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Testimony for Freedom from Mithraism

Two months ago I had never heard the word Mithraism, but when it was announced that the pdf of Freedom from Mithraism was available, I downloaded it. Last week a friend agreed to read the book over the phone with me. It took two evenings to complete the work. It was weighty material but we were determined. There was an initial relief once finished but since finishing, there has been amazing freedom. Every day, all day.There are promises that I have been awaiting for a VERY VERY long time; however, as I gain more and MORE FREEDOM from the works of Dr. Ron Horner, I rejoice that I am becoming very free!!Also, Freedom From Freemasonry - My maternal grandfather was a Mason and my parents were each members of fraternal organizations. For many years I have been reading every book I could find to find true freedom from these ugly ties to the dark side.A friend loaned me the Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry book by Dr. Horner. As I proceeded through the degrees; I had a friend in Alberta who was praying for me. It took nearly a week to finish the book. It was tough going, but worth every moment. That was in 2019. Since the moment I finished that book I have not had a second when I thought that there was more work I needed to do with regard to Freemasonry. I am tremendously tremendously grateful for the comfort I have in the knowledge that this book has given me freedom from Freemasonry.I have purchased many many books from Amazon by Dr. Ron Horner and have been reviewing each one there as I finish the books...always 5 stars, by the way!!Thank you for all you bring to us. It is most appreciated!!!

Bond Registry

I bought Releasing Bonds From The Courts of Heaven in February. While reading I saw the Bond of Creativity, and
I released it on my adult son. The next morning he came to me and showed me a song he wrote. He has written 6 songs since.

So my son sings and plays his violin on a zoom musical conference on Sundays; he sang one of the songs he wrote and it sounds
beautiful. Those who heard loved it.

Thank you for the book and webinar Dr. Ron. I will be releasing more Bonds because of yesterday's teaching you gave on
the Bonds and Blessings.


I had not begun your free Tuesday night Courts Of Heaven Mentoring meetings yet, as I was just introduced to this ministry. But I found Dr. Ron's You Tube videos and began binge-watching in anticipation. The first videos that came up were Engaging your Angels (perfect timing for what God has been speaking to me about and having me read books concerning). Imagine my surprise and delight! I watched and fell asleep to all of those on that subject and the following ones that Ron was teaching had changed to different subjects. I stirred and awakened during the night.
I laid there listening to him teach while waiting to fall back to sleep, and I saw in the spirit (I can see somewhat in the spirit realm) way over on the right-hand side of my field of spiritual vision was a weapon of sorts. The background was blackness and this weapon was made of golden-orange light in its entirety. I kept looking at it to see exactly what type of weapon it was. It was not greatly detailed, but it was long and very skinny and had the appearance of a Spear gun type thing. As I continued to look and see wondering what God was showing me, the weapon began firing not a spear but what appeared to be an intermittent firey stream away from me more in the direction of the back and right and the streams of shooting were arched or curved in their direction to the right almost off of the edge of my field of vision. I could not see who was shooting (but I had engaged and activated my Angels at Ron's leading before I went to sleep that night, so I was sort of expecting something to happen.) The intermittent shooting went on for a minute or so approx., and then right in the area where the firey, golden-orange streams of ammunition were hitting--which appeared as though just firing into the darkness or nothingness--suddenly in that area a very large pile of crumpled-up money materialized. It was the color of American bills, but each one was crumpled-up creating a good-sized pile of U.S. currency. I looked closely at it to see for sure if it was money (and I thought as I investigated that nothing else has that exact color of green so I was convinced--even the way it was crumpled--it crumpled like money) although I could not see the denominations on the individual bills since they were each crumpled-up.
The pile resembled a good-sized pile of leaves in the fall that are raked up so that children can jump and play in them. I kept looking at it ,and suddenly the pile of money turned blurry and fuzzy to my eyes and then it disappeared completely and the the panoramic vision ended.
I am hopeful that this is a good thing, but I am not sure. Perhaps it will give us some clues as to what I need to go to the courts of heaven about first!
Hopefully, my angels uncovered my inheritance for me. I don't know. God knows I need money right now! And I have been praying a good deal about the wealth transfer in the past several years--as well as sowing and repenting concerning things that might stand in the way. God will prosper me at some point.

Cell Phone Recovery!

My phone died and would not come on. My husband took my phone to the store called U break it, We Fix It. Shortly thereafter, we got a call from the fix-it store that the data was “unrecoverable.” I squealed in disbelief and horror. I had 8G of older Bride Tribe msgs (from 2017, etc), other meaningful teachings/recordings on this phone. And of course, this data had not been backed up on another device.
During this phone saga, I just happened to be listening to Dr Ron Horner teaching on Working with your angel.
As my husband left to go pick up my phone from the fix-it store, I asked for my angels assigned to me and my husband’s angel for assistance in getting my phone data recovered. I began praying in the spirit.
My husband was back in a very short while. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had begun working on my phone. He’s tech savvy (and very likely his angel is too). In about five minutes or so, they (hubby and angels) had gotten my phone to come on and was downloading my data onto another device.
While my husband was doing this, I was outside still listening to Dr Ron and looking up on the Hebrew/Greek meanings of the word sign. Look at God’s humor!
So my phone data was recovered with the help of my husband and our assigned angels and no money out of our pockets. Also, one of my smart, forward thinking daughters had given me her older phone a short while ago so I now have a “newer” phone ready for use.
I am beyond elated at the creativity of our Creator and his creative angels. Hallelujah!


An additional testimony on family a month after my Personal Advocacy session with this Ministry. One of my brothers after over 20 years who never used to go home and visit, but few days ago he writes me and mentions he was traveling to go home to the village for a week to see and spent time with the rest of the other siblings. Halellyah,as am writing now he is already home visiting.
-Glory to God for courts prayers. Thanks once again to Dr. Ron and the Advocates who have given themselves to this revelation of getting people liberated.
Am dancing and celebrating joyfully, there is more to come.

Real Results-FAST!

I had an advocacy session and immediately in the same week the following happened:

· A nephew accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

· Elder sister reconciled with other siblings

· A brother who was not working and idle for many years started a small business,

· The small business started flourishing with demands of supply of the products he is dealing with.

· Personal praise, prayer, and worship to God restored

· Freedom from LHSs and much more.

Courts of Heaven prayers are real.

Thanks Dr Ron and the entire ministry.



Today, I had a great testimony. I had taken my husband's car, and it got stuck on the road, however I managed to park it in a safe spot. There were 2 people who tried to jump start the car, but it failed. They both said "you will have to get it towed, and it will cost you around $350." Then I called my husband and he came and tried to jump start it three times, with failure. He was getting very frustrated. I was getting desperate, and I told myself I will pray the new method I have been taught.

So I said in faith "soul back up, spirit step forward, now I am heaven, and now I ask permission to enter the Courts of Titles and Deeds. I right now release Bonds of Miracles to my husband so that he is able get the car going, and I say this in faith as Heaven has unlimited resources which are readily available to us - Let it happen from Heaven down".

Trust me, the moment I said this I had so much faith that it would start, and this time he was able to drive it safely home.

Thank you for your ministry and how you teach people.


Remember when we did a court case the beginning of this year, the
bond of protection was added to me, mom and my brother. South Africa has
gone into a lock down 26 March. Since then I am part of the
skeleton crew who works outside the farm, because it is at a
grocery store. On Tuesday I came home and
delivered milk at my cousins, but she wasn't there. I sent a message to
my mom to then meet me in the showers. THE MESSAGE NEVER REACHED MY
MOM!!!!! I walked pass the bathrooms and just as I
was aligned with the boiler the bomb went off. I was listening to worship
music as I was walking home and the shock-wave knocked me over. I
looked up and debris started falling on my head and pieces of brick hit
my on my lower body. The geyser and boiler should have come straight for
me and should have killed me instantly, but it changed its trajectory
by a 35' angle and cut some trees down and went straight through a
house. Luckily the lady was also not home. I
realized that I had sent the message and started running and screaming
for my mom and brother, but then found them. There were men in the
showers. They did get hurt, but no one was killed. The bomb went off on
the side where the ladies showers are and from 5-7pm it is so busy with
women and children bathing, but the last woman walked out the door as it
went off. The inside of the ladies showers are on the pictures. The
last two showers are completely gone. That is the shower where my mom
and I shower and it was blown to pieces. The tiles on the wall are gone.
Had my mom been in the shower she would have been killed. I would have
been killed if I had gone from work straight to the showers instead of
delivering milk to my cousin. I am still
shaken up by this and I am grateful to Yahshua for his blood and mercy.
Thank you for the work you do and for you guys who placed the bond of
protection upon us.


I learned a lot. Dr Ron and Tracy are the real deal. Everything was
accurate and spot on. I’m looking forward to booking another session.


This session was completely outside of my box but I loved how much
insight I gained through the Courts of Heaven. I liked it so much I
have another session scheduled.


It was thorough with time to move in the interlinking aspects of issues.
I especially appreciated the gifting of the team, I could relax and be


Since my sessions with Dr Ron, my life and marriage is in such a good
place. I had lost hope in things ever changing or my husband changing
but God is good. COH has really changed our marriage and I have never
been happier. I now know there is nothing the courts of heaven can’t
deal with.


I received deliverance in an area I did not suspect was a concern, but I
was also able to get to the root of some of my known issues due to Dr.
Horner’s leading, teaching, and sharing of resources.


I have seen one of my children get released from living in a city that she wanted to leave and could not.


Recovery and restoration has been a few of many things God has done for me.


My eyes have been opened. I have a greater awareness of how HS operates,
how powerfully he moves when we open access and allow him to lead us.
I’m excited about all that’s available to us in the courts, and welcome
the opportunity to learn more, to develop my spiritual abilities.


Everything was so simply laid out, nothing was over complicated in the
approach to getting justice from the court of heaven. Not to mention the
results there after were immediate and awesome to see God’s power
manifest through this method of prayer and deliverance.


The wisdom of Dr. Ron and his staff really shone through in the Personal Advocacy Sessions.


I got one on one teaching and growth in the Courts.


The Courts of Heaven revealed a legal issue that has hindered my life.


It would take all evening to give you a comprehensive list of ways
Yahuah has healed, blessed, grown, increased my understanding,
confidence and belief, and moved me forward in his plan for my life.
Nearly everyday, I think of what Yahusha did for me during those

Family Freedom

Through the Courts, God set me and my family free from things that have
held me/my family in bondages for years and the cutting of the strings
attached. And the cleansing of the bloodline and DNA! Some were rooted
quite a few generations back.


The Courts brought healing to the family tree, integrating parts of my
soul, allowed me to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and a prayer


Through the Courts, I received clarity and definite answers to uncertain
questions I had and their connection to things I struggle with. Also,
the more I read the books the more I understand the legalities involved
in the spirit. Every seed bears a harvest. That’s powerful!


“Dear Ron,Since my session with you, I have been unstoppable. I got my life back. I could not pray, and the oppression is gone. My life has not been the same. Thank you..”

Marriage Healed

Thank you Dr. Horner, after this session, for the first time in 5 years
of marriage, I experienced a breakthrough to be the only bride of my
household. There were visible winds of change even in the weather all
night. Next day, I received a double portion of blessings and
recognition. The veil of oppression lifted over my marriage. Thank you
for addressing the unspoken and exposing secrets of darkness to help
bring freedom. Double portion blessings to your ministry.