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Kaiser CrossFit

5531 Equipment Drive Suite D
Charlotte North Carolina , 28262
United States

When i look out the window at night, i can see Chris telling me to do more burpees. He never stops... now i cant either...

- Mark Melchior

I have had the privilege of working out along side the Singer's for 3 years now and they are without a doubt the whole coaching package. Sami is always there for a laugh, a word of encouragement or a little dance session. Chris is always ready to make sure you won't hurt yourself, know the movements that you are suppose to be doing and offer some kind words for that final push.

- Brianna Buck

I started my CrossFit journey here in Charlotte with Sami + Chris 3 years ago. If I had never them then, I may not still be doing CrossFit for even living in Charlotte. They're the best at what they do and the best people!

- Sierra Brown

Sami and Chris are walking talking CrossFit dictionaries and encyclopedias, I've been doing CrossFit for 5+ years now and they are the most dedicated people I've met. If you want to see how the CrossFit culture is suppose to be... go to them.

- Chang Zhou

Chris and Sami are amazing and knowledgeable coaches. When I was new to CrossFit, they helped me scale movements based on my skill level. They are patient and always willing to help with form. They have made me a better athlete!

- Stacy Rodgers

One time i high fived Sami during a WOD and the force of her praise broke
skin. It could've been the toes to bar, but somehow i have a feeling it
was her.

- Mark Melchior

Sami's encouragement is one of the most powerful tools to shape athletes. I
mean, just ask her husband Chris, before her, he was a stick figure with
a mop on his head.

- Mark Melchior

No one is more knowledgeable than Chris regarding fitness. But his hair is so fancy it is sometimes tough to focus.

- Mark Melchior

The Singers push me harder than anyone ever has. Because the both have powerful legs and i cant stop them from pushing me around all the time.

- Mark Melchior