer service tops it all off.

as for strains, goba's pe premium is the best psilocybin mushroom product i've ever had the blessing to experience. the freeze-drying makes a world of difference in the taste, smell, come-up, effects and even mouthfeel. digestion is a breeze with the lyophilized options. blue meanie premium is a close second favourite, with similarly improved characteristics over dehydrated fruits, but with the strain's signature nuances, of course.

the site's different varieties of capsules are perfectly dosed, the whole shrooms are all cracker dry (as they should be) and fully intact, every product i've ever received was significantly upscaled (usually by multiple grams) and the prices are honestly extremely competitive/affordable. they have gifted generous complimentary samples and are extremely diligent if anything goes even remotely wrong/astray in the ordering process. i'll get more strain specific reviews up, but this was to highlight the brand as a whole and touch on a few of my preferred options. these people are the real deal and consistently deliver truly potent, pure, natural medicine. my daily life is improved twentyfold since trying blue goba. they can count on me to return regularly 👌❤️‍🔥

thanks a million bg family!!!


Never dissapointed! Wow the golden teacher ground mushroom powder is really good for my depression! Also thanks again for the free gift! You guys are amazing :)

Indigo Child


Spectacular company! Product is amazing and the prices are phenomenal. Very impressed! Thank You Blue Goba!


Ordered sunday, arrived tuesday, the entire process was flawless... I picked up Penis Envy Premium and Albino Penis Envy Premium and got the nicest bags of Mushrooms i've ever gotten.. their products are worth the $!!


If your looking for quality products, look no further then blue goba. Absolutely the best 👌


Awesome site, great products, fast shipping What more can you ask for.


Blue Goba is such a great place to buy magic mushrooms. They have extremely fasting shipping and I feel at ease ordering from them. Their products are also very high quality


I have an anxiety issue that has been slowly disappearing over the last few months. I’ve lived with this for 8 years and I’ve tried everything. A few months of micro dosing blue meanie and golden teacher are the only thing different I’ve done recently so I’m thinking that’s the remedy. I’ll update my progress in a few months


Fast shipping
Product as described

Very satisfied and now a returning customer


I suffer from PTSD and have been experimenting with different strains over the last couple of years. I wanted to share my findings with you guys, the strain Blue Meanie is a slam dunk for anyone suffering from trauma. Tremors are a daily part of PTSD and the Blue Meanie literally lit up my entire nevous system, and rebooted it. It shut it down completely and today I am tremor free ! I noticed last night, near the end, that it had worked. That allowed my Clonazapam to work normally Much like Cannibis does for those on strong doses of meds. I always talk to the mycelium, but this one seemed to know exactly what to do. I HIGHLY recommend that for anyone suffering in pain or with trauma. I have tried several different ones and that particular one was/is very different. It seemed more geared to that area of healing. I ground up about 1.5 gms and drank it with ginger ale. Not very much at all, and recevied the full effect for about 4 hrs, and zero side effects. I hope this finds you well and you will pass along this info. It is very important to anyone who is suffering needlessly. I also intend to inform my doctor, who is a psychiatrist, exactly what I just wrote here. I didn't think anything was able to stop the virations and tremors I was experiencing, and here I am...tremor free! PLEASE pass this info along asap! Not all mushrooms are equal, but I believe I have found a winner !


I’ve never ordered mushrooms online before trying Blue Goba. Can’t wait to place my second order! Very easy, discreet ordering process and quality product.


Thank you Blue Goba! You honestly saved my life! Plant medicine for the win! Antidepressants never helped but plant medicine does. I love you guys!! Thank you for saving my life


Amazing products, just pure quality! Love what you’re doing, keep up the good work!✌️❤️


Just perfect pure and simple. Highest care & quality goes into every aspect of blue goba.


Speedy delivery and great customer service. what else could you ask for?


Amazing product, equally amazing customer service. They did not have everything in stock for my order but went above and beyond to take care of the issue. Will always be coming back.


First time ordering with blue gobba and love their golden teachers. For their quality, prices can’t be beat!


I’m a little behind on my review but I received my order packaged perfectly, weighed a little extra on one of my orders, I got Blue Meanie and Jedi Mind Fuck, haven’t tried the Jedi in any dosage larger than a microdose but I tried a few gs of the blue and they were by the far the best mushrooms I’ve ever tried, great euphoric and social high, excellent visuals, and overall an amazing experience!! Thank you! 🙏


Ape premium, arrived fast considering across the country, did like half a g and walked in the woods was great lost track of time walked so long the air trees n animals singing become one with you and just float on a cloud, close your eyes next to a stream while sitting on a tree and the visuals take you to colorworld tunneled land kaleidoscope heaven, highly recommend ape premium , next to go deeper with 1 to 2 maybe more, blue goba rocks 😎


Great product, fast shipping, great communication. I tried the Golden Teacher 250mg minidose and loved it. Noticed a difference immediately, with full effects taking about 3 weeks (dosing once every 3 days). Also had an amazing time taking a larger dose for a more prominent effect. VERY potent.


Very good mushroom


Have tried lots of mushrooms and finally got hands on some Blue Goba strains, the Albino Penis Envy premium exceeded expectations, very clean come up and great visuals off 2g best quality mushrooms I've ever had! I look forward to trying ALL the strains available


PE on a northern Ontario trip in the winter. Product was top quality and life changing. Can't wait to try again


absolutely professional website and shipping with professional checkout. I paid with crypto got a nice discount received my order in a timely fashion. their microdosing capsules were a lifesaver. don't know if there's a better place to order shrooms on the net


This was my first purchase from BG, having been a loyal Champigon Magique customer for a while. After CM went temporarily down, I was a bit hesitant to buy from them as it wasn't really clear what happened. So, I decided to make a small purchase from BG and try them out. I was absolutely shocked when I received my order of "Mexicubes". I thought for a moment I received fresh mushrooms! I've never seen dried mushrooms in perfect condition like this. Very impressive, completely preserved fruits. Your freeze drying technique is something I have not come across before. I haven't tried them yet (just arrived today), but I expect them to be excellent. And they through in a bottle of 250mg capsules of Malabar. Great service, fantastic looking product and quick shipping. Thanks Jeff and team! The mushroom is helping me figure out the source of my anxieties and I'm very thankful for this.


Tried out the microdose LSD and wow!

I was always a bit sketched to try this compound but their knowledgeable staff had all my questions and concerns answered. Great product and I'm looking forward to trying out their 🍄


I absolutely love this site. Top notch product along with friendly, efficient customer service. These guys do not disappoint. I would highly recommend to everyone.


A true life changer! I’ve been struggling with postpartum depression and did not want to resort to antidepressants. It has been a challenge to just enjoy the connection of simple life moments, with drastic mood swings and feeling unfulfilled in life, that is up until now. Three weeks ago a friend recommended Blue Goba to me, she said it will change my life. Since I received my order last week, I have noticed a difference in my step! I have to say I was very nervous— as a few years ago I did try mushrooms once.. and I had a bad trip making me feel a little anxious about micro dosing— rest assured there is nothing to be scared of. In fact, even though I’m still trying to find the right dose for me, I am so excited for this journey. I also purchased the Odin journal which has been incredibly helpful to keep track of my thresholds and keep tracking how I’ve been feeling throughout the days.
Thank you Blue Goba,


Blue Goba is the best! Their customer service is great, and these are the finest mushrooms Ive ever had the pleasure of trying. Penis Envy strain is truly magical. Any of the variants are my favourite, but Id say blue goba is my number one and the regular PE a close runner up! The premium method is definitely worth the extra money, its a lot cleaner and smoother of a come up, and a longer, more fulfilling experience. I recently tried the premium APEs and I was floored by the potency off 3 gs... The visuals on the PE are awesome, very colourful and lots of geometric shapes like the flower of life. I have had many epiphanies and cleansing experiences on these mushrooms. I feel recharged and reconnected with the universe after a trip. Thanks Blue Goba for always giving quality meds and never any shake! Much love


I have been buying from Blue Goba for years now. Over the years I've tried many strains, microdosing products and edibles. I have been buying for myself, but also for friends and coworkers. The products have always been nothing but absolutely amazing. So many orders, and not a single letdown. Beautiful whole mushrooms always, professional and discreet packaging, great communication and everything gets processed so quick.

Some of the lessons/knowledge you learn from these fungis are worth more than just money. Looking back, I can say without a doubt that Blue Goba has changed my life and the life of so many around me. The things I've heard, I'm glad I was able to introduce so many people this, who then introduced other people themselves.

That being said tho, make sure you follow the recommended dosage if you're not experienced. Made the mistake of thinking I was ready for a high dosage of their most potent strain while hiking and I passed out for a few hours on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. I traveled across the universe and lived thousands of life simultaneously throughout history. From being a caveman to a gladiator in Rome to a pharaoh to being a slave on a ship to being a Nigerian king and even was some wild animals like a komodo dragon. 10/10 would do it again.

Good luck in life everyone.


Don’t look anywhere else, these guys kill it, best looking product I’ve ever seen in my entire life


Some of best the products on the market. Am very happy with the customer support as well. Don’t hesitate to buy! Prices are on point too!! Thanks guys keep up the good work!!!!


I cannot stress enough, these are the best mushrooms in the world. I am so grateful to have found this website and I wouldn't trust anywhere else!!!


Best mushrooms I’ve ever tryed in my life!!!! blue goba strain is a must well worth the money


Excellent service
Shipping is fast, discretely package
Very Professional


Blue goba is awesome!


First time microdoser, I absolutely loved it. Life changing, will definitely the ordering again.


Took only 2 grams of the Penis Envy and I had a good visual trip but my friend decided to wet his garments and change his life around... 10/10 would recommend!


Aztec god was Excellent!! Very potent. Shipping was very quick!! Definitely will be ordering from here from now on!!!


I have been buying from BG for about 3 years and I love their Penis Envy variants. My favourite is standard PE, but BG and APE are also incredible. These are the best mushroom is have found in over 30 years of tripping. Recently I have also been enjoying their LSD which is top tier as well. Customer service is exceptional as well with Blue Goba. Buy with CONFIDENCE!


Aztec God

My new favourite, will definitely get again.


I highly recommend this product to anyone that has been dealing with depression/anxiety or for someone that needs a little boost to get stuff done as I have had tremendous success myself doing 4 days on/3 days off protocol!.. so far I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall mood and have been better at dealing with issues going on with my life instead of trying to forget about them which has helped a tremendous amount in itself.. Also really enjoy taking two before fishing/hiking just to feel good and have a good time while I reflect on things..
I can't recommend this product enough and am so grateful for BlueGoba helping me change my life around ❤

Ps.. this stuff definitely helps boost libido so be careful as it can be a bit much sometimes haha ;)


I am a new client and a little uneducated about the use of this product. I want to say thank you for your patients and understanding. Staff helped me with my choices and I am waiting for my order. Will keep you updated
Keep safe


I purchased the Pênis Envy 7g and today I am reborn.

I was brought to my knees by the sheer and utter beauty of this world and my ego was shattered down to the smallest pieces, and I slowly climbed my way back into a new soul. I am reborn.

You are not just life changers with this medicine, you are live givers. May Mother Earth be with you in all your endeavors and allow you to spread the freedom of this healing medicine gave me today. I will say it again lol: I am a new man. Thank you people at Blue Goba. You have earned my respect and trust. Godspeed bruddas.


Have made multiple orders and always very happy with my purchases. Consistently high quality and dosage recommendations are spot on. Ships quickly (2-3 days to Ontario) in discreet packaging. Can't wait to try so many new strains!


Support these lovely people and start healing yourself now, these are the highest quality I’ve seen show up to my door in my life


I recently started microdosing using Golden Teacher. I have treatment resistant depression. Blue Goba's products are high quality, and I feel at ease ordering. Very trustworthy company. Thank you guys! You've helped me change my life completely. Eternally grateful!


I tried the 100mg Golden Teacher microdosing capsules and they were incredible. Helped me a lot in my university studies. Will definitely buy more in the near future!


This is my 2nd order with Blue Goba, a trusted company in medicinal psilocybin products. Product reviews are accurate with reliable delivery.


Awesome experience. Product came quickly, good quantity AND quality. To top it all off the staff here are amazing, I'll definitely be coming back.


Fast delivery and the easiest ordering you could ask for. Will definitely be ordering again


Only ate about 1.5g of the penis envy on empty stomach and tripped harder than I have from 4g of some local stuff. It was a lot more intense than I ever expected. I wasn't sure if I'd feel anything TBH but its the best trip I ever had. lol Glad I didn't take more... It was perfect


The penis envy is the most insane trip I have ever had and on such a lower dose. These things are the real deal! Best I’ve ever tried!


Tried the amazon. Amazing 👏 hands down need to try!


It was my first time ordering from Blue Goba and the experience has been amazing. The quality of their products along with their customer service and fast delivery will have me coming back again and again. Thank you so much! I will recommend you to all my friends!!


I've become a regular psilocybin mushrooms user with the years and recently I've decided to try the PE (penis envy) variety, as supposedly these are more potent. I can testify that these mushrooms are worth the price. They are not only very potent but provide a distinct quality of experience that is utterly pleasant and remarkable. I highly recommend.


Packaging was great and they came within 3 days. Thank you so much so happy to have found a reliable source. I was hoping they'd come today for some spiritual things and they did so happy thank you again.

Albino JMF

Love this strain hole shrooms no crumbs as always

BG Chocolates

The BG chocolates are what I consumed most recently and they were fantastic - highly recommended, but this is more of a review of this wonderful company.

Outstanding product quality! Huge variety of product! Micro, macro, dried, edible, ground, and even Lucy! Great customer service! Very prompt order processing. And BG stands behind their products 100%. SETTING THE BENCHMARK FOR OTHER DISPENSERIES.

I am so proud of BG for being a pioneer in this 'budding' industry. Plant medicines and personal control over our own consciousness is a human right, and I am encouraged by the efforts being made in Canada to bring this issue into discussion. BG is doing their part simply by existing! I love BG!

Amazing Quality

Great quality whole fruits that are also potent.. Couldn't ask for better and showed up only two days after delivery!

Great! But Potent.

These nice small pre-measured capsules are so much more efficient and convenient than cutting up whole mushrooms and measuring it yourself! Microdosing has nearly completely cured my depression and made life more enjoyable. Even when only taking them 3 days a week, I notice the good effects lasting and making me more happy all the time. Thank you Blue Goba for helping me rediscover greatness in life.

This was my first time trying Penis Envy microdoses though, and I have to say they are definitely strong. With 100mg of Koh Samui mushrooms I did not notice the effects during the day, but the microdoses still helped. These 100mg PE capsules though are noticeable for me for a few hours after taking them and sometimes those affects aren't desired when trying to be productive. Of course everybody handles dosages differently. I think I will get the 100mg Golden Teachers next time instead.

Mel Mac X PE my new favourite strainנŸ

Blue goba always treats me like a old friend, my all my orders always have extras in them and the the quality of the products are unmatched. The experience was very cerebral euphoric and lots of laughter, great visuals. I need to speak on the new technique being used to dry the mushrooms , it makes them so much easier to ingest, and also you get more whole bodies of mushrooms then you would drying them the traditional way. Well worth the price and experience. Thank you Blue GobaנŸנŸ˜נŸ‘Œ

Great product !

This product was great. It helped me a lot with my anxiety.


Bought 14 grams of the Golden Teacher as I was pretty pleased with the penis envy pack I got in the summer. Golden Teacher was pretty disappointing to say the least. Took about 5 or 6 grams and the trip was pretty mild for me. The visuals were minimal and lacklustre. If you are going for a face melting experience or have a high tolerance for psychedelics these are not the ones chief.

A first, gentle and memorable trip.

Your ground PE was my first purchase of mushrooms ever. Because of the lack of experience, I went first with 1 gram on an evening, and probably because I had a big dinner, I only felt the true effects a good three hours after ingestion. When it had finally started, I became quite perplexed at the otherworldly sensations that I was experiencing and luckily I managed to keep full control of the whole situation. At some point I couldn't avoid laughing endlessly at the fact that my world paradigm made no more sense and that my body was somehow alien to my consciousness. At the very end, I found myself trying to convince some wooden stick-like creature that was part of my self about the validity of corporeal life, since this fella was not at all convinced about it. I didn't reach any conclusions nor I managed to convince the wooden creature, and soon after I fell asleep, but this sure means that I have some work to do about my life, and who knows, I might encounter my wood buddy in an eventual deeper trip. Many thanks BlueGoda, it was truly a memorable experience and I will be making some good use of the remaining part of the tin for eventual larger doses as well as for microdoses. Peace!

WOW, thank you teacher

Unparalleled experience. Im 5'2 about 118 lbs, 3.5g ground up in a weed grinder, let it sit in some organic lemon juice for 20 mins, shot it back and then watched Night on Earth waiting for her to kick in. WOAHHhhhhHHHHHHH, such amazing ancient visuals, medicine women from many indigenous cultures visited me, imparting their wisdom wordlessly, it was honestly indescribable. My partner also took the same amount as me, we lay down intertwined with each other and it felt like our brains were physically connected, Golden Teacher was talking to me THROUGH him, using his voice, reaching into my consciousness pulling out pain and suffering and directly addressing me about it. It felt honestly telepathic. Thank you Blue Goba and Golden Teacher


EXCELLENT!! quality as always no crumbs nice and dry and potent as hell iv made over 15 orders with goba and I have never had any complaints keep up the great work guys

Truly a complete Psycedelic transformation.

Iג€m 55 years old , lovely family , kids , grandkids, 35 years married to my sweetheart , in great shape .

I have done high doses of LSD as a teenager. Have not touched psychedelics in 35 years.

I decided to revisit this lovely world recently. Blue Goba was recommended to me by a very reputable psychedelic Psycotherapist .

I ordered 14 grams of PE and 14 grams of Blue Goba.

I have taken 800 micrograms of LSD in my youth , I am certainly experienced.



If you take this much PE or BG, please be careful and just let go , itג€s all you can do . These mushrooms take you places of absolute beauty .

Well done Blue Goba . I cannot say enough .

Your product must truly be the best in the industry.

I have tried other dispensaries, there is NO COMPARISON. This was the ultimate Psycedelic journey. It truly makes one believe that thereג€s another reality that we may not fully understand.

Truly quality products !

Thanks .


I have chronic insomnia and anxiety. I have the greatest sleep when I take these, and I love that it's mild enough that there are no psychedelic affects. Just amazing.

They were ok. Just ok.

Having tripped a handful of times before on a number of different strains of mushroom, coming into this trip I was very excited to see what these truffles had to offer. Wanting to experience the full effects, I started out with taking 19 grams, way more than recommended above for an epic trip. The taste of the truffle was very earthy, similar to the smell emanating from a bed of moss after a gentle rain. Very hefty and meaty too, lots of resistance when I first bit into it, a lot more than a normal mushroom, but this was something that I expected as it is just a cluster of mycelium. If you're not into that (as after a while the taste does start to get a little funky), these truffles pair nicely with some nice chocolate. The effect they gave off was definitely noticeable, but not totally consuming as I had hoped for. I mostly felt extremely relaxed and body high, almost to the point of melting into a puddle, with my mind feeling active, yet no open-eyed visuals, and the closed eyed visuals were weak at best compared to other strains of mushroom such as Penis Envy. Overall, not what I was personally looking for, but for someone looking to try these out of curiosity or someone who is looking for a lighter trip I would definitely recommend.


I've purchased these capsules before and I will purchase them again. I'm so grateful I can buy a bottle of 120 to get more and pay less over time. Thank you for the stellar deal, BG! Another reason I'm your #1 fan :)

These capsules pack a punch. Just 1 gives my mood a subtle lift and makes it easier to notice and appreciate the beauty around me. 2 capsules is a bit much for me unless I want my day to feel extra "enhanced" ...which I sometimes do! This is exactly what I need in my life. Nothing else I've ever tried has made me feel so alive. Thank you Blue Goba for making this wonderful product and running such a reliable and trustworthy shop. I'll be back for more when I run out!

Source energy

You know I have been purchasing from Blue Goba for I would say a solid 4 yrs religiously!! I am proud to say that I have not only been privileged and honoured to have also had the opportunity to give feedback on new products. What an incredible gift!! Dear Blue Goba. My life on this plane without you would be not very evolving to be honest. You are not only genuine amazing people that I hope to one day meet as i owe you all i am. By far hands down!! BG chcolates fucking WOW!! 2 GRAMS and I'm quite seasoned, its currently 3:11am atlantic. I took 2 chocolates at 7:35pm and still facked up lolol. Intense clarity, very internal high none like any I have ever had. I mean there speaks and valleys in all highs, but this?? Lmao wow!!! The only.down fall or negative I would have is that these chocolates are way to big!! And mint flavors seem to really kill any gross shitty mushroom tastes נŸ₪£נŸ₪£

I love you with all I am Blue Goba!!נŸ‘ŠנŸ¼ג₪ג₪ג₪ג₪ג₪ג₪ג₪

Expanding the mind

LSD changed my life. I look at life in a way deeper way then I ever did in my whole life. Helped my adhd and anxiety massively. Spread the love ג₪ן¸


Great as always Iג€m a long time customer and goba has never let me down no bottoms full shrooms very happy as alway

Surprisingly dissapointed

I'm a repeat customer and experience psychonaut. I recently dosed 3+ grams of the PE and had a surprisingly disappointing session. From nausea and some physicial discomfort, to a surprising lack of early onset 'uplift', to a lack of the vivid visuals I'm accustomed to from PE - I feel I must have received an off batch.

As a disclaimer, I did have these after dinner, and did have some wine/beer with dinner, but it surely wasn't sufficient to tamper the 3g of PE I had downed.

I will try again as PE from BG have historically provided an excellent experience, but this recent trip definitely left me wanting more.

Tread Lightly My Friends

This is a first time review because of this strain.And fuck wow.Very powerful with insane visuals and clarity.I am a very experienced user so i took 2 grams and it knocked me on my ass.I recommend starting with 1 gram.נŸ

High Quality - Worth the price

Just with my first purchase of PE from this vendor, I am sure that I will be a repeat customer. The following is a numerical and qualitive rundown of my review:

Packaging: 8/10

Potency: 8.5/10 (medium - high)

Experience Length: Around 4.5 hours with 5g (varies with individual)

Experience Quality: 10/10 (no nausea, etc.)

Visuals: 10/10 (very vivid)

Recovery: 10/10 (no glaringly persistent side effects; regular recovery)

Overall enjoyment (not a summation of other factors): 9/10

This is a very versatile strain that can be used by both beginners and the more experienced, given that the appropriate doses are employed.

Hands down the most intense shroom trip!

Iג€m definitely not an amateur when it comes to shrooms, and I gotta say to Whomever thatג€s reading this and trying to find an answer as to what will help them expand their mind, you really donג€t need to look any further. Experience or not 3 g of these will make you see ג€œgodג€ I rather call it LIFE!! Thank you bluegoba your team has helped me with my mental struggles!!

Thank you!

Tried your product at the start of the pandemic, and havenג€t looked back. Through various doses/strains, you helped keep my mental boat float. I even introduced your delicious chocolates to my father on a camping trip, and we havenג€t been closer since. A sincere Thank You to everyone involved with this brand. I could talk til Iג€m Blue Goba in the face or you could just try it out for yourself ;)


Excellent quality as always whole shrooms no bottoms very happy נŸ˜ƒ one of the pe weighs 5g

U guys are awesome keep up the good work

Idk what else to say

Honestly I don't know what else to say, blue goba changed my life. I took a light does of 2g of golden teacher and I am still weeks later feeling constant joy and almost never worry anymore.


Connect to love

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Let's keep spreading the love and light together y'all!


Tried them out, and a friend pointed out that these could very well be fake and a placebo, so I decided to empty 16 capsules (1.6g) into a drink and chugged it. I won't describe the experience, but I can confidently say these are real, just ordered dried shrooms so I don't waste my microdose capsules on trips.


Damn this hybrid is sure special, when available make sure to try these babies. I so hope albino penis envy will be back soon נŸ˜¬נŸ˜¬


Took five grams of PE and boy was it intense! I definitely underestimated the potency of this strain. That being said the visuals and overall feeling were amazing and at times anxiety provoking. Would definitely recommend an initial lower dose for newer psychonauts. Definitely feeling very positive days later. Would definitely use this strain again!

Holy fucking shit

Me and my buddies to take 1.5 grams of these beautiful potent gems. I have taken mushrooms before but never something to this extent. I popped the 1.5 Gs in and 45 minutes later I was on my patio looking at the bright blue sky tripping absolute fucking balls. The visuals I saw were nothing I have ever seen before. Not in dreams and not on any other shroom trip before. The hallucinations were absolutely beautiful. I saw Buddhas, Ancient Romans, Seahorses. Everything was so clear and moved so perfectly. I still to this day cant believe what I experienced that day. Secondly, music is everything on these mushrooms. Playing some 70s-80s rock on a sunny day had me feeling like I was at Woodstock. If I have one piece of advice in life, try these out. Stare into the sky, focus on the clouds listen to some good music - you will thank me later. They are strong, very strong but are clear minded and lots of fun.

I forgot who I was

My first order with BG did not go well, I had the cherry gummies and they did not seem to do much for me. My second order however was some penis envy whole dried, i had about 4 or 5 grams and I totally forgot who I was, hardest trip of my life. Packaging is top notch and shipping is extremely fast, high quality clean product.

Best experience of my life

Chilling and talking to entities on 2.5g. Extremely potent.

Best trip ever

Lots of experience with psychedelics and have to say these are the tops. Good visuals. Great sensations. Not hard on stomach. Go in feeling good and soar from there.

Life changing

The ground blue goba changed my life for the better. Did these with 5 buddies and listened to Pink Floyd for 5 hours. Never have I felt so at peace and calm in my life. ג€œMy hair line is receeding.....ג€.

grown with love

great product

great service

Golden teacher

This is my 8th order for bg i got an ounce of golden teacher and all i can say is wow. 80% of the bag was caps. Grate quality and amazing trip!

Top notch customer service

I have tried many (dozens?) of Blue Goba's products and I think the quality is amazing. I've written a few reviews praising their products. This review however is on their customer service. I have dealt with Jane mostly in the past. She is always friendly in our interactions, which is really great. On top of that, Jane has always replied to my emails on the same day. Fantastic!

I have experienced shipping issues on two occasions, in both instances my issue was dealt with quickly and effectively, leaving me as a very happy customer.

Thanks BG and Jane!

(Note to BG Admin: please use this review wherever on your site that you find most appropriate)

Couldn't be more satisfied

I first started microdosing with the PE x Transkei capsules which I felt worked well for me. But the PE Neurostack has been a much better fit. While I enjoyed microdosing with the PE x Transkei, I did find it hard to maintain focus. I was in a great mood and felt very social but couldn't quite sit down and work. As a University student, that was a bit of an issue. I feel like the Lion's Mane in the PE Neurostack solves that problem for me. I get the best of both worlds really. I am very happy with this product and I look forward to purchasing it again.

Great for a first time

I've been wanting to step into the world of psychedelics for a long time. And this product interested me enough to just give it a try.

I was very nervous at first but I had good intention. Tried 2g it was not mind blowing or anything like i thought it would be. Closed eye visuals where there walls were breathing. And most of all a warm fuzzy comfy feeling. Definitely will be purchasing from here again. And looking for new adventures with my new fungi friends.

Amazing experience

By far the best mushrooms I have ever tried

Had no effects on me and a few friends

I just split a 14g bag between 4 friends. 4 hours later and were still not feeling anything. Quite disappointed with my trip, feel a bit robbed.

Spiritual ecstasy

I ingested 4 dried grams of these mushrooms in nature at the first sign of darkness after water fasting all day. My sounds consisted only of Shamanic drumming. I highly recommend taking around that amount as this is a very very gentle strain. Terrence Mckenna once said " All religion, All religion started with ecstasy " Well this strain will give you a feeling of deep spiritual ecstasy that feels so amazing inside, like happy to be alive. The complete totality of the mind, body and soul. The best way I can describe this strain of mushrooms is extremely gentle, patient, loving and kind. The coming up was exceptionally smooth and very euphoric. A very beautiful and healing experience. Would recommend for beginners and experts as the dose can always be adjusted. I would recommend even beginners start with 2.5 to 3 grams minimum as this strain is very very kind. I look forward to another journey with this healing medicine ;-)


Best strain. Takes a bit longer to kick in other strains but 5g of this gave me best trip yet. Closed eye visuals On this was the most amazing thing Iג€ve ever seen. Emotions were elevated to the extreme in terms of feeling happy & grateful for life.

I got a free 15gram order of Transkei X PE

The effects are everything I was looking for נŸ˜, they are a great strain, and I have to say the customer service @BlueGoba is absolutely amazing. Thank you kindly נŸ

Had time of my life

My bag had 3 beautiful dried mushrooms ג¥ן¸ It was over by quite a bit too, which was pleasantly surprising. I started making tea at lower doses to see how comfortable I am. From 0.5 to 1.75mg - TIME OF MY LIFE. Have never felt so emotionally stable afterwards too. Thank you for amazing product נŸנŸ¼

Subtle results at first.

This is a fantastic product, I think I will be up-ing my psylocybin dose by 100mg (P.E.) plus this neurostack in the future, for a total of 150mg of P.E. and 380mg of the Lions Mane per-day. Other than needing to up my dose slightly, my first 2-3 weeks at 4/3 on/off was absolutely amazing!!! Subtle changes that were immediate to notice were; less severe mood swings/quicker resolves to mood swings, way less sadness in down (or other wise considred boring) times, just a generally more positive mental attitude through out the work week. Also more connected/conectedness to all of my close family and friends while on my 3 day off period, during the 'week-ends' (I take 4 days on during Mon-Thur and 3 days off during Fri-Sun) and the effects do carry over during week-ends. (I was pretty worried about taking my doses during ""company time"" and wasting any mental capacity or mental benefits gained from this on my work and being sharp doing my work only.) That is for sure not the case!!!!! The '''afterglow''' of dosing during the work week is 100% REAL and while not dosing Fri-Sun I feel a heavy impact from the previous 4 days of dosing. Love you guys at BG! Honestly have changed my life.


I was really sceptical about their claim that this strain is noticeably stronger than their others, I thought it'd be an overpriced strain with good bag appeal. Do not underestimate these beasts, the extra cost is worth it, these are easily the best I've ever tried.

golden teacher pieces

mushrooms were grate for the price and came in very quickly. Had a decent trip on 2 grams with a few friends 8/10 experience!

Albino A+

These mushrooms are beautiful! They hit hard. Great deal! I highly reccomend! Thanks blue goba!


Ordered the PE and Golden Teacher combo and wow! Portions were ridiculously generous and the quality.... The PE was magnificent, even a small dose was exceptional. If you have the chance to buy, do it!

Fantastic AND Generous

This was my second order from Blue Goba and WOW. When I unpacked the PE I knew just looking at it that it was heavier than my purchased amount. After weighing it to confirm I was shocked at how generous they were with both products I had ordered, truly amazing service. The PE are fantastic, some of the nicest cubes I have ever had. Cannot recommend these guys enough!

Ground blue Goba

Blue Gobaג€s are the truth


As always the package came in super quick. I decided to go for a 4g lemon tek, which I'm glad I did. I had one of the most incredible trips ever on these. I needed this trip!


These are by far the best shrooms ever, hold on.

Just wow!

Was really hesitant too place an order due too bad expiriences with other MOMs, but just wow! Product looks great and just like the pics in the discription! Thanks blue Goba willl be ordering again soon

Best trip of my life. Even had auditory hallucinations...

Simply amazing! Whole intact mushrooms, nothing ground up. I actually got 8.2g of PE and 8.4 of GT so 16.6g in total, when I paid for 14g.

I went camping with my best friend and it was the best experience of our life. We took 3g of GT and 1g of PE in orange juice, tripped for a solid 6 hours. It was intense visually, eyes opened or closed, we were total loss and it felt like 5g easily!

During the trip we even had some auditory hallucinations! Sometimes when we would laugh together it would vibrate in my head, at some point we talked, and I remember hearing echos of our voices. Damn we even heard music in our head and that we didn't know about but we liked it !

Thanks Blue Goba for this unbelievable experience ! I will be placing my 2nd order very soon !


For those who are hesitant to order those because they're pieces, give it a try ! You get an awesome deal for something that is not even that bad. My bag had long skinny stems (which is maybe why they broke in the first place), almost the same amount of caps as stems, no spores stain and nothing ground up. Very impressed, I will be ordering more of these.

Very visceral experience, uplifting and inspiring

These are very potent, but very powerful in clarity and thought. I personally have limited my experience to .79 and it was incredibly clear; yet pronounced. Positivity is impossible to avoid with these, plus the colour is quite amazing.

I would recommend these to anyone who wants to elevate their experience, though honestly..the price is quite high and I understand that they grow slowly; but a deal sometime would be appreciated.. especially for repeat customers.

Giving importance to every atom.

I recently quit drinking after a long battle with the beast. 2 weeks into sobriety I decided to have my first mushroom experience in several years. I waited until the anniversary of my father's death, which was a precursor to my 5 year spiral into self destruction. I visited his grave, got back to a safe space, and took 3.5 Grams of Blue Goba. This was truly the first time I had approached a trip with the intent of healing. I sorted through every cupboard and drawer of my mind in the 8-9 hours that followed. It was overwhelming at times, but never frightening. All my follies and triumphs were experienced anew, and like never before. Breaking down things to an ideologically atomic level, and putting them back together. The words are hard to capture, but the feeling and mental visualization of every atom and molecule of the universe contracting and expanding in a mosaic of enlightening patterns was a revelatory backdrop to what I was comprehending. It has truly awoken a deep feeling of happiness and understanding of myself, and the world around me. I cannot recommend these more highly, but will definitely insist that anyone looking to take over 3 Grams do so in the best set and setting possible. Thank you so much for the care put into these, they truly helped me.

Happy customer!

Great product, quick and discreet shipping. Been MDing for the last week and couldn't be happier. Thanks!

The One

These are another experience all together. The extra money is completely worth it.

Almost a Dmt experience 1.5g provided the actual "ego death" experience. Visuals were very intense. This was not the ear to ear smile that other mushrooms will give you, it was the blast off and peak in another world, pure clarity and euphoria kicked in on the come down. I wouldn't recommend out in public or with anyone you are not close with.

Simply Amazing.

Extremely Potent!!!

I really wanted to have a high dose trip with the Blue Goba shrooms as I've heard amazing things about it. I decided to take 3.5g by lemon tek last night, and I had the best trip of my life hands down. I can't put into words what I experienced. It was incredible. I did find these to be a tiny bit stronger then regular PE's, and the high seemed clearer / smoother. I am for sure ordering more Blue Goba shrooms when I run out.


Amazing experience all around. Took them almost a year after receiving them and still super potent. Cannot wait to redo the experience.

These hit hard!!

All around super impressed with the service from Blue Goba. This was my second order and again it's well packaged, with all mushrooms remaining intact and well dried. The PE is potent, I find .5g is perfect for social settings and 2g is great for a deeper trip. Thanks Blue Goba!

Super Potent!

Following the recommendation of a friend I am very glad to have experienced the blue gobas. 1.8g easily felt like a 3g trip of golden teachers. Highly recommend!

Amazing quality

Just received my second order from you guys. 7g of the house strain Blue Goba. All I can say is wow. The product I received looked better than the pictures, was perfectly dry, AND, I got 8.5g!!! Blue Goba, thank you. You clearly take serious pride in your product, as Iג€m always blown away by the quality. No crumbs or dust, so awesome. Canג€t wait to try them, and everything else you guys have. Thanks again! Keep it up!


Finally getting around to writing a review, I ordered some of the Blue Meanies and a mixed strain ounce back in April. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the mushrooms and the work that Blue Goba does. My favourite strain so far is the Blue Meanies! The second trip I did with them (Just over 2gs) produced great visuals and feelings, I laughed alot and felt so grateful for the experience. This strain and other strains have a healing effect in my opinion and I could see them being helpful with getting through the winter blues in the future. Lastly I want to mention that I didnt get a sore stomach eating the meanies unlike other times I did mushrooms in the past.

Long story short: great products & service, I feel very grateful to have found Blue Goba and to be able to continue trying different strains, I would definitely recommend their products to anyone who is curious to try them out! Keep up the great work BG :)


My package arrived faster than expected which is always nice. The PE is super potent. I just had an awesome trip! Thanks BG!


I have only positive things to say. My big fat order contained big fat mushrooms, with stellar potency. I went for the low dose to start, just to get a feel for the experience, and the creativity is no joke. Can't wait to go on a medium dose in a few days, and see what kind of paintings I come up with!

They sent me more than I paid for

I weighed my total shrooms at 18 grams. I paid for 14g. These people are wonderful. Packaging is kinda boring but it arrived really quick and the price was good. See you soon!

Great Quality

Ordered a few for me and some friends for a night walk.

Ended up taking 2.5g each not looking to have my mind melting.

Great feeling for a solid 6 hours

Would highly recommend

Customer service

Not only do they have quality products, they have excellent customer service too. I thought my order was lost in the mail after I've waited a couple months and they'd give me a hard time about a refund. Turned out they sent my order again shortly after I reached out to them. Awesome job guys! Highly recommended.


These are quite the shroom.

Iג€ve had a few fantastic trips with regular PE.

These felt like they took me somewhere totally different, however that was most likely due to my mindset and setting at the time of the trip.

I spent most of it wildly confused and giggling about anything and everything.

I couldnג€t handle being outside as all the stars appeared to be exploding

Iג€m gonna be a bit more careful with this one!

Canג€t wait to try smaller doses.

Thanks again blue Goba ג₪ן¸ג₪ן¸ג₪ן¸

Very Potent

I've had a few strains from blue goba now, but I wasnt ready for this one. I initially planned on dosing 3g, which is pretty standard for myself with other strains. I remembered that blue goba has a recommenced dose for each strain. Upon reading some of the comments, noting that this was a particularly potent strain, I decided to be safe and just have 2g instead. The trip was intense. The 2 grams easily felt like 4+ of other strains.

After a few hours I went out to smoke a joint. This is where the experience went poorly. After I finished, I came back in and locked up. After taking my shoes off, I remember feeling dizzy and then waking up on the floor with a hole in the wall and a very sore tailbone. I wasn't able to get up after that, according to a friend who was with me I kept trying to get back on my feet, telling him to calm down, but I couldn't get up. at least 3 times I fainted trying to get to my bed, falling each time. I should have stayed put after the first time, but clearly in panic mode I wasn't in my right mind.

The purpose of this review isn't to say the product is bad.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's a fantastic product, but very potent.

Lesson learned, respect the shrooms, and don't mix drugs.

Just please be careful with this one. Don't make the mistakes I did. I'm mostly fine, or will be in a few days.

Safe tripping friends. Respect the product.

Kicked my ass

These shrooms are absolutely worth every penny, tripped many times before but this one was wow

Pleasant Energetic Trip

Took 3.3 of this ground up mixed in some herbal tea and I was seeing patterns for good 6-8 hours. Definitely longer than I expected but it was all fun. Had phases of deep thinking as well as got really creative at times too. Wouldnג€t recommend 3.3 for beginner trippers and being around in nature really elevates the trip even more. Great quality and was really impressed with the nice packing as well. Will buy again! נŸ‘נŸ¼

These are strong

I've had gt, ecuador, huaulta, koh samui, and the pe X transkei. The PEs are stronger than any of them. They cost a bit more than most shrooms but they're twice as strong, so you really are getting a deal here. A 2 gram dose of these felt like 4 of anything else. Very high quality product you have here. Don't be afraid to get the ground PEs either, it's the same thing as these.


I was skeptical of the reviews but the effects are life changing! The product was as described and has brought clarity and insight that I did not know exist. Thank you for filling the void and offering the products you do as I believe this is something that everyone should have a chance to experience!


I was a little apprehensive ordering online, so very glad I did. Amazing experience, will return again and again. Thank you so much!

Fantastic service for the most reliable therapy

Iג€ve made a few orders on here and have always received my product very fast and never had a crumb in the bag. Bought a new batch and Decided to try these beauties out and boy was I not disappointed. Very beautiful experience and worth the price, Iג€m a massive cheap skate but these were worth it! I even got an extra half gram! Thanks again BlueGoba, you are a blessing to humanity. Thanks for helping me cure my depression, anxiety, ptsd, ocd, and giving me access to a great hobby of exploration:) Take care

Micro dosing is amazing!

I encapsulated the PE powder in 100 mg capsules and took one. The world became more vibrant, I felt as if I unlocked knowledge I forgot I knew and life was just somehow better! Things that normally were meh became thrilling. The 100 mg were a little strong for me, so I have changed to 75 mg and that seems to be my personal sweet spot at this time. I love this stuff and am hoping it helps with C-PTSD.


Great product and service.

2 tins deep and very happy customers

Shipped quickly from BC. We appreciate the option to buy our PE ground to easily mix with peanut butter on toast, can't taste a thing and super effective. Great happy high full of giggles, positivity with beautiful visual morphing of textures of surfaces. Half gram for a solid social buzz, 2g for a great psychedelic ride, 4g to put you into outer space. Appreciated the bonus product when a tin wasn't available, too. Reliable, quality product and company.

Be prepared to transcend

Mind blowing experience. One with all. Highly recommend. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride. :)

A Pure Experience

I only took 1 chocolate and was gone. I am a beginner to mushrooms, have only taken them 3 times prior. This time i had a difficult experience and felt like i was going to throw up. 5 hours later, i feel absolutely rejuvinated and full of love. I know i needed that experience. Now is the time to integrate the experience into my normal life. I never would have known otherwise. I Feel immense gratitude for everyone making this experience possible. I also feel immense gratitude for my family and friends. This is an amazing journey we're on, and i'm so glad i'm aware of it. Thank you!

Thanks @BlueGoba

My go to strain and seller. Speedy service and wonderful quality. Shipt cross-country and the only shake was when I accidentally break something taking it out.


Absolutely amazing. From the fast shipping and customer service to the amazing quality of product.

I love the ground PE. Like another reviewer said, just shovelling it in my mouth tends to work hahaha.

My first time with it I weighed out a rather large dose and for the first time in my life I actually broke through and realized so many things about myself.

Visuals were hilarious and warm, cevג€s were extreme. The emotions so strong.

I spent an unknown amount of time sitting in my backyard looking at the sky and tears were just pouring out of my face. Happy insightful tears.

Thank you Blue Goba team.

The few trips Iג€ve had with your products have done more for my mental health than I could of imagined.


If you're looking for God's telephone number...

Split an oz of dried, whole PE with a buddy... I'm too old (62) for acid and all the other stuff for juveniles--but shrooms: I have fond memories of conversations with God and after after at least 35 years, when I came across this site, well... . Didn't have scales but we split it by eye best as, and so by eye I would say I did about 3.5 grams... Flying... this is not recommended for rank amateurs, ladies and germs... that was about a week ago, woulda done it again except it's turned snappy cold the last couple of days... if I do more than the last time I am sure there will be a period of time where I'll baff right out (not knowing who or when--or anything else for that matter) but it's when you just start to regain awareness of self that you can communicate telepathically with the trees... on the 1 to 10 Happy Scale, I rate these 10...


I ordered the microdose capsules and was extremely pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product. 10/10 would reccommend.


Succinctly speaking, the essential services Blue Goba provides has brought me out of a feeling of depression that has been living inside my soul too longג¥ן¸

My wish is that you will always be here lest I return to studying to be a mycologist and grow my own, perhaps I shall begin right now.

I am so grateful for your prompt, professional service. I want to thank a good friend for introducing me to youנŸ‚


Amazing experience. Best quality of mushrooms ive ever had. Let my girlfriend try them with me for the first time. Told her not to be scared and everything was fine. I ate 2 grams earlier in the day to try them first and had an amazing experience myself playing minecraft. Pokemon and being in the darkness. After my mothers suicide this really opened my eyes to a more clear future for myself. Very happy with the product and cannot wait to get my hands on some albino penis envys. No food before and be ready to blast off!

Let the teachers teach.

Immediately received my package from a Blue Goba... and DOWN the hatch. Me and my cousin cooked up a couple grams each for our glorious peach tea, and we waited for the happening. Little did I know, already having taken Penis Envys and experienced their true beauty, The golden teachers would provide me a new path of light.

I thought nothing could beat the PEs: and I may still stand by that. BUT HOLY FUCK. I love the golden teachers. The visuals so warm, so comforting. We started singing and realizing how talented we are; in fact, much more talented than many on the artists today. we now want to start a band, and songs are in the works. anxiety was there, but I needed it to remind me of how perfect everything else was.

Blue Goba, you do wonders. Thankyou for helping those in need, and providing a path into the psychedelic realm that all should strive to meet before death. Will keep ordering, And i will keep supporting the strongest of psilocybin.

Will drop links when the songs are made; First album shall be called Goba Cadabra. Magic. Mushrooms. Amazing. Thankyou

This PE is so amazing!!

I ordered for a second time from BG and again was mesmerized!! Thank you Blue Goba for distributing this medicine to all of us who need it but had no way to find it. My wife and I have been micro-dosing since the beginning of this year and it has become something I couldn't imagine living without. She says her anxiety is almost nonexistent and my multiple sclerosis symptoms are much more tolerable. This experience has changed our lives for the better!!! Legalization should be soon I hope!


Holy shit is basically all I have to say. I'm quite experienced in psychedelics and this is by far the most amazing product I've had to date.

The purest/clearest form of

These dark chocolate BG's are incredible! They took my spirituality to an unfathomable dimension; I saw colors and shades that don't show up on ANYWHERE on our color chart /graph. I felt so connected and in the moment but with more clarity than words can express!! There is ZERO AMOUNT of hyperbole in any of the known languages can prepare you for the indepth- journey these blue gobas will take u on! The best part of all? They are so strong that you just need a nibble to get that glorious glow; I find that the BG chocolates hit faster and harder .... BONUS: They're super tasty too!!!!!

DMT like buzz

I consumed 7 grams waited 45 min not feeling anything so I eat another 3.5 g wait 25 min eat another 3.5 then after a total of 1.5 hours it's go for launch. Blasted through space time into the void to see the creation of life/time/space. The only thing stronger than this strain is DMT or Psilocybe azurescens. Absolutely beautiful. If your looking for a journey into the void this strain is for you


I have been burned by some websites before, so I was unsure of what to expect this time. But wow what a wonderful experience. Recieved in 3 days, professional and discreet packaging.

Thanks BlueGoba for doing humanity a service.

these guys r no joke great experiences

very fast shipping got 14 of the pe . 4 days they arrived due to covid 19 took extra day . Fat count definetly more than 14 gram there nice full mushrooms and the experience and hi is so clean amazing experience thank u definetly purchase again tried the golden teachers amazing amazing

u saved my life

helping alot with depression. thankyou sooo much


This is the GOLD standard of mushrooms. WOWZA! Didn't experience much nausea with these ones either!

Thank you, for everything you are doing.

I have really enjoyed doing business with you. I live in Toronto and just like Cannabis, this drug is being treated the same when we all know its going to be legalized as well and Im willing to fight for that. This amazing medicine you sell has helped me become a better person throughout all the darkness I have faced in my life which cannabis just cant help with anymore due to my anger problems, dealing with judges lawyers court bail all this post stress, Im able to move on with great trips and new intelligence I gain from these amazing Penis Envys I bought of you guys, I'm extremely grateful you're legitimate. My friend is really successful and loves Cocaine, but just as every human being can fall for addiction not something to laugh at, this true medicine drug whatever you want to really call it has helped him stop because he knows this is 1000x better than cocaine, opium, benzos etc. I look forward to spending thousands on this as this is my favorite psychedelic and will be for the rest of my life and I can not wait to see the day that this creation just like Cannabis, will be legalized in our country.


Not the type to leave a review, but feel I have to after the experience.

Iג€ve had magic mushrooms probably 12 times prior to this, with varying doses. Tried 2.5gs of the PE and had a fantastic experience. Zero come down or burn out, honestly feel like a million dollars right now. This was my first order, and certainly will not be my last. If you are on the fence, pull the trigger, I promise you wonג€t regret it!!

Great introspective quest

Iג€ve dabbled with Meanies, and the lovely PEג€s so this is my third strain.

2g blended and taken 6 hours after a morning smoothie. Reasonable body load that passed quickly. I found that 2 grams was a perfect dose for thinking with absolute clarity and no mind games. Visuals were almost there, but that was not the intention of my trip. Bonded with the girlfriend who remained sober, feeling of openness and connection.

3g of the Meanies is a great balance of visuals and clearing of the mind so to say.

As always, great product team GB.


These are intense. I am an experienced user and these were crazy as I only took 2 grams. Nice 6+ hr trip. Didn't go into ego death but enjoyed some nice visuals and laughed my hole off.

Definitely recommend!!

So much peace, love and happiness

This was our first time trying shrooms and it was the most incredible, life changing experience we have had. We each took 3 grams and the trip lasted about five hours. They first made us feel very anxious and though we were going to throw up. But once they fully kicked in, the experience was great. These made us feel very grounded, calm and in the present. I WAS FLOATING IN THE FUCKING GALAXY. All of my worries and stress melted away. I was so incredibly happy. I've never felt such peace, love and happiness before. It helped me overcome a lot of internal demons I was facing. I'm happy I tried these!

It was our first time and we plan on doing this every Saturday.

Second order, twice as satisfied.

This was the second time that I have ordered MOM (mail order mushrooms) from Bluegoba, and I have to say that the customer service is second to none. The Penis Envy variety, has been one of the more intense journeys that I have taken via psilocybin and I am not disappointed in the least, will definitely be ordering this strain again and again 5/5. Thanks Bluegoba!

Perfection deserves recognition

These guys are absolutely amazing. I've been ordering for awhile now. So far i have ordered PE , KSSS, and GT. My first order contained a 7 gram PE mushroom! All my bags are 1-2 grams over weight. The KSSS are really something different...the GT can't be ignored either. And we all know about the PE ;) I can safely say that I love the people at Blue Goba

Good quality, correct amount given.

Came within a week, they also hooked it up with 2 extra gs for not having any containers in stock for it. Good customer service was very quick to respond (within 24 hours). Will purchase from site again!!

Always a wonderful experience with Bluegoba!

This is my third purchase from Bluegoba, I've always had a great experience with ordering/product from them. It's hard to find this product cheap/decent quality in my circle so it's amazingly convenient to be able to purchase from here. Product has always arrived super quick. Five stars!!!! :)

Why does the mushroom have many friends? Because itג€s a fungi.

Lovley Experience

3.5 grams had me floating with great clsoed and open eyed visuals. Amazing Product!!


These are not as strong as PE, but very very enjoyable experience. I took 1 gram and had a very noticeable high. Physical feelings are heightened, any motions even muscle pain felt slightly good. Although I didnt take enough to get visuals, lighting seemed more intense. Emotional and intuition heightened. After 3 hours of being quite high off 1 gram, the come down was very relaxed. This strain was very enjoyable with weed; as compared to PE, I was so high I wasnt even thinking about weed. Very enjoyable shroom.

These where the cleanest and best fungi I have ever take (worth every penny!)

Just wow, I have tried 10 strains from blue Goba and am experimenting with mycology, my new goal is to one day be able to produce such a lovely product and with the love and care this company dose just wow! These are amazing!

Effects: super focused, every thing is entertaining, clarity, creativity off the charts and very good feelings of euphoria! Best product yet and that saying a lot! 6/5 star WOW

I took 1 gram....

Wow..... I'm mind blown by this experience, I'm still tripping as a write this. I took 1 gram not expecting much, and holy shit I don't know what is going on. I have moments where I feel so happy I wanna start laughing, and the next moment I feel so sad I feel like its tearing my soul apart. and Its coming in waves. Visuals are trippy too. Holy shit......

Thanks Blue Goba Team, I needed this experience really badly. Mental reset.

An otherworldly experience

I can honestly say that my experience with this product has changed my life. My buddies and I were tripping in the bedroom of the apartment while some other dudes were railing coke in the kitchen. The two rooms were totally disconnected, not just by the wall between us, but by the planes of existence that we had transcended by ingesting the Shroom. Every once in a while one of us would trek out of the safe room to pillage the freezer for popsicles, and we would close the door and lie down and cry into our frozen treats. I haven't cried since my mom cracked one of my Bionicles in her high heels, but these caps made me sob like a motherfucker into my friend's Union Jack pillow. Apparently he lost that pillow afterwards though, so I hope he can find it.


Amazing! Took a heroic dose of these baddies while coming down on pe and holy! Swift glide back into cloud 9.

Super Helpful

Loved this strain, honestly I didn't realize this was a hybrid until after taking them, I just ordered the only mushrooms that were in stock with the name penis envy in them. But these were great and every time I took them with a strong intention they delivered beautifully. Would highly recommend, 10/10

Major shapes and geometric forms

Took 1.5 on empty stomach, wanted it to stop at one point, but eventually just gave in to the stream of consciousness

Highly recommended

Like it better than dry. I just shovel it my mouth taste horrible but it works ie Buckley's medicine

Very spiritual and relaxing (I just lyed on the floor for 3 hours with my eyes closed!)

Very calming and relaxing (would recommend for beginners) very friendly and kind fungi, not to strong or over whelming like APE or PE,

I just lyed on the floor alone with my eyes closed for 3 hours straight! And had a very deep look inside my self, very positive experience, 3G was perfect for me, I had some cool visuals and some breathing of the floor and walls but more it was inside (mental kind of fungi)

I have since decided to change a few bad habits and make some positive life changes I should of made years ago!

Fungi bring you down to earth and humble you I recommend doing them 1-2x a year minimum! :D

Life change (probably)

I've been dealing with schizoid personality disorder & aspergers for basically my entire life. To make a long story short, because of a whole lot of reasons it is impossible for me to interact with other people in any way other than on the most superficial topics. It sucks because it's not like I don't want to date or have friends, it's just that being around other people is just physically painful.

I've gone through years of psychotherapy & have studied philosophy extensively but it was never enough to make it click. As pretty much a last resort, I took the mushrooms in 3 large doses of lemon tek.

The visuals were nice and all, but what something has definitely changed. I feel at home in my own body. I feel comfortable being around others & just being who I am. I realized that I'm just a silly monkey like everyone else, so I might as well go do silly monkey things.

Not as strong as PE or APE! But they are the most potent for the price!

I find these to be weaker than pe or albino (but not in a bad way) in fact I had a very introspective trip suffered ego death and could not be more happy, I had the privilege to try a fungi, few guys ever get to try, ;)

Blue Goba did it again 5/5 stars! They rock!

Note: I felt weightless euphoria (not as much as normal pe or blue meanies) but very good, felt much cleaner and clear headed of a buzz if that makes sense ? vs the blast you to Jesus and back APE, lol

They where kind to me and me to them we get along great! Had a fantastic last 4 days

1 day 4.5g blue meanies, ( fun, sexual, euphoria, very up beat and positive)

2 day 1.5 PE and 2.0 pe Transkei (euphoria, bliss content and acceptance) the strongest by far... and the most kick/ no easing you in to it your just gone lol,

3 day 2.5 g of B+ (All mind/ head games) came in waves..

4 day Koh Samui 3.0grams (more of a all around buzz) came in waves again but very enjoyable ones!

(Now my body and mind need a 3 day break!) always take breaks !!! Just relax and enjoy! Eat some where safe with people you trust and love or alone if you really want to test the limits of what this fungi can do for you! I canג€t stress enough how much less anxiety pains and depression I am having (have not felt this good in 10 years+)

These are fantastic! Iג€m on them now

There a very happy upbeat and easy going kind of fungi, just relax and enjoy and you will

Have a fantastic time, let go stop trying to control every thing and let your mind wander, may amaze you where it winds up :)


First of all Iג€d like to thank the people at Blue Goba . They have amazing quality and amazing customer service .These guys consistently supply high grade clean mushrooms.

I have been consuming psilocybin mushrooms for five years and find their p e strains to by quite potent. I encourage everyone to start with a small dosage of one gram and move their way up. I would also recommend trying this as if you were taking a medicine and try it alone as itג€s meant to be a personal and spiritual experience. It will bring to the forefront the issues or questions you have in life so be ready to confront them.

Lastly I would like to say even when consuming a high dose control youג€re breathing and never panic. Embrace the sufferings just as much as you embrace the pleasures

Always forward .....

Penis Envy

I took 4 g of your PE last night that COMPLETELY blew my mind. They say that you don't get the trip you want, you get the trip you need. Last night I had both. FANTASTIC trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Great product (no horrible come down or after effects)

These are by far the cleanest and purest product I have ever taken, no horrible next day or head aches or upset tummy, just a lovely euphoria and blissful happiness in this troubling time of covid-19 virus out break, I took them 2x and both times I just laughed with my girl while we lyed on the floor embracing one another,

I have done shrooms many times for about 10 years now 1x a year minimum, and I find it gives you a new found appreciation for life and a sense of Direction, and mainly promotes positive habits and life changes,

Full dose effects (crazy visuals when eyes are closed),

Microdose: (euphoria and happiness, laughter and content,)

I find this products helps more than any prescription drug on the market with very few to no side effects, blue goba cares and puts there heart and soul in to every product and it really shows when you take them! There staff is kind and Caring, 10/10 products will buy again!

(I just wish they could keep them in stock) canג€t sit to try blue meanies! :)

Lovely products, kind staff, and great experience

Was my girls first time and she had a blast!

I really enjoyed the mix of this and pe,

Starting a microdosing regiment ASAP!

Thank you

Amazing Support

Amazing customer support, had some issues and they helped me out super quickly! Also, the chocolates were awesome! Taste great and I was staring at the ceiling for an hour.

Great product!

Just tried this product and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. I had 2 grams and I went on an amazing journey. It set in fairly quickly within half an hour and then off I went! The main effect lasted for about an hour and a half. The come down was nice with no nausea. Took on an empty stomach. Blessings to you all!

Blue goba staff are amazing

Blue goba products are far the best and most potent shrooms I've ever tryed and I done many different strains for 15 yrs or more one thing I can say is they no what they r doing and put alot of heart into there products and customer service the staff is amazing I've tryed alot of there different strains and all were bomb and get to you in 2 or 3 days cant get any better service then what they provide just full of gratitude for the amazing staff thanxxx guys keep up the good work u help alot of great people and are making a change in alot of lives I know my family appreciate the medicine u provide to make me a more real and happy person in this world

Great for microdosing.

Purchased 14g of this because it's a better deal then the microdosing capsules they offer on the store. They gave me an extra gram and the mushrooms were very high quality, perfect for microdosing.

Great all-around experience.

I placed my order for 14g of Blue Meanies and 7g of Penis Envy around a week ago. They were shipped the very next day and arrived two business days later, so rest assured I was quite happy with the service. Packaging was very discreet and they were well sealed as to remain potent. Quality was also obvious simply from their appearance, shrooms were intact with very little powder collecting in the bag.

As for the actual experience, I've only tried the Blue Meanies so far and all I can say is wow. I first made myself a tea out of about 2.5 grams which provided nice visuals, a great peak and good body high. The effects were mostly worn off after 2 1/2 hours, but tea is well-known to shorten the trip time and I enjoyed these so much that I began to eat straight from the bag. I didn't accurately weigh but I must've consumed around 4g and when I say it hit hard I mean it.

I experienced ego-death, intense euphoria in my body unlike anything else and beautiful visuals. A lot of smiling patterns, ironically enough. Simply blinking filled my entire vision with sights unlike anything I've seen before, and the OEV were very pleasing as well. I must've had a million thoughts at the same time going through my head, I was filled with a strong love for those around me and ended up talking on the phone with my best friend for an hour in one of the most intimate conversations I've ever had with someone. I started to come down around 3-4 hours in. I have a hard time processing my feelings day-to-day but I really let my emotions out about some tough stuff I've been going through recently. It's only been about a day but my outlook towards life is noticeably brighter and my mood is very positive. All-around a great time, I can't wait to try out Penis Envy. Much love to those at Blue Goba for their work.

Microdose ape / Koh Samui whole dried

Had some of the microdose ape and it was everything I had hoped for very effective and then I had some of Koh Samui on a higher dose as intended and again נŸ₪ wonderful product I recommend to anyone who is interested...

I have been having a hard time with my mind lately getting a bit rutted and I canג€t begin to explain how much this helped me personally. Thanks

Real Deal

If you are looking for legitimate PE for a fair price, you found it. Blue Goba will treat you right, fast shipping and generous, I received an extra 2 grams on my first order according to my scale

Outstanding Blue Meanies

Simply put. Amazing.

Allowed my friend to have her first experience on these. Iג€ve never seen someone laugh so hard at nothing and everything in my entire laugh.

She was in a very imaginative state off 3grams. Not to much, not to little, a great dose. Visuals were there and she reached a great enlightenment point.

Her boyfriend and herself both did 3. I followed up with them the next day and she said Sheג€s never cried so much in her life- they allowed herself to become completely vulnerable and open up to her boyfriend about things (theyג€ve been dating for 5+ years) that she never thought about until that point. Theyג€ve never been closer.

Gratitude to all that you do blue Goba team.

they sent an extra gram

I havent eaten any of them yet but they sent an extra gram, this is my 4th order from them and I'm yet to be disappointed.