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Bolena Cacao Confections

Darwinstraat 55
The Hague , 2571DG
Países Bajos

Testimonial #5

Deyan: Tried the bonbons and the chocolate from Bolena. A feast for the senses – the taste is excellent with subtle balance between the chocolate and the added spices. And this taste is encapsulated inside a beautiful shell of colours.

Testimonial #4

As a real chocolate lover I normally prefer chocolate from Switzerland. But this Argentinian-Dutch one is so delicious that I think I changed my mind. Especially the chocolate with cardamom is nice. But the others are as well creative and delicious combinations, I'd never tasted before. Thanks


Delivered in a box with a window, the new The Hague (The Netherlands) based chocolate producing company 'Bolena', immediately presents it's treasures to the receiver. We get offered a collection of chocolats varying from dark to white. It's a absolute treat to meet the tastes. A colourful red with 'noir' chocolat shows it's fire at the bottom, containing clearly chili pepper accents. The chocolate tastes to be a hommage to late Anne Boleyns husband, the murdurous Henry VII that decapitated not one, but two of his six (!) wives. The taste is as smashing and firm as this king, but brings you in the end to a clear and revelating taste sensation. To sweeten the senses after we find a comforting Chai tasting middle dark chocolate. After the previous chocolate it comforts us in the way Boleyn must have been forgiving to both her husband and Seymour, his new mistress. A bit of coffee is welcome to wake you up after this, and that's also what is presented. A sure surpise is the 'Yerba Mate' white chocolate. It tastes like the deep massage of a shining sun while walking through a field after a month of drought. The smell and taste are those of a freshly dried herb. Surely this set of chocolats can be recommended to the real chocolate lover. The new company describes it's products as 'Cacao Confections'. After tasting we can even say that we have had 'Cacao Couture'..

Testimonial #3

The chocolates are fine, creative... simply and sincerely delicious.

Testimonial #2

I tried several tastes from the catalogue. I found especially the Mojito bonbon and the ginger bar extremely tasty and unique. I found the chocolate products to be of high quality: perfect taste and design.