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John Alston

P.O.Box # 8723
New Haven Connecicut ,


Leadership. Everyone in the Fire Service recognized how important it is. Often we complain when it's missing. We study management, strategies, and tactics but who actually works to build leadership skills.
Chief Alston does, and he leads but showing and working with others on building their leadership skills and style.

Great Presenter

Chief Alston is a wonderful and articulate speaker. His presentations are powerful and very informative. Chief Alston's experience, knowledge, and innate ability to present information is at the highest level.


These webinars have helped me to see challenges in a whole different light, challenges have become opportunities for growth and understanding.


I had an opportunity to participate in Chief John Alston’s Leadership class. I considered it to be an outstanding class for seasoned as well as up and coming fire service leaders. I would recommend it to others...

Al Pacheco

Great content. Solid path forward for me. Thank youChief

Great Online Talk

Thank you for the encouraging online talk you gave. A lot of us have concerns about family and work. You put things in clear perspective. for that, Im grateful.

Excellent Mastermind

Very informative and helpful

Great Presentation at HIDTA

Chief great job on your presentation and panel. You were right! Public Safety agencies have to break down the silos of information and start to communication in real time. Your comments to the panel were a breath of fresh air. Keep on with the good fight.

15 Laws of Growth Mastermind

The course is and was amazing. During the weeks I have learned quite a bit about myself and where I’m exceeding vs where I’m failing. I plan to continue my growth and seek the guidance and wisdom from Chief Alston who has been the definition of a leader.

Mastermind/ 15 laws of Growth

Awesome class!!!!! Chief Alston and Mr. Rodney Payne keep up the good work. This class and book help me understand myself more. Very humbling!!!

15 Laws Mastermind Group

Chief, just want to thank you for an extremely enlightening learning experience. I know that's a mouthful but i continue to review my notes and exercises. I learned a lot about myself and how my status can change. Shout out to my new teammates. God bless u!

Hope for the Helpful

Chief Alston has done it again with this thoughtful, well written guide to “helping the helper.” Without getting too “psychobabbly” Alston brings insight to a topic that has become a huge issue for the fire service.

7 C's of Trust

Want to thank you for a good class on trust. Your delivery of humor and true talk is refreshing. I will be P.C. from now on.

John Alston

John is amazing

Great Training Class on Personnel Issues

Had a tremendous opportunity to take a class on personnel issues with John Alston today. Great information and workplace examples. I can use this in my job right now.