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Sutton Adventures

What a trip this was!

What a trip this was. Let me tell you about the spa...they dont train masseuse in America right. Lawd! Best hydrotherapy and massage, and total spa experience I’ve ever had! Swim up suite, romantic beach dinner, first class flight upgrade, karaoke, pool party, spa, negative Chovid test, ATVs and cave snorkeling, making new friends, late late nights, lots of laughs, text from my mom encouraging me to enjoy ourselves and not stress or worry about the winter storm and kids back home (that was tough), and most importantly...having the time for Odin and I to set the business, the store, the brand aside for a moment and just be us, just husband and wife. We love being Mr and Mrs Odin Leather Goods but this week we were refreshed as Mr and Mrs Clack. Reconnecting, refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating...making marriage great again with Sutton Adventures✈ | #MakingMarriageGreatAgain❤ in Akumal Mexico.

Our energy has been completely restored!

Our ENERGY has completely been RESTORED & REJUVENATED, by RECONNECTING responsibly! Thanks to The Suttons and Sutton Adventures, we can now continue to nurture and grow this exciting marriage so it can completely evolve into what God wants it to be! Plus, how exciting is it to meet other WONDERFUL couples?

Great people, Amazing time!

We made a quick Valentines Day get away and accidentally missed the historic snowstorm. We met a lot of great people and had an amazing time. Thanks to @ccsutton_ & @tristenesutton


you're looking for a team that is in the business of making marriage great again than I admonish you to connect with The Suttons. This Love is In The Air get away was just what my wife needed. Being Apart of something new, can sometimes make you hesitant. But as the ads kept coming saying "You deserve a trip". Made us look at our current schedule of work, church, home, and redo. Made us say, you know what "we do deserve a trip. We met 6 other couples who thought just like us. And we all became close. Please go to and you'll see what I'm talking about.


Traveling with the Suttons is a class act. They literally think of everything to make your trip amazing and memorable. We will definitely be Adventuring with the Suttons again and again. We made life long connections with some amazing people. Most of all our marriage is greater because of this experience. #inauguralgroup #SuttonAdventures #MakeMarriageGreatAgain


Totally enjoyed being a special guest on their Suttons in the City Radio show on KYND. Thank you for your love and great commitment to marriage


What Tristen and CC have committed to doing for the Greater Houston area is nothing short of phenomenal! #toast to Excellence J Raphael


One of the premier power couples of Houston as well as professional and cultural icons. Extremely loyal and a joy to be around. Such a pleasure to have met their acquaintance and I look forward to following their journey.


Welcome Tristen & CC! EXCITED about your platform!! Proud moment! Shawna J.~