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Brothers Shooting

6541 Lake Ashmere Ct
San Diego CA , 92119
United States


Brothers Shooting- was such an amazing learning experience! Not only was it fun but I’ve taken away so much knowledge, safety, and tactics in just one day! I can’t wait to come back again!

Had a great time!

Had a great time. Beau created a fun environment for everyone to shoot in while teaching all different ranges of skill level. Whether you're a brand new shooter or an expert looking to perfect your craft I highly recommend trying this out.

What an experience!

What an experience! Not only was Beau fun to work with but he made me feel informed and safe throughout the entire process. I will definitely be back!

Such a fun experience!

Such a fun experience! I don’t even know where to begin, the knowledge and professionalism that beau and his team had exceeded my expectations. We learned how to safely and effectively shoot as well as reload and how to properly care for our firearms. If you’re looking for a good time and are interested in learning how to be a responsible and knowledgeable gun owner I highly recommend brothers shooting!

Had an awesome time!

Thank you for making learning about shooting fun! I am much more comfortable shooting the pistol after spending time one on one with an instructor. Jason was awesome!

HIGHLY recommend Beau!

Beau and the gang of teachers are not only excellent, but they are patient and fun. Even though they had to repeatedly tell me to get my finger off the trigger, they never made me (or anyone else) feel foolish or inept. They are very good at teaching safety procedures, and reinforcing them, as well as improving the aim by explaining how to use the gun sight correctly. I highly recommend this fun “class”. Oh and to top it off, they had wine and hors d’oeurves that were beautifully displayed! Who could ask for more than that? By the end of the class, all of us (and we happen to be an all women class) felt comfortable shooting, loading, and hitting the targets. Once again, I HIGHLY recommend Beau.

Safe and fun!

Beau and his Seal Team colleagues made learning to use a pistol safe and fun. The course focused on safety first and gave us 3 hours of practical and thorough instruction where I began to really understand what I was doing. To top it off, we enjoyed a lovely and delicious lunch once we finished!