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Scandilicious Treats

United States


Kelly is a neighbor of mine. I stopped by her house to invite her kids to watch a YouTube video (that had a lesson my husband and I taught for our Sunday School) She told she now has a business making and selling chocolate candy. She gave me a sample of her chocolate salted caramels- as soon as I got home, I bit into that candy- I could only describe the flavor as intensely delightful! I can’t say that I’ve ever tasted any fancy brand of chocolate that had the same flavor- and this is just one of the candies she makes- take my word for it- “Scandilicious!’


Love the packaging and the goodies were delicious. I will be promoting you on my page!


A cute little package showed up on our doorstep and it was filled with goodies. They tasted as good as they looked, and they looked awesome. They did a great job with everything.

Beautifully wrapped and delicious!

Thank you so much for the treats! It was all so beautifully packaged and I’ve already tried one of the cookies and it was delicious.

You have to try these!

Well, what can I say? These treats are delicious! The crinkle cookies are slightly crunchy on the outside but the inside is soft and moist. The bread is nicely dense, and bursting with flavor. My favorite, however, is white chocolate. This is difficult for me because so few places get the temper right on white chocolate and it ends up grainy and sour. I was in heaven! My white chocolate snowmen were PERFECT! They were smooth and creamy, with not even a hint of that sour, separated taste or texture. I highly recommend! You will not be disappointed!

Absolutely Delicious!!!!

For Christmas I ordered Crinkle Cookies and loved them. They are dark chocolate with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. They are absolutely delicious. My husband loved the dark chocolate gnomes. They were smooth and rich. Looking forward to ordering more from Kelly.