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Toronto ON , M9B1S9

My Go-To !

I am so thrilled to have the pleasure of knowing Kayleigh! She is extremely knowledgeable and just flat out amazing!
Thank you for always being there to answer all my questions and guiding me to the right place!


I had some questions about pest control for my medical grow.
Kayleigh helped me choose a pest treatment that would work for my environment.
thank you for the product knowledge, i didn't want to use harsh chemicals!


These ladies really know what they are talking about, i had concerns with my mother wanting to use CBD.
you put our fear of the unknown to rest.
Thank you so much ladies!


Thank you for teaching me so much about cannabis. I will tell all my friends because it was a great experience

Best Cannabis Education

Thank you Miriam for blowing my mind with everything you taught me about Cannabis today!