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Great product

I was totally excited to receive my shisha I had even received a bonus flavor. Both flavors smell incredibly good and smoke just as great !! Definitely will be recommending more people to this company!

I'm in LOVE!!!

I love hookah, I really do but I had to slow down on it because for one, I always get the funky light headed/dizzy feeling and two, I could literally feel how the hookah smoke (the tobacco) was effecting my health - like my throat was starting to feel more sore, not really sure how to describe it but if you've ever felt it you know exactly what I mean. WELL, I'm so beyond happy that I've found Feel good hempz - their shisha is like not other i still feel good and relaxed but i don't get any of that other cruddy feeling i use to with my regular shisha. I smoke just as much as before but don't feel nearly as bad as after! So happy I could them and I've already told 6 different friends!!


I was hesitant at first because of the numerous CBD products. However my customers were impressed by the feeling they received from the shisha. It was even better that it was no tobacco so it was smoother. Planning on implementing it at Our locations around town


The flavor was great, nice and minty. My mom and my sister said it relaxed them instead of getting lightheaded like regular hookah.

I Love CBD

My experience with CBD Herbal Shisha has been great! I love the shisha Big Clouds and clean smoke. Alaskan Ice is great flavor and taste perfect!

Very Smooth Indeed

Perfect balance!

Good Hempz actually surprised me, I’m not a big hookah fan but I love the flavor and act! The CBD is perfect for me especially since I’m an athlete tht requires weekly recovery, Good Hempz relaxes me and is more of a whole body relaxation without being too overbearing. The BLUEBERRY is my favorite flavor, all the flavors are strong enough to taste and it definitely does the job all together. I’m hard to convince but I for sure believe in the benefits of this new all natural alternative.

Good shhit

I’m not a smoker of any sorts but I definitely was hooked on this product. From the different flavors to the taste to the smoothness of it. Usually my throat is sore from smoking but I had no bad reactions to this. I def recommend it.


Love it! Feels good no headache

Game Changer!

I wasn't a fan of hookah until I tried Feel Good Hempz. Their product is tasteful and smooth! The traditional hookah always left me with a headache, it was a product that I wasn't sure how others got into. However, when I tried Feel Good Hempz I instantly became a fan, I was left with no headaches but instead an overall relaxed feeling. The mint and watermelon flavor was a great addition to our party. If you're like me and suffer from the constant headaches of a traditional hookah then Feel Good Hempz is the product for you!

First time for CBD

It was my first time trying any CBD products. I’ve tried their 200mg CBD products. I must say it makes me feel euphoric, all my troubles just seemed to melt away. I was in much better spirits, more talkative and more intune with my surroundings and other people. I highly recommend.

Smoothest shisha ever!

I was convinced that my beloved leisure hookah memories, were a thing of the past due to the toxicity of tobacco hookah . I decided to give this shisha a try in hopes to salvaging the vibes of my house parties and was beyond impressed . The clouds were huge, the flavor was smooth and not overpowering . Good hempz can have all of my money.


Smoothest Hookah on the Market

The hookah provided by Feel Good Hempz was one that I will continue to use! Every other hookah I’ve tried in the past have always been every harsh on your throat and hitting it too hard would cause an immediate cough attack. Feel Good Hempz products is very smooth like a blue label whiskey. I didn’t experience a headache afterwards. The flavor was well balanced and not over-bearing!! I’m Glad I found these guys. Love them!

Organic Watermelon Sheesh