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Christopher Shaw

Amazing Help!!!

I just purchased a 16tb drive from Chris (HyperArcadeSystem) and needed help with setup. He took time out his busy day to help me. Even found file missing and was able to place file back. Also, needed help with button setup and again, took time to do that.
His time is valuable and he thought of me first.
That I cannot thank enough. Now let's play!!!!

Best Setup You Can Get

Chris has put together an extensive collection of basically every rom and system you can get out there that is complete with awesome artwork, videos and bezels. He is also extremely diligent with updates and providing any assistance needed to get you up and running. With a nice installer that sets you up and an update system to allow updating media and new additions this is some of the best money I've ever spent. Chris has also created a facebook and discord community that is willing to answer questions and have other users assist when needed. Great setup, totally worth the money and as complete as you will find. Stop reading this and buy it. Totally worth it!

Perfect product, easy setup , and great support

You get what you paid for and more, the support is great

Ignore the elitists, you really _can't_ get a better setup

This setup speaks for itself. H.A.S. is constantly adding content, seems like too much sometimes. The support is top tier and the community is pretty amazing, capable and willing to help.

H.A.S. knows his stuff and is always adding more. Start off with the demo drive and you will soon been a 1st tier, 2nd, etc user- I started at 8tb and am now rocking 48TB of content.

H.A.S. has occasional one-offs, too- specialized packs of hard-to-find drive-filling games, which are compatible with the original systems they were on.

Get your HDDs ready and get in to this setup. You can't possibly regret it after trying out the constantly-evolving content, no joke. I know this sounds like an AD but I am trying to convey just how happy I am from starting back in 2016 with what I thought was a large collection I compiled- to now in 2021 having EVERYTHING--so much I could never possibly play them all.

Join the discord, have a chat with real users and see what they say.

Fantastic System

I had an Idea on how much Chris was trying to perfect his drives but honestly the work he has put in for us all is absolutely incredible.

Amazing amount work done into this project

I bought 24 tb drive and got access to 48 tb material.

MANY pretenders out there, this one is the real deal!

I have experimented with a number of premade MAME/Gaming hard drives. While many work OK, this is the ONLY one that I get constant updates, treated with respect for every question asked and real time help with everything form set up to hardware ideas. Chris is a class act, can't recommend this drive enough. Cheers!

Great fun for Kids of all ages

I have fun playing all the wii, wiiU switch and PS3 games with my 7 year old.


I LOVE THIS DRIVE!! You can't go wrong with these guys.. Best service and great response time !!! You have a customer for life.


Good support and well recommended

The Wiz of Emulation - Nicest person in the scene and he keeps drives updated!!!

He is the most friendlist person I know in the scene. He keeps the drives updated and constantly updates any issues. He also responds quickly to any support requests. Worth every penny for his drives.

The Best Support Ever!!!!!!!

I had accidently formatted my drive so I reached out to Chris. He immediately wrote me back and gave me access to re-download the files. Given, it took awhile but it was alot easier then sending my drive back in to be re-imaged. While setting up the drive I ran into some issues and again Chris was fast to respond and help me out through several remote sessions. The drive is now working great and I can't say enough about the support I have received. Chris is the guy when it comes to Hyperspin! I would like to add that before I purchased Chris's 8 TB drive, I had purchased two others from other people. The drives never worked right and though they did provide some support, they never really worked right. Chris's drive is the one you want. Believe me!

Happy since Oct. 2018

Got my 16TB setup a bit over two years now, never regretted that. Upgraded to 24-48TB a few month later.
Always had quick and helpful response, when i needed support. Discord-Community is also a great experience.
Cannot wait, for what he still has planned. :)

Thanks alot, and i am ready for some more years! :)

Amazing product and amazing service!

If you're questioning a purchase of Chris's drives, take it from me and so many others. Chris takes the time to improve his drives and support drive owners. You won't be disappointed.

More organized and reliable then other similar services I have tried

Having all the emulators accessed seamlessly through a front end makes the experience much better then opening emulators separately. Everything came configured for popular controller and laser gun types. Updates are included, which really makes this a great value. Customer service has been excellent as well!

Continues to deliver

I have been a customer for a couple of years and it is refreshing to get fresh updates to keep things interesting. I have enjoyed this purchase.

Best bargain in home arcade setups!

Hyperspin is a framework for setting up an amazing home arcade cabinet. The problem quickly becomes evident after you install and are met with the massive number of options and lack of content. Even if you are technical and resourceful, the breadth of options and possibilities is daunting. Enter Chris Shaw and HyperArcade Systems. This is a fully configured, curated and regularly updated COMPLETE install of Hyperspin as intended. Every whistle and bell you can imagine is packed in. Tens of thousands of games with accompanying videos and pictures. Reconfigured joystick hardware, etc. It has everything. Chris himself is a great resource and makes customer service number one. Highly recommended

An amazing gaming setup that will grow, improve, and continuously run superbly over the long term

Not much more I can add
I can't say enough good things about both the system and my overall experience both generally and especially compared to the two competitors I bought from. Chris is the hardest working man in show business, and patient, kind, and timely responding to questions or requests. And the system is very easy and straight forward to use and find the games/system you want quickly . Don't waste your time and money with other vendors, buy this system and you won't be sorry you did

Best arcade setup

Chris is the best when we talk about arcade and hyperspin setup and best in support after purchase. I'm nearly 5 years since I bought his 5GB setup and still getting support, help and updates to this day.

Fantastic drives and service

I initially purchased the 8TB drive and have now updated to the 40TB. It is mind blowing what Chris and his team have achieved. There are loads of updates and extra content offered for free. The level of service is also fantastic. Can highly recommend!

5TB Drive

I can't overstate how amazing the support is with this drive. I had a few issues being new to this and Chris took the time to help me with every question. He remoted in on 2 separate occasions and got me configured (Xtension keyboard controls) and up and running. This drive is AMAZING!!! The layout and updates are all great improvements and it's so easy my 5 year old daughter is playing and jumping in and out of games with no issues...Truly thank Chris and recommend this drive\process\setup to EVERYONE!!!!

Awesome! Best drive and service ever.

Great all around! 

The best retro arcade set up out there.

Love how easy it was to set up and run. Chirs is on point with his build and is always updating. Will be updating to the bigger size build soon ( 8tb user) If you are looking to jump in this is the way to do it. Support this patrion he needs to be more server and bandwith to keep this runing !

Blown away

Everything was smooth.. from ordering to shopping to recieving... Chris's answered all my questions prior to purchase making choosing my drive super easy... get a small drive then just upgrade if you want...I went with 8tb setup... install process was super easy... discord group and Facebook group all help each other and toss around ideas like a think tank.... overall super happy there was so much stuff on there I didn't even know was gonna be on there...I can't say it enough dude just wow it's the sh%# for real... not to mention updates and support are free for life... his patreon is optional.

Great Software and good updates

I am happy I picked this for my arcade system support is a good and massive collection on games I upgraded from 8tb to 24tb

Buy from the best

The amount of work Chris has done on these drives is astounding. I have not had so much fun in ages. I cannot rate this highly enough. U updates, reinstalls and help from great people on discord. Do yourself a favour buy from the best.

Phenomenal service

Chris is always happy to walk me through basic and advanced PC troubleshooting. And when I still don't get it, he doesn't hesitate to jump online and fix my issues remotely. Both his product and support is absolutely the best.

Great service

I’m giving this 5 on the fact that Chris provided good service and the product is good. It’s not easy making so many different parts come together, we need someone who cares about the retro scene. Thanks

Quality Drive

I have to start first in saying i have set up a few hyperspin drives in the past. Well the basics but always had trouble with the control element of it. So the time had come to forget all i knew and get Chris drive. From purchase through to play it was a great experience. The download was fast, the support was fast but most of all the drive was amazing. Everything has been automated for you and i mean everything. The stuff he has implemented i didn't even know it existed. Everything works and all the controls work its bloody amazing. I honestly cannot be more happy. If your thinking do i pay for a drive or do i try and do it myself, take it from me and my 5 years of trying to do it the drive you honestly will not regret it. Thank you for your work chris keep it up. One very happy customer :-)

Keep up the GREAT work

AWESOME content on his drive! Keep up the great work...

The best hyperspin in the world

A wonderful job done by Chris. Everything runs perfectly and the installation is very simple and fast. For me, it's the most complete system in the world. A big thank-you !!
Do not hesitate, go for it !!!

Great Help..

Chris has more often than he should provided excellent support for what seem to be major issues, but in reality was just simple glitches that would have bit me if it was a snake.

fun 16 terrabyte

I like playing my Games with a frontend with all the settings intact/Emulators set, updated etc. And not having so many Gaming Consoles connected to my TV. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a Drive - Enjoy the games.

100% best drive and support

100% best drive and support

Chris knows this system inside and out like no other..He is constantly updating to newest platforms as they are available..He even can help you remotely to fix your drive if errors are contained.. Nobody is dedicated like a Shaw drive..I'm going patreon this Friday even to help and say thanks..

This is the ONLY drive you'll ever need!

I looked around at a few different setups before this one, but this one was the only one that consistently had good reviews, and great feedback about he author, and after purchasing it I can 100% say this is absolutely the best drive setup available.
If your on the fence about his one, get off and buy it now!

16tb arcade drive

Excellent service more than i could of hoped for, I can’t wait till i biy the bigger sizes.

Best drive hands down

I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff. Chris and his team are always hard at work helping users and adding new updates and improving the drive. Nobody else constantly keeps their drives updated like this, and there's always new stuff being added.

32TB of pure gaming collection

Imagine 40 years of video games history captured in 32TB of solid curation. Pure joy.


Chris Shaw, and team, did a wonderful job putting in the heavy lifting to get this configuration off of the ground. Amazing work and very enjoyable and nostalgic so jump in and reminisce. Definitely a great value and a quality product that continues to improve. Excellent work!

Hard working and helpful!

Great work done by Chris in supporting a large number of users!

Overwhelming amount of content

The sheer amount of content is a gamers dream. Deciding what to play is always the hardest part of the process. Chris and team having been providing a steady stream of new content. I currently have the 16tb setup and I love it. I am getting ready to move up the 32tb. I am so lucky to have found this group, I cannot wait to see where it goes. For a completionist look no further than here.

Brilliant drive and awesome updates

Been using the whizshaw drive for about a year and have to admit had doubts buying any preconfigured drive, however I glad to say been an awesome purchase. This drive is being improved continually and is absolutely fantastic. The update system being the main reason I purchased. Once you know he to use it’s so easy and quick. The initial download went smooth and was quick giving the 16tb purchase. Instructions for building the drive are great and the help was available from Chris if I was struggling. This drive will still be around in many years to come and without a doubt will improve as better emulators become available. If anything happens to your drive you can redownload or update to fix. A great investment ????


Amazing Setup And Outstanding Continued Support

I bought my 16TB Setup More than a Year ago, When i First got my Drives i Accidentally Erased them using a faulty USB HDD caddy, Second time they arrived to me DOA Both 8Tb drives ( It was around Christmas), Mail Service was Rough with my package you could see the dents in the box, I emailed Chris to have them Recloned a 3rd time!, I didn't want they guy thinking that i was pulling some kind of B.S. He was a bit upset that this would be the 3rd time i had to have him reclone the drives. He had me RMA them back to MFG. Sent out my drives to Chris and got them recloned for the last time. He offered to help with install this 3rd time, First thing i did was clone those drives. Anyway ever since The support on Facebook group and forums is Top Notch, And now a Discord server. The drives are packed Almost filled Entirely up 112gb free of 8tb. Every arcade, xbox game is one here Full sets of every system 300+ systems. And not to mention the Constant Free drive updates via server.
Chris, Admins, and drive owner group work together to help make this the most complete and Fully functioning setup on the Whole Internet period. Monthly updates with patron support well worth $5 admission. Buy this drive from Chris and No one else, if you are thinking of a Hyperspin setup. you will not have the free updates I any many others promise you will not be Disappointed.

8tb drive is worth much more than priced

The drive is excellent. Almost to many games to pick one to play. Spend a lot of time just looking at wheels. The ice cold beer wheel is a very cool addition. Also the updates are an excellent bonus. I think the updates should be for patrons only. $5 a month is well worth the price of admission for the updates.

Shockingly Amazing

I bought the 8TB drive and thanks to the mail strike in Canada it took a while to get. I downloaded Chris’s promotional drive to mess around with until mine came in. I thought my drive would be a little better than the free version, which was great but man I was wrong! Every time I turn it on, I get this open mouth smile on my face! It has me remembering times I spent with my friends and family playing these great games! It’s a perfect mix of new, old and everything else you’ve just never played before. Thanks Chris!

Shockingly Amazing

I bought the 8TB drive and thanks to the mail strike in Canada it took well over a month to get. I downloaded Chris’s promotional drive to mess around with until mine came in. I thought my drive would be a little better than the free version, which was great but man I was wrong! Every time I turn it on, I get this open mouth smile on my face! It has me remembering times I spent with my friends and family playing these great games! It’s a perfect mix of new, old and everything else you’ve just never played before. Thanks Chris!

I'm having a blast!

I bought the 5TB drive 2 years ago and I love it. The sounds and Visuals of the arcade games on this drive brought back so many memories. 'Arcade perfect' as they used to say back in the nineties. So much more than i bargained for. And the update system... Amazing!

One of the best HyperSpin drives out there!

By far one of the best HyperSpin drives for the investment made. Chris gives each of his users personal tech support and constantly updates the drive with a ton of FREE content. I've gotten my money's worth and then some. Solid guy, solid drive, solid service. Don't think twice. Buy from him only!!!

Chris Brings great service with his drives, and the best I’ve seen by far..

Amazing Drive

The drive is awesome. It is quick and painless to set up, and is constantly updated. If you have a problem you can email Chris and he will be able to resolve it. This drive is awesome, I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of building an arcade cabinet.

Amazing support from Hyper arcade

Just to say that Chris as been wonderful to deal with. I had issues with my arcade controls Chris troubleshooted by logging into my machine via anydesk.He didn't have to do it, but still did it at night. This guy puts in many houes to make his product better, will upgrade soon to the 8tb+ drive for additional Wii a d pc games.

Chris's support is seriously 10/10

Christopher Shaw and his hyperspin drives! I know most of us come across as being a pain with all this hyperspin stuff as frustrating as the program is. I know how much time and work you put into this to get it all working for us. Im also aware of how many sleepless nights and the time you spend on this. Just want to say really appreciate you and what you do, you have no idea myself included how much i really want to say thank you for all you efforts. This really honestly needs to be acknowledged.

Well worth the wait

I finally decided to build a full size arcade and retire the bartop. I have limited experience with the software side of arcades however I know just enough to be dangerous. I've done research over the years and know some people indicate you should build your own hyperspin drives from the ground up therefore you understand your system. Some people do not have the time, have the need to understand all phases of the frontend, or bandwidth to download all the date. However, this is the 3rd prebuilt hard drive I purchased over the years and I found it to be the best as far as being "turn-key". The controls work out of the box on at lease 90% of all emulators and being updated everyday. Send Chris an email or report it on his FB Page and his team gets it done. The support is the best, I only experienced Chris and one other seller that go out of their way to ensure their product works.
There is a downside, truth be told, with all his orders and the time it takes to clone a large hard drive you will wait awhile for your delivery. It's not that bad but if your an impatient person like me order your disk, then start your build. Your disk will arrive when you are ready for them. I will admit I watched all Chris' videos and damn near memorized them so my install wasn't bad. I had a few issues which Chris remoted in and fixed immediately. After booting for the first time I realized it was truly worth the wait. Be patient you will be pleased in the end.
I'm waiting on my PS3 Collection and will be finished for awhile. I signed up for Patreon because it's worth reporting what needs repair, knowing their is an ongoing process for updates, and knowing their is a team behind the scenes making the donuts.
Happy gaming one and all.

Drives are excellent

Chris takes the pain out of setting up your arcade.. Drives have a easy to use install along with countless hours on his end setting it all up and configuring it to use different types of
Joystick controls.Highly recommend to avoid all the download time and headaches from configuration..VERY SATISFIED


This drive has yet to disappoint! Outstanding customer service and every game (and even others) from when I grew up! Now I can share all of these great memories with my kids! This is so worth the investment!

Best Customer Service!

I'm not well versed with computer stuff. I was afraid of trying to set this Hyperspin system up but Chris makes it very painless and the best thing for newbies like myself, he responds to emails in a timely manner cause Lord knows I had to have a couple of things explained to me. He's done a great job with this collection and I love how he continually tries to make it even better on a weekly basis!

Thanks Chris!

Best hyperspin drive, ever, anywhere (16tb version)

I bought the 16tb drive from Hyper Arcade Systems after finding out about it from the guys who I was looking at to build a cabinet for me, checked out the site, watched some of his video’s and spent some time going through the facebook site. Became obvious that he knows everything backwards about his drives and has a real passion for making this stuff integrate and work seamlessly, and spends more time helping his customers get the most out of it, as he does updating the drive itself. I looked at a couple of other drive sellers but no one else actually supports the drive they sell on an ongoing basis, certainly nothing like this guy, backed up by a team of knowledgeable admin’s and a forum of several hundred users all contributing and helping each other.

I went with the 16tb Drive Donation option because I had spare drives at home but was on terrible adsl speeds (thanks Australia) and downloading those volumes just wasn’t an option. Postage back and forth took a while but I ended up receiving my drives back well before my arcade cabinet was built and delivered, so that wasn’t a big deal in the end. I spent the time in between watching some videos and tutorials on how it all plugged together, then when I received the drives I was able to dive into them and work things out a bit better before the cabinet arrived.

While I was waiting for the cabinet to arrive I ran the sync tool to get my drive up to a “current state”. Worked flawlessly. Well, hit one minor issue, but I had already read the solutions for this on the forum, and applied a bit of common sense and it was no trouble. Then I ran the installation process to set it up on a new C: for the gaming pc to run, and again, the set up process on the drive worked flawlessly for me. I copied across some tweaks I had made to wheel content based on what I wanted to see, which was super-easy to do.

The drive is really well organised, the installation and synchronisation feature has been refined to an easy walk-through process and it comes with a set of neat tools to allow user tweaks and customisations and is always being improved. It is way more complete than anything else I’ve seen, anywhere and the support for it is unbelievable. I’m super happy with my purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this. You won’t regret it.

Chris Shaw retro systems

After watching a u tube vid by Chris. I purchased an 8 Tb hard drive. Chris went way above and beyond helping me set up the system and helps all his customers with full support I'm beyond happy and grateful for his help for me especially because I'm not a technical wiz by any means. Thanks again Chris I wish u and your staff much success and prosperity.

hyperspin drive

the best of the best no 50 pecent working hyperspin, in chris drive you get 99percent working plus he s always updating that 1 percent, and this guy works so hard its unbelievable dont hesitate to buy a drive off him if you love hyperspin

Excellent builds thorough update system.

I have purchased both the 8TB and 16TB builds. The quality is unmatched and the update system is a breeze. I was having issues with my unique controller setup and the forums were good but Mr. Shaw took the time to start a remote session and work with me one on one. Unbelievable service. I look forward to each new update post to see what new artwork, games, and creative updates his team have made.

Drive has everything you could ever ask for

Chris updates his drive everyday. Literally every day, and he keeps finding space. He is a machine. Attentive with the emails as well, if you need help, hes there to help in about a day.

Solid Guy - Honest Businessman

I have bought from Chris and have enjoyed a solid product from day one. He has always gone above and beyond what anyone in the field would do for post payment support. Constant updates and improvements, as well as honest communication. I have zero complaints and have refered others who have all had the same experiance. Negative reviews I find are people who have not actually used his service, or those who cannot follow simple instructions or have a less than average knowledge of computers.

Best Service Around hands down!!!

Cannot find a better service even when you make a mistake between Chris, the Admin, and the support system from the community, Most issues get solved quickly. cannot say the same for people who just sell you a "good enough" version of Hyperspin.

Best drive by far

Chris stands by his product save yourself a headache if your not that tech savy. this is a all in one arcade drive for dummies. Its Magical. Save yourself months if not years of time.

Whizshaws drive

Have been using Chris's 8tb drive for over a year now. It never ceases to amaze me how frequently he updates his drive with new games, new controls, new media and new settings. We always get the newest updates to emulators and working roms. So happy with his drive and his service. He looks after us well and noone has a drive on the market like him.. Couldn't be happier. Saving up for the 16tb :D

BEST Hyperspin hard drive out there period....

I've had a couple pre-configured hyperspin hard drives and this is easily the best. This guy makes it so simple to do everything from in-depth videos to auto hotkey scripts. Best part is after initial install u r done and the systems work, I got 1 from and it was a rippoff nothing worked properly, it was OVERPRICED, and they wouldn't even email back to explain anything... I will be purchasing any future hyperspin hard drives from christopher shaw, he puts alot of time and effort into his product and even offers free updates.


3 Years later and still amazing service!

I purchased my 4TB drive in 2014, upgrading to 8TB in 2016 and I still get great service. Quick responses to emails and great updates to the drive. I am now considering upgrading to the 16tb drive! Thanks Chris

Chris Shaw is the real thing

I bought a drive from Wizshaw and WOW. I've been burnt by other drives that only sort of work. This one is great. So much of it actually works it is astonishing that it is all together. Other drives your looking at 60% max. The drive from Shaw is 99% awesome, and the other 1% he is always working to fix bugs, and work things out for everyone who buys them.

Great guy, will always answer questions (be patient though he is only one man).

Thank you so much, it was exactly what I was looking for.

All around great product and person

Chris is great to work with. I bought my drive in November 2016 and became impatient with the 8TB downloads... Sooo, I mailed him the drive. He provided great customer service and turned the drive around in about one week, all while servicing other customers and making improvements to the product. Overall, I am exceptionally satisfied with Chris and his product and look forward to an upgrade in the future.

Exceptional Customer Service

While I have only just started working with the drive, I had run in to some small issues at no fault of either Chris or the work he has done. I sent off a quick message to him, and very shortly after he was able to log in to my system to troubleshoot the problems, and quickly resolve them. I had everything up and running shortly after that, but sadly within days of enjoying gaming the drive I purchased at my local computer store ultimately failed. Chris saw what I was going through, and went above and beyond for me. He told me to simply make a RMA for the drive to send back to the manufacturer, and in the meantime prepped a drive for me and shipped it out to help get me up and running even faster. I have never ran in to customer service this fantastic, and that doesn't even factor in the constant updates he does, and alterations he constantly makes to make this project even better on a weekly basis.


All can be found on internet, but Chris make it perfectly, easyaly to install, and to update. He give us top technical support to us. I think, it's the best Hyperspin drive you can find.

Hyperspin Systen

I've had this product from Chris for a year now and out of the dodgy ones I've tried on the internet this one is by far the best and only one I would ever recommend! Excellent community forum, the best personal service when needed and it is ever expanding and being streamlined for easier use!


Chris' drive absolutely blows my mind every time I use it. I couldn't more strongly recommend this product for anyone who loves their old gaming. Updates are extremely frequent and substantial; support is very very quick and any fixes required are deployed and communicated. Worth easily every cent!!

Testimonial #9

great person


Chris is outstanding to work with and the service he provides is amazing. Most comprehensive setup I have found. He has great customer service and is very trustworthy. His customer service is A+. He provides direct customer service and I would recommend his service to anyone.

I could not ask for more

Chris provides an arcade setup that would take hundreds perhaps thousands of hours to build yourself. He provides ongoing support and is generally very responsive to requests for help or any glitches found on the drive to be updated. With support & 55,000+ games there is nothing more to ask for.

This is the drive to buy...

I have always over researched a purchase before committing.   So when my 8 year old son asked if we could build a arcade cabinet like the ones I always tell him about from my childhood... the research began for everything to make that request a reality.   a main component is the computer and drive setup to run the emulators and roms.  after months of searching I found whizshaw drive and have never looked back.   8tb full of working data with a support group that rivals large corporations.   this drive becomes better more refined and is expanding almost weekly.   I will be building a second arcade as soon as this first build is complete.   even though I already have the 8tb drive and could come it for my own use in my second cabinet I will support the efforts and community by buying a second drive.  

Guy Covers everything

Chris's drives are loaded with content and features that no one else can offer. Chris stands behind his product and offeres assistance on both a personal level and to the masses on his dedicated Community Facebook page. Chris's newly developed automatic update process is revolutionary and gives his customers piece of mind that their drives are current and have the latest bells and whistles HS has to offer. Chris has gone above and beyond my initial expectation that I had after making my investment in his product. I can't count the countless hours I have spent playing this system with my family - making new memories with retro games!! 

Hyper arcade systems

After spending months and months building my own 10 wheel hyper spin setup I finally got sick of how tedious it was and moved to launchbox.  However I still wanted to have everything setup in hyperspin .... After researching all the drives out there I finally decided to pull the trigger on wizshaw's drive (hyper arcade systems)... And am I glad I did!  I was sent a completely full 8tb drive of working  hyper spin setup.  The install is insanely easy ... You literally follow step by step instructions (videos and text) and in about an hour (it takes time to install all those damn .net framework) everything just worked!
Ive never had any issues with setup or the drive itself but I see wizshaw's answering questions day and night in the purchaser's Facebook group.  I've never seen customer service like this in any industry ...the guy is a machine!

I've had this drive setup and working almost flawlessly for months ... And the best part is wizshaw's keeps adding to it!!! Two weeks ago like 5000 did games were added .... I got to play sopwith and Mickey's space adventure ...two games I never thought I'd play again!  
This drive sits in my arcade cabinet proudly!

Chris has always helped me

I bought a 5tb drive from Chris and it worked great and any time i needed help Chris did help me he's a great guy and i would recommend him for his Hyperspin drives and he also constantly updating his drives which have good prices and he gives free updates which is awesome. And even donated to help my sick relative. 

Money well spent

The 8TB Drive is everything I wanted it to be and more.  The amount of work and effort that went into this drive is something to behold, I cannot recommend enough, money well spent!

Great Service

Excellebt service and always willing to help. Very professional