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Communication Method for Actors


I am thankful for the feedback I receive in order to improve my skills. Balanced with strengths and areas needing improvement. I highly recommend learning about this method.


This class was nothing short of amazing and has taught me very valuable information. Very insightful into how I am perceived. I now feel like I'm armed with a secret super power. I recommend this class to any actor. The instructors were excellent!


Being in Faith and Bella's workshops have REVOLUTIONIZED MY self-tape game! Their scientific methods, industry insight and guidance gave me the ability to confidently self-tape and make acting choices that help me stand out in auditions. I love that Faith and Bella are able to share scientific facts that come from a background in FBI lie detection, as well as casting tips that come from years of casting experience. Thanks to my training with CMFA, I've been on set EVERY WEEK for the past 3 months for multiple productions (and I'm booked for these next couple months too) because THEIR METHODS WORK!!! I 100% recommend their workshops!


TAKE THIS CLASS!!! Since this class ended, I cannot stop thinking about it. Faith and Bella provide so much useful, relevant information to get you feeling more confident in your auditions. With a science-based approach, you will not have to rely on "happy accidents" anymore. You will be able to have SOLID proven techniques that will help you feel like you're doing your best work. The other actors I met in the class are so talented and inspiring, and I know we will be staying in touch. I can't wait to take the next level class. I know I will be taking these techniques with me and developing on them for a long, long time. Worth every penny. Faith and Bella clearly love actors and understand us. Thank you so much, Bella and Faith!


Thank you for an amazing class. So wonderful to have repeatable techniques to rely on.


I was introduced to Faith Hibbs-Clark through a good friend of mine. I signed up for a consultation and my life has since been changed.

I had been teetering on the line between staying on the sidelines watching actors act and getting in the game. Faith and Bella gave me the push I needed to get into the game, and I will be forever grateful.

As all good coaches do, they gave me the tools I needed to not just get in the game but to stay in it. Through CMFA’s workshops, retreats and one-on-one consultations they have guided me to find my own space alongside fellow actors.

The CMFA technique helped me build confidence as an actor and as a person. Their classes and workshops allow me to perform at a more believable and honest level. Faith and Bella’s knowledge, curiosity, and willingness to learn are apparent in their classes. Their excitement and commitment has fueled my ambitions in acting.

CMFA is undoubtedly a gift that keeps on giving. If you are like me and need the tools to get in the game, this is the technique that will get you off the bench. CMFA’s technique and methods are life changing and if used, you WILL become a better actor.

I cannot thank you enough, Faith and Bella!!!


I’m so grateful that I have started my training with Faith and Bella in CMFA’s techniques. Using what I’ve learned, I have been able to approach my auditions and callbacks confidently while the Masters class has really helped me dive into the characters I portray. I have also benefited from Faith’s one on one career consultation, which helped me carve a clear path and set solid goals to move my career forward. It’s truly invaluable insight!
More than anything, Faith and Bella are both such genuine and kind people who truly want to bring out the best in the actors they work with. My favorite thing about learning is that it never stops and I certainly plan to continue learning and growing in the CMFA family!

Faith will empower you and your brain

I had faith in Faith and she delivered!

Under extreme conditions: the butterflies of an actress's biggest audition "ever", same-day upload, and oh la la techno glitches, with care and creativity sparkled with her unique "Communication Method" wisdom, Faith Hibbs-Clark coached and accompanied me all the way from rehearsal to upload.

Whether you need a coach or a cheerleader to coax you to the next level, Faith will empower you and your brain, on your way from cocoon to butterfly.

Make sure to put her at the top of your contact.

Merci Faith!


The really great thing about the CMFA techniques is that they work consistently, giving the actor the confidence necessary to nail the audition. Faith teaches you why these techniques are repeatable and a consistent tool for your wheelhouse as an actor. They compliment any actor's style and approach, whether a seasoned working actor, or a newcomer to the craft. I can't recommend CMFA enough.


I have a young daughter who wants to act. Knowing nothing about the industry I scoured the internet and found Faith. We are 4 lessons in and WOW! Faith is a master teacher with a wealth of knowledge. She communicates with my daughter in a way that is both fun, engaging and full of practices that are building an incredible skill set. I’m so grateful for her and her willingness to teach and work with my daughter.


Fabulous! Actual training that makes a difference.

method will really help you gain an edge

This is super helpful science-based training for actors from two casting directors whose method will really help you gain an edge and stand out from the pack when auditioning. They are wonderful!


Absolutely loved the workshop. I felt very welcome in class and learned so much about the science behind acting! I can’t wait to take another workshop. Honestly. I feel that this workshop has already helped me better understand what it truly means to be an actor and perform believably. 10/10 Highly would recommend to anyone beginning or not. Thank you Faith and Bella! See you guys real soon!


CMFA is quite different than any other acting and or audition technique class. I learned to use techniques and formulas in my acting process that have been authenticated by known scholars and doctors in the field of human science. These techniques have been studied and researched. Utilizing these formulas in my acting process is an exciting new way to way to audition, and the best part is they are grounded in "science" ! Thank you Faith and Bella for sharing your knowledge to help actors grow and succeed.

This method that they teach is really unique and VERY effective.

First of all, Faith and Bella are just wonderful teachers and people. The classes were always fun and I learned so much in such a short time. This method that they teach is really unique and VERY effective. They give you formulas to follow for different scenarios which sounds like it would take the art out of acting but it totally freed me up to dig deeper and bring out more of my artistic voice. And it totally demystified the zoom audition process for me so I feel totally confident going forward with that. Whether you're a brand new actor or have been at it for a while, this class will give you tools to make your performances even better and more believable.


Both Faith and Bella are incredibly gracious I'm their teachings. Legit I feel way more confident in my self tapes. They truly care and their classes are fun, casual ways of learning a new technique that maybe we all didn't learn in school. They break it down and help out with the dreaded feels that may come with an audition. I highly recommend their classes and check out their lives! DO IT!


The Advanced class is amazing. I feel like CMFA has given me the tools I need to really access the feelings to deliver a stellar performance in my auditions. The way Faith uses science to enhance the art of acting is mind-blowing. These classes should be a must for all acting.

It is a supportive environment where one can be free to experiment.

Amazing class! Definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I chose CMFA based on past knowledge of Faith Hibbs-Clark. I especially appreciate Faith & Bella for Integrity, Ethics, the Communication SCIENCE-based approach, and knowledge of Casting in various location (AZ, NM, CA) -- an advantage of the ZOOM format. The class was very diverse with participants from across the country. The material applies to many film roles, not only auditioning. Bella and Faith smile, laugh, encourage, and make it fun. It is a supportive environment where one can be free to experiment. Correction is applied meaningfully but gently, keeping the atmosphere light and friendly. I was humbled by the talent in the group - nice to be able to watch others & learn from them, too. I look forward to future study with CMFA Training, including the 1-hour practice sessions, as well as advanced study later on.

"Where did you learn this wizardry?"

I have learned so much in these classes. I was blown away by Faith's knowledge in the very first session, so much so I asked her, "Where did you learn this wizardry?" Now I've learned a little wizardry of my own and I got a callback immediately after implementing the skills I learned. The classes are very informative and fun. I highly recommend CMFA.

Faith’s method is genius

Faith’s class is fascinating because it approaches acting in a very creative way that is based on science. As contradictory as that may sound, this method does as many wonders for the new and seasoned actor. Faith’s method is genius. She should win an award for it and I believe she will.

I’m only upset at the fact it took me this long to discover!

Wow! Just wow! Let me tell you that Faith truly does know how help you bring out a deeper actor.
She has truly blown my mind with the things I have learned. Number one thank you. I say this because all thought a lot of us all have different backstories as to why acting is our passion, some of us truly have given up everything just for the chance to give our passion a shot. But just like Bella says best, success is on the other side of consistency and true talent has no expiration date. You are showing me techniques that are mind-blowing. You and Bella really should have more credit for what you do. I can’t wait to continue with you all and do one on one’s especially knowing there is a Godly foundation with your program.
Very kind! Very compassionate. This isn’t some bs of a few slides and a scene. THIS IS SCIENCE. And I’m only upset at the fact it took me this long to discover her ????

used the techniques I learned from Faith

I am new to the business and used the techniques I learned from Faith and Bella in my very first audition. While I didn’t get the part, I actually got back a personal note from the director to say he liked my audition and that I had been in the running. The person who got the part is from the Actors Studio so I don’t feel bad losing out to her!

Barbara Goodman

Helped me win over the writers, Producer, and ultimately the Director

I hired Faith for an hour, one-on-one session, in order to prepare for the final call back for a Pilot which I was auditioning for the lead role. The auditions were held over Zoom, over the course of 4 months. There were an exceptional amount of pages to memorize, and I was well off-book for our meeting. Her method of analyzing micro-behaviors and helping me frame my face/eye work for the intro helped me win over the writers, Producer, and ultimately the Director.

This will be my first lead in a TV show! 


This method is a fresh approach to acting rooted in science. Simple, repeatable steps an actor can take to achieve real and consistent results. This approach to acting has really resonated with me. Thank you.

has helped propel my career

Greetings to all,
I have been in the entertainment biz for 42 years as a professional Director /Actor and Stuntman. I have taken many acting courses and classes. In all my years, I have never found a better coach then Faith, her system in my mind, has helped propel my career, and has also helped in my personal life dealing with people in general.

She is the BEST!!!

Michael Sinclair Walter

Simple tricks, based on science and human behavior, that my logical brain can understand

I have been in acting and auditioning classes with other schools on a very regular basis. But some things weren’t making sense to me. I was creating the art and studying the circumstance but clearly there was something that felt like it was missing. I found Faith and Bella on Instagram through a friend and signed up for the CFMA course. It was like a light turned on! They’ve created a simple formula that helps actors understand how to form an emotional connection with the viewer. Simple tricks, based on science and human behavior, that my logical brain can understand and I can see the instant results! I booked a series right after taking my first course and I’m on set now. I’m certain I have this role because of what I learned. I can’t thank you enough Faith and Bella! You’ve change my perspective and approach to acting and auditioning!! Thank you!


I have taken courses with CMFA since last August and am now in the Masters' class, working the techniques and creating muscle memory. The basis in science is a fresh approach to looking at acting. I can't recommend the class more. Actors of all experience and training levels will find value in the CMFA to hone their craft in new ways that may have not been even on the Actor's radar. I look forward to class each week.

-Abe Ruthless

an eye-opening approach

The Communication Method for Actors is an eye-opening approach to the audition process. After taking Faith's class - I booked several roles in TV & Film productions because I had a better understanding of the process and the confidence to apply what I learned. I'm looking forward to taking more CMFA classes to keep my skills sharp & book even bigger roles!

learn the steps

I'm a science/formula person - learn the steps, the formula, to free yourself to find the art. That's what Faith and Bella do - offer the formulas so we can practice our art. Brava!


I am an actor based in Metro Detroit and have had the absolute pleasure of studying with Faith remotely over the last couple months....and WOW!!! I am completely blown away by her Communication Method For Actors, it is a totally different approach to understanding the science behind communication and it WORKS!! I have been applying her techniques just beginning this year, since completing her Advanced Workshop. It's only January and I was leaving my first booking of the year, got two callbacks on the way home, only to find out I was on hold the same day...for both projects!! I can't wait to take her Masters Workshop and take my acting and auditions to the next level!

"actual doing" aspects of acting

CMFA is unique because not only does it work within a Neuroscience basis you learn many powerful "actual doing" aspects of acting. For example: Advanced Emotional Connects, Signature Gestures which cover all cultures and Neuroscience Coupling. The teaching method is very valuable.

be the one in control

I am an ACTOR that runs a small business and is a Firefighter/EMT. Rest assured, I would never go into a burning building or in the back of an ambulance untrained and unprepared. I approach acting the same way. The 'Communication Method for Actors' gives me the proper tools and abilities to step into an audition and be the one in control of how I chase this dream. I may not book all the jobs, but they will remember me. Keep on top of your training and attack the world with enthusiasm. Thank you, CMFA; Bella and Faith for having my back and teaching me how to navigate through an audition, CMFA's use in the real world, and teaching me the proper tools and how to use them. #notjustforactors #applyitandsee #attacktheworldwithenthusiasm #CMFA

I am now more confident

Though I am no star and have not signed with an agency YET, after taking a few of Faith’s and Bella’s communication method for actors classes, it has been a great introduction to the industry. I am now more confident and know more than I did about acting than I did before I studied and practiced their method.

The science holds a lot of water in real life

Faith your method is Fantastic. The science behind it holds a lot of water in real life and in this business. A lot of what I've discovered and learned in your instruction has connected so many dots with practices I've discovered for my self over the years with solid fact and theory. I cant wait to complete the master class and apply all you give.

Direct results!

The following few months after attending Faith's Film Auditioning Foundations Workshop, I got multiple callbacks and a booking.  I have no doubt that those successes were a direct result of applying some of the CMFA strategies I learned from Faith!

Faith is a brilliant communicator

I am a working actor. I train as much as possible to keep myself “relevant” and “fresh." I gained so much knowledge when I attended Faith’s Communication Method for Actors. I’m armed with new tools which I use in auditions AND every day life. Faith is a brilliant communicator herself and I’m looking forward to her next class. 

The Stanislavsky of film!

Stanislavsky is to stage what Hibbs-Clark is to TV, Film and Commercial auditioning. Faith Hibbs-Clark’s Communication Method for Actors is the most important audition training an actor can get.  Since becoming a student of her method, I have had solid auditions that average into booking roughly 1 in 5 jobs. Faith’s techniques demystify the process for consistently good auditions, with methodologies based on the principles of science.

Fundamentally practical, not difficult to learn

With a solid basis in neuroscience, the methods and practices learned in this training are fundamentally practical: they make sense, are not difficult to learn and, with practice, to incorporate into an actor's toolbox. Indeed, they become an essential element that will be relied on regularly. 


This class is amazing! You definitely walk away with actionable items to work with and on to become a better actor.


I have learned so much about the psychology of on camera acting from Faith and I am super grateful for it. I have taken numerous classes with her and I always learn something new...maybe because it's not necessarily intuitive; maybe because it's an actual technique and as such, takes time to internalize, but let me tell you what a difference I know it makes in my auditioning. The empowerment it gives me is exciting and I can never wait for my next audition in order to implement these smart, science based actions. Take her workshops! You'll be glad you did. Thank you, Faith Hibbs-Clark Csa


Smart, science based insights with great techniques for your audition tool box!


Whether you have always wanted to dabble in the film industry, or a seasoned actor looking to perfect your skills, The Communication Method for Actors is an excellent way to understand the science behind our communication. Faith breaks it down through hands on exercises, personal experiences and if you’re like me, nerd out and get the brain science behind the communication ???? . I’ve taken this class several times and there is always some new nugget I find. Highly recommend for anyone to break out of their shell! Just go for it! ????


I’ve taken many classes with Faith over the years and highly recommend! I’ve been able to apply this method to my work and have increased my bookings and confidence. Her unique method just makes sense. Classes are fun, entertaining but also loaded with valuable information from someone who wants to bring out the best for you as an actor.


The Communication Method for Actors demystifies the process of auditioning and acting for the camera using principles of science! Since taking these courses my auditions are consistently good and I am booking more roles than ever before. If I could give 6 stars out of five here I would because the Communication Method is a game changer for actors of all ages.


AWESOMELY AMAZING!! As a beginning actor, we're always looking for a class where you actually get some time on camera WITH another person, get some REAL direction until you get it right, and then get a copy of it...This is the class!! She also gives you a couple of handouts to take home so you don't forget the key points. I'm looking forward to taking every course she teaches. Break a leg my friends!

Practical and Powerful Content

CMFA is some of the most practical and powerful content with REAL depth that I've ever seen in all my acting training. Faith is really onto something with it and it stands out from anything else I've seen other acting coaches do. Brilliant!


Highly recommend to ALL actors!! One word AMAZING!


The information and concepts presented are eye-opening and the science behind communication is fascinating!


For me, the instruction given by Faith, and the tools we are taught by her, have definitely changed how I approach auditioning!
I can’t wait to take a master class!
Many thanks, Faith!


Excellent classes that teach a more natural and believable method of acting.