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CFI Bootcamp

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Bootcamp Ready!

Everyone I was in Miami last week. Stopped in to meet Mike and team. I had a great in person meeting with Nick. He was able to answer all my questions about the program and provided me with additional resources specific to my ratings and experience. It is a “First Class” operation! I can’t wait to attend class in the fall and get my CFI. Mike, Nick and team have put together a very good program with amazing resources, experience and technology!

The Best Accelerated Course

After completing the accelerated CFI and CFII courses together, I was able to pass my CFI checkride only a week later, and my CFII checkride shortly after that. I completed the 10 days of dense learning with a WEALTH of knowledge, and a massive appreciation for Mike and my instructor, Sherry Diamond. The lectures by Mike were easy to follow in the classroom, and I was able to solidify the information and teach the lesson plans with the help of Sherry. If you value your TIME like I do, then this course is 100% worth it. In a short amount of time, this program covers everything needed not only to pass the checkrides, but to become an effective educator in the general aviation community.


I wanted to say thank you for the content and resources in the CFI Bootcamp products. It helped me to be well prepared for the ground portion of the CFI Practical. The content is great for the test and the real world.

Great Class!!!

I have to finally reach out to you and thank you for all the help you and your staff provided. The 7 days of class was intense, followed by the week of flight training and teaching. The entire course was worth every bit of it. I began the oral portion of the checkride following the 2nd week, anxious, but extremely prepared. I passed the oral, but had to reschedule the practical for the following week. Thanks to and your staff, I passed the practical the first time and am now enjoying teaching other students. I look forward to working with you on my CFII this summer See you soon.

D. Bonnell

Thank You

I just wanted to drop a line of thanks for the VERY helpful week of learning. You have a great setup, and an amazing amount of material to offer. And you are clearly a top industry expert. I enjoyed the classes very much. I’ve fallen in love with aviation. I wish I’d have discovered it 10 years ago when my career finally settled. But better late than never. I hope we can work together again. I appreciate your experience and your teaching style. Best wishes,Ed

Another Checkride Pass!

Great Online Product

I've been back watching your videos all week! You have a good products 

Another CFI Pass!

I wanted to say thank you for providing my November of 18 so many valuable tools for us to become CFIs, i passed my test yesterday! So that makes 3 out of 4 success stories, keep it up, and  thank you again!  

CFI Initial Pass!

Hey Mike, I passed my CFI initial today! CFI BOOTCAMP ALL THE WAY!!  You have a great program!! 

Awesome Atmosphere and Process!

I wanted to send a quick note now that I’m back home. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere at CFI Bootcamp, and enjoyed the classroom experience. I have to say, the 3 step process of online work first, then classroom work, then the “fun” part was really the ticket for me to grasp concepts that I didn’t quite get before. I still have a lot to work through in my mind and I view this certificate a learning one just as much as everyone says the private certificate was.Thank you to you and your team at CFI Bootcamp for all of the hard work and long days invested in the students.

Check ride Passed!

I wanted to say thank you for providing my November of 18 so many valuable tools for us to become CFIs, i passed my test yesterday! So that makes 3 out of 4 success stories, keep it up, and  thank you again!  Regards,Lazaro 

Online Ground School

Just wanted to let you know I passed my CFI ride yesterday down here in Southern California. Your program was great and helped a ton so I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the great stuff.


Hey Mike,I finished my CFI on the first try so a HUGE thanks to you and the ground school you put on. Worth every penny!


Well, it took until yesterday to get the flight portion scheduled!!!! But it was worth the wait - I passed.  Thx for the class and the support!

They Make the Best Instructors in Town!

A big shout out to Mike Shifflet and his team for putting their best to make the best instructors in town. I feel proud to be one them. Each and every study material provided at Bootcamp helped me achieve my goal of becoming a Flight Instructor. Im extremely thankful to each one of them at Bootcamp for helping me in every possible way. Mike, Doug, Tan and the rest of the team, you guys are awesome.

Another Pass!

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to let you know I finally took the CFI checkride and passed it first time. I am not sure if you remember me, but I was on your CFI ground school in Florida last July. I just wanted to thank you for the ground school and the online course and materials you provided. Truly it is highly organized and a very useful tool for new CFIs. Thank You again for a truly amazing ground school experience. 

CFII Pass!

Happy New Year Mike, I recently passed the addon double-eye ride with Richard. Attached is the ride report. Thanks for all your help getting me ride ready, especially allowing me to  sit in on the class in September. I got hired on at PEA at KDAB.  It’ll be a whole new experience for me.  If I get time off when you’re running the class down there in FL, I’ll swing by and say hi. Cheers,-David

Lesson plans are Fantastic!

I've been working my way through your lesson plans and adding some scenarios to them in preparation for my CFI. First things first here... The lesson plans are fantastic. Well above and beyond any of the off the shelf stuff I've seen. 

Tough but Good

Rickey passed on May 23rd and his friend Gienne passed his Oral for CFI today May 25th.  Weather didn't allow Gienne to go any further today.  "Tough but Good"

Tom tells it like it is....

Tom did our ground program here at CFI Bootcamp after spending a lot of time at another school in Florida with no results.  He got his CFI, teaches now in Utah and came to our CFII Class to get another rating.

Michel finished up quick....

I passed my CFI oral today, thanks to you.  The stuff we covered came in very handy.  Thank you for amazing course and material.

Gienne's excerpt from his blog post

All in all I wholeheartedly recommend doing your CFI training with these guys. They know what they’re doing, and how to get you to your goal. Of course they’re not going to pull you through the training. You’ll have to do the work and be prepared. However, the road that they laid out is easy to follow. I feel like they gave me a great foundation for my CFI checkride

Scott did it all online

More than got my moneys worth.  Passed on the first attempt.

Ambyr was so thrilled she passed

I passed on my first try today!!I wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your help in the class.  I had no problems with the endorsements (and actually knew 1 thing beyond what the DPE knew)- I owe that all to CFI Bootcamp.  I also rocked through teaching Steep Turns - again, so much of that to CFI bootcamp.  I used your material after the course to prep and study for my ride.  The DPE was quite impressed with my prep, being organized, thinking through responses,etc.  Your coaching was a big part of that as well.