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Check A House


Must say that they have really innovative ideas that can keep any client happy. I could get full exact details of the house. Thanks!

No doubt that i will use again!

They made the lengthy process a short one and saved a lot of our time . If I ever move again to ann other house ,there is no doubt that i will contact them .

They made the whole process easy.

They made the whole process easy and understanding which many others failed to do. I got the right house with right specifications. All credits to them .


You people are just amazing! So easy to work with. Highly professional as well as friendly. Thanks a ton and highly recommended.


Wonderful experience with this firm. Couldn’t have asked for anything more.


They were incredible assets in finding the perfect house. They guided us through the process and really took the time to understand my wants & needs. I absolutely recommend them.

PHENOMENAL!!! My experience with them was phenomenal. I couldn't have asked for better. They answered all my question that concerned me throughout my process. Anything they did not know, they were able to retrieve the answers in a timely manner. Highly recommended


They really went out of their way to make me happy and very comfortable to find the best fit for me ! I would definitely recommend them and their company to anyone. Five stars all around!!!!!


David was helpful, easy to contact, professional, and efficient. He was transparent about the process and the fees involved, and all of his advice proved correct. I felt free to ask as many questions as necessary, and He answered my dozens of questions with a smile in his voice.

I would recommend them to anybody that wants to make the house hunting process stress free.

They were very accommodating with my schedule and needs. I would recommend them to anybody that wants to make the house hunting process stress free. Despite my eagerness to find an apartment, they kept a professional demeanor throughout my time working with them.

I'd refer them to anyone!

They helped me to find the perfect house with all my requests. They were efficient, kind. I'd refer them to anyone!


They focuses their staff on making sure I was ompletely satisfied. They have an exceptionally high level of talent and maintains a discipline and drive to meet deadlines and respect to my budget.


 Always professional and incredibly to work with, they do is anything ask. At the same time he takes the clients wishes and needs very seriously. I highly recommend!


It was really great to work with such trustworthy people who does their work with utmost perfection

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot. You people were so helpful, and I highly recommend your services.

Check a house is the best!

Check a house is the best! I never knew there was type this service. I got all the details in the photographs. They made things much easier to chose what house I wanted to rent.

It was a smooth and easy process.

Check A House was always prompt with his responses and made house hunting a smooth and easy process. I got detailed photographs & we loved it.

My whole family loved the house.

My whole family loved the house. Everything worked out perfect just like how we wanted!