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Chuanyan Nie

Wuhan Hubei , 430200

Great Translator!

Chuanyan Nie is a good professional, always meeting our deadlines and quality expectations. The communication is very good and is always open to provide detailed feedback when needed.

Postal Historian

Every time that I have 'tested' Chuanyan with a manuscript or printed text to translate, I have always found that he accepts the challenge and produces excellent results. Getting the correct nuances is difficult enough when translating, and so to achieve accuracy when the source material is a hastily scribbled letter, for example, is particularly praiseworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending Chuanyan. His expertise is also backed up by excellent communications. 

Director, Project Management

I would highly recommend Chuanyan to anyone seeking efficiency and professionalism. We have been working with him for quite some time and he's proven himself to be a confident professional who truly loves his work and is confident in his abilities. He has a very positive attitude, very open communication, and on-time delivery, which makes life as project manager so much easier. Chuanyan is the ideal translator.

Head of Communication for Compost Revolution

I was impressed with the quality, reliability, professionalism and fast turnaround of Chuanyan. As a translator, editor and project manager, I am familiar with the difficulties of meeting - let alone exceeding - expectations in the translation industry, but Chuanyan did it. I look forward to working with him again soon.

Project Coordinator of the London-based NGO Saferworld

Chuanyan has done a great deal of excellent work for us. He has a talent of communicating the source language in a way that flows with the forms and styles of the target language. This distinguishes him from many other translators. He is very good at tackling technical content on a wide range of topics, and pays great attentions to details. On a personal level I find him very professional, reliable, and very easy to work with.

International Educator and Owner of Summer Camps in the UK.

I was very lucky to find Chuanyan to translate for my website Immersive Learning UK.  He was extremely professional in meeting deadlines (actually he finished most of the work ahead of time)  I think what sets him apart is he is so easy to communicate with and contact.  He is very thorough and will ask questions when a text may not be clear which really is important for translation.  I highly recommend him and I will continue to work with him in the future.  You can contact me directly at  

Teacher in a Waldorf School, Former Freelance Translator

Chuanyan and I co-translated Where On Earth Is Heaven, a very thoughtful book by BBC documentary film maker Stedall Jonathan. During our cooperation I was impressed by his knowledge and insights in literature, art, religion and philosophy. He read between the lines and made efforts to choose the just right words in Chinese to express very subtle meanings in the original book. In my opinion he is one of the translators who understands and pursues the art of translation. Capable, cooperative and trustworthy, he is very professional!

Researcher, PhD of Tsinghua University

Chuanyan’s work is very excellent. Not only is he good at English, but is advanced and skilled in Chinese and translation.  So the texts he translated are exact and beautiful. 

Founder and Chief Editor of the Green Beans Book

We are a publisher ( specializing in introduction of best-selling English books to China. As an excellent translator, Chuanyan started his long cooperation with us since early 2013. With his deep insights into western religion, philosophy and psychology, he has already translated into Chinese five books for us in addition to another ongoing one. His translation is always accurate, aware of cultural nuance, and delivered within the stated deadline. Besides his translation contribution to many great books, he also helped translate workshop presentations of our authors during their visit of China. Actually, Chuanyan’s translation quality is unanimously recognized by all editors in our company.

Testimonial #2

Chuanyan Nie became a good friend and teacher to me during the process of translating Lessons In Truth into Chinese. I selected him because he had already translated many notable authors, including Ken Wilber, Mother Teresa, Ed Bacon and Bhante Henepola Gunaranta. But what I got was not only a great translation, but an enjoyable process of getting to know some things about the Chinese language and culture as well. So I included Chuanyan Nie on the web page with his lovely picture. When my English-speaking readers learned something about his background and saw his warm face, they themselves became enthusiastic and further supported the work he did. Chuanyan Nie is far more than a translator. He was a colleague and friend as well.

Educational Consultant and Practicing Attorney

I strongly endorse Chuanyan Nie for his excellent work in translating my book, "A Pedagogy of Questioning," into Simplified Chinese. I was looking to find  an excellent translator to help communicate my book to Chinese educators. I selected Chuanyan because of his excellent communication with me before, during, and after the project was completed. Chuanyan seems to always be available via instant messenger or email and was willing to invest the time on the front-end to ensuring a successful project. I would encourage anyone looking for translation services into Simplified Chinese to get in touch with Chuanyan immediately. I am available for direct communication at any time regarding Chuanyan. Visit or for contact information.