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This was really amazing. Reading this was very emotional as it was so completely dead-on and what I needed to know. I can tell you put so much care and thought into this and I truly appreciate it.


It's amazing how much detail my contract came with. You can tell a lot of time and work was put into it. Very happy with the outcome, made a lot of sense and it came at the perfect time in my life. Thank you again!


Wow! After I read my soul contract, I became aware of patterns that I always blindly ignored. It’s amazing how I can always go back to it to reflect, and learn how to transmute patterns that no longer serve me. Thank you for placing it all in physical form where I am able to view and understand my energy with more depth.


I finally received my Akashic reading from Taylor and I can honestly say that this is a whole, authentic vibe. I’ve had many types of readings in my life and I can truly say that this is one of the best- and most complete readings I’ve ever experienced. Just hit so viscerally. I cannot thank her enough and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Thank you so very much, Taylor! ✨????


SPEACHLESS♡♡♡ THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are amazing at what you do!!(: Everything was SPOT ON. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Better than what I had expected. The whole thing really hits deep, but it really made me think about how a lot of things relate to each other about myself and how I can grow because of this. It is really eye opening to be able to have a 22 pg. book (basically) about yourself and how to conquer things in this life. It is very heart warming to read things about yourself that you had yet to realize and suggestions on what to do with this information! Wonderful experience, well worth the wait!


This reading is so accurate! It’s amazing!! I’m so impressed!


Absolutely amazing and completely worth the wait. This really brings a lot of clarity and validation for your life.


Thank you Taylor. Worth the wait ^_^ I really resonated with everything, and also made me realize aspects of myself that I wasn't able to articulate, therefor becoming aware. I've learned so much more about myself. One of the best readings I've had thus far.Many blessings to you!


I cannot say enough about this Soul Contract Reading. It was spot on and is going to help me stay on the correct path.... I highly recommend this if you are on your spiritual journey as a tool to help you stay on course. I don't even have the words to describe how grateful and powerful this was for me....


I am tearing up writing this because I wish everyone was able to unlock the answers to their life like I now possess. Not only did taylor do an incredible job clearly explaining my physical and spiritual existence, she also gave so much advice on how to use my predispositions to continue growing. It feels like my life is so clear now. Thank you


I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into but it was amazing! Very insightful and easy to understand!

Soul Contract

My soul contract was so well written, detailed and lengthy. She did an amazing job diving into my chart and helping me understand more about myself. I would highly recommend ordering this contract! 10/10

A blessing from a talented mind

Never did I think I would expect to know what would come of this soul contract and I can 1000% say this was the best thing I was able to receive. It was beautiful to read and if you start reading with an opened mind the things in the soul contract make so much more sense. I could say you learn a lot about yourself that you probably didn't know you know and then it's all there. a true blessing for someone like myself who is trying to understand what it means to be herself in this world. this soul contract brought me to tears in the best way. there wasn't one thing that I felt was out of place or didn't make sense. Taylor truly puts her all and brings on her energy forward into these soul contracts. I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone who is trying to open up, get a better understanding of the self, healing, or honestly even working on everything and nothing at all. these soul contracts are amazing if your on your path and need a push or starting and need a better understanding of what it means to be you. For me, I will be taking this soul contract along my journey and learning to implement it in my daily life. Thank you so much Taylor from the bottom of heart, Yannina M.


My reading was incredibly insightful, and I fully realized some things about myself that need some work. It made sense to the things I am good at and the things I struggle with. Ever since receiving the reading back in September, my life has changed, and surely this reading will be a guide for self-improvement and living to my fullest potential throughout the rest of my life. Thank you so much!

Spot on!! 10/10 would recommend

Spot on!! 10/10 would recommend

A beautiful gift

Pls buy and support taylor! she was literally so accurate i was laughing so hard! she knew all my deep insecurities and my greatest strengths and what i’ve always wanted to do! this really reaffirmed me in my god state and now i feel like my life will be perfect! this was amazing and to taylor thank you ???? sending lots of love and light.

Powerful insight

Very insightful information. I recommend this service to everyone to help you navigate and get deeper insight into your life plan and purpose.

I wish I would've done this sooner.

It was very accurate and I feel like the information provided was very helpful. I look forward to having this to look back on.

Spot on

This reading was spot on. Thank you so much!

Thank you!!!

I feel that this interpretation is going to change my life in big ways! I learned more about myself reading through, than I ever have. It was emotional to finally be able to connect some dots in my life. Taylor’s personal comments and thoughts were helpful and encouraging, and she was very supportive and kind when communicating. I was so excited to see that I had received mine, and I was definitely not disappointed. It is worth the wait! It was broken down clearly, and written in a way that was easy to understand. Thank you so much Taylor, I highly recommend! ☀️????


taylor is super passionate about the work she does! her reading of my soul contract allowed me to learn & develop a much deeper understanding not only of myself but of my path/journey in this lifetime! she took time to explain in detail all the aspects of my chart to ensure it made complete sense to me! thank you so much for sharing your energy and light to help me grow. :)


Getting my soul contract read was life changing and validating. Taylor is truly gifted. I recommend this to anyone exploring their spirituality and wanting to know more about their true selves. You won't regret it!

I am so amazed

I was expecting this reading to be somewhat like a horoscope or a birth chart... NOPE. This is the most in depth description of myself that I have ever seen. This reading helped me make sense of some patterns in my life that I didn't even know were affecting me negatively. I am so excited to study my reading in more depth and if you're reading reviews to decide whether or not you should order a reading - this is your answer: ABSOLUTELY. You will not be disappointed. 

Thank you!

I was lucky enough to receive a Soul Contract reading from Taylor and I am absolutely amazed. So much of the information resonated with me and you can tell Taylor put a great deal of energy into it! Throughout the contract she put in her own intuitive interpretations and I couldn't be more grateful!! Such a wonderful gift. Thank you, Taylor!