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Old School Boxing And Fitness Center

5975 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego CA , 92115
United States

The R. -YELP

Fun place to train boxing. They teach good hands. Definitely had a good time training here. Great workout, great trainers. It was a good experience training here. I've studied boxing prior but this gym enhanced my training and made me a better boxer.

Ryan G. -YELP

Of all the different gyms in San DIego I've had some of the best workouts here at Old School. I don't think this place gets enough recognition, probably because the names not blown up like other gyms. Here, you're gettng a total body workout. That's one thing I really like about it, not only are you getting boxing lessons, you're also getting a lot of core strengthening ab workouts, cardio and conditoining, and also a lot of emphasis on speed and agility. My favorite thing about this gym is that everyone who trains at Old School is like family, not just inside the gym but outside. I've been invited by groups to go out to the beach and bbq, celebrate birthdays, get together to support local figthers. All in all, this is a great place to train and has earned my business.