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International School of Clairvoyance

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Heartfelt and insightful reading

I had a reading with Debra, and it was a great experience. She asked if I had topics in mind or should it be an open session. I had some topics, she patiently explored each one, provided very clear insights, which was very open and genuine, I felt no pressure in the session and she stayed way longer than 1 hour to finish the reading. I recommend her to everyone looking for some guidance and a bit of magic :)

Most helpful reading ever.

Debra tapped into some issues I had long given up on getting help with. She gave exact insight what has been sabotaging forward motion. Our session has restored my self-confidence and I feel a definite energetic shift, since the reading. I am very grateful.

The Joy of Seeing

It’s a joy to work with Debra. Her years of experience, study and loving dedication to her art show in a rare combination of efficient professionalism and kindness, accuracy and sensibility, attention to the information coming in and her client. Debra is excellent at what she does!


I felt wonderfully light and buoyant for days after the practice group reading and healing. I also found I had much greater clarity and sense of well-being.

Wonderful session

I had a wonderful session with Debra. The impact of it continued over the weeks since, and continues to stay with me. I have to add that I was deeply moved by how generous she was! She stayed with me through so many questions, and really cared to share everything she could with me. She's a beautiful and caring soul, and fascinating to listen to. I highly recommend connecting with Debra!

What An Experience!!

Back in August, I signed up for something. I put a reminder in my phone & over the months, forgot what I’d signed up for. I received the reminder for my appointed time & literally called in the minute it was to begin. I was immediately greeted with a “Hi Valerie!” on the call! I thought I was joining a group of others, hoping to be chosen to be read. Boy was I wrong!! I had no idea I’d be the sole reader of 6 amazing clairs!

This experience was one of the most incredible things. The readers were so connected. They truly were hitting on things going on in my life. Current career, new career, a move, my supportive honey, my loving & abundant spirit family, my purpose, timing & I hung up feeling completely overflowing with gratitude for all the time & energy devoted to me for well over an hour. I was emotional in a fantastic, healing way. Speaking of healing, I was blessed by a group healing at the end, which left me physically feeling the vibrations in my lower chakras, which needed work. It was powerful & I’m so thankful.

I am also a clairvoyant & Reiki master/teacher, so I feel I’m in tune with what’s high-vibrational, white light & love. This was certainly that.

I will be looking into upcoming classes for my spiritual development at this school.

Thanks again to everyone who read for me. What an incredible blessing!!

Peace & love.

Incredible Clarity. A beautiful experience

I was incredibly moved by each of the readers insights and specifics about my life. They each provided valuable clarity tying into aspects of myself with specific tangible guidance to consider as i move forward on my path. Though this is touted as s "practice" session, these readers are definitely tapped in and seem ready to provide professional readings for the communities that they will serve. I am very grateful that i was able to be a part of the reading circle by providing feedback to the readers who so graciously gave their time and energy to me at this auspicious time. Thank you so much.

psychic reading

Your work really is, a " sensoring " into the Unknown Field. I will carry the images you gave along my path. A heartfelt Thank You !!!

Thank you

I'm grateful for this unique experience to have 5 students do reading on me. I felt sharing my energy field that others were entering and sharing their insights, reading was on point, but the experience was beyond that. Really beautiful. I appreciate your love and time. Blessings.

Best of The Best

Miss Debra did a reading for me, yesterday, taking the place of one of her Grad students. She is wonderful! I slept all night for the first time in weeks! I highly recommend her! She was able to “see” things that I knew about but had never spoken of to another living person.!

Excellent! ~ exceeded expectations.

I was blessed to have five students read for me during their practice session. Each one brought valuable insight to my question(s). I received different perspectives that provided depth of understanding and revelations. As well as tools for transformation and healing. I feel empowered and grateful for the sharing of their gifts. The healing I received at the end was potent. Truly an amazing offering I'm thankful for.

Always five stars

Debra is awesome. This was my second reading with her (and I've also completed level one of her clairvoyance course - which was wonderful). She gives so much amazing information, which has helped me beyond description. I'm very grateful. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Natalie was excellent

Natalie was very accurate reading my family dynamic and how I react to things. She described me just as how a close friend would. She gave me excellent insight and guidance on how to correct current situations.

Healing with Natalie - wonderful

Just had my second healing with Natalie. A wonderful experience, just like the first time. She is really kind and thorough, and I feel great after. Really recommend her ❤️

Debra is fantastic!

Debra is insightful and amazing. She takes her time during a reading, and her messages are clear and deeply meaningful.

A true heart of gold

I read Debra’s book “you are psychic” when my oldest was a baby. He’s 15 now. It’s still the best thing I ever did. I called her back then. And she helped me through my own psychic journey.

I know people think about psychic abilities from shows are stereotypes. Nothing works exactly like that.
I recommend “you are psychic” as the next thing you read. If you haven’t.
If you are on a psychic journey (as I was.. and still am). Or if you are interested in finding your own ability.. you are in the right place.

Beyond Words!

I had my first reading with Debra in the spring of 2018. Everything she told me during that reading came to pass within about a year and a half. Everything. This time, I did not ask any questions and opted for her to give me whatever came up. The very first thing she saw was an issue with my leg, which was right on. The rest of the reading was 100% what I needed to hear. All of it. Debra is the most gifted psychic I have ever met, and I am ever-grateful for her willingness to share her incredible gifts. Thank you, Debra!!

Thank you Natalie

I have had an amazing reading with Natalie. I was blown away about how correct and accurate she was about everything. But what I really want to point out is, how thoughtful, caring, supportive, and helpful Natalie has been throughout the reading. Right from the start I felt her calming and healing energy. It was so easy to open uo to her and trust her. She did not rush through the reading but took so much time to make sure I got everything I needed out of the reading. Never have I ever experienced such a reading and healing. I am so grateful to Natalie. Thank you so much!


What to say other than I am grateful and happy to had her investing her time into my present and future.... Debra is showing the magic while she
steps out of her own way to be able to see, read and share what is the reality knocking on our door. So thankful I got the signs and be sure opening up into this direction is what I was missing out till now, not sure if my sense was right... it was as if she had a special „google“ Pointing out and talking about things they did only exist in my mind, scripts and 121 discussions. Fantastic thank you so much.

Great reading

Debra’s reading was a wealth of detail. She allowed time to let information unfold and reveal itself. In her discussion of my current situation she went right to the core of the issues, and also revealed a few things about myself I had never seen before. Quite remarkable.


All 6 readers were spot on. They gave a very thorough reading, I am so grateful. They are all very gifted and incredibly accurate.


This was fascinating and unbelievably accurate. All 6 readers were spot on. All of the readers are gifted.

Powerful Energy Work

First of all, Debra is such a lovely person, I really enjoyed our time together. She had wonderful insights and she gave me inspiration to use my creativity and energy to transcend my blocks and difficulties. She also used our time as a healing session as well. She was very generous, thoughtful, and very thorough with her time and energy! I will make very good use of her insights!

A really pleasant experience

It was a really insightful reading and the content was engaging. I found it helpful as well.

Compassionate, caring accurate read.

Thank you for the 7 student reading! It was validating to my Spirit to hear what I did. I appreciated the smooth organizational manner it which it was done.I got very essential input & helpful support in decisions I am in the process of making. Grateful for some hidden to me info ~ that was brought to the light. It was very nice to get the reminders/confirmation texts/emails. In Deep appreciation for great read with a lot of helpful insights!

Remote Viewing Testimonial

Simply amazing from start to finish. Debra is a brilliant teacher and with her personal touch that she implements in her teachings throughout this course, you will be equipped with all that you need to take the next step on this incredible journey.


Very insightful reading

I had a great session with Debra. She was very patient in explaining everything to me and I could relate to a lot of her messages.


Everyone did a good job in reading my energy, some of the readings hit it on point. I really enjoyed the reading. Thank you

Love learning from Debra!

I've been in clairvoyant development classes with Debra since January 2019. She is truly an incredible teacher - supportive, knowledgeable, a perfect blend of practical and mystical. I'm so thankful to have found her, her classes and her community of students. I've learned so much and the experience has truly been life-altering, empowering and healing.


I had a reading with the practice group and it was AMAZING! It was such a fun experience to hear image after image from multiple people that really connected to my life. Everyone was so kind and caring, and so spot on. I had a blast! Thank you all!

Debra is Fantastic!

I found my reading with Debra to be very confirming, affirming, and incredibly loving. She was very accurate with what she saw, and it was helpful to have my own instincts in regards to relationship reaffirmed. Additionally, what was probably just as important, if not more so, was the fact that I left the reading feeling great about myself. So often in life I walk around feeling very unworthy in comparison with others. Debra was able to help me see that I am a much larger spirit than I usually give myself credit for, and I’m not meant to be like anyone else; I’m meant to be my own creation. I was very impressed and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much, Debra.

Thank you!

I had an insightful, sensitive reading by a few students (Jackie, Robbi, PIli) and Nedra the facilitator, the other day. Such wonderful souls keying in to me and my world to offer a bit of "other-worldly" thoughts, advice, inspiration. Thank you for your time and effort .

Debra ROCKS!

I met Debra during her PhD studies, and to this date remain impressed with her psychic abilities, her energy for teaching others, and her vision for everyone to access their own psychic skill set. A researcher, author, educator, psychic, and humanitarian, Debra is a true renaissance woman. You are in good hands with the best of the best when you work with Debra!

Testimonial for Debra

I loved my session with Debra , she is absolutely wonderful , with a huge warm heart and piercing , brilliant psychic abilities that she uses very gently . Thank You Debra you have been an amazing help to me today .

Incredible Reading with Student Group

I had the privilege of receiving a reading from the Wednesday morning student group on March 21st, 2018. Over a year later, I still refer to my notes from the reading for the incredible guidance and insights I received. Everything the students (Kristy, Amanda and Courtney) said resonated with me. It truly felt like they were tuning into who I REALLY am, my Higher Self. The information I received has helped me stay grounded and in faith throughout the past year, which has been filled with tremendous changes on all levels. I'm so grateful for my reading with these gifted psychics.

Beautiful Reading

Debra is a very grounded and compassionate intuitive. I have now had three readings with her and they have all been nuanced and accurate and have been very supportive to me. She is the only psychic that I will consult with!

Debra is amazing

I had such a wonderful and satisfying reading with Debra. She really clarified things for me and went into depth to answer the questions I had. She was clear and super friendly and I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers. I felt so energised and happy afterwards. Really awesome!

very insightful!

the session was great! some advice were an eye opener, made me realize I have much more options than I thought I had. Thank you!

Extremely Helpful!

Following Debra's Book, "You Are Psychic," really helped clarify the understanding for the allowance of visionary freedom and the enjoyment of that freedom that brings exploratory understanding of the imagery and solidification in the imagery. It has helped to uncover truths to emotional situations as well as a basic understanding for energy focus, which is very helpful for the development for psychic protection. The class has also helped me come to trust my visions and to feel a lot more relaxed with myself in the meditational effect that this type of reading will give the psychic.


(Level One Clairvoyant Class)

Very Interesting Topics

The Level 2 clairvoyant training added further depth to the Level 1 training that I already completed, and covered very interesting topics such as Watching the Energy Field of a person, Medical Readings, Readings for real Strangers and Past Life Readings. As usual, during class, Debra was very sensitive to the needs of us students, adjusting the class to meet our needs as we went along. She is very experienced, yet very grounded and always spoke in a language in which we felt was authentic and in a way we could relate to. The practices that I participated to during class make it possible to continue doing my own practice sessions with other students or graduates after class, and there are available after-class groups I could join for more hands-on to sharpen and deepen my skills. It was a worthwhile training.

Changed My Life for the Better

This program has greatly change my life for the better. I've become a lot more comfortable in my Clairvoyance, and have opened up out of hiding in the psychic world. Merging my two worlds has been a challenge, but with the loving support of Debra and my fellow classmates, I've been able to build a confidence and trust I was so desperately looking for, before. I feel secure and prepared in my voyage over on to the "real world". Thank you Debra! Ciao, cheers, and good day!

This Class is Amazing!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I learned a lot about myself during this 12 weeks! I am more confident in my abilities than I have ever been. I love the fact that she is very detailed and thorough. If you do exactly what she guides you to do, you will definitely open up your gifts. Debra is patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about this topic. You will graduate with everything you need to become the extraordinary psychic you've always wanted to be. I am very grateful that I attended this program. I can't wait to sign up for Level 2 next year. Thank you Debra for sharing your knowledge about how to develop Clairvoyance with the world. Everything I have learned from you has helped me on multiple levels.


(Level One Clairvoyant Class)

Positive Impact on My Spiritual Life

This program has made a positive impact on my spiritual and daily life. I have learned more about myself in so many new ways, which I’m grateful. I do plan on proceeding in the near future with more classes and hopefully my own practice.


(Level One Clairvoyant Class)

Classes Were Detailed...

I took Debra's class because I'd only been exposed to one other RV teaching method and I wanted to learn about other methods of the skill. Debra's classes were so detailed, with lots of information and practice, that I am now able to fully understand what goes into being a great remote viewer. I recommend this class for anyone wanting to hone their skills in RV.

Absolutely Love This Class!

This has been an incredible informative class, that I have enjoyed. So much information generously shared. The guidance within each lesson just is excellent.

Gained Clarity and Confidence

For the first time I have been able to do psychic reading and discovered how it works. Debra answered several questions that I had about how to get Psychic readings that showed me that I have been getting psychic impressions all along but I have been unaware of it. I found the exercises helpful to gain clarity and confidence of being able to get psychic readings of relationships. This is very helpful especially in your own relationships and relationships with friends to get a better understanding of what is really happening in the relationship rather than guessing and hoping for the best.

Great Program, Great Teaching

I learned a lot different healing techniques to help myself and others

Strongly Recommend This Course

From the ground up, Debra's classes provide a foundation of information and techniques that support, encourage and allow students to find, incorporate and expand on their intuitive gifts. Debra's methodology is practical, kind and always in support of her students' growth. If you are a beginner or someone who is looking for fine-tune your intuitive skills, I strongly recommend this course.


(Level Two Clairvoyant Class)

Confidence and Encouragment

This program has given me more confidence and encouragement to utilize my tools for seeing and understanding clairvoyant symbols. Debra is a great teacher-her equanimity and knowledge make this an excellent class for those who are new to this work or those who have experience and want more clarity!


(Level One Clairvoyant Program)

I Loved the Program!

As a professional psychic already I wasn't sure what to expect. I found many of the tools so helpful! I was also happy to learn a different approach to a few of the tools I was familiar with. Debra was a great and patient intrusctor. I got really sick in the middle of the course and she was so understanding and accommodating.


(Level One Clairvoyant Program)

Clairvoyant Class - What a Journey!

My experience/Journey from taking this class: While and after taking Ms. Katz's class I discovered that I have no reason to whine or complain about any of my issues. The reason for this would be thanks to Ms.Katz. She dedicated her time to me and gave me the right tools to succeed in any life endeavor. The meditations are amazing and you can expect instant results and relaxation. Taking her clairvoyant class has helped me bring about energetic shifts in every aspect of my life. I now know what to do to bring about/Cause changes in my life. Ms.Katz is an amazing instructor and really knows what she is talking about. You can tell from her responses that she has had experience in the field of clairvoyance/Psychic phenomena for a very long time. Ms.Katz has a soothing voice and it can be compared to that of an angel. She talks with such clarity and goes through every topic in great detail. Ms.Katz Will coach you until you absorb the information that she is providing you with. Relaxation is what comes into ones life after taking a class like Hers from my experience. I can now sit down, close my eyes and be shown the answer to any of my problems! Knowing that you have pure wisdom to any of your issues at any times is beautiful! It is something that you wouldn't want to trade for the world. This class has helped me dissolve all fears and limits in my life. Once you take a class like this with Ms.Katz you will realize and discover that you do have the answers to all of your questions. You will open your eyes for the very first time and see the world for the beauty it really is. I can't describe how thankful I am for this gift that you have helped me unveil within myself Ms.Katz. Thank You for being my teacher.....

Thank you Debra

I have to say my reading with Debra was more than amazing. She was able to touch on many aspects of who I am in my life with amazing accuracy and was very conscientious about making sure she touched on all the areas I wanted to explore. Looking forward to receiving the recording even though I made notes, I want to listen to it again and again....All the best to you Debra.

Amazing reading!

I had an amazing reader with two insightful readers in the practice group. Both were accurate and and offered insight into a past life. Highly recommended!

I had a wonderful experience with Debra

She was very down to earth, showed genuine concern, and took the time to provide as many answers as she could. This is much more than a job for her. I had several "Aha" moments both during and after my reading, and came out with a lot more clarity and a deeper understanding of my life. I'd recommend Debra warmly to anyone seeking answers and guidance.

Always accurate

Debra is always amazingly accurate and spends the time to find the answers need. You never feel hurried. She is extremely gifted and we are blessed she is sharing her talent with us.

Beyond Thrilled

I'm beyond thrilled with the skills I gathered. I never knew I had the ability to clairvoyantly read but now it is one of my favorite skills in my toolbox! It has expanded my ability to engage with the world and with my intuition. Have recommended it to my friends!

Highly Recommend

Debra is very generous with her time and knowledge. I learned a lot and expanded on what I already knew. I would highly recommend her.

Reading with Natalie

Natalie's reading was wonderful! By the end of the reading I was calling her the Brililant Angel Nature Spirit. She was insightful and kind and went out of her way to fully answer my questions - she also gave me an out of this world bonus healing! I've never had a reading quite like it. Natalie is truly gifted. Thank you!

Reading with Debra

Debra's reading was extremely relevant - every single thing she said. I have had several readings with different psychics over the last couple years, and only two have proved themselves to be legitimate. Debra is one of them. What a gift! Thank you, Debra! I look forward to reading with you again!

Thank you!

Testimonial #57

I had an amazing reading today with several very, very gifted readers in the practice group.  I was shocked and amazed by their accuracy and would highly refer anyone to these gifted angels. 

Testimonial #57

I had an excellent reading with Natalie today.  I highly recommend her.  

Testimonial #55

the reading i had from debra's students (courtney, trish, nancy and heather) was nothing short of remarkable. they were each incredibly open and surrendered to whatever was coming through -- an act of pure love. they were all dead-on accurate with what they were perceiving and extremely committed allowing the message to complete, anytime they had one. i can't thank or recommend them enough.

Immensely Helpful

Debra’s insight was precise and relevant and tremendously helpful to me in a difficult time.

Best way to end this year!

I had a reading with Debra's practicing students, and they were amazing! Very professional, accurate in their readings and with a big heart.
They were very patient with my difficulties while speaking English and did their best to talk to me. So, if you are reading this, and you are not a native English speaker, do not worry about it, it won't be a problem. I felt like home, speaking to old friends.

I gave five starts because it is the maximum, I would like to give 10!!
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Wow.  Five stars is simply not enough.I have both had a reading from Debra and her students (group practice readings), am currently in her Level One Clairvoyant class and have also read all three of her books (You Are Psychic, Extraordinary Psychic and Freeing the Genie Within).  Guess you could say I'm a fan!Though this review is for the school I do want to say that my reading with Debra (as well as the reading with her practicing students) was AMAZING.  She operates from the highest level of integrity and happens to be incredibly gifted as well as very humble and funny.Over the years I have read several books on developing intuition and, while some of them were good, I personally felt I would do better learning in a group with a mentor.  A friend told me about another school so I started taking classes and while there were good things about it I felt frustrated by too many other things.That frustration brought me back to Amazon which is when I discovered Debra's books.  I was barely 20 pages into the first one when I ordered the other two!  I googled her website and booked a student reading.  I was amazed by how accurate they were and wondered if I would ever "get there" myself (I had so many doubts despite Debra's insistence that everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition and has the ability to do readings).The class has been an incredible experience.  The other students are all really nice, cool, curious and down to earth.  It's a great vibe.As a teacher I can't say enough wonderful things about Debra.  She has a way of making the most esoteric things understandable and approachable.  I feel totally supported, encouraged, inspired and motivated to do the homework.  She is gentle (as noted by another reviewer) but doesn't let anyone hide so you will benefit from the class even if/ when you're struggling.The class is well structured and it's such a relief to be able to ask questions (which were discouraged in other classes I've taken).  They're recorded so you can listen if you miss one and/ or go back to review.  The lessons are easy to follow and would not, IMO, conflict with anyone's (moderate) religious views as it is about working with energy and spirit.As for my own development, I'm really happy with my progress.  In the other classes I took I never felt like anything clicked (they ranged from a few weeks to a few months.  And, yes, I did the homework).  After studying with Debra for only a few weeks I have started to have and remember meaningful dreams (I rarely remembered dreams in the past and they were usually a weird jumble of things that didn't make any kind of sense to me).  We also practiced on a student and I ACCURATELY PICKED UP ON INFORMATION!!!!!!  I'm sorry for yelling but I was just so amazed by myself!  While I've had moments of intuition in the past I never reeeeeaaaaaaaaallly believed I could learn it- until the Debra.  If you have any desire to work with your intuition, whether for professional or personal reasons, I HIGHLY recommend The International School of Clairvoyance (and other intuitive gifts are explored so if you're on the fence I would encourage you to email the school and ask questions).

Testimonial #52

Thank you so much for this detailed reading and healing from the group. I was really moved by the depth of information that came through and the compassion and loving energy I was able to feel from all readers. It was really amazing. A lot of it was spot on and I would like to thank every single reader for their time and dedication. I learned a lot about myself and how to move forward and also on letting go of the past. I learned about areas that I am a bit stuck and how to bring in more flow. I am so glad I signed up for the reading! Lots of love, gratitude and blessings to all readers! 

Testimonial #51

Hi I apologize for taking so long to write my review I always like to integrate the information that came, I have to say the class reading was totally amazing and how each person connected in their own way yet all saying the same thing....I would definitely recommend anyone to enjoy a reading with this class of students ❤️


Debra is an incredible teacher.  I had serious doubts about whether or not I would be able to develop my intuitive gifts and studying with Debra has definitely changed that!  She is a generous and wonderful teacher, I felt totally supported, encouraged and guided throughout the course and really enjoyed the other students.  My gifts are expanding, which is wonderful, but the best surprise is how my day-to-day life has been impacted.  I feel more clarity and am able to release things that don't serve me MUCH faster.  I feel more confident about certain choices I'm making, despite some of the challenges, because I'm able to "check in" with myself and trust I'm doing what is in alignment with my highest good.  This is one of the best classes I've ever taken, I *highly* recommend it.

Two Life Changing Experiences

I had a reading first with Debra during a difficult time. The accuracy and detail she is able to provide, not to mention depth of healing intention is unmatched. Debra is an incredibly gifted clairvoyant- she was even able to see physical details about ME without ever meeting me or seeing a photo. I referred two friends to her who were equally astounded by the insight she provided.I later booked a student reading to learn more. I experienced a team of incredibly talented and diverse readers who, although saw very different images, were all discussing the same themes in my life. This helped me to see my life through different perspectives to see which resonated. They alerted me to several blockages and helped me in my process of moving forward immensely. Both readings felt guided and part of my journey- without these people who I consider angels and their healing and insights, I would have had many delays to my growth. Grateful from the bottom of my heart. You all helped me so much and undoubtedly bring so much light into the world.

Testimonial #47

​Had wonderful experience with my reading and found most everything of value. especially when Amouri mentioned my three values being, family, work and sacrifice. This really helped me to see why I have such a hard time moving forward with my soul's evolution. Other things mentioned about feelings held back with my adult thinking also spoke to me. Taking baby steps to move forward and also letting in the light into my meditation is something I can start with in order to move forward.

Insight into my own soul

​Debra gave me insight into my soul and it's purpose. She touched on things I felt would help take in the direction I need to go and things about myself that could change to help grow into a more successful person and spirit. I recommend her to anyone who would like guidance in certain areas of their life.

Amazing and Heathful!

My experience was fabulous! Michelle was a great leader/coordinator, and Stacy, Josh and Naomi were amazing! I will type my notes and forward them, along with my responses. Thank you SO MUCH for offering such a marvelous service!

Unbelievably Appreciative

​Debra is an exceptionally talented woman with a warm and genuine spirit. I am so grateful for the time I had with her. She not only gave me an excellent reading but when she found a couple of interfering energies she did some healing work as well. I immediately felt an emotional release and then a freedom from something that had been holding me back. She did some really powerful work and I am extremely grateful for it.

Grateful and Inspired

​My experience with the practice group was very helpful and accurate. All three students had different pictures that they intuited, but all tied into one big theme, which was exactly the confirmation I needed to move on and let go of the past. Erica, Dennis, Juan and Debra were spot on! Thank you again for nudging me out of this old way of thinking. Highly recommend this to anyone seeking guidance in improving their life!

Accessing the core of an issue

I appreciate how practical Debra is. She gets down to the core of an issue, and it often has aspects leading into it one wouldn't expect. Her fresh perspective and confidence are edifying, and it's wonderful how suggestions she offers are delivered with heart and compassion. I like her quiet manner and her strength. It feels as if both are foundational to the ways I want to grow. Am happy to be a students of hers.

Words of wisdom

Debra gave me extremely valuable insight into my life's purpose. She was able to elaborate in depth on the meaning behind all those challenges I'm facing at this moment in my life. She described my situation and my feelings with perfect accuracy. I was able to confirm many of those thoughts and hints that have been popping up lately. Debra even answered questions I had without me asking them. I'm extremely grateful for your wisdom on taking those steps towards that change I'm needing so much. It was hard to realize with tears in my eyes that all this time my soul has been so neglected for nurturing and love. To start making the things I really want, to be in charge of my life, to not be afraid, to let the real me express herself and shine, and leave behind all those limiting apprehensions I grew up with. Thank you Debra, this reading has changed my life and given me the much needed insight and guidance for making that change once and for all. Thank you!


​The whole thing was comfortable and Debra was spot on. I feel motivated and focused for the future. It was exactly what I needed.

What I needed to Hear

I had my reading done and what Debra said was what I had in my spirit to do for quite some time but did not have the courage to take the first step. I now have confirmation of what I need to do with the next stage of my life. Thank you.

Amazing and spot on - wow!

​I would just like to thank Debra for the incredibly insightful and correct reading. Everything she said made sense and she confirmed and validated recent events - even saying the title of an email I'd sent to a family member the day before, wow! Debra (and my guides - thank you and bless!!) have given me some wonderful ideas on how to get unstuck, to progress and move forward. After the reading I felt a sense of calm, positivity and healing. I can't wait until my next reading. Thank you once again and I have recommended Debra to my friends. All the very best.

Steered me back on track

​I was going basically in the right direction but needed some adjustments, fine-tuning, clarification and validation. All these minor adjustments added up to one big step up!

Third times a charm, but so were my first two!

​Debra is amazing at her talent and she is just so warm and inviting when doing a personal reading. She has guided my life in the last few years and I can't thank her enough!! Every time I come out feeling uplifted with struggles that I have been enduring. I am amazed at how spot on she has been about visions she has revealed about my life path. I recommend her without a doubt to all who are seeking some answers or guidance. I'm excited to see where this last reading takes me and if she was correct yet again!!!

Lovely group reading

I had a student group reading with Iris, Alisa, Lori, Stacy and Judy. They all had uplifting messages from my guides. They were accurate about how I am as a person and I received many confirmations regarding my personal spiritual journey. Lovely experience.


​My reading with clairvoyant students Samantha and Alisa, and facilitator Iris was accurate, supportive, and inspiring! Everything they said made sense and confirmed facts about my life, career, personality, values, and passions. The student readers are very talented and share information with clarity, heart and compassion. I am so grateful Debra offers these readings and highly recommend them to anyone seeking clarity, guidance, inspiration and encouragement. Love and light.

So helpful!

Debra L.K. is an angel in disguise. She is incredibly talented with her intuition and guidance and spoke about my loved ones as if she's known them for years. She gave me understanding and the direction I needed for some complex problems. God Bless you D.L.K.

So helpful!

Debra L.K. is an angel in disguise. She is incredibly talented with her intuition and guidance and spoke about my loved ones as if she's known them for years. She gave me understanding and the direction I needed for some complex problems. God Bless you D.L.K.

Deeply Helpful

​I'm so glad I decided to book a reading with Debra. It was a very moving experience, to feel so deeply seen, heard, and understood. When she spoke of my Angel helpers who have been with me so long I was deeply moved. I received the support and confirmation I need to take some important steps in my life. Thank you so much, Debra!

Great Reading. Very Insightful!

​I had a very positive experience with my group of readers. The readers were able to gain very accurate insight to my life, experiences, and issues. I was surprised at how thorough the information was. I was given the opportunity to ask a question or two at the end of the reading but it was almost unnecessary as the readers were able to address all of my major questions without my input. The facilitator of the session was very patient and knowledgeable. The readers were respectful and kind. I would not hesitate to pay any one of these students to provide a reading for me and I have no doubt the reading they provide will be high quality and insightful. Thank you!


My reading with Debra was very on target with what I needed to learn in order to heal issues that have been keeping me from having the life I want to have. I like that she continues to probe images for more information until there is clarity. She is probably the most detailed and accurate psychic I have met. I appreciate that she tells you what you need to hear, whether or not it is what you want to hear. One day I would like to have another reading with Debra. I would highly recommend her if you are open and ready to solve issues going on in your life.

Right on Point

​The session that I had with the Mediums on Wednesday was encouraging and gave me direction for the future. Stacy, Marshall and Juan were assigned to me that evening. Marshall was right on... she connected with my brother Scott. My brother was 47 years old when he left this life of June 11th of this year. She said that a young man who had liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver. She said he ate infrequently and had fevers a lot. That was exactly right! She said that he is watching over me and that was a real comfort. Stacy said that I was a worrier and had a general sadness. I have had Major Depressive Disorder since childhood. She said that I need to balance my time and that my eating was out of control. She said that I was having problems... something to do with my stomach. I had gastric bypass in 2008 and have not been eating right which causes me nausea and weight gain. She also indicated that I needed to stop smoking... something that has been on my mind for a long time. My grandfather died of lung cancer and she mentioned him. Juan told me that he sees a lot of hugs...I hug a lot and try to pass good energy to everyone I meet. All in all... this was a great reading. These three are very gifted Mediums and should continue their good work. Thank you so very much for allowing me this opportunity. I will never forget it.....

Thank you

​Thank you for the opportunity to talk to Debra! English is not my first language, but her voice is very clear and I was able to understand everything. Besides, I felt her sincere desire to help me with her gifts.


Debra's accuracy is nothing short of amazing-- from her very first visual impression, she was able to identify and articulate what was going on for me on many levels. Her clarity of vision and the messages from guides were exactly what I needed. Thank you Debra-- it is comforting to know you are a phone call away when life becomes difficult.


It was a wonderful and very moving experience. The readers have really deep insights and offer wonderful perspective in a nurturing and gentle way.

Always helpful

​I've had a number of readings with Debra over the last 4 years and every one helps to center me and understand the state of my life path. I learn something new each time

Different from what I expected, but happy

​I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be read by students during a Wed practice group. I was very curious and open and I think the student perceived this and easily connected with me, which was very pleasing, There were 6 student plus a facilitator and they sort of described me (spot on) and energies around me, all all them said similar things. Unfortunately the skype connection was very poor and I missed some words. For this reason I just asked one question (It was not easy to be heard!) while i had maybe 2/3 in mind, which was a bit frustrating but I knew I was there to offer them a learning opportunity this made really happy. All the readers seemed genuinely happy to work with me and tried to be super clear and helpful. I had a really nice and warm feeling. The experience was different from what i expected but absolutely worth it, recommended and positive. Thank you. I might show up again in the future or maybe think about having a private reading with Debra but, for now I am really pleased.


Don't hesitate to get a reading with the Seventhsight group! They are amazing and it was such a gift to take a moment to heal and to receive information from my spirit guides and Angels.

An unexpected visit with my grandmother. It made my day

​Pleasantly surprised, I got mediumship straight up! My grandmother, who passed in 1999, had so much to say. we didn't get through it all. She was "pointing to my heart." And I hadn't told Debra that two cardiologists say I need to have a heart procedure.

Clarifying, Debra is WONDERFUL!

​Debra took a long time with me as my situation that needed clarifying revealed itself to be layered beyond what I saw, but had a gut feeling about. Debra so accurately 'read' various aspects and gave direction on resolutions and time frames I need to be working with, but being in the middle of, was just spinning in circles, totally off center. I will definitely have other readings with this most amazing healer/seer, she saw things about me, strengths I have, that got lost through my current situation that I can now draw on to 'retrieve my authentic self'. Debra and her guides also gave a healing during the session, pertaining to my situation and I immediately felt the effect of it and now have 'the tools' to move on in the direction of my highest good. On closing, she bestowed light, clarity, confidence and reassurance, which is key to making necessary changes with ease and peace of mind. I highly recommend Debra's readings/healing sessions to ANYONE!!!! Such an enlightening experience.


The facilitator was professional and the readings I got were spot on. Thank you.


​Debra and my guides gave me the affirmation needed in my life right now. She was insightful and spot on during the reading. The reading confirmed some things in my life that i now know I'm headed in the right direction. There's so much change, light and abundance coming soon and I'm looking forward to it! Thank you, Debra :)


​Oh what a treat that was to have a reading from your group of talented psychics. They did a wonderful job. Sincere, thoughtful, caring and on the mark! you should be proud.They didn't miss a thing, seriously. Appreciated the facilitator and the care she took to make sure everyone was comfortable on the call. Great experience!


​Debra had to take a bit longer because it was such a deep healing. Thing that have been holding me back many life times have been removed and healed. She nailed how I am and she even had opportunity to experience things she has never seen before.

Fun and Positive Experience

​I enjoyed the students' insights and am looking forward to a very positive year feeling with opportunities to learn and grow!


I can't say enough good things about the readers associated with this school. They are wonderful and they are the real deal. My reading allowed me to find closure on issues in my life that I have been struggling with for quite some time and this has been a huge relief! I can't thank these wonderful, gifted women, enough (Debra, Iris, Shannon, Beatrice,and Alisa). THANK YOU!!

Wonderful reading

As always Debra has helped me with her predictions, advice and guidance. I always contact her when I need guidance as I trust her 100%. Thank you!

Accurate and Helpful

The student session by Abdula, Judy, Chelsea, Alexis, Katie, Malaya, Beatrice, Judy Lynn and Iris was incredibly accurate and helpful. Not only did they pick up on current patterns in my life, they also confirmed what a few other people have also mentioned in terms of what is coming next. It was interesting to hear the different insights from each student which then integrated into a fluid reading. One suggestion I have is to consider slowing down the preparation mediation - thought I'm aware that this was a rather large group to manage. Well done and many thanks!

Many thanks

​Debra helped me understand some of my concerns about my health & current relationship. Thank you so much Debra!!

So healing!

I had deep, personal issues to deal with and Debra handled them with such care and compassion. I appreciate her kindness, accuracy, and insight as how to overcome obstacles that have been placed in my way this lifetime. She was extremely thorough and I appreciate her true caring demeanor. She is a gentle soul with a genuine gift!


Debra is a ray of light and a blessing to so many. I just had my third reading yesterday, and my mind is still swirling with emotion, reflection and shock. How can anyone see that deep into my soul and pinpoint exactly what I need to hear and talk about? Well, she does, every time, and it's a gift that is real. Thank you, Debra. You've helped me to acknowledge and accept my own intuitive side, and it's shifting how I see everything.

So Wonderful

​I had the healing session to help me with hurts of my past that were still falling over my current life. First we talked and then I laid down during which time Debra and her guides worked on me. I felt relaxed and my hands tingled the whole time and I twitched on one side several times. When she was done she described what she found and mentioned things I had forgotten to tell her. Debra was spot on and helped me to see past the pain shadow and look always toward my sunshine!!

Best Reading Ever

I have had many readings, and the group reading I received was hands down the best reading I have ever had! I am a fellow student and I am completely honored and humbled to be a part of such an amazing group of readers and healers. Thank you Debra for this opportunity, your wisdom and your guidance.

Amazing Gifts!

The accuracy of my reading was dead on. They touched on past lives, Holly our cat, my aura also on family members that crossed over. It's truly awesome how they connected with me about my strengths and weaknesses. This almost brought me to tears. I am truly grateful for my reading. Your doing an awesome job "Sunshine" (Debra) with your students. Thank you, Naomi, TD and Joshua

Exceptionally insightful and therapeutic!

This was my first clairvoyant reading and I came out a changed person after that. Debra is truly an amazing spirit that lifts up others:) Not only does she find what is hindering your spirit from becoming the best you can be, Debra with the help of your guides lets you know what you can do to help improve your situation and heal yourself. Her session was profoundly therapeutic. She helped me uncover some very interesting things about myself, she shed light on some deep parts of my soul, and that by itself is very healing. Debra is very genuine, caring, and comforting! Her reading was very accurate. I felt so much lighter after the session! I am definitely recommending Debra to my friends and will be scheduling more sessions with her in the future!


I feel the students are gifted and I received confirmation of current life events. A sign of a great reading is confirmation of what you all ready know. Very helpful Thanks so much


I have been an admirer of Debra's works for a few years now and for some reason was a little scared to actually go forward with a reading because of what I might hear. I am about to turn 30 years old and decided I would purchase a reading as a gift of healing for myself. She didn't ask a ton of questions at the beginning and jumped right into the reading. She touched on things that were so deep inside of me that no one knows about me. All my years of feeling "alone" and not understood quickly felt erased while talking to her. I was afraid of being to emotional but I had a strong sense of comfort and handled it quite well. I will be soon taking a trip up to Sedona to continue on my healing path Debra has set me up for. I hope to have another reading with her as well. Thank you spirits for guiding me to her powers.

Warm, nurturing and generous!

I had a great experience being read by my group of students. They were spot-on about a lot of my life's issues and my overall spiritual health. Everybody had something different to offer but nobody felt out of tune. I felt reassured and taken care of. Some really interesting insights that I will study and think about for quite some time. Couldn't have started the year on a better note!

Comfortable and Relevant

​I had a reading with the students and I found them to be engaged and pretty much right on with their readings. What I got from this session was validation of what I thought was the right path but family dynamics kept me from believing in myself. I am now working on trusting myself more and pursuing the path that I am currently on. I cannot express my appreciation for the gentleness, kindness, and guidance I received from Iris and all the other students. Thank you so much! Very positive experience.