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New Jersey
United States

I've had a few items from the menu and they never disappoint! Their Jerk Chicken is some of the best in the area, juicy and has one heck of a kick to it. Exactly what you want out of Jerk Chicken. Their Salmon Burger was also, deeeee-licious, it has the perfect crunch from the organic greens, the fish is super flaky and cooked to perfection. Best of all, you know what you're getting, all organic, fresh ingredients! Close out with a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to go and you're set for the day. Get it with condensed milk, you won't regret it! Can't wait to see what else this crew cooks up!

Everything I ordered was delicious, beef soup, jerk chicken perfectly seasoned with the cabbage side, oxtail stew with rice and peas, and give the goat curry a try if you've never had it, fantastic! Everything is so flavorful. Order a double batch of plantains as there won't be enough - once you start eating them you can't stop. The cold brew coffee is also a big winner, deep rich flavor but no bitterness at all, perfect. They have the BEST service as well, such care goes in to every order, you just can't go wrong. Ordered while working in NYC and had the good fortune to be able to get delivery!