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The watch is very impressive. Value is outstanding and the owner's were great to meet in person. Great work guys.

London UK

Took delivery of my Seaplane Automatic watch yesterday. Just wanted to congratulate you on a very good looking & well made watch. I am very pleased with my purchase and I look forward to your next creation.

Australian Owner

Hi Farr + Swit team, I got my Day Trip for Father's Day and absolutely love it! Possibly my favorite feature is that in the sun the watch reflects the Farr + Swit logo in full colour and I have no idea how you did that!

An incredibly beautiful watch! Looks and feels great on the wrist, a must own for the watch enthusiast!

What a great watch.

What a great watch. Looks good, feels good on the wrist, and is more accurate than my Rolex. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the watch and how to get it. When is the next model coming?

I love this watch,its more than that its a fine timepiece. Well worth the wait. Thanks guys.

Love this watch!

5 stars.  This watch is solid.  I love it.

I really like the looks of the watch, and it is very comfortable, and keeps accurate time.

Love my new Farr & Swit watch. The Automatic movement, weight and aesthetics are equal to any of the Rolex’s that I own. You will not find a finer time piece for the value.

Seaplane delivers

I am really impressed with the Farr + Swit.  I had it side by side with my Tag and my Hamilton and this had the better look.  The see-through back is very cool and the blacked out look is solid.
I have the sailcloth strap with the buckle.  The blue stitch is a nice touch and I like the deployment buckle.
Keeps good time and already had someone ask me about it.  The sapphire bezel and the blue inner ring have a nice pop.
Overall, good value.  I got it on pre order so saved some off the current price but even at full price it is a deal compared to what you get.

Great Watch

A really great watch.  The build is high quality and looks nice on the wrist.