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Tripp Chiropractic

2400 Tee Circle
Norman OKlahoma , 73069
United States

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Dr. Tripp and his team set the standard for chiropractic care in the state of Oklahoma. I live in chronic pain and routine adjustments are key to maintaining my physical mobility. Transferring my care to Dr. Tripp was the best decision I’ve made towards my health in years, I only wish I would’ve made it sooner. Dejah welcomes me with warm professionalism each time I’m treated which makes me feel at home. Then to start the appointment an extensive massage by Shay allows us to isolate problem areas and prepare for the adjustment. This step is crucial for me as I fight daily muscle spasticity, and Shay is an OUTSTANDING massage therapist. She reads your body to apply the perfect amount of pressure needed so you’re not too sore but still addressing the issues. Thorough discussion with Dr. Tripp allows for the most beneficial adjustment based on my various pain levels and weekly goals. His knowledge and experience allow me to have an excellent resource for my numerous healthcare questions, which he always answers while keeping the humor well and alive. I leave every appointment sincerely impressed with the patient care, I’m lucky to have them on my team of healthcare providers.

The End of my back pain

Dr. Ron Tripp is the chiropractor to go to for any and all your neck or back pain and injuries. He is also top of his field in sports injuries. His office is easy to find and the staff are all pleasant. So the next time you need a chiropractor give dr. Tripp a call.

Best Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr Ronald Trip is one of the best ever I have seen. I would recommend most of my friends and buddies about Dr Trip. He is just a blessing to me. He is such a kind heart and will give you the best treatment. Hope more people will love to visit him.

Always a pleasure

Always a pleasure to visit Dr. Tripp's office for my adjustments. The staff is friendly and professional and he's very attentive and very personable, always leave his office feeling great.

Review from Facebook #1

Over the years I have enjoyed massages in may different spas and offices. My massage at Tripp Chiropractic was honestly the best massage I have ever received. I would recommend it for anyone, but especially those looking for a therapeutic massage that will treat the problem. I have already scheduled my next massage and can barely wait for my appointment!

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Awesome experience. I'll definitely keep coming back!

Patient of 10 Years!

I have been going to Tripp Chiropractic for ten years. I have severe arthritis of the neck. So far, I have been able to avoid surgery. The staff is excellent! Dr. Tripp is a great chiropractor!

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Excellent deep muscle treatment and manipulation !
Great staff who provides excellent service !
Recommend to all

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This place is awesome! Nicholas did an amazing job with my massage! I definitely recommend him to everyone!

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Super nice place, I went for a massage and it was awesome, the atmosphere was very conducive for relaxation. I highly recommend having a massage here.

Review from Facebook #8

Dr. Tripp has helped my mom more than any doctor.

Review from Facebook #9

Thanks Dr. Tripp for taking care of me while I was in town. Would not have enjoyed the holidays without my chiropractic adjustment. See you next time I'm in Norman. Dr. Susan Goodwin, Hayward CA

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Dr. Tripp is fantastic. My wife went through over a month of back & Leg pain from old injuries incurred from her job as a nurse, many years ago.
From the first treatment she felt improvement to the point that she no longer needed pain pills to achieve sleep. Thank you Dr. Tripp , Rock n' Roll ! Tom Hamilton

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I was scared to death at the thought of seeing a chiropractor. I have had several whiplash crashes in the past. I also sit in front of my computer screen all day in a crappy chair. I was in such God awful pain for over a month until my mom talked me into going. Dr. Tripp was nothing like I was expecting. He was able to see me the same day I called. There wasn’t much of a wait and not much paperwork. The exam was no big deal because after I met Dr. Tripp I felt comfortable and he simply straightened out my head then pulled ever so gently. It didn’t hurt. It felt good in a weird sort of way. I was surprised that later that afternoon my headache was actually much better. Dr. Tripp also sent me for x-rays which he said have a diagnostic importance that I never would have known about. His office has been so very professional, clearly explaining everything. And Dr. Tripp is very gentle because he is respecting my fear and apprehension. He's also giving me some good strengthening exercises and stretches I can do at home to help. As I started seeing him I learned to really appreciate the fact, despite how busy his office is, that he doesn't over-book. I highly recommend him. I am much, much better in just under7 weeks!

Review from Facebook #23

On the occasions I am in the Norman area I make it a point to see Dr. Tripp. He's amazing at what he does. His approach to pain just makes sense to me. Instead of just adjusting my neck or spine he'll take the extra time to find what are the underlying reasons why I might be out and then he fixes it with an amazing technique (that you just have to experience for yourself to believe). Also, as some other reviewers mentioned he’s easy to talk to and never makes you feel rushed. I wish I still lived closer because it’s been hard to find a doctor who is warm, caring and a good listener that is also really good at adjusting.

Thank you for always fitting me in when I come home, Dr. Tripp rock!

Review from Facebook #24

I always refer my friends and family to Dr. Tripp. He’s professional and caring. His office is clean and his staff is friendly. I have used him because of my issue with sciatica. He’s done more for my back pain than anything else ever has and my wife sees him for headaches.

Review from Facebook #25

I was suffering from stabbing lower back pain and some upper shoulder/back pain. After a few sessions with Dr. Tripp my pain had subsided. He also introduced me to Charissa for deep tissue massage. Doing my back exercises and an occasional visit my back is feeling better than it has in years. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Tripp.

Holy Massage Batman!

Holy massage, Batman! I came in today to get the first massage in years and years and years, well you get it. My husband got a Groupon and thought I would enjoy it. I was honestly nervous to go and it took me months to get it together and accept that a stranger would be touching my body. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person out there that would see going to a massage as an accomplishment, but it is what it is and I am who I am. I was glad there was soft music playing when I walked in. It was comforting. I was greeted and received by my masseuse, Terri, promptly. I felt at ease with her quickly as we discussed what was going to happen and what kind of massage I wanted. She was very accommodating and personable. The massage I picked was a medium pressure full body (I chose the back side of my body only) massage. The pressure applied was good. If I would have gotten the heavy pressure or deep tissue, I'm afraid it would have been too painful to enjoy. I'm not used to massages, so if you like deep tissue, I'm sure you would enjoy Terri. She has very strong hands and knows all the spots to hit. I'm pretty sure the regular price is 45.00 for a full hour. Call to make sure our check Groupon. They also have half hour appointments available. I'm definitely going to try and come at least once a month. It was that good. When I got up, I was dizzy and feeling a little funny. I kinda felt like I've had a couple adult beverages. Apparently that's a good thing. Elite Yelper

Top Notch!

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Tripp.Dr. Tripp Chiropractic is the best hands down! He has completely restored my back and my health. It is so challenging to find a great Chiropractor and Dr. Tripp is just that. .Dr. Tripp Chiropractic is top notch!

Dr. Tripp is Awesome!

I have known Dr Tripp going on 19 or 20 years now. I have been a high-level athlete since I was four wrestling on national and international levels and doing judo on national and international levels and now have over 32 professional MMA fights. My body has definitely taken a toll but thanks to Dr. Tripp after all of my years of competing I have never had a surgery I've never had any serious injuries and at 29 years old I feel like I could go another 20 years. Not only does doc help my body to feel good but anytime I start to have a sinus infection or a flu docs the guy call. I don't need Mucinex I need a specific type of adjustment that gives me instant relief. Doc I can't thank you enough for keeping me going for all these years and giving me the opportunity to have another 10 years of competing!

Best Ever

If you're ever in Oklahoma and need a chiropractor, Dr. Tripp is your guy. He's used to working with people who are in town for events at the university or visiting Tinker AFB, so a same day appointment was easy to come by (a huge plus when you're in pain). I'm quite picky about doctors, and tend to research/plan in advance who I see. Of course I was hesitant to see anyone when I pinched a nerve in my neck while traveling and only have time for a quick Yelp and google search. Dr. Tripp seemed like the best option among the limited selection of chiropractors in the area. He's on the Board, so that was sort of an instant credibility bump in my opinion. When I called to make an appointment the office was very nice, and even though it was pretty short notice, seemed to really want to fit me in. I came in for my appointment, filled out minimal paperwork, and was taken in to see Dr. Tripp. We talked about what brought me in and then he got to work with an exam and adjustment. Dr. Tripp was very pleasant, not just in the professional-friendly sort of way, and actually enjoys chatting with you. Also - if you're into sports Dr. Tripp knows a ton about all kinds of sports-related people and things. I know nothing about sports, but definitely appreciate his experience treating athletes and people with more intricate/significant injuries (as opposed to someone who injured themselves while blow-drying their hair a little too intensely). All in all I was in and out in under an hour and felt better by the time I left. Dr. Tripp even gave me some stretches to do on my own, which have worked great.

Awesome! I plan to be a Regular

I discovered Tripp Chiropractic on Groupon. I paid $29 for a 60 minute Swedish massage. It was easy to call and book my appointment; and they were great about me rescheduling when I came down with an illness! Kudos for that. I arrived about 20 minutes early. The location is easy to find - right off Robinson in Norman. I was greeted and instructed to fill out a one page form getting basic identifying information as well as questions about meds, history of injuries, any massage restrictions, etc. I wasn't taken back until about 20 minute past my appointment. I think the office front staff could have let me know they were running behind, but the massage therapist was kind and apologetic about the wait. My massage therapist was Nicholas. He was great! Asked a few questions and got right to it. He was very thorough and let me know what areas were tense and needed extra attention. Very professional. I've made a new patient appointment, so I plan to be a regular :-)

Secret Weapon

"I got a
chiropractor to come along to all my Pro MMA fights, because Doc can actually
stick you back together within 15 minutes. He's my body's Secret Weapon ." 

Melvin "The Young Assassin" GuillardUFC

Doc's the best.

Joe "Daddy" Stevenson



Doc developed a
treatment specific for me and my sport. MMA is hard on my body. He keeps me
healthy. I trust him completely. If you want the best, go see him.