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Cotton Creations LLC


I don’t typically write product reviews but after tasting one bite of the Cotton Creations cornbread, I was overwhelmingly compelled to share my reaction. If I had to describe this cornbread in 1 word, I wouldn’t be able to. Instead, I need a few words like these: delicious, fluffy, flavorful, and sweet (but not too sweet), and versatile. I am not an avid cook so when I prepare meals, I look for super easy recipes. This recipe provided just that! Also, I wanted to share a few notes on cornbread preparation: I am not vegan so I used regular milk and butter that I have on-hand in my fridge. In addition, I prefer cornbread muffins and the mix produced 12 mouth-watering, golden-brown muffins. The honey and candied pecans are perfect accompaniments to the cornbread and effectively work to truly bolster the flavor and presentation of the meal. I even found myself grabbing a muffin or two and eating them without a full meal, more so as a snack during the day. Whether as a complement to a meal or eating on its own, this cornbread will have you coming back for more!


It is THE best cornbread I’ve EVER had...& I’m not even a cornbread person! At least...I wasn’t until now. And I LOVE pecans, almonds, walnuts...all of it. So this is definitely something I now crave all the time. 😭 Get it ASAP! You won’t regret it! And it’s vegan! It tastes SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Currently have it in my cart for purchase! You can’t beat this price for this QUALITY food, either! YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!

This stuff is GOOD!

This Vegan Cornbread is Soooooooo GOOD You will not be disappointed.

It's so amazing!

This Vegan Cornbread is delicious! It's so amazing and I absolutely love the candied pecan topping! If you haven't you should definitely order some.

I love it!!!!

I would like to give a HUGE shot out to