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Imagine Me Counseling, LLC

9100 Overland Plaza
Overland MO , 63114
United States


Dr. Smith is relatable and easy to open up to. Over the past few years she has helped me tremendously in getting over multiple issues emotionally and physically. I trust her and before I leave the session I've learned so much about myself. She has truly helped me grow.

Dr. Smith is a God Send

Dr. Smith has been an amazing to work with in my healing journey. She makes you feel comfortable to be your complete self in your sessions. Each session I always leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the world with the tools she gives. I am so glad to have met her.


Dr. Rachelle Smith taught the parent class in such an innovative way. She told us some reasons African American youth commit suicide. She posed questions such as 'How do you know if your child is suicidal?' She told us to pay attention to subtle behaviors. She posed the question,'What increases the chances of a child committing suicide?' She said when a young person doesn't know how to cope or has no coping mechanism - they contemplate suicide.' Her class was highly informative and engaging. I encourage all organizations concerned about their children and families to invite her to speak to your community." ~Lady Evelyn Smith

She Saved My Life

Dr. Smith saved my life!


I’ve referred so many people to see you all! I loved Tracie and will definitely be back for more therapy!


Imagine Me helped break barriers in my life that was blocking me from success.

Compassionate Professional

I recall thinking through a very difficult decision. Dr. Smith, as a peer and colleague, was invaluable in helping me reach a decision. I look back on that time in my life and I am very grateful for her compassion and expertise.

Thank you, Dr. Smith!

I graduated from UMSL with a bachelor in Social work and Criminology this past May. You are a big reason that I stayed in school past my certification. I know that I earned the degree, but you made a difference in my life!

Dr. Smith is brilliant...

Dr. Smith is a brilliant therapist who has always been able to see through my armor to see the real issues. She is both educated and wise. I have yet to meet anyone who surpasses her skill to identify both the underlying cause and help encourage healing and a solution. She is the first person I recommend when a friend says they need a therapist.

Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith was instrumental in putting me back together again!