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Cotton Creations LLC


I got a package of cornbread mix in my Blackbox. Finally made it today and it is NEXT LEVEL!!! Obsessed!


So delicious I keep coming back for more !


So delicious, moist, sweet, and the perfect amount of crunch on top with the candied pecans. Paired great with wine and my dinner. Even non vegans loved it!! Thanks for the vegan honey pack too!!


Jesus be a fence!! This is sooooo good!!!! Thank you for creating such awesomeness. Can we get jalapeño cheddar next?

It taste like cake!!

This Vegan Cornbread Mix made by Cotton Creations is BOMB ! Support black owned ! I love me a piece of sweet cornbread. It’s like cornbread cake lol. Now I need a bowl, some sugar and some almond milk lol


The Vegan Honey Pecan Cornbread was Scrumptious. Cotton Creations Thumbs Up!

Lawd have Mercy!!

Lawd have Mercy my barber sold me some cornbread.......that is #cornbread with nuts and honey in it!!!!!! Absolutely amazing

The BEST Cornbread ever!

This is the most delicious cornbread I have eatenTry it

So EASY & Perfect!

Let me brag real quick on this vegan cornbread with pecans by Cotton Creations. It came out perfect and was easy directions. I was so proud of you girl.


This tastes amazing! My husband even said “and this is vegan” Sheenee Cotton you have out done yourself. The texture is perfect and the taste is out of this world... MmmmmmmGrrrreat! I can’t wait to see and taste the next Cotton Creations




I don’t typically write product reviews but after tasting one bite of the Cotton Creations cornbread, I was overwhelmingly compelled to share my reaction. If I had to describe this cornbread in 1 word, I wouldn’t be able to. Instead, I need a few words like these: delicious, fluffy, flavorful, and sweet (but not too sweet), and versatile.

I am not an avid cook so when I prepare meals, I look for super easy recipes. This recipe provided just that! Also, I wanted to share a few notes on cornbread preparation: I am not vegan so I used regular milk and butter that I have on-hand in my fridge. In addition, I prefer cornbread muffins and the mix produced 12 mouth-watering, golden-brown muffins. The honey and candied pecans are perfect accompaniments to the cornbread and effectively work to truly bolster the flavor and presentation of the meal. I even found myself grabbing a muffin or two and eating them without a full meal, more so as a snack during the day.

Whether as a complement to a meal or eating on its own, this cornbread will have you coming back for more!


It is THE best cornbread I’ve EVER had...& I’m not even a cornbread person! At least...I wasn’t until now. And I LOVE pecans, almonds, walnuts...all of it. So this is definitely something I now crave all the time. Get it ASAP! You won’t regret it! And it’s vegan! It tastes SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Currently have it in my cart for purchase! You can’t beat this price for this QUALITY food, either! YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!


Some basic recipes are a classic canvas for a culinary imagination. As comforting as cornbread can be standing alone, it’s one of those staples that can be a savory delight or a sweet treat. As we become “woke” and make moves for the health of our bodies and our home planet, I am always looking for ways to improve upon the classics. That’s where we bow down and give praise to Cotton of Cotton Creations for creating the perfect vegan cornbread mix for our pantries. Two varieties of mix are available, plain and with vegan honey and candied pecans. This mixture is super light and bakes up fluffy so I go full on sweet tooth with the pecans and the vegan honey for making honey butter. However, bake this mix in muffin tins or a cast iron skillet and the savory possibilities are endless. I always eat with the seasons, so since it’s late summer (September) and blueberries are in full swing, this was my game plan. I followed the vegan instructions and used Mykonos vegan butter and Oatmilk. I chose to use oatmilk in this for its creamy texture and thickness. Sidenote...... this is no place for flavored or sweetened nutmilks, trust me. I reserved a teaspoon of the dry mix in a small bowl and tossed about a half cup of fresh blueberries in the mix. This helps your mix-ins suspend in the batter so they don’t sink to the bottom of the dish. Add the blueberries to the prepared cornbread mixture right before you pop it into the oven. The result is a light, fluffy cake-like bite bursting with tart berries and a crunch of crispy edges and candied pecans. Perfect with tea, coffee, cocktails or for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Maybe just let the pan cool enough to prop up on a TV tray, grab a fork and binge a show while you enjoy. Two thumbs up, five stars and any other accolade one can think of. *If you decide to go animal style find the best butter (I love Keerygold Irish) and tryout buttermilk or even goats milk for a tanginess that complements the corn.

This stuff is GOOD!

This Vegan Cornbread is Soooooooo GOOD You will not be disappointed.

It's so amazing!

This Vegan Cornbread is delicious! It's so amazing and I absolutely love the candied pecan topping! If you haven't you should definitely order some.

I love it!!!!

I would like to give a HUGE shot out to Cotton Creations with this Vegan cornbread mix it is the bomb!