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Bought these and it took about a week to deliver from the UK to the US. Very quick. I was worried because I read that they weren't 100% blackout but I have to tell you they are pretty close. Even staring into a bright light you can barely see a shadow pass by. Works as a perfect blindfold for us. I would absolutely buy these again. Thank you

They are perfect and very comfortable after you get used. My costume wouldn’t be the same without them.

IN LOVE!!!! First let me start by saying I am a contact lens wearer. My prescription is very high (-10/-11). I got permission from my optometrist to wear this over my daily throw away lens. I popped a new lens in before wearing these all night out for a Halloween bar crawl in the city. I wore the red sclera contacts for 6 HOURS and had not a slight bit of irritation whatsoever! Within an hour of having the contact in I literally could not tell I had this contact in. It felt like a normal contact aka nothing much in my eye at all. Talk about comfortable!! I got sooo many compliments on my Halloween costume (I was female Terminator). I have attached photos. I am recommending this site and lens to everyone!

I just ordered the black sclera contacts for Halloween (which come with a free pair of white zombie contacts) and I absolutely love both of them. I ordered them about two weeks ago and they shipped from the UK, so it did take a while... but definitely worth it. I’m a huge supernatural fan so the black ones are perfect. I wear contacts regularly so I had no trouble putting them in my eyes, although the black ones do take a bit to get used to. Overall I’m happy with my order.

They were a great purchase. Would definitely get these again!

Bit of a late review, as i got my lenses back in july. They arrived earlier than i had expected if i remember correctly. would recommend to others. Will be buying another set or different pair if the occasion arises

Absolutely in love with these lenses. I wore them for a few hours and had no complaints or irritation. Love!!

Awesome quality, pretty fast delivery, and they last a long time. Very happy with the contacts

So this is going to be a long review but trust me it's going to be worth it.I ordered a set of the blackout contacts, probably 3 months ago. and I wanted to wait before I put a review on them cuz I want to make sure they were going to work for what I ordered for. I didn't order them as a costume piece I ordered them for actually medical reason. My left eye has been blind essentially my entire life all I see is light witch it is very sensitive to and it tries to mess with the lack of depth perception I have. I wear them for 2 weeks straight before switching it out with the other. Without the slightest bit of discomfort whatsoever and I mean two weeks straight sleeping at work as a mechanic at the gun range not a slight bit of discomfort. I was blown away by the quality of these contacts. I did not realize it could be so comfortable that you forget they're there at days and time I don't recommend anybody do that however if you do forget your eye is not going to be pissed at you for it they are extremely comfortable 40 bucks for the pair and their rated 180 days I. I feel like it's going to last a lot longer than 180 days. well worth the price well worth the comfort and if you come about this and you have the same thing I have, give it a shot. After I want to stay 3 days in my left eye, I noticed the vision in my right eye improved 10 fold. I WILL be ordering again!

hard to get in. i had my husband shove them in my eye and they went right in. Get a buddy. My eyes adjusted to them and after a little while it felt like i didn't have contacts in. I ordered these last halloween and i was so happy with them I'm buying them again this year!

Perfect these fit my eyes better then the other ones I got before

I tried to get them out of the bottle and had to use a pencil. It took forever. And when I finally did one of them ripped. However they sent a replacement out to me as soon as I messaged them so customer service made up for it. 

Great product, ordered 4 sets of scleras. But they took 48 hours getting back to me when I asked them a question on Facebook.


These are the third pair of lenses (different colors ) I used from this company . Awesome fit and the cover brown eyes perfectly. Thanks again guys

I have a question, I've been waiting for a week for my contacts um how long do they take to get here? (UPDATE - They were actually waiting for me at the local USPS office but I didn't get a note from the mailman. Haven't tried them yet but they look good to me)

I got the ghoul Sclera contacts and the white zombie contacts. I absolutely love them both and couldn't be happier :) This was my first time ordering/trying contacts and I'm pleasantly surprised. Definitely looking forward to ordering from this company again in the near future :) -Fast shipping -Great packaging -Comfortable fit (yes you can still feel them though)

When are you planning to have the Mummy 2 contacts back in stock? Can you email me pls?