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Creative Wellness Journey CIC

12 Lockwood Gardens, Hoylandswaine
Sheffield , S36 7LN
United Kingdom

Love this site

Super chuffed to receive my prize for the Christmas card competition , fantastic acrylic paint and paint brushes that I can’t wait to use at weekend - watch this space !! Love the site , has some amazing ideas to get you started and on your art journey !! Thank you

Art the best self care

I was so delighted to win the Christmas card competition. The lovely prize of paintbrushes and watercolours is just what I need to continue learning to paint. The watercolours pigment looks fantastic. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Having found art again during lockdown I have found is my best self care when my anxiety and stress is high. It certainly helps to ground me.

Given me confidence

I've been hesitant about my own skills, but seeing everyone's efforts and the positive feedback has really given me confidence.


The group is very positive and supportive, and it is wonderful being able to share art work with other people.


I ABSOLUTELY love this group! This is what I've been searching for for quite a while. Like minded people who guide, support and help us grow to become a complete person!😘


I love the happiness and peace I feel when I visit your wonderful place.❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you Debbie!
Brilliant first online class!👍🥰🥰🎨🎨
Thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial, easy to follow.
These classes are perfect for beginners to art and any age.
I can’t wait for the next one!
Absolutely fantastic!🎨🥰🌟


Big shout out to Debbie Crouch on her first online class 👏👏 well done you did amazing 😍♥️
Come on everyone join in if you can, you won't be disappointed x


Saw your learning to draw and colour so downloaded and had a go good to do this made me think its fun


Creative Sparks is a great place to find downloadable easy to follow worksheets thank you. Found the Easter book fun with word puzzle, egg design and colouring in pages.

Follow Your Dreams

Debbie you are an inspiration to others, and luckily for us we are able to share this with you. I don’t have time for art and craft due to uni work, but that will be ending soon and I’m definitely going to have a delve into painting with the lessons that you have on offer here!
Thank you for following your dreams Debbie and sharing it with everyone xxxx

Art makes me happy

I do not have the words to describe how meeting this wonderful lady, Debbie has,changed my life for the better. And now, her amazing team! I have been so inspired by the blog pages and now the amazing website. Sometimes, life does get in the way of our creativity and I have been reminded of art I used to create years ago. Art that made me happy. Thankyou is much Debbie and team, of which I am proud to be a part of. We need to do things that make our soul happy and I am loving being part of this journey with you all.

Wonderful Community

This is a wonderful community of open, honest, creative and wonderfully supportive people - I'm so happy I found it!

Positive Vibes

I love being part of Creative Wellness Journey! It is full of lovely people and positive vibes!????????
Such inspirational reading and creative ideas to have fun and promote mental wellness.

Best thing

Best thing that happened to me during COVID: starting being creative

Art Journaling Member

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has liked and commented on my projects.  I was so scared to post anything because of al the beautiful work I see here.  The feedback from all of you has boosted my confidence and made me feel that my work is not so bad.  So again thank you so much everyone 

Thank You

Debbie Crouch thanks x I have really enjoyed creating and joining this group. I have really needed more of a connection with people recently and this group has really helped. Thanks Debbie for facilitating this and providing a great resource to combat isolation and bring about a safe, creative community

Supportive People

A brilliant group, run and populated by encouraging, supportive creative people. Definitely a ‘good place’ for anyone.

Love the groups

I love being able to be in this group and getting support, I love to see everyone's creative posts and ideas.

AJ Group Post

I just wanted to post to say, that while I am new to this group I love both how nurturing and supportive it is and how brave folks are about sharing their work. I think we are all on a journey, both artistic and personal, and it's amazing to be in a space where people can share that journey to be supported. Keep shining your light, and show yourselves some love everyone.