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DEBBIE LOVE - USASF Strength & Conditioning Chair, Advisory Board Member

As an industry leader, I see the BodyBeforeSkill book, as well as the full CheerConditioning.Academy certification enhancing any coach or programme who implements it into their curriculum. The results of training the whole body of the athlete will be forever. They will be strong adults physically and mentally who can deal with the punches life throws in their path. They will be healthier both inwardly and outwardly by learning proper nutritional and workout guidelines. 

I wholeheartedly endorse the Body Before Skill movement, CheerConditioning.Academy as well as the creators of it. If your passion is to become the best coach, you can be this is a must for your library. I encourage all coaches to take the CCA Certification. Please join me in my crusade to motivate athletes internally in a positive environment to become better athletes and people of high character and integrity.  

SHANE MONTGOMERY - Head of Tumbling, ICE Allstars

It is the turn-key solution for optimizing your athletes performance for cheerleading and you can't find it anywhere else. It's been missing from our industry for years and now it's here. My experience with CheerConditioning.Academy moved my own knowledge years ahead. I can't imagine having had access to a program like this when I was a young coach starting out. It can literally cut years off the learning curve. It's THE institute for higher learning for cheerleading coaches. It's cheerleading "college".

SAHIL M - Owner of

This is an absolutely fantastic resource for both coaches and athletes alike. If you want to know what it takes to become the very best, BodyBeforeSkill has you covered. Believe me, Jessica has done her homework. How do I know? I was fortunate enough to see it with my very eyes when this project first started. What you're getting are the very tips, tricks and tools that top athletes and coaches use to dominate the competitions. And now, those very secrets are available to you. As a coach I'm constantly looking to expand my knowledge so that I can help my athletes achieve their highest potential, and this book has definitely become a staple resource I'll be referring to on the regular. Even the most experienced amongst you will walk away with a few nuggets of gold. I promise you that!

JEFF BENSON - Owner of MindBodyCheer

CheerConditioning.Academy gathers decades of expert knowledge and experience in Sport Science together in one place from the most respected contributors in the industry.


CCA Camp: excellent setting, great explanation and feelings of happiness.. thank you so much.


My daughter and I love your page and IG! The tips are simple and easy to follow but have a tremendous impact on her as a level 5 flyer. The animated cheerleader and arrows are the perfect visual for Chlo to follow! Please don’t ever stop posting. 


Great conditioning videos


Have been using the intensity series for summer conditioning for my high school squad. The girls love the moves and I love how easy it is to teach!!!


Awesome information.


Extremely thorough and well researched.Jessica Zoo did an incredible job of researching every aspect of what and why the body needs what it does to be successful at the sport of Cheerleading. She is excellent at explaining the why’s and how’s of every aspect. Each time I applied one building block, I witnessed impovements in each of my cheerleaders. However, the most important topic covered in this book is not the body as much as it is the mind. Jessica Zoo addresses the learning styles of children of all ages as well as coaching styles and how to prevent and overcome mental blocks. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their skills or the skills of their teams in nearly any sport.


If I were able to give CCA more than a 5 stars rating, I would! I cannot begin to tell you how WONDERFUL this company and staff are. They have made me feel like I matter. CCA has always responded to my questions, no matter how big or small and with such detail, care and have even provided short videos so I am able to instruct my cheerleaders correctly. If you are looking for a program to help strengthen your team physically, mentally, as a group all while building team work.Look no further.


Great content, love the body before skill book. It has helped me a lot in gaining more knowledge about the sport and functioning of the body to become better and to help my team become better! Absolute must read for every coach!


I love being a member of Cheer Conditioning Academy because it has helped me become a better and more knowledgeable coach.


A great resource to help cheerleaders performance! I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to increase their ability as a cheerleader.


I use this with my cheerleaders and love it! Can't wait to use it again next year during our season!!


Extremely helpful advice on a weekly basis that has helped me improve my cheerleading as well as coaching skills


Great content... if you are a cheer leader or you are a cheerleader's family you want to know what CheerConditioning has to say... it's the perfect complement to your gym activities.


Good work out DVD good fun


I received my body before skill yesterday! I have not been able to put it down. Without question one of the best books I've ever read. Absolutely inspiring and motivating. I cannot wait for a new season. Thank you so much for the time and effort that went in to this. For sure becoming recommended reading for all my coaches


I absolutely love CHEER PRO Dance Fitness! I have a lot of fun doing the workout, good music to workout to, and I definitely feel it in my legs and arms the day after. Great cardio too.
I felt the pom poms kinda distract you when you're getting a bit tired, and I like that they were included.
Totally would recommend others to try it.


Great fun workout great value


Ha, when I bought this book there were no reviews yet! As there is so little literature written on the subject of Cheerleading, I was really pleased to see this new book. I also found that it had a lot of useful information, some that I already knew and some that I didn't. I did find a lot of spelling errors and typos, but that can all be forgiven since the content is good! I would have liked her to go even deeper into the subjects, giving more examples and concrete applicability. But great resource that I will regularly pull out and refresh myself with. Thanks a lot Jessica!


Love this program. Being a competitive cheerleader in high school I was extremely fit. This program is helping bring that back!


Couldn't be more excited to get this! Taking this on a trip as my go to read and can't wait to come back to practice and share!


As a keen dancer, cheerleader and Sport Physiologist this has been a great way to help me hone my knowledge and direct my training more specifically for dance and cheer. It's also been a great tool as a coach and has helped with new ways to implement training during my squads sessions.


As a dancee I'm new to the cheerleading world so book has really help me developed and understand cheer much better. It's full of great tips and is defiantly has and helping me developed my team. A coach much have ! X


I highly recommend this program! This will help your cheer members become cheer machines!


Absolutely love this!! The book is very detailed and applies to everything you need to know in cheer!


CHEER PRO Dance Fitness is amazing! It helped me to improve my skills and my knowledge about Cheerleading. I am a coach at high school and I have used this DVD a lot. Moreover, I had the chance to meet Jessica Zoo and to attend a training with her in Italy. It was unforgettable! I really thank Cheerobics for the support, useful material and I am waiting for thrilly news from you!


Body Before Skill is an excellent resource for coaches and cheerleaders alike. Even though I have been coaching school cheer for 7 years, we just this year entered our first competition. This book really helped me train my athletes with confidence to increase not only their skillset, but their strength, power, stamina, and flexibility. Any program could benefit from this book!


I purchased the Intensity DVDS. It's a great workout and I could tell a difference in my jumps within a week!


Loved the workout series! Both personally and professionally!


CHEER PRO Dance Fitness workouts are amazing! They have perfect ideas for conditioning your athletes!


The best workout video for anyone. My daughter is a cheerleader and I work out with her to help support her and it is a great challenging workout for the average person. I like it better than Insanity and P90X.


Love following this page, recommend to any cheerleader looking to improve.


I bought the Intensity series and loved it. I was looking for an intense workout made for cheerleaders and this is it. I love that the moves incorporate actual cheerleading skills and help to strengthen those areas cheerleaders use most.


I am a former cheerleader and now am a cheer coach. I LOVE CCA! It's absolutely the best workout that I have ever done and I use the DVD's regularly. It's literally so enjoyable that the time passes very quickly. Workouts should be fun, not something that you dread. The CCA workouts are addictive!


Cheerobics is awesome, great fun for anyone who is currently training in Cheerleading (all ages and abilities) as well as for anyone who has always wanted to be a Cheerleader but never had the opportunity! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to have fun, get fit or improve themselves!


I purchased the Body Before Skill and the Intensity series and was no doubt the best purchase! I'am both a coach and a cheerleader, these have not just helped me understand how to take care of the body and prevent injury but is about self worth! I highly recommend everyone to purchase these as they will help the cheer world become fit and safe!


Very informative, tons of great info we will be implementing in our programs!


Great resource for cheer coaches! Highly recommend book for anyone wanting to improve their cheer program & team!


This is fantastic and an absolute must if you have a cheerleader. Whether they are in all-star or in school cheer this book is AMAZING!


Awesome book with super hints about how to get your athletes to the next level! A must have for every cheer coach, from beginners to experts. :)


We received out DVD's & have done 1 week of workouts-they're wonderful!
Definitely will help my daughter become stronger & sharper with her cheerleading moves, jumps & routines, as well as develop greater stamina. Thank you!


Hey Guys!Madeline from Ignite Cheer and Dance here in Port Augusta South Australia!We had the privilege and honour of being instructed by Elise Wilson at our Open Clinic last week! The 16th of April!Not only was Elise organized, enthusiastic and driven she was inspiring to my students and the students that drove over an hour to participate but she was inspiring to me a coach who is still desperately in love with all things cheer!My students have little opportunities like this living in the country... So I try my hardest to get people like Elise out here to instruct, teach and motivate kids that have little or no experience! After 3 hours they were sweaty, tired but ACHING FOR MORE! We will be organizing another clinic with Miss Elise. As her expertise and the INTENSITY workouts are invaluable to us!Thank you!See you all again soon!Dream, DANCE CHEER! Madeline Johnson 


Went on the Coach's Seminar in Hereford, UK and it far exceeded my expectations! Opened my eyes to the 'How?' and 'Why?' world of cheerleading - a great insight into the physical science of the sport. Loved it!


Helping my daughter as she a cheerleader.


Love it!! Pom Poms are fantastic...workout is great too! I love the whole experience!
I contacted CCA with a query and they were so helpful... item arrived when expected also.
Really happy customer here. I would recommend this company 100%.


Excellent purchase.a fun way to exercise with well explained step by step routines.
my only criticism would be there are not enough routines.i picked this up very quickly and would have loved more variety especially as I enjoy it so much


From the UK I never had any real experience with cheer leading outside of movies and it was always a dream of mine but I always thought I was unfit or too inexperienced.
I bought this DVD to try and get me a bit fitter so I can join my local team and I did really struggle at first to get the routines as I have no dance experience at all!!!
2 weeks in I've done it ten times and the routine feels completely natural to me I've lost a stone already and feels lie I've gained loads of muscles!
I also have some of the basic cheer motions down as well. Buying this was literally the best choice I've ever made!!!
it really is fun.
But yeah real tricky to learn took me for gos until I could keep up! Worth every penny!


I started this at my local gym as a weekly class and bought the DVD so I could do it more often as it offers a great workout, combining cardio work, toning work and stretching. Its a lot of fun and easy to pick up, but varied enough that it doesn't get boring! A great workout DVD!!


I've an aerobics instructor and so I've been thinking about training to do my own CHEER PRO class. So I've been keeping up to date with CCA on their Facebook fan page so I knew about the DVD coming out. To me it was essential to buy to see if the course was worth doing and I wasn't disappointing. CHEER PRO gives working out a whole new spin, it's really fresh, fun and energetic. It's broken down in the beginning so you can learn the moves and you also feel your heart rate go up so you know your going to get results. I absolutely love the toning section, I had know idea that is was going to work my core as much as it did so this was really amazing added bonus. It a nutshell I love it! Definitely recommend.