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Lifted that booty

Glad I came. They did a wonderful job, painless and great results! They made me feel comfortable and at ease!!! I will return!!


Just did my first laser Lipo and fat removal on my arms. So excited to see my results. It wasn’t painful at all and very relaxing.


I LOVED my results after coming to Couture Contours. Inches of belly fat gone in little time. I also got my butt shaped and it looks completely different. I rate my experience at a 5 star rating and i would recommend this to any and everyone I Love. Women, Men, Older, and younger.

The beginning of my journey

Im so pleased by the results so far and excited about the next sessions to transforming my body. The treatments are assisting me with my diet and exercise goals. I felt completely at ease with the professionalism and courtesy provided. 100% satisfied.


Couture Contours was super professional and assisting me with my body goals. I’ve been working out consistently and still had some problem areas that working out wasn’t targeting. Thank you for helping me with my body goals.

Butt Enhancements

I just want to say that my Butt Enhancement looks amazing!!! Along with the excerise plan she gave. I have 3 kids (1 set of twins) and a lot of saggy skin on my stomach. I got one Lipo session and noticed an immediate difference! It was very professional and fast!! I cannot wait to get more lipo done. Nonsurgical body contouring is definitely the way to go!! I love my results!!

Vacuum Therapy and Laser Lipo

Ive had issues with losing stomach fat and saggyish butt! After 1 session i lost 3 1/2 off my waist and my sides are continuing to slim!! Now my butt let me tell you i feel so confident after 3 sessions of vacuum therapy now my pants look nice on and ive been stepping out my comfort zone wearing mid tops and high waist jeans! I will definitely be back for more sessions! It’s so exciting to actually be able to see results so soon without being cut on, makes you wanna continue healthy eating and lightweight exercise for maximum results!! She’s awesome!

Butt & Stomach

I am a mom of 3 and have a hard time getting rid of the mommy pouch. So I decided to try laser liposuction and after 1 sessions I lost inches. I did a total of 3 sessions I can tell a big difference. Along with drinking water and regular exercise I'm feeling more confident. Couture Contours also provides before and after measurements which is great. I also tried the vacuum therapy bc my butt sags and I'm very pleased with the results.

Brazillian Butt Lift

I never had a butt before but thanks to Couture Contours my ass is Popping!!! I can't wait till my next session ????????????????

Great results!

Got my hip dip out that i thought I would need surgery for in 4 DAYS!!! That’s so crazy to me! & I’ll be back for more, believe it. Service is perfect, and there is no pain. I scroll on my phone, talk on the phone and have fallen asleep a couple times during procedures. I recommend to all my friends and family. Worth every dollar ❤️


I’m in love at first I was going to get a bbl but after just 2 sessions I’m not getting one my booty looks so good and I feel so confident! And on top of it all it was painless and fast! Thank you Thank you !