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Collins Ryàn - l'artiste: Professional Photography


I've recently completed a Beginner Photography course with Ryàn. From my very first interactions with Ryàn, it was clear that he was passionate and cared about the success of his students. He's very thorough in his explanations, a great teacher, very patient, informative and encouraging. I also appreciated the challenges he put forward that put me out of my comfort zone, as this is necessary to progress in photography. Thanks Ryàn!

I'm super impressed!

I recently ordered some large acrylics from Ryan Collins and was super impressed. He listened to all my crazy requests and took a lot of time making sure that my print was just perfect. Despite being told my items would take a few days to arrive they turned up the next day! The quality was excellent (and I am fussy ) and the price was great. Ryan texted me regularly to keep me up to date as to where my order was up too I was very impressed and will definitely be using Ryan and his company again in the future.

Collins Ryan is an amazing photography tutor!

I have recently finished the astrophotography course with Collins and I couldn’t be happier with how well it went. My astro skills were below beginner, but with his patience and wealth of experience he guided me step by step through my camera on manual settings, exposure, ISO, how to calculate the shutter speed etc, compositions, post processing and use of his astrophotography gear. Though it was a lot to take in (purely because of my lack of experience in astro), his working knowledge of our galaxy was well detailed in his printed guide, and was also discussed as a group. The outing was small which meant more one on one time in the field and he worked along side us offering advice and honest feedback whilst also respecting our work. There is so much to learn with astrophotography, though I am confident enough to be able to head out on my own moving forward. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to any beginner wanting to understand astrophotography more and be able to produce professional images - something I never thought I would be able to do

Ryan's superb professionalism and results!

I recently went on a beginner's Astro- photography course with Collins Ryàn. It was tailored to those of us with kit sets and the small group made for a very intimate learning experience, plenty of practice and explanations of why shots were working or not working.
Having Ryan as our teacher has done wonders for my confidence in my own ability to actually capture a great astro shot and the follow up editing evening opened my eyes to the techniques available to further enhance the wonder of the universe.
The level of support offered onsite and as follow-up has been amazing. Ryàn is very supportive yet professionally critical and strives to make you achieve really great photos. Ryàn adds an artistic element, so his advice is not just technical but also about composition.
We had a detailed technical briefing which was hard as an absolute beginner in astro and an amateur but made sense throughout the evening as we were changing settings to cope with the changing skies.

I learnt a lot and am very excited to go and take more shots. Collins Ryan has given me a very solid foundation in this sphere and I would not hesitate to go on another course to further develop. I have definitely come out a better photographer all round.

Gorgeous portrait session!!

My two girls and I have recently done a photo shoot with Ryan. While my girls were a little nervous to begin with Ryan quickly put them at ease and had them laughing and doing shots I never would have imagined. The photos are stunning, and really capture their personalities. The colours and the composition of the photos are beautiful and capture a moment of time to treasure.

High resolution canvas prints!

I thought the photos were great and then I saw the canvases! Wow! The
high definition of the canvases exceeded all expectations. Thank you
Ryan! I highly recommend Ryan to anyone wanting a professional photo
shoot with high quality photos.

Absolutely amazing photographer and tutor!

Ryan is an excellent photographer with a keen eye for details. Absolutely amazed by his immaculate work.
I had a one on one model shoot training with him about lighting. It was really good and his teaching style is very friendly and clear.

That's what you call "professional"

My partner and I recently did a photo shoot with Ryan. We had not met him previously and had also never done a photo shoot of that nature. Collins was super friendly, relaxed, chatty and a pleasure to have in our home. The photos came out extremely well with the most vibrant colours. We shared some stories of our lives, coffee and before we knew it the shoot was over, easy peezy!

Would recommend for anyone looking for high quality images for themselves, their business, family or any other reason.


Thanks for the work!

Job well done

photo shots are amazing job well done

Commercial and portrait photography with Collins Ryan

We had a fun time with Ryan when he came to take some action photos of us for our website and for social media. He was very encouraging and easy to deal with and he took some great photos which we are excited to use.

Excellent commercial, portrait and product photography for our business with Ryan

Ryan took pictures of our new business, Nitroshack a food truck and cart making liquid nitrogen ice-cream at events and markets. He worked very professionally and delivered excellent results. I recommend Ryan, he's a great photographer and artist.


A superb photographer! Amazing work!


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