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Cindy Hallett

5108 Cree Lane
Austin TX , 78734

Cindy is FABULOUS!

What can I say? Cindy is FABULOUS! She is so very knowledgable and caring, not to mention talented! She has helped everyone in my family in so many ways. For example, when my son was fighting depression and insomnia she came to our house and discovered not entities or even electrical interferences as we had suspected, but ley lines that crossed under his bed. Solution? Set a crystal grid of course. Problem solved! Even our dog now sports Cindy's crystals on his collar to heal his ailing liver. Her gorgeous salt lamps glow all over our house! Whenever there's a problem we call the doctor, then we call Cindy to actually fix the thing!

Unnerving Physical Manifestations

I contacted Cindy after witnessing several unnerving physical manifestations in my home, my first encounter with direct physical evidence of the unseen. She appeared at my door promptly, with her complete clearing kit at the ready, and professionally and sensitively cleared and secured my home and my car. As someone who has never had contact with spirit of this nature, I was greatly relieved to find that the unwanted contacts ceased, and I have felt at peace and secure in my home since her intervention. I have contacted Cindy to purchase crystals, all of excellent quality and competitively priced. I am grateful to know a skilled practitioner who demonstrates her caring and expertise in such a warm and friendly manner.