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Kool Down Moment

A guest from where I work gave me a passion fruit hard can die and it is superb. I would like a menu please.

These edibles are littt ????

A friend of mine shared some of Mama Mera’s guava hard candies. Let me tell you that these edibles hit the spot! They’re delicious and potent. Can’t wait to try the mango w/tajin lollipops ????


Mama Mera is amazing! I ordered her sugar free chocolate cake and wow! It is morning and I had to try.... it’s sooo good! I can’t wait to try everything else. The gummy bears look sooo good too!! Everything does!! You Rock!! You just made my Christmas, frankly the rest of 2020 a good one for me! Thank you so very much!! ♥️

Soap soap soap

Amazing Product line. I am so loving the soaps I just received. Thank you

Delish !

I was pleasantly surprised when my order from mama mera’s medibles arrived exactly 1 week after ordering (shipped 3 days after! Super fast) everything was fresh n the caramel rocks, is potent and tasty as the chocolate chip cookies and suckers. Amazing menu too. Def will order again. ????

Best Edibles

Mama Meras Edibles are the Best in Potency, Freshness, and Price. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Best Customer Service

Mama Meras has great customer service, product is highgrade topp quality. Received my order on time and the packaging was exceptional. I will be ordering again soon. Thanks Mama Mera????

Best edibles I’ve had!

Mama Mera has the most delicious edibles I’ve had! AND one of the biggest selections I’ve seen. My favorite SO FAR is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bar. Got me lit and tasted good. I’ll definitely be trying more

Best Product

Mamas product has the best health qualities along with the best type of body & mind high! Made with coconut oil so us vegans aren’t left out!

Happy customer 4Life

Hey i like the new website mama , but not as much as i like your edibles an da is the truth. mama mera is cool as fuck an makes her snacks as potent as u want and its always fresh and delicious. Best edibles around not just my opinion but facts! I hope this helps . Peace out


I had really sensitive bad dry and itchy skin. I had tried many products all of which added to the irritation. Mama Mera sold me on her cannabis coconut oil, it was so soothing, didnt feel greasy, and it smelled great and completely healed my skin in less than a week. I will continue using her oil on my skin. Its 100% thee BEST!!


Ive tried sooo many different edibles all over in different states and mama meras is #1 on my favorite list. Im so glad to find her. Shes one of the most down to earth humble ladies ín the cannabis industry ive ever met , shes very knowledgable and does a spectacular job. MouthWatering Edibles oh yeah and she does custom orders too how cool is that.she definately knows her thing. ❤❤❤

Testimonial #11


Thee BEST Edibles

These are by far thee BEST edibles i have ever tried!! Mama Mera knows whats up she's got it hands down! ❤❤❤

Mama Mera's is my 1st Choice for Edibles Thee BEST in LA!!

I prefer edibles over blazing so ive had my share of many different kinds and none compare to the ones ive tried by mama mera's . I rate mama meras edibles #1 in the L.A area.. #mosteffective #besttasting #freshlybaked #mostselections #TopQuality 

No competition..

Hands down mama Mera bakes the most deliciously potent and creative edibles I've seen thus far. Never not 1 complaint and I know some picky people. Definitely worth the weight in gold and you won't be disappointed.

Testimonial #7

Mamameras Edibles are very delicious. Everything was fresh,delicious,and shipped out in a timely matters as she said it would. I've been dealing with a lot of headaches but when I use the oil in my hot tea in the morning no headaches at all for me . I also use it on my hands as well as the back of my neck . The edibles are like no other all I can say is WOW ! Don't miss out on some of the best edibles by Mamamera enjoy everyone I sure do...


Mama Mera's edibles are by far thee BEST tasting, most potent, and best priced edibles ive tried yet, and ive tried many different edibles over the years and none can compare. Mama Meras is my go too from this day on. I will be one of your best customers .

Out of this world DELICIOUS!!!

Amazing Product...

Mamamerasmedible  oil is great!  I used it on my hands and it made them feel so soft...I couldn't believe it!  I liked it so much that i decided to try it on my Maltipoo.  My dog has an area around her little private area that has this little build-up that nothing seems to remove (I've tried ointments from the vet, and none worked), so I figured the oil is all natural, so what the heck? Well, i can't tell you how surprised i was when this oil actually removed that nasty stuff, and it did it so easy!  My boss has a maltipoo with the same problem so I gave her a jar to try and she loved it too!  What I like about her oil is that i can use it for so many different things. I'll definitely be buying more!.  


Best edibles I've had by far. Fresh and professionally packaged. They taste delicious! You should definitely give them a try.


The Chewy Coconut Oatmeal Cookies were absolutely delicious.. I only ate one and it did me very well. I highly recommend Mama Meras edibles because they demonstrate what quality cannabis infused products should look like; from the labeling and serving information to the freshness of the product and the product taste. What is interesting with Mama Mera's product line is that you can obviously tell that the baking is hand-made fresh in a legitimate kitchen. These products also live up to their name because the chewy cannabis coconut oatmeal cookie was indeed chewy and not just some stale old cookie from a typical dispensary. Most of the time a company will sell me a old stale crunchy chocolate chip cookie that tastes terrible, and does nothing for me in the end other than make me gag, however this was not the case with #mamameras. I got a nicely packaged cookie for a very reasonable price that was very fresh as if it came directly out of the oven and not to mention they tasted so good I honestly wouldn't believe it had cannabis in it until I was stuck on my couch about 40 minutes later watching the Maury show haha. I love this company because they don't only sell the typical chocolate chip cookie that most dispensaries do, but they also make a variety of other delights such as oatmeal cranberry cookies, gummy bears, and granola bars. Not to mention they will also make you ANY custom orders you may have, all you have to do is notify #mamamera and she will bake them freshly for you! I will definitely purchase from Mama Mera's Medibles again, and if you haven't already I would go ahead and try one so you can start buying in bulk too!