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La Bodi Massage Inc.

Baltimore Surrounding areas MD

Testimonial #16

The class was great and fun!!!

La Bodi Massage Group class

I had an amazing time. Myra was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. I enjoyed the group. I wish we had a little more time together. She began the class promptly and went right into techniques demonstration. I hope a few of my friends can enjoy this class. I kinda wished Barbara was a bit more hands on in assisting myra around the room. Other than that my husband and I had an amazing time.

Private 1 on 1 class

Myra was an excellent instructor. She gave techniques that worked very well. She explained thoroughly the purpose of each technique as well as the proper form in how to execute it. Will be going to another class after we practice what we learned from today's session. Very pleasant to work with!

Testimonial #13

The class was informative and so much fun!  The instructor (Myra) really showed us simple yet effective techniques.  The class was excellent!  I really want to get a group of couple friends together and take this class again!


I've taken a class given at another facility and they really tried to show us too many techniques, i really loved the class given by La Bodi Massage.  


Worth it

My husband and I were looking for ways to save money.  We were used to going to regular massages but that gets expensive.  The techniques taught to us here were so effective, we still use them today!  


I learned more than just techniques, but also learned about my body and the muscles that effect certain areas that typically cause me pain.  



Testimonial #11

I really enjoyed the Couples Massage class. I learned A LOT of techniques I never considered that definitely helped reduce fatigue in my fingers and shoulders. I also learned a lot about the different muscles in the body and how we tend to hold stress and tension. The class and instructor was great...unfortunately you can't always control the interactions of other class participants but overally I throughly loved the experience.

Testimonial #10

I thoroughly enjoyed the couples massage class. The techniques were practical and effective. I love receiving massages but never cared to give them due to tired, cramping hands. I don't have to worry about that now. 

Great Massage Class

La Bodi Massage class was informative and very easy to follow. The class is held in a bright studio and I participated along with other professionals and retirees. I now have about 8 new techniques that use my body weight more efficiently so my hands aren't tired. I look forward to more classes.

Great experience. Learned a lot.

Testimonial #7

I thought that the class was very fun and informative. I learned new techniques and I felt that understanding a little bit of the anatomy and the ideas behind massage were also very helpful. I liked that the class was very hands on and I was able to feel the difference between what I was doing and what it feels like with a professional. 


Instructors were nice and knowledgeable and I really felt welcomed into the class. 

Couples Massage Class

The session was very informative on the basic massage techniques. From the introduction  to the end, it gave specific and detailed information. Circulating throghout the session to each couple on each technique was very helpful.  This was good to make sure each person was able to demonstrate the technique correctly and safel.  Opportunities was offered for anry questions.  I can say,  overall that the  session  acknowledged everything listed from the Living Social app and more.

Testimonial #5

Testimonial #4

 I attended one of the couples classes by LaBodi Massage in Columbia in January 2017.  First, it was a snowy day, and Myra made it sure to be there for those who were able to make it to the class.  My partner was nable to attend because of the snow, but Myra made sure I was able to participate and learn the techniques since I was there.  Her methods were just like she described, and after an hour of massaging my partner, neither my arms, nor hands, nor fingers were tired.  I felt like I could go on all day.  She is very knowledgable to what she teaches, and made sure to take the time to explain to each of the couples in attendance what they were doing well, and what they should work on improving.  I highly recommend Myra and her couples massage class, and look forward to taking other courses she offers.

Great date

This was a great experience. Myra is very professional and very knowledgeable about massage. I learned techniques that I never knew before. I am looking forward to implementing them with my wife. I would highly recommend taking a class with her. I would give her and the experience a  5 out of 5.

Testimonial #2

My boyfriend and I were very pleased with Myra's class. We appreciated how hands on, informative, and attentive she was not only to us but to the other couples as well. We took the class in November 2016 at the Columbia facility.

Great Experience

I participated in a couples massage class which was a lot of fun. Myra is a very pleasant person, you can tell she's very knowledgeable and genuinely enjoys teaching the class. That positivity then runs through the class. I learned a lot and had a great time doing so. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!