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Learning with you was a blast you are always happy and put a smile on everyone’s face!


Miss Entegrity and miss Maria are the best dance teachers ever!!


This was my favorite dance ever and the mashup was incredible, thank you so much integrity and maria for the dance that won green group first place🤍

Abby Fennell - I Love N'tegrity!

"N'tegrity taught me how to be a fierce and powerful dancer. I've learned a lot from her about timing and staying on beat, as well as putting energy into each move. She inspires confidence in her students to produce dancers who are not only talented, but also believe in themselves!"  -Abby Fennell

N'tegrity In Motion is a Godsend

My 13 year old daughter had danced her whole life, but when she came back from residential treatment due to an eating disorder, she stopped dancing. She was in a foreign body, mentally fragile, and unsure of who she was as a person after her eating disorder got stripped away. As a parent, I knew she needed to start getting back into her body and into her life. She was not ready to go into a studio and surround herself with other kids, so I began researching private instructors. The name that came up multiple times was N’Tegrity In Motion. It was like a god send. Our first conversation was not about dates and times but about who my daughter was, what she had been through, how she needed to be lifted emotionally, and how N/Tegrity in Motion could help her find herself through movement. N’Tegrity In Motion is not JUST about N’Tegrity. She has a team of incredible dancers who all follow the same mission. My daughter worked with three instructors, who ALL treated my daughter with the same level of focus, care, and kindness. The dance classes were about how she was feeling as she danced, and using dance to get past the insecurities or trauma in her past. There were many days when N’Tegrity’s instructors would simply sit down with my daughter mid class and just talk to her, lift her up, encourage her...and listen. I can’t say enough good things about N’Tegrity in Motion. This strong woman was able to make my kid stronger through dance. I’m forever grateful. Stephanie Webster Editor In Chief, CTbites

N'tegrity and Maria Showed Out for my Daughter!

???????????????????? Rating!!! N'tegrity and Maria showed out with my daughter's gymnastics choreography this year. She is a true professional and as a military mom I value that when working with anyone. My daughter couldn't wait to work with her and when I say we were not disappointed that is truth!! Hands down the best of the best!


Thank You N’tegrity In Motion, We Love all of it, thank you for everything you've  have done for us this week!! FLIP FEST WEEK 6!!! We had a blast!!!


I was a camper at Flip Fest and i think she really added something to the week that we all needed. I had a really good time working with N'tegrity In Motion.

The Fun Master Randy Parrish

Olympic Gymnast Courtney MacCool talks about NIM :)