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Starlight Bolgnese

Fort Lauderdale FL
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Ollie is a very happy, healthy boy thanks to Lexi’s excellent care and love she gives her babies, even after adoption. My doctor told me I needed to exercise and now I have a companion to take daily walks with me but not so much if it’s raining. Nor does he seems to care about my piano playing (I am working on that). Ollie is a joyful addition to our family. Thank you Lexi and I want to thank Bob too. Bob called me a couple of days after he delivered Ollie to see how we were adjusting.I have already recommended her to several families in my neighborhood.


Yesterday was the end of a fairly long process and the start of a long process. I picked up my new Bolognese puppy Kari. He and I have started a fantastic new journey at his new home. I had started six months ago researching dog breeds to look at to find a replacement for my Amy, a lab mix, who was with me for sixteen years. After deciding a Bolognese was the perfect fit for me I began researching breeders. Lexi at Starlight Bolognese has experience and knowledge that is impressive in scope and depth. She also is a person dedicated to “her” dogs and goes out of her way to help new families in any way possible. It is too soon to talk about my new little guy and in a month or two I will. For now I can say that Lexi delivered on every single thing she said she would and more. Over the past two months Lexi has answered many many questions and volenteered several educational lectures. She even had her husband meet me half way from her home to mine for the pickup. I am completely happy with what Starlight provided and how they did so.


Lexi arranged for a pet nanny to travel with my adorable Royal Bolo Bi. I met them at the airport and couldn't be happier. Zoey is so well adjusted, which is absolutely a tribute to her breeder. Lexi has kept in touch and gives all sorts of tips and is available to answer any questions. She obviously loves her dogs and wants them to live happy, healthy lives in loving homes. I highly recommend Starlight


ust got a tiny adorable girl from Lexi. Lexi has a lot of knowledge and experience and has been very helpful with any questions. She answers promptly. She cares so much about all her pups, a great experience!! Thank you!


The entire experience from start to finish was wonderful. Lexi kept us informed and answered all of our questions quickly. Great communication. I am apprehensive by nature but this was by far the best experience I have had with a breeder. Very knowledgeable about the breed and eager to help. Thank you!2You and 1 other4 CommentsLikeComment


So happy to find Lexy & Starlight Bolognese. Our new puppy is a happy & healthy little guy. What a joy he has brought to our lives. Would recommend Lexy & her expertises to anyone looking for a new best friend.11


I’m very please with my new puppy Ollie. He is very loving, playful and most importantly healthy. It was a pleasure dealing with such loving Caregivers and I’m very grateful.. my daughter has never been happier !!! Thank you so much for a new Baby !

    Ivania Saldana Oakland Park, FLOct 14, 2019

Great and trustworthy breeder

Starlight have been fabulous to work with. Extremely quick to responds to any questions and has been more than helpful throughout the process of both getting our Bolognese and also since we have brought him to our home. I did a lot of research before choosing a breeder and I can’t imagine using anyone else. The daily videos/photos were such an amazing way to make us feel like we knew the puppies before picking one. They were also extremely generous in helping us to pick up and transport the puppy to our place. Seamus came home and he seemed like he had already had obedience training, as he was extremely well-behaved for being so young and also essentially potty-trained, which was such a blessing. We could not love our newest part of the family more nor could we appreciate Starlight Bolognese & Biewers more. We would recommend them to anyone. We are as happy as we could be with the entire experience.


I would like to update on my little Syndey. She got her name because when she runs she "jumps like a kangaroo" said my young she was named Sydney. She is such a companion!! A total joy, I LOVE her. I love her breeder Lexi for all her care & Love she puts into her puppies. Sydney is my life. She makes us all laugh. She wakes up in the morning truly the happiest dog I ever seen. Anyone who comes to my house is Sydney's visitor who came over to pet and love her. I can't ever thank you enough for this amazing furbaby!!! I tried to upload a picture & video of her adorable run! Will get some help!! Thank you, Lexi!!

    Joyce Ritt Cape Coral, Fl.Nov 05, 2019


I received my new puppy, Sydney, about a week ago.  She's an incredible little girl at only 6 months old! She's friendly, loving and playful. She's very welcoming when someone comes to my house.It's obvious she was well taken care if by the breeder (Lexi).All of Lexi's puppies/dogs are her family, her life!!  Its so obvious.  Exactly the kind of breeder I wanted to deal with.I highly recommend Starlight Bolognese & Biewers to anyone wanting this breed.My pup Sydney, is half Bolognese and half Gold Dust Biewer.  She's just a perfect fit for Me!  I'm so thrilled to have her as my forever family.  Sydney makes me so happy, LOVE to watch her.  Lexi, is available after I got her for questions & updates.  You're a FABULOUS breederI love♥️ her, we are all family, Sydney & her breeder Lexi & myself.  I'm so INCREDIBLY HAPPY TO HAVE THIS GIRL!Thank you, Lexi for my perfect pup!Joyce R.Cape Coral, FL.


After losing our beloved Coton a couple years ago, we decided the time was right to bring a new puppy into our family. After reading about other “Bichon” breeds, we chose to look for a Bolognese breeder, as the breed sounded like a perfect fit for our family.  We are so thankful to have found Starlight Bolognese and Lexi.  After visiting her home and watching how the puppies were cared for and trained, it was apparent that Lexi provided a loving, nurturing environment for the puppies to grow, develop and learn. We’ve had our new little girl for a week now, and we couldn’t be happier with her.  Lexi has continued to provide support by answering any questions we’ve had in the past week – it’s clear that she’s passionate about the well-being of her puppies.


We got an absolutely perfect Bolognese boy from Lexi.  He is diving and perfect in every way.  Tried to upload photo but couldn't.


On Sunday December 4th, 2016, I met my beautiful forever fur baby, Till.  She is super sweet and cuddly.  Thank you Santa for guiding me to Starlight


Lexi has the most adorable fur babies both Bolognese and Biewer's.  My baby girl, Zoyenka is on the FAcebook page as Zoe, a Biewer born 12/18/18. Zoyenka is so smart I am amazed.  She is a Momma's girl, you can tell she came from a very loving home.  When I went to pick her up I was greeted by Lexi's adult fur babies both Bolognese and Biewers as they are all very friendly and loving.


So happy there was a breeder close enough for us to be able to visit the puppies and interact with them before making a decision.  Lexi is a wonderful lady who loves her dogs, and she has been so accommodating anytime we have wanted to visit, and we have been visiting weekly.  Lexi is always there to answer questions and help in anyway she can.  In the process of deciding on one of the 3 little girls (not an easy decision because they were all so adorable) a little 4 month old boy stole our hearts and took him home a few weeks after.  Then we went back and got a little girl, Sofie and we coulldn't be happier.


we adopted a Royal Bolo Bi in  October, Mindy  She is a year old. She is amazing, friendly and smart. .  She has revitalized our rescue Schnoodle.  I take her to the Assisted living where I live over a week.  She is gentle, frriendly with the residents, who adore her! If anything happnes to Max, I'll be begging Lexi for another !!


Alexis, or Lexi, raised the perfect dog for me.  I lost my precious dog 3 years ago and it hurt so bad that I didn't want to go through it again.  But I am alone and eventually I started looking for a new pet.  I was very particular in what I wanted, however, the most important things was a happy, balanced, loving puppy.  Alexis gives her dog ssunconditionla love as well as superior training and the best food and supplements.   My new puppy is so great.   My new puppy is so gret and he adjusted so well to my environment.  Thanks Alexis, you gave me a wonderful friend.


Lexi's dogs and pups are her family.  She is dedicated to them.  It is not a breeding business.  I want to buy my next dog from her.


My husband and I have been looking for another Biewer Terrier as a companion for our 4 year old Bella.  We found out about Starlight Bolognese.  The breeder, Alexis, breeds  Bolognese and Biewers.  Alexis happened to have a female Biewer, Zena.  When we arrived we were welcomed by Alexis.  she made us feel very comfortable and is extremely knowledgeable & educated about breeding, nutrition, psychology.  Alexis is a very caring person and adores her fur babies.  We highly recommend her

Super smart and love to play!

We lost our Bolognese about 3 months ago. Over the past few months we also lost a poodle and a yorkie. We knew that it would be hard to find a Bolognese because there are so few breeders and dogs in the US. However, we saw Lexi's website on the internet. After speaking to Lexi several times, we traveled from NJ to FL. Since we work with rescue we knew what we were looking for in a breeder. Lexi was all of that. Her dogs were treated as family and she makes sure they get all they need. They have the run of most of the house and a yard to play in. All the dogs were playful and friendly. This is an excellent place to find a Bolognese, Biewer or your special fur baby!  The puppy we adopted is a Royal Bolo Bi male, half Bolognese, half Biewer and they are a wonderful breed!


Great experience! We love our new family member!!

Best dog ever

I found my perfect dog at Starlight. Alexis expert training made for an easy transition to my home. Riley is friendly, easily directed, but most of all so loving. Thank you, Alexis

Best dog ever!!!

I lost my dog 3 years ago. I was so hard to go through that I vowed no more dogs. But I love having a dog so I kept looking. I became fanatical about finding the 'perfect' dog. Alexis raised that perfect dog. Not only is the dog so cute, but he is so well trained that his adjustment to me and new suroundeings

Best dog ever...Alexis raised and train the perfect dog. I spent the last three years looking for Riley and I found him at Starlight.

Best dog ever I spent three years looking for the perfect dog and I found him at Starlight. Alexis trained this little guy to easily make the transition from her caring hands into my home. Riley is friendly and cute, but most of all so loving.

Extraordinary breeder and person

I am beginning a breeding program and bought a Bolognese female from Lexi who has divine dogs....Mine is breeding quality so she is perfection and is already potty trained, knows many commands, and is very balanced psychologically and a beauty.   I spent the night at Lexi's house and saw how hard she works to maintain her dogs in beautiful condition as well as giving them the best food and supplements.    If I were buying a companion dog, this is the breeder I would highly recommend.....she does it as a labor of love, not money.  My baby who is very high quality would have cost me much more had I bought elsewhere and not gotten the same quality.   

Such a Smart Puppy

Picked Mindy (a Royal Bolo Bi) up from Lexi yesterday. Lexi met me at the airport and gave me all the instructions I need to keep this pup healthy. She has bonded with me, my husband and our schnoodle, Max. Has pottied outside and knows the commands "get on your bed" and "come" already! such a sweetheart!!

BEAUTIFUL Bolognese Bianca and Bianco

Our beautiful loving playful and well adjusted puppies thank Lexie for there loving nature. We were purchasing but when we seen how friendly and loving they are also so smart we took brother and sister.thank you Lexie for all the work and dedication you put into raising these beautiful babies .

Loving and sooooo very intelligent!!

I recently put down my 11 year old, Louie, a Bichon/Maltese mix. I went onlineI looking to adopt another small dog. To my good fortune, I found a breed and a breeder.  Initially, it was the convenience of the breeder’s location that drew me to the sight. I got so much more than just a location.  I was introduced to an absolutely adorable breed, the Bolognese. The breeder, Lexi Preisser, of Starlight, is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and dedicated to her animals. No puppy mill here! She cares about each and every one of her dogs. Her website, Facebook page and blogs are full of great information. If looking for a Bolognese, I highly recommend Lexi. I am now living with an incredible, seven month old Bolognese named Romeo. He is such a lover! He is the joy of my life!Thank you Lexi!


I had a great experience and have a beautiful dog.  Breeder is so nice and knowledgeable, that if you are buying a dog, you should get one from Lexi.  My dog, Milo, is the best things and a great new addition to my family.

Super service dog!

I got a little Bolognese from Lexi in December.  She sold him to me at a discount because of his overbite but he is amazing!  I got him as a possible service dog and he is incredible; his personality and ability as a service dog is unbelievable considering we haven't started training yet but he is learning commands from me and knows what I need.  He is tiny but knows when he is working.  Has no problem just sitting on my lap at apppointments but when we are home he is a puppy which is how it should be.  In the hospital he just stayed on my bed and hung out with me.  Most puppies would want to get down and check things out after a couple of hours, but not him.  He is so happy just to stay by my side.  The thing that really impressed me was, he was on my bed one night in hospitaland tech came in to do vitals.  He was trying to chew on the cords and wouldn't stop, he was getting his adult teeth.   I picked up and had him look at me.  I said, Bo you are working, it's not play time. Lay down and behave and he actually did it! First time ever that I told him he was working. He laid down and turned and watched me and waited for my next command. So amazing especially with how young he is.  Of course, when he is home he is such a puppy and such a joy! When he is in bed playing with me there is absolutely nothing else going on, the world is so perfect at that moment in time.  Lexi is really an amazing expert on dogs; they are trained without being trained per se!


DrElizabeth Rose · August 26, 2017It's National Dog Day today and it's time to take a moment to thank Lexi Preisser and Starlight Bolognese! Just a week ago, I flew to Fort Lauderdale and brought home 3 lb., 13 week old Starlight Skyler. I am head over paws in love! Skye is cuteness personified, an absolute sweetheart, smart, loving, friendly, happy, and he loves to cuddle! I could not be happier with him. Lexi was wonderful from the start. She welcomed me for an initial visit and let me hang out with the pups for hours to get to know them and their parents. She picked me up at the airport when I flew to "fetch" Skye. She even took me shopping to some local pet boutiques when I needed a new carrier. Lexi is passionate about her Bolo and Biewer babies, has a wealth of knowledge and experience with dogs and other animals, and shares that knowledge generously. She has been a solid resource and support throughout the adoption process and I anticipate she will be there with continued advice and support for Skye and I whenever needed. Thank you so much, Lexi!


As dog lovers and owners for many years of various breeds, our beloved Havanese Max passed at the age of 14, pretty long in "dog years", leaving a tremendous void in our home. After some time we just couldn't bear the absence of a 4 legged best friend. After doing considerable research on all the related breeds, we decided to look for a Bolognese, the Italian cousin of the Havanese, We were delighted to find Starlight Bolognese right here in the Ft.Lauderdale area. We had seen pictures on the internet with puppies available for sale from only a handful of breeders of "bolos" across the country. However, the idea of buying a "best buddy" online was an iffy proposition-looks cute, but will I connect with that adorable puppy face to face. So we decided to take a ride on a sunny Sunday afternoon to visit Lexi. We were able to check out the situation, observing the puppies, their parents and how they were being raised. Needless to say, we were thrilled to see the loving environment they enjoyed as well as have a nice "sit down' with Lexi. Frankly, we were sure she was checking us out as much as we were her, making sure her babies were going to a loving home. We all passed the test. We saw Stigge, a 3 month absolutely loveable and affectionate little boy. Lexi had wanted us to wait until Stigge had finished having all his shots; instead, we took him home with us and met her at her vet's a few days later to complete the vaccinations still due. The vet commented on how every Bolognese she brought in was perfect! A nice, comforting bit of knowledge to have. Stigge is such a love and was already past the paper training stage and ready to pamper, all 3 lbs, 4 ozs. of him. We highly recommend Lexi's Starlight Bolognese; she's there for you if you're new to puppyhood and have any questions-just call or text her.

Love at first sight!!

Last month I drove to Florida to attend my Uncle's funeral. My cousin showed up with Nico a 5-month-old Bolognese. Nico reminded me so much of my little buddy of 15 years Jake. I had been thinking about getting a new puppy but I just could not bring myself to take the plunge even though it had been a couple of years since Jake passed. My cousin mentioned that Nico had a little brother so we drove down to Fort Lauderdale to Starlight Bolognese and I met the owner Lexi and my new little buddy Tebo. It was love at first sight for me. It has been such fun getting to know him. This little guy has the sweetest disposition. He is very quiet and shy, especially when meeting new people and fur babies around the neighborhood. He is such a sweetie that he is already the most popular puppy on the Block. I am so thankful that I picked up my sweet little puppy from Starlight Bolognese and I look forward to spending many blissful years with my Tebo. Thank you, Starlight Bolognese !

Sophie is perfect!!

A healthy pup with a huge personality exceeded only by her adorable face! After much research following the passing of our German Shepherd, Sabre, we decided on a Bolognese. We expended significant effort researching and talking with breeders from coast to coast. Starlight became our choice and we couldn't be happier. Sophie rode in our Motorcoach back to Georgia and by the time she arrived at home she was house trained. Very smart and well behaved! Our vet gave us a full thumbs up and we highly recommend anyone seeking a Bolognese puppy to consider Starlight Bolognese!

Mica is perfect!!

On Dec. 3 I flew to Florida to pick up our little girl, Fiona/Mica. Lexi kindly met me at the airport, afterwards Mica and I made our trip back to Oklahoma where she has settled into her new home beautifully. We think Mica is perfect, she has such a wonderful demeanor and personality, and has brought joy into our lives. Lexi truly cares about and loves her Bolo pupplies. She has always made herself available to talk with me, making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience purchasing our puppy. Lexi thank you, Ken, Donna and Mica.


I have had my wonderful, beautiful forever Fur baby for over a month now and she is absolutely fabulous! I could not have asked for a better puppy. Lexi is the best! She answers any questions I have and she is so knowledgeable!!!

What a wonderful dog!!

My husband and I recently purchased a four year old Bolognese from Lexi at Starlight Bolognese. We've had Emma about 4 weeks now and I can say she is the most adorable and loving little dog I have ever owned! She is very well trained, intelligent, and obedient. We have great fun playing with her. She'll squeak as she runs around and play hide-n-seek with us. We are very satisfied with her and how Lexi handled everything with us. Lexi spent time talking on the phone and texting with me explaining anything I needed to know and answered all of our questions. She genuinely cares about her dogs and all animals for that matter. If you have an opportunity to purchase a dog from her you won't be disappointed. Thank you Lexi!


I researched many breeders and found Lexi in Florida. I went to her home where her dogs are free to roam in a very large room connected to the kitchen. They are all very loving, well behaved and potty trained and I ended up adopting 2 puppies so they could be together when I work. Lexi gave me a discount price and she microchips the dogs to give peace of mind!


I came to Lexi 3 weeks ago because she told me that she has few rescue dogs for adoption and I fell in love with one of them, a little white boy almost 1-year-old, Georgie. I liked the fact that all the dogs she has they are free to move around the house and she is taking good care of all of them. She is knowledgeable and very friendly person and I'm very pleased that I've met her. She is taking care of Georgie for another 2 weeks until I can go and pick him up. I'm very excited to finally bring him home. She is so nice and she is sending me pictures of him weekly. Lexi loves what she is doing, and her dogs are delicious, I want to take them all, lol. Thank you, Lexi for my baby!


I adopted a beautiful little male puppy for my girlfriend. We saw him right after birth and got pictures emailed to me so I can track his growth progress. We finally took him home at 12 weeks. he was potty trained and knew a couple commands. I can't be happier, Lexi is extremely knowledgable and to include behavior and training. Overall I am very happy! 


I visited the home of Starlight Bolognese three times in May, June, and July, 2016.  Each time, I went into their home and visited with the puppies and their human mom, Lexi.  Her home is immaculate, and the dogs have the run of the family room, dining room, kitchen area.  They also have a green, grassy, fenced-in backyard.Lexi is a kind, knowledgable breeder who obviously loves all creatures great and small.  She has done extensive research on the Bolognese breed and is very conscientious.  She will be frank about each pup’s minor variations and will share their parentage lines with you.I chose a year and a half old male.  I’ve had him 3 months now, and he is a perfect companion.  He was already housebroken, and he immediately learned to walk on a leash.  He’s 7.5 lbs, so he’s very portable.He looks like a little lamb, and every time we go out of the house, people ooh and ah over him.  He has exhibited minor separation anxiety, when I leave him alone, but he quickly settles down (I listen outside the door).I didn’t want to risk buying a dog from a puppy mill or a “backyard breeder.”  Because I live in Florida, I was able to drive to Lexi’s home to “inspect” the situation.  She thought she was interviewing ME to make sure her beloved pup would go to a good home.  Little did she know, I was interviewing HER to make sure my puppy came from a good situation.  She passed with flying colors!

Testimonial #12

I bought my girl, Tessa, a month ago from Lexi when she was 7 months. She is 7 lbs and is such a sweet girl. She gets along great with my 6 year old chow mix who is not social at all. The breeder was originally my dog sitter. It was obvious to me how much she loved dogs, so I was comfortable purchasing Tessa from her. I am so happy with Tessa!