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knowledgeable instructor

Angela is a knowledgeable instructor, and it has been a pleasure learning ASL from her. She is flexible enough to meet individual needs no matter the student�s age or level. Her method works well as she combines teaching/lecturing, games, student-focused practice, and quizzes. She offers plenty of memory aids as she teaches, and she makes lessons fun and encouraging. Also, she provides thorough explanations to student questions, which shows her depth of knowledge in ASL. I highly recommend Angela!

Wonderful instructor

Angela is a wonderful instructor. She is knowledgeable and brings years of experience to her lessons. As a student, I look forward to her classes which are fun and full of great information about Deaf culture as well as new vocabulary and grammar.

Phenomenal instructor

I've been taking classes with Angela for many months and I keep signing up for more because she's an phenomenal instructor! Her class is the perfect mix of new information and low-stress practice. She's a total expert who is also adept at explaining ASL to others, from new learners to advanced signers. Terrific teacher! Highly recommended!

Enjoyable classes

I can not say enough wonderful thinking about Angela and her classes. I�ve always wanted to learn ASL and Angela had made that a reality in classes that were enjoyable and really helpful. Her use of memory aids and games when learning vocabulary really helps to make the signs stick. I�ve taken at least five classes with Angela and don�t plan to stop now!

Knowledgeable and motivating

Angela Ashworth is a very knowledgeable and motivating instructor. She paces her lessons by skills, topic, category or from student requests of need. Through a variety of reinforcement games, students have the opportunity to practice in a fun and inviting way, the vocabulary and or sentence structure of previous lessons. Repetition among all the signers in the class helps gain confidence as we learn from each other with Angela�s guidance. Best ASL class experience ever!

Patient and knowledgeable

Angela is an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgable about ASL and the most up to date signs. She is patient with new learners and able to increase learning for those with experience. She presents her lessons in engaging ways, but always with patience. I highly recommend Angela as an ASL instructor.

Patient and clear

Very patient and clear in her teaching ASL.


Great after-sales support from these guys and a good App which is easy to use - it adds prestige to my website. Highly recommended.


Great service and even better cutomer support if you ever need it. Fantastic all round!


highly recommend using Vocalreferences


Great product! Great way to add and display testimonials.