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DASM - Excellent Delivery of Course Material

Ashraf was a pleasure to learn from. His professional and life experiences definitely reflect a unique teaching style that any student would admire. He has aspired me to become a better professional.

Every engaging, simplicity at its best

I recently took the DASM course that was taught by Dr. Ashraf and he was very patient, geniuinely care and have a passion for teaching. There were times when I got lost on the certain topics and he made it his business to make sure I understood what was being taught before moving on. Extremely accessible and easy going, even temper and ready to explain anything even after the class is over and after hours. Too bad he doesn't do more of 5hese courses in other subject because I would be at the top of the list in each one. Thanks again Dr. Ashraf

Simple and very engaging sessions

Project management is something which I kind of know owing to my profile however, have never an opportunity to understand anything related to the subject as per the books. Despite of my first time learning about Agile and process, I didn’t find anything difficult to understand or comprehend. Thanks to the Pedagogy Mr.Ashraf follows which is engaging, practical and extremely simple. I am sure the learning will help me to make the processes better for my team. Thanks


Ashraf taught very nicely I did not sleep even it was midnight and early morning due to different time zone.

Senior Scrum Master

Ashraf is a very thorough, patient, experienced and knowledgeable Agilist. He takes time to explain the material and share valuable, real life, practical examples. You would not regret taking any of the training.

Great instruction

I recently took the DASSM course with Dr. Naim and easily passed the exam. He runs well paced, engaging, and interactive sessions even when there are copious amounts of materials to be covered. Combine that with the ability to apply real world experience and examples to the theory presented and you've got the perfect mix.

Great Experience!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course taught by Dr Ashraf Naim. At first I wasn't very sure If I will be able to understand the nuances of Disciplined Agile as it is something I had never studied, but Dr Ashraf made sure that each student is on board while he taught us in innovative ways. He was extremely patient and always accesible for us if we had any doubts. It indeed was a great learning experience which will definitely help me build a better career path.

Agile Dasm-3rd July 2021

Wonderful course and teacher. Just had a heart attack with the amount of material in the course. The timing needs to be extended to atleast a four day course. The rest was all perfect.

Simple and very engaging sessions

Project management is something which I kind of know owing to my profile however, have never an opportunity to understand anything related to the subject as per the books. Despite of my first time learning about Agile and process, I didn’t find anything difficult to understand or comprehend. Thanks to the Pedagogy Mr.Ashraf follows which is engaging, practical and extremely simple. I am sure the learning will help me to make the processes better for my team. Thanks

Project Manager - Ociten and Pladio Engineers

I enthusiastically recommend the DASSM course taught by Dr. Ashraf Naim. In addition to mastering the subject, he has the ability to teach. He continually uses real cases and gives very illustrative examples. The classes are professional and also enjoyable. He also provides an international perspective on how work methodologies are changing. This is very useful to guide my career development. All in all, it is the best DA Agile course I have attended.

DASM 2day trading was awesome!

Thanks very much to Dr. Ashraf for the 2days of DASM training. It was a small group, fun and informative. We had many interactive sessions, reviewed interesting videos to add context, and always received valuable responses or recommendations for additional reading material, to increase our learning and interest. Awesome day!

Advisory Application support - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master DASM -  Dr Ashraf NaimDr Ashraf Naim is a fantastic instructor; engages the class by encouraging to think about the reality of our own situations with regard to the concepts being taught. His vast experience allows him to talk to the reality of implementation of the techniques being taught vs. simply reciting text from the slides.

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master DASM - Dr Ashraf Naim

I am satisfied with the training given by Dr Ashraf Naim on Disciplined Agile Scrum Master DASM - PMI. During training, the faculty was able to clear my doubts and provide real life examples. Overall experience is very good. Guidelines given by Ashraf was excellent.

Project Manager - Shopper Drug Mart

Insightful Training Session!The 2 day DASM sessions allowed me to take a deep dive in to my Way of Working. Ashraf shared his professional experiences through which I could learn and apply the learnings. The study notes helped me tremendously to understand each subject more and prepare me for the certification.

I'm glad I attended POPM course here

I was recommended by someone to take the Product owner and Product Manager (POPM) course here. I'm glad I did. The instructor Dr. Ashraf Naim is not only knowledgeable but he was very patient and detail oriented. This was one of the most interactive courses I've ever taken. Dr. Naim made sure each student understood in detail the in-depth concept and fundamentals of this course. I would strongly recommend others to take this course here if planning to stay in related IT field. The tips he provided also was very helpful to pass the exam easily.

Pramod Bhat - Enterprise Agile Transformation Catalyst at TD Wealth Management & Insurance

Truly appreciate the 2-day training workshop for the DASSM certification with Ashraf! His practical experience combined with expansive expertise in the agile environment reflected during his coaching interactions. The learning was well augmented with equally contributing cohorts who enhanced the knowledge sharing. I will highly recommend the professional demenour by Ashraf to provide the guiding light towards our learning process. Appreciate the motivation and confidence building during our interactions at the workshop.


Excellent course. Very practical. Learning is facilitated by doing and arguing with peers

Senior Project Manager - e-Health Canada

Excellent Training Sessions. Thank you, Dr. Naim for the excellent DASSM sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day training and learnt a lot. The training materials shared were really good and the delivery of the content was absolutely amazing as well. The examples / experience that you shared will really help us further enhance our skills and processes back at work. Thank you so much for organizing and delivering such insightful and thought provoking training!

Commercial Director, Bussiness Vinculation en ICAMI

PRACTICAL AND USEFUL PROGRAM - The program was fluid and clear. It allowed us to learn the methodology, apply the comments and enrich it with other people who participated. In addition, the instructor's expertise was very valuable.

Project Management Consultant & Trainer - Pyramid Project Management Solutions

Insightful and InterestingI enjoyed attending my DASM course with ClubAgile. Ashraf is an amazing instructor who kept us alert through out the two days with lots of hands-on learning. The course material is very insightful to anyone looking to broaden their Agile capabilities while still using a proven framework to choose from and work within.

Project Manager - Town of Oakville

Loved the workshop. Practical knowledge that will really benefit my career. Dr. Naim was great at answering all questions, and gives enough time to review all material.

Project Manager - CIBC

I took the DASM course with ClubAgile and came back for round two to learn about DASSM! Dr. Naim is a wonderful instructor and has designed the course for you to succeed. You will leave with a wealth of knowledge and some solid worldly advice.

DASM Workshop by Dr. Ashraf

Dr. Ashraf is a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Ashraf was calm during the workshop and handled all the topics / questions very well - he answered every question with deep insight and was helpful in making the group understand the concept again, if required.
He shared some very insightful content - from his work experience and widely available content - which helped put all the theoretical concepts into perspective.

I would highly recommend his DASM training and workshop.

Project Manager - Peel District School Board

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day virtual workshop over zoom with Dr. Naim and the rest of the group. We were provided a comprehensive overview of the DA toolkit, augmented by real-world/industry examples. Dr. Naim kept the class engaged using gamification tools like Mural and Mentimeter. I highly recommend this course for those wishing to explore Agile concepts and certifications.

Process Excellence Consultant | Homesite Insurance Group, Inc.

DASM - Training Well Worth It!Dr. Ashraf Naim led our DASM training on 4/10-411. he was engaging, knowledgeable and thorough. The content of the course really helped me gain a better perspective on Disciplined Agile benefits and the various methodologies it encompasses. Dr. Naim also did a great job breaking up learning material with group activities that were smooth and seamless in transition. He also made it a comfortable place to ask questions, bring experiences to the table and engage with the other participants. It also made it fun that we had quizzes throughout each day with winners identified at the end. All in all, great learning experience and I would highly recommend this class.

CEO & Business Agility Coach - Agile Delta Consulting

Great DA remote learningI shadowed one of Ashraf's remote DASM course recently and it was executed excellently, The quality of the knowledge shared was awesome and the interaction using Mural was great. If you want to learn about DA, then this remote class with Ashraf is for you.

Digital Delivery Coach - Mckenna Built

I loved this training session and activites with our Dassm team over the weekend. There was the perfect amount of break out activities, interactive learning and extra study material. I passed my certification on one try with my study guidance. I will be taking more training with Club Agile.

Senior Director of Technology Services at Southern New Hampshire University

Fantastic virtual course Unlike other courses I have attended during COVID or pre-pandemic, this course is very interactive and holds attention. Ashraf is an expert in the field and is open to questions and healthy debates. Highly recommend this class to anyone looking to begin to understand agile.

Account and SSI Product Owner & Project Manager - Barclays Capital

I attended two days training conducted by Dr. Ashraf Naim and I must say it turned out to be a very good experience. The pace was optimal with lots of interaction. We had several breakout sessions in group of four. This allowed for understanding concepts very well. Considering two days training for such a vast topic, there was a lot to digest. Dr. Naim ensured that he kept everyone involved. The course content was easy to understand. Real examples were provided where necessary to relate with topics being learnt. Thank you Dr Naim. I recommend this course to anyone wishing to secure DASSM certification.

Personal Lines A/C Manager - Armour Insurance Brokers Ltd.

On my path towards agility, I wish to thank ClubAgile (Ashraf Naim SPC5, DASM, DASSM, CDAI, CSP-SM-PO, PMP) for his continued support and guidance during the interactive workshop convened in a simplistic but informative manner by sharing life experiences and the practical aspects of the learning provided as part of the PMI-DASM curriculum.

Amazing individual sharing profound experiences to enhance the learning which is commendable.

Thanks a lot Ashraf! Hope to continue my learning through ClubAgile on future endeavours!

Project Development Manager - KAFD Development & Mgt Company

Strongly RecommendedI completed my training course for DASSM. I really appreciated Dr. Ashraf’s teaching method/format for the virtual classroom and it worked for me.

Thank you for a great training experience!

Senior Software Consultant Technopals Pte Ltd

Thanks, Dr. Ashraf for the comprehensive DASSM trainingDr. Ashraf provided comprehensive DASSM training and adding his own experiences during the sessions makes his style of teaching unique.

Director - Julius Baer

DASSM - Excellent session with Dr.Ashraf Naim Julius Baer Associate The course was explained by Ashraf in detailed manner with real examples which helps to prepare the exam with confidence. Excellent and highly recommended for anyone who aspire to get DASSM

Project Manager II - Concentrix

Mr Ashraf is an excellent mentor and coach. He adds his experience as examples during coaching thereby making the concepts easy to understand. He provided additional references during training to help us understand agile in a better way. Thanks Ashraf for your efforts.

SUPERB: Sincere - Sober - Sane - Splendid

Sincere by nature, Sober in attitude, Sane by conduct, Splendid in knowledge
—- Rare combination which is manifested by the splendid instructor of the field. Dr. Ashraf Naim is a scarce resource and a blessing for knowledge and certification-seekers during these highly commercial times.

Dr. Naim has supported the parent-professional bodies and institutes in evolving the fields of “disciplined agile” and “value stream mapping” so can interpret knowledge in a value-oriented way.

He is a dedicated, polite, considerate, empathetic, & inspiring knowledge manager who himself is smartly equipped with agile methodologies.

He innovates through effective collaborative-learning methodologies/techniques to better facilitate multi-functional teams of knowledge-seekers coming from all parts of the globe.

Special thanks with sincere prayers.

AML Examiner - CIBC

Fantastic class; Ashraf is well versed and an exceptional tutor.
I learned a lot about DASM and look forward to being certified.
I highly recommend this course with Club Agile to anyone looking to improve their learning of Agile.

President and Principal Consultant (Nuovem)

Great class with very insightful real-life examples

Program Director at RBC

Taught me a lot about the new way of thinking about Disciplined Agile. Thank you for sharing your insights

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master course

Very well taught and good understanding of the topics.

Project Manager - BJC HealthCare

My experience with Dr. Ashraf Naim and Club Agile has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Naim is very thorough, experienced, and goes above and beyond to ensure his students are well prepared for the exam. I would highly recommend anyone wanting DASM or DASSM exam preparation to register for a course with Dr. Ashraf Naim. Thank you for all of your help and support along this journey. Highly Recommended.

Strategic Program Manager - Cisco

I wanted to let you know that I took my exam today and passed with a minimum amount of study.

To prepare for the test, I lightly read the sections and took the exams you prepared.

Thank you for preparing those and for such an excellent class.

Business Solutions Manager - Hydro One

The Disciplined Agile Scrum master training course conducted by Ashraf Naim of Club Agile was terrific! The material covered over the two day course was thorough, complete and presented in a manner that made absorbing the information easy.

Ashraf's presentation style was engaging and made understanding the material enjoyable. The course was well structured and paced which made it easy to stay engaged throughout the day.

Store Manager at lululemon

Thank you for an awesome weekend! I learned so much!

Recommend instructor Dr. Ashraf Naim !!

I attended DASM course, it was an informative, valuable and well organized training. Dr. Ashraf Naim made the class interactive and provided real time scenarios which helps understand the concepts better. The group exercises were interactive and fun. I recommend Dr. Ashraf Naim to everyone and look forward to attend future trainings with him !!

GHS Operations & Project Manager

Thank you Dr. Ashraf for the DASSM course

I would like to thank Dr. Ashraf for the 2-day course on DASSM, especially for being readily available to answer my concerns and questions during my studying period. He stands by his students for a long term. It's much appreciated! I successfully passed the DASSM exam today after many hours of hard and detailed reading.

Dr. Ashraf Naim is the best

the course I have taken it with Dr. Ashraf was one of the best courses I have ever taken

Project Manager at Saudi Industrial Property Authority

Dr. Ashraf Naim is the best (CLUBAGILE)

He takes care of his students, follows up with them, professional in explaining the material, his language is clear and easy to understand and deals with you as an elder brother rather than a coach. I highly recommend starting your agile journey with him.

Sr. Financial Planner & Analyst - Greencastle Consulting

Passed! Great class

Club agile did a great job! Two knowledgeable instructors led us through the material, and it was all relevant. Key points they made stuck in my mind and helped with the challenging questions on the test. Thank you!

Principal Consultant Digi Consulting Inc

A Delighted Student

Instructors gave real-world examples of Disciplined Agile in action which made for more effective learning. Workshops were fun.


Automation Engineer

Excellent class !!!! Enjoyed it

Commercial Director, Bussiness Vinculation en ICAMI

The course is very complete and gives us a vision of what agile discipline is. With the exercises that we did and the teamwork, the learning is further complemented, as well as helping to pay more attention and not be so monotonous. The complementary information and experience of Dr. Naim, gives the course additional value.

Executive Director Cogmates

Excellent !!! DASM course

Scrum Master at Alithya

Attended DASM class. Very informative course and good training

Sr. Management Consultant - Solvera Solutions

Dr.Naim was a very knowledgeable, patient instructor who covered the materials diligently and with good humour and helpful practical experience anecdotes. He stopped often to ensure our questions were answered to our satisfaction.

Oracle Exadata and Database Appliances & IT Project Manager

The DASM Course material was good

and the instructor

Dr. Ashraf Naim is amazing.

VP, Client Services - Conversion Digital

Thanks Dr. Naim


Great course! Learned a lot and it was very engaging given the limitation of Zoom.

Big thank you to Dr. Naim! Truly great class

Director of Development - Huran University

Strongly recommended

I took a 2-day training for a Disciplined Agile Scrum Master certification. It was led by Dr. Ashraf Naim. There was a lot of ground to cover over the 2 days and we managed to get through everything with many practical examples, plus received great tools for the exam preparation. It was my first course in DA and I enjoyed it, plus passed the exam. I feel this was possible only thanks to Ashraf's guidance. I also appreciate clear and timely communication with the course prep information and the follow-up after the course with all the extra materials that helped set us up for success. Thank you.

Business Technology Specialist - Give and Go Prepared Foods

Very Knowledgable and Engaging

I took Disciplined Agile 2 day course with Dr. Ashraf. It was very immersive and interesting course. What i was really impressed was with how Ashraf presented and engaged entire class throughout the session, along with reference to examples. He was very helpful in answering all the questions we had and also covering all the content. I highly recommend you take this course if you have been thinking about agile way of learning.

IPMT Mechanical Engineer - Duqm Refinery

Ashraf is an experienced instructor in project management with extensive experience in Agile and Agile Delivery. He uses interactive tools to involve the participants in understanding Discipline Agile Delivery and how it can be applied in your current organization.

Lean Manufacturing Manager - G&W Electric Co.

1st of all Thank you Dr Ashraf for providing very engaging and intuitive course, it was easy to learn and understand the way you provided course material and training with Videos and real life examples. I appreciate your guidance and offline information you provided about road map for Agile certification.
I would highly recommend Dr Ashraf for future training and certifiaction.

Amazing !!!!!

I attended DASM class for 2 days. I really want to appreciate Dr. Naim for being such an amazing coach. Dr. Naim's class was productive and informative. The course was also very interactive with other participants .The content met my expectations and I highly recommend to all to attend his classes

Senior Consultant - Pivot Consulting Inc.

Knowledgeable and professional 

I took the DASM course and was blown away. The depth of knowledge and professional approach Ashraf brought to the course made the experience deeply profound. I highly recommend ClubAgile for your training!

Business Consultant - United Systems

I attended Dr Naim's DASM class. It was a good experience. The class was interactive with a lot of real life examples. Dr Naim followed the class with a set of quizzes which helped us in test preparation. Thanks to Dr Naim for an enriching experience. I would definitely reccomend his class for those who want to enhance their knowledge of Agile.

Sr Business Analyst - TD Bank

I cleared the DALSM exam. I want to thank you for all your guidance and support. Much appreciated.


Kudos to you for conducting the course / workshop so well, it was very informative, interactive though it was virtual...great job!!!


Going forward please include me in all your future courses and webinars. 


Thank you again, 


Senior IT Architect - TD Bank

Apart from achieving certification, I got understanding of the subject and its implementation, thanks to Ashraf and always admire his teaching techniques which are ver much customized per need, he also coaches on one’s future roadmap. He is one of the best SME I came across in agile transformation.

Sr. Solution Consultant - CIBC

I attended Dr. Naim SAFe DevOps course. The class was very engaging with a lot of real-life scenarios. The best DevOps course I have taken to date. Thanks, Ashraf, for the great class. I strongly recommend everyone in this area to take this course with Dr. Naim

Digital Transformation Lead - Mercedes-Benz Canada

I attended the Discipline Agile Lean Scrum Master & SaFE DevOps courses taught by Ashraf.

The course material and practical examples provided during the training were exceptional and a great factor for me clearing the certifications in the first go.

Ashraf continues to provide guidance and share his experiences which is a very important quality for a teacher / mentor.

Thank you Ashraf, I look forward to more learning in the future.

Thank you ClubAgile!

Program Manager - AML/CFT

I attended Dr. Naim's Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) course remotely over two days. The content met my expectations and Dr. Naim's delivery was excellent, allying technical knowledge with first-hand experience to illustrate all concepts and help in understanding them. The course was also very interactive with other participants chiming in and sharing their questions and comments. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for the DASM certification.

Project Assistant - Centum Mortgage Smart Inc.

This was a very immersive and interesting course -- a lot of self-learning to be done on your own to really understand and put together into practice the Agile Project Management Principles. This has been an exceptional course and I found this course to be highly relevant to anyone involved in Project Management and looking forward to be a Disciplined Agile Scrum Master or Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master . Highly recommended...!!

Trilingual (French, English, Hindi) Translator

I attended the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) workshop which was a two day workshop taught by Dr. Ashraf Naim. It was informative and detailed, coupled with many real life examples and situations that Dr. Naim had witnessed. It made learning from the course book easier.

Program Manager - IEEE

I attended the Discipline Agile Lean Scrum Master course taught by Ashraf. The course material was organized logically, and included videos and practical examples which helped to ensure we understood how principles apply in real life. I passed the exam, mainly because Ashraf continued to provide additional training and guidance.

Project Manager Executive

I attended the Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master Training with Dr Ashraf Naim. The training was a full-time course conducted over a two-day period. Dr Ashraf Naim was very extremely well prepared and offered great real-life examples of what we may see on the exam, and most importantly, in real life. Though I haven’t actually taken the exam yet, I feel that Dr Ashraf Naim’s course has put me in the best possible position to pass it.


I have attended the SAFe 5.0 Certification course from Dr.Ashraf. It was a great experience and he was able to explain everything very clearly and easily. He prepared and gave examples so well that it became very interesting and informative.I would like to thanks Dr Ashraf for sharing his knowledge and experience through out the classes which made it easier for me to understand.

Project Manager - Telus mobility

I attended the SAFe Scrum Master course recently. I am delighted that I decided to go ahead with this course and more so that I did it with Dr. Ashraf Naim. Everyone has access to course material but what matters most is how it is delivered, emphasizing live examples from the field, case studies, exercises and his own researched material. I encourage my colleagues and industry friends to go ahead with Dr. Ashraf Naim to ensure that they will utilize every minute of their learning time. Thanks, Dr. Ashraf Naim, for guidance and a great workshop.

IT Project Coordinator - City of Toronto

Along with 11 others, I attended Ashraf's DALSM 2-day, intensive, hands-on training and came away positively enthused and inspired! Ashraf is a natural mentor and leads by example - and there are many - from his own extensive, experience as well as on-line gems that he offers up with a few, relevant comments of his own. He can guide without intruding and I would unhesitatingly recommend his training sessions if you want to take your understanding and insight to the next level. Thank you, Ashraf!

SAP Technical Specialist - Innovapost

I attended the DALSM course, offered by Dr. Ashraf Naim.
It was a wonderful experience. Dr. Ashraf has a deep knowledge about DA methodology. The session was very lively, informative ,resourceful, and detailed. I would like to thank Dr. Ashraf for providing guidance and hope it will help me in evolving my mindset professionally.

CTO - Evitalit - Hungary

I attended this course to gain a better understanding of the current state of DA and to find the right approach for discussing it with my clients. I managed to get both, as well as a lot of useful tools to use. Thanks, Ashraf!


It was a great opportunity to be part of DALSM course which was offered by Mr. Ashraf Naim. He is a very seasoned mentor with deep knowledge about DA methodology. It was great experience and training sessions was very lively and informative. The presentations, workshop, videos and the real life professional examples used in courses were really resourceful and provided the comprehensive coverage of DA principles and methodology as a whole. I would like to thanks Mr. Ashraf for his wonderful guidance and I hope it will help in long way in changing the mindset professionally.

Sup. for Client Global Documentation - CIBC Mellon

I attended a two day DASM course. With almost zero knowledge on agile or anything scrum related, Ashraf was able to clearly explain the course material and provided with very relevant examples for people like me who aren't in the tech industry. He made the class very interactive and allowed us to practice through case studies and examples. I wanted to take the DASM certification to help me with a potential career change, not knowing that this course will provide me with the tools to help improve my current job. I would highly recommend this course with Dr. Ashraf!

Project Delivery Lead - CIBC

I have attended the course for SAFe 5 Agilist certification provided by Dr. Ashraf Naim, he is an excellent tutor and an engaging facilitator. He complements the course with real time scenarios for better understanding and provides in depth answers for all queries. Most importantly, his skills and knowledge are aligned with SAFe which makes it easier to grasp all concepts and knowledge needed for passing the exam.

Sr Manager, Business Analyst - CIBC

I took Leading SAFe 5.0 and SAFe APM courses from Mr. Ashraf Naim. He is very knowledgeable and engage whole class by quoting live scenarios and very interesting practical exercises. He has vast understanding of Agile core concepts and principles. He comes well prepared for the class. Both the courses were well taught which increased my understanding and knowledge about the SAFe principles. I would definitely take more courses from Ashraf in the future and will recommend him to my friends/colleagues.

Business Systems Specialist - CIBC

I attended the SAFe POPM training course by Dr Ashraf Naim and it was very educating and engaging. He has an in depth knowledge of SAFe and is able to break down complex topics for all audiences. I would totally recommend him any time any day.

Sr Manager of Software Architects - Thales

I knew Ashraf from when he worked at Thales Canada as the lead Agile Coach, to help guide the company through its Agile transformation.

At the time I was only an Agile novice. Ashraf shared his industry experience and valuable insights with me and mentored me to become an effective Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Ashraf is easy to talk to, full of insight and an effective trainer and coach. I highly recommend him for anything Agile.

Scrum Master - CIBC

I have attended three SAFe course classes by Ashraf including SAFe DevOps, Leading SAFe and PO/PM. His knowledge and classes are not limited only to the course syllabus and can be implemented practically. He is a great mentor and source of inspiration.

Business Systems Consultant - CIBC

I had attended the 3-day virtual Scaled Agile POPM training with Mr. Ashraf Naim and the course was organized and taught in a concise format. He was knowledgeable and I'd appreciated that he had applied real life examples while explaining the concepts. Overall the course was well taught and had increased my understanding of the subject matter as well as being able to apply the knowledge to my work. I would definitely take another course offered by Mr. Naim and would recommend him to others.

Business Analyst - CIBC

Sr Business System Analyst - CIBC

I took a Product Owner/Product Manager SAFe course with Ashraf. He was able to answer any and all questions we had while engaged in the course. He understands what is needed to be a great Instructor, but better yet a great mentor. If opportunity arise again I will take more courses with him as his lecturing and pace was perfect for this class. Hats off to him for making a smooth transition to an online channel for this as well.

Thanks Ashraf!

DevOps Developer - CIBC

It was a great opportunity to be part of SAFe DevOps course which was led by Ashraf Naim. He is a great instructor with deep knowledge about agile methodology. I will surely recommend him.

Sr Project Manager - CIBC

Had a great experience attending Leading SAFe course Dr. Ashraf led. Definitely would recommend both content and facilitation style.

Sr Scrum Master - CIBC

I took two SAFe courses with Ashraf. Ashraf is very knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of Agile. His classes are inspiring, helping you grow and reach your potential. I am glad that I took his classes. I highly recommend him.

Sr. Scrum Master - CIBC

I took a Agile Leading Safe course with Ashraf. He was knowledgeable and available to ask questions while I was studying to pass the test. He definitely demonstrates what it takes to be an Agile Coach and Instructor. I will take more courses with him in the future.

Sr. Project Manager CRM-PMO - CIBC

I completed 2 certifications: SAFe 5 DevOps Practitioner & SAFe 5 Product Owner/Product Manager
with Dr. Ashraf. His competence in Agile Delivery are all really admirable. The online courses that I attended were very well designed and would definitely be taking more such course in the near future. I would also recommend others to take these course with Dr. Ashraf as part of their learning and career progression.

Solutions Consultant - CIBC

I had course called Safe - APM with Club Agile.
Instructor has done great job to teach us new mindset and be part of growing Agile world.

Senior IT Project Manager - CIBC

Successfully completed Leading Safe 5.0 & POPM certification programs. Mr. Ashraf is highly proficient in the Agile / Scrum frame works and his expertise provides great insights on the Agile delivery. Truly recommend him for anyone who's interested to get latest Agile / Scrum related certifications to get ahead in their career.

Senior Risk Advisor Consultant - CIBC

I took Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Leadership course with Dr. Ashraf. Lean-Agile Mindset is the combination of beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and actions of SAFe leaders. I have learned how to apply Lean, Agile, systems thinking, and DevOps across the enterprise and be part of SAFe transformation in the organization. I really enjoyed the ability to learn from others and their experience of scrum in their teams and apply that experience to practical exercises we completed together. I really appreciated Dr. Ashraf’s teaching method/format for the virtual classroom and it worked for me. The comfort of attending at home was great. Thank you for a great training experience!

Project Manager - Go Mobile Communications Inc.

I attened the three DALSM course . The course content was explained very clearly by Dr Ashraf Naim. He encouraged participation and made it very interactive. I will recommend him to my friends and colleagues to do the courses wh=ith him and take advantage of Dr Naims diverse industry experience and knowledge . I wish Dr Ashraf Naim all the best in the future -

Engagement Manager - Apex Systems

Ashraf is not only a leading Agile practitioner but a dedicated teacher. He inspires those around him and I’ve learned a tremendous amount from his courses. He brings the theoretical to life with real world examples of his past experiences. I would highly recommend Ashraf for the dedication and commitment he shows to those interested in learning.

Management Consultant - PwC

Attended the 3 day Virtual Classroom for the DALSM course as well as the 2 Day Leading SAFe training conducted by the Mentor and Agile Coach Ashraf. It was really wonderful experience considering the fact that it was conducted virtually. The content and the real life examples used in both the courses were really resourceful and provided the comprehensive coverage of Agile principles and the framework as a whole. I would like to thank Club Agile and special mention to Ashraf for guiding and helping us in broadening our skillsets.

Sr Scrum Master - Compass Digital Labs

I attended the Leading Safe course with Ashraf. The two day session was very interesting and made understandable due to Ashraf's ability to bring real life context to the material. Would recommend for others and will attend future sessions.

Sr Scrum Master & Agile Coach - FCIB

I complete Leading Safe training with ClubAgile. Ashraf is a very well rounded, experienced, knowledgeable, detailed tutor. He shared real life experiences and examples on the various principles and concepts presented. Would definitely recommend Ashraf and attend training in the future with him.

Scrum Master - DLL

In 2018, I attended "Certified SAFe® 4 Advanced Scrum Master," and recently, I attended Leading SAFe training session conducted by Ashraf.
In 2018, it was classroom training, which was so interactive and engaging. That's why I chose to go with Ashraf for my Leading SAFe Certification; it was an online session, but the training session was very engaging.
Thanks, Ashraf.

Scrum Master / Agile Coach - Snap Travel

I liked that the DALSM class size was small, it made the activities very productive and efficient. It was also easy to ask for help or clarification because the group was small. I enjoyed the case studies and found those to be very useful as a practical implementation of the concepts being taught.

There is a lot of course material to cover in two days and would be helpful if I had done some reading in advance of the course. I would recommend suggested readings in advance which will help introduce concepts to people and possibly foster better dialogue or engagement.

Senior Test Automation Engineer - CIBC

Successfully completed 2 day virtual training for SAFe Scrum Master 5.0 Thanks Ashraf Naim  for being such an amazing instructor. 

Project Manager - Global NTT

I took SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager with Ashraf. Taking training with A was an excellent experience. Ashraf is very knowledgeable and have a very strong presentation skills. He is very dedicated and committed to his students during the training and after until they get certified. Ashraf conducted the demos required in the curriculum, linking the explained topics and broadening our horizons. I highly recommend taking training with him .... 

Technical Project Lead - FCIB

Thank you Ashraf Naim for an immersive and engaging learning experience. The course was skillfully delivered; you interwove every exercise, discussion, simulation, game, case study, and example in a meaningful and practical way to illustrate the principles of SAFe Scrum Master.

Program Manager - ADESA

The best training I ever attended, Ashraf provided comprehensive coverage of DA toolkit, sharing real world implementation examples & industry challenges. 2-Day virtual workshop over zoom was not boring at-all, it was full of evergy as if we are sitting in a class room. With balance of breaks, fun & deep dive coverage of course material; we left 2-days memories with new friends, new professional connections & wealth of DA knowledge that will help me shaping future project deliverables. My only regret to not have learnt it way earlier & all agile implementation pain could have been resolved. Thanks Ashraf & DA team for providing such excellent opportunity. Kindly keep me posted on future events & updates

Sr Project Manager - City of Ottawa

The best training I ever attended, Ashraf provided comprehensive coverage of DA toolkit, sharing real world implementation examples & industry challenges. 2-Day virtual workshop over zoom was not boring at-all, it was full of evergy as if we are sitting in a class room. With balance of breaks, fun & deep dive coverage of course material; we left 2-days memories with new friends, new professional connections & wealth of DA knowledge that will help me shaping future project deliverables. My only regret to not have learnt it way earlier & all agile implementation pain could have been resolved. Thanks Ashraf & DA team for providing such excellent opportunity. Kindly keep me posted on future events & updatesAshraf Naim is an excellent coach, never met him in person except for attending the courses. I have attended many seminars and training sessions but never came across anyone of his caliber. He is a 5 Star trainer, all respects and gratitude to him.

I thank PMI for having coaches like Ashraf Naim, he is an Asset to PMI. I will be highly recommending Club Agile to City of Ottawa friends and co-workers.

Agile Coach - Mercedes Benz Canada

Amazing DALSM workshop & content. Thank you Ashraf, amazingly organized and conducted

Agile Program Manager/ Coach - Walmart Canada

Attended DALSM class. Ashraf gave good explanation of how different methodologies/ frameworks are related and shared real life examples. Class was well organized and good use of supporting virtual tools (mural, Zoom rooms etc.)