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Cruz Ctrl Music

62 Lockwood Drive
Clifton New Jersey , 07013
United States

Working with Cruz Ctrl has been one of the best decisions we've made for our company. Their approach in working with clients is excellent -- you feel like they are on your team. They work collaboratively with your team to bring out the best version of your product, company or audio vision. Justyn is a master at sound production, recording, mixing and mastering, and it shows through his work. Beyond that, they are a genuine team of incredible humans driven to change the world. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Justyn's work is outstanding - He was very understanding of the needs of my project, while being at the same time, very easy to work with in a partnership relationship. He carries himself very professionally. My end result, I am very happy to say, turned out wonderfully - I recommend his services very highly!

I had the pleasure of a 2 hour audio 101 where Justyn deconstructed my entire podcast. Not just my entire podcast, but every single principle or topic I knew about up podcasting up until this moment. He also share some quick tips that dramatically improved my voice. I highly recommend Justyn and Cruz Ctrl Music. Can't wait to continue working together.

Pays attention to every detail and always super professional.

Did a really nice music compilation for our sorority event! It was so good!!!

Did an amazing job putting our music together for our greek sync! it sounded so good and was very professional I would definitely go here again for their services!!

Justyn is amazing!!! In the mix he created for our sorority event, each transition was perfectly seamless. He pays attention to the details and makes sure everything is perfect! Extremely professional and would be lucky to work with him again.

super awesome quality would definitely recommend!!!

Justyn is an incredibly talented sound mastermind! He always makes me feel at ease when recording and pushes me to create my very best! His intuition for sound is unparalleled and I've been throughly impressed with each recording we've done together! Looking forward to more sessions in the studio :)

Cruz Ctrl music were a joy to work with. Professional, fast, responsive and followed through when they said they would... not to mention the result was totally on point and we loved it. Signing up for more. Thanks Justyn!

After working with Justyn & Cruz Ctrl Music all i can say is WOW. Aside from the fact that he is ridiculously talented & gifted, the professionalism is unparalleled. Any artist / singer that takes their craft seriously knows that in order to work with any producer, good communication and professionalism is a must. And that is exactly what I got from Justyn. He always made me feel very comfortable and always remained open and transparent about each step of the process. During our session he was very easy to work with, and very receptive of new ideas. He is such a gifted and talented producer which made our session seamless and fun! With Justyn's help and guidance not only were we able to create something amazing, but I left there also feeling like I improved on my own skills. I would definitely recommend Justyn to any creative or artist looking to take their music to the next level!

Justyn is the most incredible blend of musical creative and business professional. It is rare to work with someone so focused who also motivates everyone around him in the mix of beaming his light of amazing sound creation. The music this guy creates is out of this world. Justyn has been innately ingrained with the gift of taking you on a journey of sound and escaping into each beat. Whatever your needs are in the music industry, he will deliver. And promptly too !

Justyn combines his talent with his ability to listen to your needs to create the experience and sounds that you want and more. His professionalism makes using this company completely worth it, would never use anybody else.

This musical mastermind is one if the most dedicated and driven people I know. Having working with him and had studio time on countless occasions his genius is something to see and hear. He has a REAL relationship with music and it shows. We'd vibe out to sounds and beats and okay off of one another until we create something monumental. To put it simply he is the FUTURE! Side note: for singers like myself and or rappers , influencers and poets his direction is one of the smoothest and understanding there is. We all know that part can be hard but with Cruz Ctrl its fluid man. "Liquid Gold" no doubt about it.

My experience with Justyn of Cruz Ctrl music was definitely an amazing experience. Justyn does everything to make you feel at home and comfortable. He sets the tone as a place of work where you can let lose and create magic. He knows exactly what pointers to give you so you have the best possible outcome. I had the best time and I left exhausted from such a high of creating magic!!! HIGHLY recommended and extremely happy customer.

Justyn is very talented! He made us feel at home and gave incredible feedback. He makes you feel at ease when you are recording. I highly recommend coming here!!!

Cruz Ctrl Music is more than just a brand. Justyn Cruz is one of the most humble, loving, fair-minded and forward thinking people I have had the pleasure of meeting within the music industry. He took a chance on working with me as a struggling artist and I never ever had to question his dedication to mastering his craft, his desire for excellence or his passion for audio. CRUZ CTRL MUSIC = SUPERMAN OF SOUND!

Upon seeking an audio engineer and music producer to create a soundtrack for my milestone project, I’ve decided Cruz Ctrl Music was the perfect fit. I had the pleasure of meeting Justyn and experiencing his incomparable customer service on multiple occasions. From recording motivational soundtracks, kickstarting my podcast, to creating a track that would be submitted on a video for brand sponsorships, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my personal brand and representation. Cruz Ctrl Music creates communities, supports brand concepts, and creates music with intent. You’ve got a lifetime customer here!