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I am truly grateful for Chance and his healing powers. I can truly say he is the real deal and I intend to be a student and client for life. He has changed my life and my whole perspective on this thing we call "life". My spiritual awareness has been awaken and I can feel the power within. Hats off to you Chance for doing such loving work!!!

Chance Harris provided a much needed and very well received presentation on the importance of breathing and meditation in the Tocky Mountains. The 2019 RMGPA attendees couldn’t stop talking about his amazing session. I have personally been enlightened by Chance and his coaching.

Chance is a natural born healer. Thank you for all you do and thank you for the work you done with me. You truly help me to get balanced

If you do the work you will receive the result... Should you allow Chance D. Harris to be a part of your process I'm certain you will find him as highly educated, gentle and informative as I did. He gave me truthful confirmations and advice from both a professional and a best friend perspective. I found my personal experience to be very peaceful and just what I needed at a time when I wasn't feeling so well for this reason I'm giving Chance's services a high recommendation and will continue to refer business both locally and outside of my state. God Bless you & all the best! -Kesha

Chance D. Harris is phenomenal, his style of coaching has given me insight into my life's future, and he continues to give me the tools I need to get over my past and prepare for the future. He is a man of integrity and I and I have recommended him to several co-workers

I started Reiki therapy back in 2013, initially I was just on path of holistic living with clean eating and cleansing my chakras, but during one of my sessions Chance felt something going on in my right knee area. I wasn't in pain nor had any issues at the time but two years later I was walking & my knee popped... MRI showed a tumor behind my knee cap, fortunately it was benign but I still continued the Reiki & coaching with Chance as I healed from the surgery. The coaching helped me to what caused the growth and how to give love to various areas of my life & body. I highly recommend Chance for holistic healing, you will not be disappointed.

The time I have spent with Chance is invaluable to me. His insights and spirituality are inspiring. He always seems to be exactly on point with what’s going on with me, and what I need. Chance not only helps me to recognize and establish personal goals, but also the pathway to achieving them, so that I can live my best life!

I have had the pleasure to work alongside and learn from Chance for the past 4 years. To say that I have grown exponentially from the work I've done with Chance would be speaking mildly. Open your mind and heart and be ready for True Growth and Healing.

He helped me see a clear path and open my heart to the journey I had been avoiding. He cleared my Chakras and helped me find the courage I needed to begin anew.

Chance is my spiritual guide and Reiki master. I had both back and neck surgery and was still on 3 medications. I asked if you took out the problem then why am I still on medication? It occurred to me that they don’t know what they are doing. I found Chance...turns out I merely needed to get my Chakras aligned (Root and Throat) took minimum effort to get them aligned and daily practice to keep them rotating...I’m PAIN FREE! Don’t judge a doctor by how many people he puts on meds but rather how many people he takes off. Thank you Chance! I love you! Vibrate Higher...Love and Light!

Best Coach & person ever! I highly recommend, you seriously won’t be disappointed.