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Custom Marine Products

954 Suffield
Birmingham Michigan , 48009
United States

200 watts times 2 (port and starboard).

I purchased a pair of 200 watt Marine Sunpower panels. Tom was great to work with. The panel installation was a breeze. We now have a port and starboard panel up on our roof rack on our boat. The two panels hooked up in series, provide us 400 watts. In the Pacific Northwest, we are seeing over 2,000 watts a day be generated. Cloudy days we still see over 1500 watts. Our daily usage on the boat is about 1200 watts. We haven't needed to hook up to shore power when we moor at a marina as a guest. These panels give us what we need and they look fantastic on the roof. Really sharp look'n!


I met Tom at the Miami boat show and was impressed with his knowledge and his product offerings, mainly the solar water heater. What good is solar if you have to run your engine for hot water?

Tom worked with me to get the best system for my boat, a Lagoon 380. The problem came when I was not able to find ANYONE to do the installation. Tom said, "don't worry, I will talk you through it." It took me a while, but I would call Tom, he would tell me what to do, I would do that, then call for the next step. I could not believe how patient he was answering all my questions. Bottom line: I did it and the install looks and works great.

We recently anchored in a nearby bay for five days and never ran the engine once and had all the power and hot water we needed. If I ever get another boat, there is no doubt that I would put this same system on my new boat. What a great company to work with. I highly recommend them.

Extremely Professional and Service Oriented

I briefly met Tom from Custom Marine Products at the flooded Annapolis Boat Show in 2019. Briefly because we were standing in 6 inches of water at the booth, but I was sold on their product and service after a few minutes. I went on to buy a complete solar package and with Tom's online help the installation was a success. I would highly recommend their products to any boater purchasing solar.

LifePO4 battery for flats skiff

Purchased a 120ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery from Custom Marine for use with a Hells Bay Marquesa 18' Flats skiff with power pole and trolling motor. Highly recommend. Prior I had two led acid batteries: one for start and second for trolling motor. With LifePO4 I only use one battery for start, trolling motor etc. Advantages:
- simple wiring with everything on one battery for all electrical functions
- charging the battery with the outboard's alternator
- battery lasts a very long time while on the trolling motor by having a battery that can be used well below 50% state of charge (unlike lead acid)
- battery doesn't run down while the boat is not of use. It holds its state of charge for very long periods
- the ability to check the battery with the bluetooth app on my phone.

This battery and setup is a game changer for bass boats and saltwater flats skiffs. Highly recommend these batteries and Custom Marine. Tom has been wonderful to work with. Prompt, intelligent service.

Service without parallel

I just installed a 110 Watt Flexible solar panel using your 10 dual battery controller and remote display for the Duo Dual Battery Controller on my 32 foot Challenger Sailboat. Although the documentation and schematics were very helpful I still had a few questions needing answers. Each time I called CMP I ot an answer right away, no put on hold or call "I'll call you back". In recent memory I have never had service like this.
Everything is working as advertised and my batteries are really topped off. Thank you CMP and Tom