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St Ives Wellness Centre, Cambridgeshire

1 East Street
St Ives Cambridgeshire , PE28 2BN
United Kingdom


Seona has treated me successfully for sciatica, shoulder discomfort and lower back pain over the last 3 years. I now see Seona for maintenance and realignment and pleased to say that I have not suffered from any of the aforementioned problems for a very long time. My husband also started seeing Seona last year due to a shoulder issue and following 6 sessions, he is now pain free and like myself now has regular maintenance sessions. Seona is very friendly, professional and if your appointment is on a Tuesday you may be lucky enough to meet her cute little dog Digby.


I decided to see Seona after listening to a friend describe her experience at the Wellness Centre and the subsequent benefits of her treatment. Previously I had seen an Osteopath for an ongoing sacroiliac joint problem with varying degrees of success. Seona's treatment was different, not so dramatic, no clicking but very effective with a all over feeling of free and easy movement after the first session. Seona instils confidence in her friendly and knowledgeable manner and I am happy to travel quite a distance to see her for further appointments.


I've suffered from lower back pain for decades, and exhausted most other treatments for relief with mixed results and was still seeking the right treatment regime for me.  Seona's style and methodology has done the job that others have failed to do.  Her "head to toe" holistic examination, diagnosis and soft touch treatment has worked wonders.  But make no mistake, her soft touch has a powerful affect.  She helps you to take control of your healing process and through her treatment gives you the confidence to move forward.  I have recommended her to family and friends and yes, wished I found her years ago.  Thanks Seona..


I visited WCC Clinic after a recommendation by a friend, initially to seek help for pain in my hip. After my initial assessment my hip issue was linked to a long term back problem that I had. After every session with Seona I felt improvement, either in pain level, mobility, or general posture. During each treatment the procedures were clearly explained, and after considerable improvement I now choose to visit every two months as a maintenance programme. I have gleaned so much information and help from seeing Seona and also can't believe the difference in the way I now feel day to day compared to when I first attended, I only wish I had visited the clinic years earlier.

Testimonial #11

After suffering with lower back pain for a year it was recommended I see a chiropractor. I found Seona online, her friendly nature put me at ease straight away and she was able to fix my problem in just 3 sessions. I have recommended her to friends and family. Thank you Seona!


I went to Seona in April/May last with a very acute shoulder pain that was restricting my movements and affecting my daily routine. With Seona's help and her magic fingers the pain has now subsided and I am able to get with my life. Highly recommend Seona.

Testimonial #7

I took my three year old daughter to see Seona to help with her glue ear and hearing difficulties.  Seona was great with her and did just as much or as little as my daughter wanted whilst explaining what she was doing.  After just a few sessions the glue ear has seemingly disappeared and her hearing is perfectly normal.  When I then had neck problems of my own I contacted Seona immediately and would be very happy to recommend her services for adults and children alike.

Trapped nerve in shoulder

After suffering for over a week with a highly painful left shoulder last year, I booked in to see Seona.
She was very friendly and made me very comfortable with the treatment which is gentle. She diagnosed a trapped nerve in my shoulder but found that the problem most likely originated in my hips which were twisted and not level. I realized after the initial treatment when I got home that when standing, I leaned on only my left leg, Seona made me aware of this and told me I needed to consciously correct it to help with the treatment, which I did.
After just the first treatment, there was an amazing difference, the pain in my shoulder was almost gone. It took a few more sessions to correct all the niggles but was certainly well worth it.
I am amazed at what Seona can tell just by feeling muscles and joints, and also how much just a tiny bit of treatment on one part of your body can make a big change somewhere completely different.
Since the treatment I haven't had any problems with my shoulder, and it has made me much more aware of my posture.

Back problem

My 9 year old son had had lower back ache whenever he stood up for long periods and has a bit of a bendy posture. After he fell off the trampoline and hit his back on the step, his spine was slightly misaligned so I took him to see Seona.
On the first visit she did a thorough check over, and also made sure my son was informed about what she was doing so he was comfortable with the treatment. A few days after the initial treatment, my sons spine was much straighter and the aches were much less frequent. Seona initially thought my son would need 6 treatment sessions, but it only took 3 with a check up session after 6 months.
During the treatment, Seona noticed a small problem at the base of my sons neck, which is probably what causes his slightly bendy posture. She showed my son a couple of exercises to do every day to help.
Since the 3 treatment sessions, my son has not complained of back ache at all, and he continues to do the exercises without having to be told.
I would definitely recommend Seona to anyone thinking of having chiropractic treatment.

testimonial 4

I went to Seona with a very painful shoulder which was causing me great discomfort and sleepless nights.  Following the first consultation which Seona conducted very thoroughly, a diagnosis was made and treatment commenced. I required 5 sessions, during which I found her very understanding and professional.  She was able to effect a cure for my problem and I have been completely pain free since.  In conclusion, I would say she has a very calm, relaxing attitude and a friendly approach which immediately put me at ease.I would highly recommend Seona as a chiropractor.

Testimonial #3

I went to Seona after seeing a sports physio and an osteopath who were unable to solve the problem with my neck. At my first appointment with Seona she diagnosed the underlying problem as my shoulder. After treatment, at her clinic and remedial pilates, classes, both neck and shoulder are much improved and I am optimistic that they will get better still.   

Testimonial #2

I went to  see Seona after being diagnosed with Arthritis in both shoulders from my GP. I was suffering intense pain in both shoulders and back and was finding everyday tasks difficult. After just 6 session the pain has almost disappeared and I feel great. Seona explains everything she does and her technique is gentle but so effective. She is easy to talk to and just great at what she does, so glad I found her.Thank you Seona

Testimonial #1

Very professional and an extremely friendly person. Listens to what the problem is and will work her magic, as sometime it's not what you think or is linked to something else. She made a huge difference on my tendonitis in my hip as well as maintaining my spin/ posture and any other niggles. Highly recommend.