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Orchard Cosmetic

Lugley Street,13
Newport England , PO30 5HD
United Kingdom

Amazing results!

Dr Hayley is absolutely amazing. I am so delighted about the results from my botox. I have had botox before but have not experienced such amazing results like this. My frown lines are gone and I had many! Dr Hayley is very professional and also so nice. Would recommend her to everyone.

Amazing results

You are in very safe and expert hands with Dr Hayley Elsmore. I'd had botox in four different practices before, including Harley Street, but Dr Elsmore achieved the best results I've ever had. I then recently had dermal fillers and again fantastic results with no bruising at all. Previously I had a lot of bruising after the treatment and needed to apply a lot of make up to hide the bruising. Am so pleased with my results. Dr Elsmore is just brilliant and really knows what treatments will help you to achieve the best results for you and your face type. Highly professional in every way and in a friendly and relaxing clinic. Brilliant!!!

Mole removal


First class treatment from Dr Elsmore, very professional and discreet, in a beautiful well appointed clinic. I had been suffering with stress incontinence for over 10 years, I'm now 50 and thought I'd give Votiva a try as soon as I heard about it, because just doing pelvic floor exercises was not the complete answer for me. I have had 2 treatments so far over a 3 month period and found a significant improvement immediately, especially when exercising/running where it would be the most challenging time for the stress incontinence. I am going to have a 3rd treatment when I can just to make absolutely sure I have the optimum effect. Votiva recommend 3 treatments, but I noticed immediately after the first treatment a massive improvement. Would definitely recommend.


Profhilo It’s amazing. It’s like someone had given me the essence of youth as a Christmas present. I was feeling like a new woman


The only people I would trust with my face. Excellent results.

Laser Hair Removal

Having PCOS has meant a lot of unwanted dark and thick facial hair for me but with the Miranda’s help I can say that there has been more than a 95% reduction in hair. Although I was anxious at the start, Miranda’s friendly, helpful and flexibility meant that all worry was unnecessary! Miranda has definitely increased my confidence by improving my appearance- I definitely recommend her and her laser hair removal treatment!


I am so pleased with my Profhilo treatments. It’s about looking in the mirror and recognising yourself. I am often mistaken for being younger than my years and people just can’t put their finger on what has changed about my face! It’s my best kept secret!

Felc, Lumecca, Botox & Minor Surgery

I have enjoyed the whole experience of multiple treatments with Hayley. I love the way I look. I feel much more confident. She is superb and so understanding. I thoroughly recommend her! 


I just wanted to say how happy I am with the results from my recent Botox treatment. The overall result is very natural and I no longer feel tired and ' angry ' looking when I look in the mirror. I would definitely recommend this simple and painless procedure to my peers and friends, and will look forward to my future visits. Thanks once again.  


“My skin feels brighter and fresher after Profhilo. It has given me a big confidence boost. People say I look really well!” Anon aged 53


I came into the Clinic and had a sprinkle done on my forehead, I am nearly 30 but have always hated my forehead lines and struggle and my make up always clogs into the lines. I had around 8 or more needles in my forehead and it was such a comfortable procedure I could believe how quickly and easily and professionally this was done, I told Dr Elsmore about some moles I want removing and she had the time to do it as well as the sprinkle! she was very passionate and so excited to remove my moles for me and I cannot believe that I couldn't feel anything, I could of fallen asleep.

she's so passionate to help you and help you feel better and she noticed one side of my face is more lined than others, I didn't even have to point this out to her. she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I'm looking into other procedures to have in the future.

highly recommended this clinic!

thank you so much.

Votiva for stress incontinence

I have been actively working my pelvic floor muscles for years. Approaching the menopause, I had been experiencing some leakage especially when I sneezed or went out running. At 49 I was not prepared to give up exercise completely, so I overcame my embarrassment and made an appointment to see Dr Elsmore. I am so glad I did. She was so wonderful, put me completely at ease and was completely professional. I had the votiva explained and after the first treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement when running. After the second one I even did star jumps and didn't leak! I would recommend votiva to any woman, if you have ever given birth and experiencing some leakage. It is painless, takes about 20 minutes with amazing results. The bonus is that sex feels even better! So, if anyone is looking for a non-surgical approach to the same problem, votiva is the way to go!

Felc Eyelid Tightening

I went to the Orchard Cosmetic to have the Felc plasma treatment to my left eyelid .I had suffered drooping to my left eyelid for many years . I thought the only option was surgery. I found out about the Felc plasma treatment and I went to see Dr Elsmore at the Orchard Cosmetic .The treatment was pretty much painless ,Dr Elsmore was brilliant and treatment did not take long at all and I felt I could contact the clinic at anytime during my after care. Two weeks after I only had slight redness,I had the treatment 3 times ,I'm so pleased and happy with the results. Orchard Cosmetic were brilliant, professional and friendly .I would definitely recommend them and the Felc plasma treatment.


So pleased I came to Orchard Cosmetic. About two years ago I had corrective facial surgery performed by a top surgeon in London. I needed to have some Botox and fillers to help improve the process a year after my operation.
So I am delighted to have found this clinic! Orchard Cosmetic has what I can describe as a 'Top London Feel' meaning - it gives me confidence when I go in and see Dr Hayley, she is Top Class. She is so professional and warm too. She only wants to achieve a natural looking enhancement and I trust her completely.
I have been visiting this clinic since Spring 2018 and the Botox and fillers applied by Dr Hayley have transformed my face. I honestly feel so lucky that this amazing clinic is here in Newport. I thought that I would have to travel to London to achieve these fantastic results. Thank you all.

Botox "A London Feel"

I've been coming to Dr Hayley since I moved to the island. After having had corrective facial surgery by a top Harley Street surgeon nearly two years ago, I needed botox and fillers to help the process.
I absolutely trust Dr Hayley - her approach is just what I would expect from a top London clinic. The island is very lucky indeed to have Orchard Cosmetic - and for me, it means I don't have to travel to London to achieve natural results.
When you walk in, you just know you're in good hands. Hospitality is lovely and Dr Hayley and her staff make you feel like you're one of the family.
I feel like a new woman and I am so much happier with how I look. The results are so natural and I get wonderful comments from my friends who say I look years younger. Thank you Dr Hayley.

Botox / Fillers

Following my Botox and Filler treatment with Dr Hayley Elsmore my husband gave me the best the compliment I could have hoped for! ''You're looking younger and younger every time I look at you - can't stop looking ''

Brilliant and so highly recommended

Another visit today to see the Genius that is Dr Hayley. As always came away feeling marvellous and looking rejuvenated!! Always a warm and welcoming atmostphere, beautifully presented clean clinic. Brilliant and so highly recommended to all for a visit. Thankyou Hayley

This is one of the best

I made an appointment with Dr Hayley Elsmore whilst on a 5 week stay in the Isle of Wight in the summer. The clinic is very welcoming and friendly. Hayley is a lovely lady who puts you at ease but is highly professional. I have used other clinics on the mainland but this is one of the best. Very impressed with the treatments I received and will be returning in the new year.

Cheek Fillers

My cheek fillers are amazing. I’m very happy with the service here. The results Hayley gets are outstanding. She is so gentle, absolutely fantastic. I will always recommend Orchard Cosmetic. Thank you Hayley.

I have my sparkle back

I feel 10 years younger. I feel myself and have my sparkle back. I wish I’d done it before. A little strange sensation but it was painless. I feel really vibrant.

Felc Eyelid Lift

I would just like to take a few moments to tell you about my
experience at The Orchard Clinic.

I had gone to the clinic to have couple of blemishes / age
spots removed and was intrigued after reading the literature. “Non-surgical”
eye lifts, sounded wonderful.  During my
consultation I spoke to Dr Hayley Elsmore about FELC and eye lid lifts and
decided this could be for me.

The atmosphere in the clinic was very welcoming and I found
Hayley to be very professional and easy to talk to.  She went to great lengths to explain the

On the day I was a little apprehensive, as you would expect
especially with a procedure around the eyes. 
I was warmly welcomed and made to feel comfortable and asked if I had
any worries before the treatment.

The treatment itself I have to say I
found quite painless during and after. 
As expected there was a lot of swelling especially day 2 but as forecast
by Hayley quickly subsided.  From then the
healing   continued and after 10 days was well pleased
with the results.   This has continued over the weeks.

The treatment was painless, swelling as expected, healing as
predicted, result very pleased.

Mole removal and filler

I have had moles removed and fillers by Hayley Elsmore in the past couple of weeks.
She makes you feel so at ease and always gives you a professional opinion.
Thank you so much

Mole Removal

I had 2 facial lesions surgically removed by Dr Elsmore today. There was no pain and I felt nothing. I was convinced she used a magic wand! I would recommend her to anyone. Everybody at the clinic is warm and welcoming. The place is spotlessly clean and I won’t hesitate to come back if I need to.

Excellent service and welcoming atmosphere

Excellent service and welcoming atmosphere. Good level of treatments available and customer service. I would recommend to get inspired.

You've worked a miracle

Thank you so’ve worked a miracle! I love my lips, I feel like I did 10 years ago! 

Fillers for sad mouth corners

I am 49 and had fillers in sad corners of mouth... absolutely over the moon with the instant more sad mouth :-)

Sunspots and mole removal

Like many women in their fifties, I have noticed some rapid and alarming changes to my skin as I age. My formerly smooth, peachy skin has been replaced by increasing dark marks and sun spots plus moles and skin tags. I'd stared to feel like Snow White's warty stepmother.Most of it can be concealed with makeup but I had one small crusty mole, which appeared near my eye that I was very self conscious of.I contacted the Orchard Clinic to see if there was anything that could be done and was delighted to be told not only could the mole be taken off but they'd remove a couple of the 'liver spots' into the bargain.Being squeamish I was a bit worried it would hurt but I can honestly say the whole process was totally painless. I had a couple of small injections of local anaesthetic and then didn't feel a thing!The clinic is relaxed, friendly and welcoming and staffed by doctors. It was important to me that anyone carrying out even minor procedures had proper medical training.From my initial consultation to the follow-up appointment I felt confident I was in the care of professionals who knew what they were doing.I have healed well and my problem areas have been completed removed. You can't even tell they were originally there. I'm so happy with the results, I've already booked in for another small tweak. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Orchard Clinic.

Frown lines

I am much happier without those deep frown lines that made me look cross. I look back at old pictures and I'm much happier about how I look now.

Lumecca for sunspots

 "I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my face to remove my 2 sun damage spots. They are absolutely perfect, not a mark. It was a pleasure to meet you and once again thank you for using your skills on my defects!" Mrs S, patient of Dr Hayley Elsmore

Lumecca for sunspots

"Re Lumecca

I have had three sessions and am delighted with the results.  My skin looks so much fresher and brighter and the awful sun spots are now faded to a degree that normal foundation cream covers completely  (New versus old white T-shirt)"  

Lumecca for sunspots

" I am so pleased with the results of the Lumecca treatment. It has removed the pigmentation on my face and greatly enhanced the skin's overall appearance. Thank you very much for your expert attention given in such a warm and friendly way"