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Cobblestone Consulting

101 Brickworks Cir NE
Atlanta GEORGIA , 30307
United States

IT Solutions

COVID has come with many unexpected changes, but Cobblestone was able to stay ahead of the curve to help us upgrade our software after the pandemic hit. They provided excellent customer service and radiated positivity during a challenging year for most businesses. The Cobblestone team always keeps the voice of the customer front-and-center while continuously delivering on time and on budget.

Learning Management System

Thanks to Cobblestone, our team is now able to work with the top Learning Management System (LMS) on the market today to stay involved and up-to-date on process changes, technology updates, and training requirements. Cobblestone's development team created a seamless API integration between our existing Salesforce and the new NAPA TRACS LMS to streamline and automate the processes for our sales reps and customers. Now we can efficiently track KPI’s by creating custom reports within the LMS instead of across multiple platforms. Cobblestone has done an amazing job to meet our needs, improve our processes and reporting abilities, and provide a fantastic platform for our customers!

eLearning Development

Leveraging Cobblestone to support our LMS and learning paths for training needs was a clear success! Not only did they create engaging microvideos for our team, but their Instructional Technologist was instrumental in training me on best practices moving forward for video and training production. The videos keep our teams and customers engaged and excited to keep learning which, in turn, boosts their retention rates.

Training & eLearning Development

Working with Cobblestone allowed us to enhance our customer experience, reduce support calls, and maximize our resources and efficiency. Thanks to the new software tutorial videos Cobblestone created, our customers were able to receive all the information they needed which reduced the amount of repeat phone calls to support, allowing the support team to then refocus their priorities on the customer experience.

Training & eLearning Development

Cobblestone was able to convert our two-day classroom training into an interactive eLearning course that allowed for a broader and more accessible international customer reach. Their experience and process was collaborative and delivery-focused which provided an opportunity to take a new approach to delivering training in a more engaging way.

eLearning Development & LMS

Laurie and the Cobblestone team presented innovative and easy-to-use solutions for our eLearning development and LMS implementation needs. They excelled in communication, time management, and training to enhance our experience and get our users comfortable.


Having a diverse inventory of training videos, that we can quickly access and share with our team, empowers our sales team and their customers.

eLearning Development

Cobblestone Consulting was a great opportunity for us to leverage their expertise, team collaboration, and quick turnaround time. We worked closely with the Cobblestone team to deliver a state-of-the-art eLearning course that allowed us to drive building compliance certifications from the comfort of our end users' safe, virtual location.

Software Tutorial

Cobblestone continually comes up with creative, on-demand solutions to deliver software tutorial videos, enhancing our customer experience!

Training & Project Management

We knew there was tremendous value in the ISM tool, and we really needed an expert hand to guide us in getting the maximum benefit out of it. Laurie and the team at Cobblestone really worked with us to develop exactly what we needed to get our users comfortable.