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Cindy Hallett

5108 Cree Lane
Austin TX , 78734

Cindy Hallett is the best!

Cindy has helped me so much over the past couple years! I first met her at the mind body spirit expo in Austin. I was having issues with spirits in my home and attached to me. It was quite frightening. There was a mysterious loud knocking right over my bedroom. We thought it was the neighbors because we lived in an apartment at the time. But then we moved to a new house and it fallowed me there. Cindy came to my home and did a house clearing. We never heard it again after that. She also cleared me and other members of my family. We all felt so much better after. Before we met i was an angry young man with a lot of hate and fear in my life. Now I am filled with love and understanding. Any time i have a spiritual related issue or question i just call her up and she works her magic. She dose councelling too. I've also received reiki from her. She is highly intuitive and can help you with anything you need! Don't hesitate to contact her she truly is an angel on earth. :)

How do I count the ways.......

that Cindy has helped me since a wonderful friend connected me with her?? Every time I feel like I need help because something or someone is draining me Cindy is quick to respond and always hones in on exactly what my issues and attachments are. So thankful to have her in my spiritual sister circle. Her gifts have been invaluable to me and many of my friends. So grateful that I have her as a resource and she is always quick to come to my rescue. I would and do recommend her to my personal friends and anyone who asks for help or displays symptoms of entity attachment. She is a very wise and gifted woman who is very generous with her time.

Visit to Mexico

I have worked with Cindy before for clearings. I contact her when I get clumsy (like dropping stuff and knocking things over constantly) or feel off for no reason (minor headache, forgetfulness, brain fog, poor concentration). Since I am human it takes me alittle while to realize i need her help, this last time I think it took me at least two weeks. After I called Cindy, she checked to see what was up. She told me I was loaded with lost souls (over 300). I said What? She said didn't you just get back from a vacation in Mexico? I said yes, but we stayed in the tourist areas. She reminded me there is (has been) a lot of poverty in Mexico and individuals may have died but did not immediately go into the light. These lost souls were attracted to my light plus I did enjoy partaking of alcoholic beverages during my vacation. After Cindy gently sent the lost souls home, I felt so much better! The minor headache gone, the feeling off gone, the brain fog gone. Thank you Cindy! Diane in Austin, Texas Nov. 2017

Professionalism and Warm Caring Spirit

I found Cindy through an internet search. We were experiencing negative energy in our home and with our pets, and when I first spoke with Cindy on the phone, she seemed to be in tune with what was going on, and was certainly compassionate about our concerns. She performed a house cleansing on the very same day I contacted her. She educated us on portals, and various forms of energies and entities. She dedicated several hours of her day at our home freeing the negative energy. I appreciate her professionalism and her warm and caring spirit.

Night and Day!

I was recently guided to Cindy through Spirit by way of a mutual friend. My family and I were faced with entities that had been afflicting our daughter and it was having serious effects on her life and my entire family. Cindy was so caring and understanding, she went right to work to help us clear this negative energy. My daughter felt it immediately and the change has been night and day! I am so grateful for what Cindy has done for our family and the fact that she followed up afterwards to see how things were going. I would highly recommend her services, especially if you are faced with a situation similar to ours. Thank you Cindy!

Kind and Caring Crossroads

Cindy really helped me get clarity on some issues with my personal life. I'm very thankful for her level of professionalism as well as how kind and caring she was, which made it easy for me to talk with her and be open and honest about my situation. I will definitely work with her again in the future when I am at another crossroads.

Unnerving Physical Manifestations

I contacted Cindy after witnessing several unnerving physical manifestations in my home, my first encounter with direct physical evidence of the unseen. She appeared at my door promptly, with her complete clearing kit at the ready, and professionally and sensitively cleared and secured my home and my car. As someone who has never had contact with spirit of this nature, I was greatly relieved to find that the unwanted contacts ceased, and I have felt at peace and secure in my home since her intervention. I have contacted Cindy to purchase crystals, all of excellent quality and competitively priced. I am grateful to know a skilled practitioner who demonstrates her caring and expertise in such a warm and friendly manner.

Cindy is FABULOUS!

What can I say? Cindy is FABULOUS! She is so very knowledgable and caring, not to mention talented! She has helped everyone in my family in so many ways. For example, when my son was fighting depression and insomnia she came to our house and discovered not entities or even electrical interferences as we had suspected, but ley lines that crossed under his bed. Solution? Set a crystal grid of course. Problem solved! Even our dog now sports Cindy's crystals on his collar to heal his ailing liver. Her gorgeous salt lamps glow all over our house! Whenever there's a problem we call the doctor, then we call Cindy to actually fix the thing!