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My little girl...

When my little girl was diagnosed with epilepsy, I tried medication after medication to help her. I was at a complete loss of what to do when time after time I saw no change with the seizures. I decided to start to give her small doses of CBD oil, and it blew me away when I saw such a change. Over a dozen seizures a day decreased to where there were five or less. Her personality changed, and I was able to see my sweet and joyful baby girl again.


When my twins were 5 years old, they were both diagnosed with ADHD. It was more pronounced with my youngest twin, as at the same time she struggled with an anxiety disorder. I had done a lot of research to help her and her sister, and I read that CBD oil has helped so many with different disorders. I decided to do what I felt was best for my girls and give it a try. In a short time I saw a change in them. The daily struggle with focus and concentration was more rooted, and the intense nail biting anxiety diminished. Nothing else I had tried worked like that and to see a beautiful peace in my twins was a priceless treasure.


I get extremely anxious when I drive and after taking the Infused Terpenes Calm, I was much more relaxed. Thank you so much for your product!

Sleep with Terpenes

I usually work 12-hour shifts/ 6 days a week and have a hard time getting to sleep. By the time I get home and after one dropper of the SLEEP with infused TERPENES, I fell asleep within 30 MIN. I woke up not feeling groggy and it was honestly the best sleep I've had in a week!!

Finally Relief From Crohn's Pain!!

I have tried everything under the sun for the inflammation I experience in my back and neck from years of using prescription steroids for Crohn's flare ups, nothing has worked. I have tried physical therapy and injections in my back, neck and base of my skull for this issue. Ice packs, heating pads, topical over the counter "pain patches" and nothing has gotten me relief for days like the small amount of the Intense Relief with Emu oil 500mg has given me. It is well worth the cost for the relief I have gotten. A little bit goes a long way and I must say I feel like it has unicorn horn shavings and leprechaun kisses in that jar because I am a lifetime buyer! It has been a lifesaver for me to get relief of the debilitating pain I have had for many many years!

500mg Tincture

The 500mg tinctures have been such a blessing. They have helped me tremendously with my anxiety, sleep, aches and pains in a way that no other products have been able to. There is no bitterness in taste or grogginess after. It is so well designed yet so affordable! I cannot say thank you enough and I hope they continue to keep their quality high and the prices low. Really, this is the best. Don't waste your money on yellow oily products others are selling. You will not be disappointed!! (the Orange flavor is my favorite, but they are all good.)

Relief Instant Freeze Cream

This is the ONLY product to work for me. I have arthritis and degenerative discs in my back. I have tried other products and brands in the past and was beginning to think maybe CBD wouldn't work for me. Then I found Intense Relief Instant Freeze Cream! This stuff is absolutely amazing, not just for my back, but also my knees, hands, shoulders...I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from joint pain!!

Miracle Cream!!!

Ok, so just to state this first... I am not one who writes reviews often at all. But I have to write one about these products I have tried so far. Long story as short as possible. When I got pregnant with my daughter, later in the pregnancy I developed carpel tunnel syndrome which is apparently quite normal according to my doctor. It was very painful but the doctor assured me that there was a good chance it would go away after she was born. I tried everything to ease the pain. Tylenol, ice, heat and even wearing the wrist braces. After my daughter was born it was about three months later I returned the doctor because the pain in my hands and wrists was still there. It hurt to the point it was hard to pick my baby up or to hold her. The doctor prescribed me some medication that I could take that she said "might" help. I did a lot of research on this medication before I was going to pick it up. I don't like taking medications anyway if there is another healthy and natural way to do it. The side effects and possible side effects were really scary. They were not the normal side effects that you often hear or read about. Needless to say, I did not pick up the medication because I knew I wouldn't take it and I didn't have the money to waste. So I started researching again and asking around for any help or advice I could get to help with the pain. Surgery is not an option right now. Here is the best part... I was told about this CBD freeze cream and thought, I will try anything at this point because it's been almost a year of pain every day. I have NEVER in my life found anything that releaved pain like this!! Within minutes I had full mobility of my hand and wrist with absolutely ZERO pain!!! This truly amazing cream saved me thousands of dollars on surgery I don't want and can't afford, and all the side effects of a drug that "might" work. Anytime it starts to ache a little bit, I put some cream on and massage it in for a minute and I'm in no pain and back to business. I can not recommend this miracle cream enough!!!

Thanks P39. I'm glad we found you!

I'm on my second tincture bottle from P39 and just ordered the Peppermint 1000mg for my wife who is going through some hormonal issues that ladies generally have. I myself have nerve pains that shoot throughout my body related to fibromyalgia and pre-cancerous cells on my lips. The dermotalagist has been useless after ten visits. I'm happy to report that the nerve pain is less and these white pre-cancerous cells on my lips are getting smaller. I've been cheating and rubing the ticture drops into my lips; soothing on dry lips also. Thanks P39. I'm glad we found you!