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Engel Institute, Dental Implant Training

S. Johnson, DDS

Excellent suturing/grafting knowledge and experience. 

H. Sekhon

Fantastic in all respects; from facility to lecture material to ability to do surgery. The time and effort that has gone into producing this course is immediately evident and sincerely appreciated. Looking forward to future courses.

G. Grewal, DDS

Awesome class! Wonderful people and great learning. Will definitely come back to expand my knowledge.

A. Butler, DDS

The course was very informative, practical, and relevant to private practice. Dr. Engel was a great speaker and encouraging mentor. I feel much more confident and capable after the past 3 days. I look forward to returning! Best CE experience I've ever had!

R. Wright, DMD

Truly enjoyed the course! I have attended others that weren't nearly as organized and filled with practical knowledge that could immediately be applied to my practice.

D. Patel, DMD

Lecture was extremely informative (and entertaining!). I was nervous previous to the actual surgery, but Dr. Habashi was a great mentor and helped along the way to a successful implant placement.

J. Batlle, DMD

This course has been so invaluable for helping me progress as a new dentist. I've learned more about implants in the past 3 days then in the past 5 years. Will definitely try to attend M2 with my father in the future!

A. Mehrnama, DDS

This course met and exceeded my expectations. Very informational and Dr. Engel made it a fun experience.

B. Reavley, DDS

This course was amazing and full of knowledge. I can't wait to get back and start placing. I have a renewed excitement for dentistry. 

A. Nagaraj, DDS

Phenomenal course, one the best mentors/teachers in Dr. Engel. Full value for money spent.

J. Peiffer, DDS

This course was unbelievable, the amount of work and effort by Dr. Engel and his team was amazing. I am so excited for the patients and how we all helped change their lives, looking forward to helping my own patients. 

K. Rowan, DMD

M3 was awesome but M5, well its a whole different level of great! The amount of content is staggering. I've said it before Dr. Engel & his team are the best out there and it's worth so much more then the cost! Just sign up already!
Thanks guys, it was an awesome fun filled week!

J. Cornell, DDS

Great course! There were a variety of cases to be involved in. Many pearls to take back to my practice and enthusiasm to keep learning and return for future courses.

J. Kiggins, DMD

It far exceeded my expectations and changed the way I'll do implants. This course was eye opening and I consider my surgical skills well above average for a general dentist. I learned new techniques in this course I can use this coming Monday.

J. Ramellini, DMD

Great course as usual. Even though I've bee doing implants since 2009 I still learn a lot every time. 

S. Johnson, DDS

Dr. Engel takes very difficult subject material and breaks it down making it memorable and fun. Wonderful course. 

O. Figueroa-Valle, DDS

Great experience. Should have done this years ago.

E. Hortman, DDS

Thank you for the opportunity to "change my practice life". Loved the clinical and academic content. The mentor-ships and connections are invaluable. Looking forward to M2. Lets do this!

A. Baskin, DDS

Great course! Love the hands on, instruction and surgery. It was broken down well and systematically. 

A. Alkass, DDS

Excellent course. Spending time on the machinery alone made the course worth it. Thank you very much.

D. Ricks, DDS

The course was enjoyable and very informative. If you want to get a jump on implants in your practice, come!

B. DesJardins, DDS

The knowledge I gained from M1 will allow me to confidently move forward to place implants a soon as I return home.

H. Falcon, DDS

This course is amazing. I feel so confident now to tackle many cases. Excellent job. Great mentor, staff, & facility.

W. Zeitouni, DDS

Thank you for what you are doing to make the profession more fun + for providing the means for dentists to provide better service.

A. Nagaraj, DDS

One of the best implant education courses I have ever attended. Dr. Engel is super generous with his knowledge + information.

S. Kleidosty, DMD

Looking forward to the M2/M3 class!

D. Pambianchi, DMD

A very solid review of the fundamentals of implant placement using a systematic approach that makes total sense and gives a recipe for success!

W. Lewis, DMD

This was my 2nd implant course to take and I can confidently say Dr. Engel is far superior to the other. I have learned many things that will enhance my skills in placement and care selection.

J. Zellmer, DMD

A fantastic course! The setup and education exceeded my expectations. I can not wait to place implants in my office!

R. Marshall, DMD

I've been to several implant courses (both lecture & live patient) and this far exceeded my expectations, unlike other courses that I have attended, Dr. Engel does not give you a false sense of security. However, Dr. Engel does give you the confidence to place implants safely and predictability with a whole lot of personality!

T. Fisher, DDS

By far the best CE course I have taken. Dr. Engel is great at building confidence by giving you everything you need to be safe and successful.

K. Griffin, DDS

As a "bread and butter" GP, I took this course hoping for a GP level, real world type of training and Dr. Engel delivered! The course was fantastic and I learned a TON. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

H. Falcon, DDS

M2 is an amazing course. They make sure you understand the material and are able to apply it right away. Dr. Habashi goes above and beyond. Can't wait for M3.

M. Stewart, DMD

Content is extremely applicable. I leave this course feeling confident to carry out these procedures in my office on Monday! Rejuvenating and refreshing!

J. Ramellini, DMD

I feel really confident about FGG + CTG which is something I didn't know I would get out of the course, so that is a nice surprise.

W. Carmichael, DDS

This is such a great learning experience! Can't wait to participate in M3.

S. Heuer, DDS

Thank you! This was a great course. I will be able to immediately use the information and learned skills.

S. Varghese, DDS

Best implant course with so much hand's on experience. Great learning experience overall!

S. Hanna, DDS

Very pleased with the outcome of the course. The experience was invaluable.

P. Yancho, DDS

I learned what I came for. I appreciate the concise delivery of material and organization as a whole.

T. Attaway, DDS

"This was THE best implant course I have ever taken! Dr. Engel is knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about implants and I appreciate him for sharing what he knows. Dr. Engel started the course by doing a live implant surgery. On the second day I not only placed an implant but had the opportunity to see many other surgeries done by classmates. I had an amazing experience. Thank you!"

R. Kinn, DMD

An exceptional course. Have taken other implant courses but nothing compares to the instruction I received in this course. I feel confident placing selected implants in practice moving forward.

N. Wadie, DDS

Dr. Kosinski was very thorough, kind, caring + made sure each and every one of us felt very comfortable.

H. Falcon, DDS

Absolutely impressed with the course. So excited to start placing implants next week. Highly recommend the course. 

R. Darji, DMD

Dr. Engel was great. Very down to earth and took away the fear of placing implants. Strongly considering M2 & M3 courses for further learning.

A. Hasanagic, DDS

Great course, it got me ready to go home & start placing simple implants. It also motivated me to learn more.

B. Magee, DMD

I've really enjoyed this course with Dr. Engel! He's a very funny and knowledgeable super GP! I'm definitely confident in placing implants more then ever. Thank you!

H. Bunch, DMD

Have practiced 35+ years & placed implants approximately 10 years. I've been to other implant courses & this is so far superior! Even though this was a beginner course I learned a lot of new pearls! My son took this course also - as 2 years out of dental school, I am so thankful to see him learn with discipline and specific guidelines that are the best! Thanks Todd & staff, awesome!

B. Orr, DMD

Implant courses teach how to place implants and what to do. Always good to learn what not to do in implant dentistry. This course teaches you what not to do to avoid complications and how to rectify the complications if they happen. Highest recommendation.

D. Wilfong, DDS

Excellent course! Thank you Dr. Engel and Staff

D. Faget, DMD

"Dr. Engel has a way of explaining the information in a way that is very easy to understand, thank you."

J. Kasunich, DMD

"This course is a "MUST" - will definitely take your confidence to the next level."

M. Stewart, DMD

"Loved it. Could not be happier - I will be seeing you at M2".

J. Hubbard, DDS

"Great course! Can't wait til M3."

K. Frazier, DMD

"Awesome! Learned a ton of stuff! Thanks!"

J. Vu, DDS

"Previously had taken M1 & has been invaluable to my practice. M2 is no different. I was able to perform every procedure discussed and feel confident I will perform each in my practice. Thank you!"

S. Heuer, DDS

"Great experience! Thank you!"

A. Yaldo, DDS

"Dr. Engel's course was truly a masterpiece and his ability to teach and make it fun along the way is a true testament to how awesome of a guy he is."

M. Sesi, DDS

"Excellent course, really gives us major confidence to build on. Glad to have the implant recipe for success."

A. Colangelo, DMD

"This course was exactly what I was looking for!"

E. Rather, DMD

"Phenomenal! Really boots confidence for future cases."

M. Barr, DDS

"The classroom instruction is excellent and the clinical "ins and outs" or corrective procedures when needed were available and demonstrated. Thank you."

S. Petinge, DMD

"Best clinical experience at a course I've had in 30 years of continuing ed."

M. Maher, DDS

"Amazing course for my assistants + me. My confidence in full arch cases has sky rocketed."

A. Correa, DMD

"Great course that helped boost confidence & reinforce knowledge to take the fear out of placement."

A. Hatten, DDS

"Great course great mentors! Definitely will continue my journey w/ M2. Thank you all for what you do!"

G. Millar, DDS

"Absolutely great course to get me started on placing implants. Best CE course I have ever taken."

S. Karande, DDS

"Great course! The only one you need to start and excel in your Dental Implant Career. No regrets! Thank you Dr. Engel & his team!"

M. Yowell, DDS

"Very satisfied with what I learned! Their motto "Hear It, See It, Do It" really applies. I plan on continuing with a G1 and M2 course".

T. Campagna, DMD

"Great course!!! Dr. Engel is a true educator. Definitely understood all concepts/principals presented. Thanks Todd! See you at M2!"

C. Tini, DDS

"I enjoyed the class & already signed up for M2. I appreciated the different insights of all the mentors."

Z. Rosen, DMD

"Best class ever. Definitely worth every dime. Thanks so much for giving me the confidence, can't wait to get home & practice."

T. Schmedding, DDS

"I truly enjoyed myself! Great course. Excited to start in the world of Implant Dentistry. Thanks for all your help!"

R. Tran, DMD

"M1 was the best CE course I have taken. I feel knowledgeable and the course content is highly organized and applicable. Highly recommend!"

J. Geissberger, DDS

"Time well spent. Great program, enjoyed it."

A. Hahn, DMD

"Great course with practical information I can take to my patients and care for them better on Monday!"

T. Wills, DDS

"The confidence that Dr. Engel instills is priceless on my journey of placing implants. Thank you!!!"

D. Tapani, DDS

"Excellent course. Can't wait for M3."

E. Fisher, DDS

"G1 completely changed the manner in which I will place implants in the future."

C. Reyes, DDS

"Excellent course, A+++! Dr. Engel and Dr. Raymond are both very skillful in the subject matter. All Drs, assistants, and staff are extremely helpful and attentive. Thank you for such a great experience! Looking forward to attending other courses."

C. Schmidt, DMD

"By far the most fantastic educational program I have EVER attended. Definite confidence booster."

N. Desai, DMD

"Honestly you guys are the best. This course always leaves me feeling like a much better clinician. I thank you all so much!"

M. Frazier, DMD

"One of the best classes I've ever taken! Dr. Engel's teaching style keeps you captivated throughout the entire course and he drives home key concepts that you can apply the day you return to your office. The Engel Institute is by far the top hands-on implant class available!"

K. Rowan, DMD

"What an incredible week! In 23 years I've never taken a better course and that says a lot because I've attended some fabulous courses. The attention to detail and the amount of knowledge provided is worth so much more then the cost of the course. It's a bargain!"

T. Robinson, DMD

"Great course, atmosphere, and expert knowledge!"

A. Nguyen, DMD

"Truly enjoyed this course! Dr. Kosinski & Dr. Engel did an excellent job of removing the intimidation factor & effortlessly was able to combine learning & fun. First time I've ever felt confident and fired up after a dental course. Thank you! I look forward to M2!"

E. Suave, DDS

"This class has been absolutely wonderful & I can't say enough great things about it. Thank you!"

A. Mortimer, DDS

"It was an excellent course that was well worth it. It was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to place implants."

T. Wills, DDS

"Thanks for the ability that you have to share your knowledge and build a team that instills confidence! I appreciate it."

E. Renier, DDS

"This course made implant dentistry accessible for me – I’m excited to implement what I learned! I feel much more confident about what I can do and when to refer."

M. Owen, DDS

"It was an incredible course! Truly learned a lot about implants, restorative and surgery in general. Thank you!"

C. Schmidt, DMD

"Great course!! Gave me a recipe/protocol to help streamline procedure."

T. Espinosa, DMD

"Thank you so much! This was an incredible experience. I feel confident and excited for this new chapter in my career and it’s all because of the great training I’ve received here."

J. Skowronski, DMD

"I’m placing an implant as soon as my Straumann kit, implants, and motor come in. Thank you Dr. Engel and everyone!"

M. Barr, DDS

"Good course, super knowledgeable clinicians. Overly competent dental technicians - great facility and clinical information that you can use on Monday!"

T. Le, DDS


T. Wills, DDS

"Dr. Engel and Dr. Raymond have a first class teaching center that pales to Dr. Engel's ability to communicate and teach a very technical subject in a way that you can use on Monday. Awesome course! Thanks for the confidence."

L. Cerillo, DDS

"Great course! I appreciate the time & effort that goes into a course like this. Very enjoyable & informative weekend."

R. Patel, DDS

"Great course! All info was practical, well presented, and organized. The willingness to help was GREAT!"

S. Petinge, DMD

"Great follow-up to Mentoring 1. I brought my staff an they found it very informative. Would recommend program for any general dentist interested in placing implants."

A. Patterson, DDS

"Enjoyed info - perio knowledge was very good, general bone/graft info very applicable. Enjoyed seeing multiple grafting situations. The videos showing procedures were very helpful - allowed info to all come together."

C. Powell, DDS

"Awesome course, I feel ready to start doing these procedures next week. I should have already had patients scheduled. I'm excited to be able to use the knowledge I gained."

M. Yun, DDS

"It was an excellent course and I learned many tips to apply back to my office. Instructors answered all my questions & it was a great follow-up to M1. Just figure out a way to do a course in Canada!"

D. Kejbou, DDS

"Hands down best seminar taken!"

M. Frazier, DMD

"Learned a ton! Will be back in April."

P. Tetting, DDS

"Awesome course, knowledge of mentors outstanding, learned a lot in a friendly, encouraging environment."

P. Watkins, DDS

"It was great getting surgical experience and condensed information about what we needed to know beforehand. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in placing implants."

J. McAdoo, DDS

"I learned so much in these 3 days. I am very satisfied and plan to take the other additional classes. This is a life changing opportunity. Thank you. 

D. Augustson, DDS

"A career changing course! Couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Engel Institute."

R. Nazarian, DDS

"Excellent course, mentors, & staff.

E. Sachs, DDS

"Worth every second, penny, and ounce of energy! Great course!

S. Bryson, DDS

"Phenomenal course to start my implant journey. Basic fundamentals taught extremely well. I feel confident to start placing implants tomorrow!" 

D. Tapani, DDS

"Incredible course! I learned so much, and really enjoyed the experience. I am very thankful."

P. Aflatooni, DDS

"Thank you and will see you in the future - and always recommended."

M. Stalnaker, DDS

"I had an amazing experience at this course. Everything from the lecture content through the clinical application made me feel competent and confident in implant placement. Dr. Engel and the mentors are amazing and extremely passionate about what they do." 

A. Patel, DMD

"Thank you for mentoring - all of you & for Dr. Engel for a vision - game changer."

T. Miller, DDS

"Top notch course, staff, mentors, + facility. Highly recommended to anyone placing or not placing implants."

J. Chung, DDS

"Troy was very helpful & meticulous. I am grateful for his guidance and I'm grateful for Engel's instruction. He really broke it down to the fundamentals to allow me to feel confident to tackle my 1st case."

C. Patel, DMD

"Thank you for everything - Truly! You guys are amazing."

D. Uhl, DMD

"Course was great! Info was really well presented and explained in a way that "just made sense". Dr. Engel and mentors were extremely down to each and easy to talk to. Thank you!"

T. Le, DDS

"Jed was awesome & very educational. Great knowledge. Thank you!!"

K. Kirkpatrick, DDS

"I would give this course 10 stars! This is an outstanding course on implant fundamentals. I will be using my new skills on Monday! When it comes to implant CE this course is the "gold standard." 

K. Kennedy, DDS

"This course is insightful & practical with "use it on Monday" information. It is worth every penny."

V. DiLoreto, DDS

"10 times better then any cont. ed class, enjoyed every moment. Thanks for enhancing my knowledge of implants."

P. Szmanda, DDS

"As much as I hate to have to say I've been around awhile, I have! This is by far the best course I have ever taken. Thank you all very much!"

E. Lopez-Rosario, DMD

"Excellent course. Definitely was what I was looking for. Looking forward to the next course and developing a relationship with Engel Institute."

A. Ho, DMD

"Great course that removes all the "fluff" and gives you all the info and skills to confidently place an implant.  A recipe for success."

S. Ju, DMD

"He was so awesome. I didn't even know what happened."

R. Sconyers, DMD

"I would love to have been able to do a live connective tissue surgery. Either a FGG or a CTG. That would have been off the chain. But of course, that would probably present a logistical nightmare! Great job as always! You guys rock, can't wait for M3!"

J. Sluder, DMD

"Great extension to M1. Makes me realize how possible & predictable implant procedures can be for the GP."

Y. Patel, DMD

"Love the way the material is presented. Everything is very simplified for the "general dentist" to be able to understand & implement. Takes care of the basic procedures that pertains to a regular day-to-day general dental practice."

L. Pedersen, DMD

"Love how practical the material was. Learned a lot and feel comfortable placing implants come Monday."

D. Jensen, DDS

"Excellent course. Great real world experience that I feel will give me the confidence to begin placement! Thanks!"

T. Philip, DDS

"I love the handy details this course offered. Never learnt implants like this before. Thank you Dr. Engel & Dr. Kosinski."

J. Skipper, DMD

"The course instructor and all guest speakers provided nothing but relevant information. They answered questions I didn't even know I had. I feel very confident and want to learn even more."

R. Taylor, DDS

" Another great weekend. See you at M2!"

J Kozik, DDS

"Another great Engel course! Best CE I have taken in my 10 years of practice. I really appreciate Todd & his staff in how personal they are. Todd is an amazing instructor."

R. Cook, DMD

"This course is well run and the information can be used on Monday."

V. Schaible, DMD

"I'm always impressed when I come to the Engel Institute. Great course content. The mentors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Looking forward to M-3 next."

K. Kennedy, DDS

"My confidence level was improved after this course!"

C. Jospeh, DDS

"Dr. Corey Raymond is a wonderful instructor, with so much patience. He made the hands-on portion enjoyable - but very educational. Thanks!"

F. Redelius, DMD

"Phenomenal education. Forget the rest. I'll take all the courses!" 

T. Sardina, DMD

"Thought surgical portion was very good. Staff was excellent help. Thanks for a great course."

D. Herring, DMD

"So impressed with every well thought out day. Personnel is to be congratulated for putting up with us without making us feel useless. I feel like with practice on the correctly picked patients proficiency will come.  Thank you for the confidence."

Y. Beyene, DDS

"Excellent course. Excellent hands-on experience. I can't wait to come back for more."

A. Fishman, DDS

"This was an excellent course. I would recommend it to anyone looking to gain the confidence they are looking for to start placing."

M. Boyte, DMD

"An amazing experience! Definitely worth the cost of attendance! Extremely relevant, practical, and concise."

R. Sconyers, DMD

" This has been an excellent overall experience. My biggest regret is waiting so long to do it."

J. Elliott, DMD

" Maybe the best CE course I've ever attended."

L. Miranda, DMD

"Really enjoyed the course; plan to come back for M1 then M3. Thanks!"

S. Simmonds, DDS

"Great course! I will recommend, hands down a 5 star experience. A must do!."

B. Haines, DDS

"This course has literally changed the way I practice dentistry. Invaluable teaching. Thanks so much." 

D. Lin, DDS

"Everything was great. Thank you so much."

R. Brown, DMD

"Seriously, outstanding course & practical. Thank you."

R. Gill, DMD

"Most comprehensive hands on practical course I have ever taken. Can't wait for M1+M3. Avi & Todd are awesome. They teach as they practice. Amazing! Thank you."

J. Jenkins, DDS

"This course changed my practice by giving me the skills to offer implant therapy to my patients. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Engel and his instruction."

K. Poupore, DDS

"Dr. Kosinski & Engel are as knowledgeable as it is legal to be in implant dentistry...Do yourself a favor and attend the seminars. This course is one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken (have been to all the other courses) and I have been in practice for 36 years!"

R. Covatto, DDS

"Extremely excited for this opportunity to work with Dr. Engel"

D. Kudlik, DDS

"Dr. Engel teaches in a manner that is easy to understand and implement in my practice beginning Monday morning."

E. Harris, DDS

"Absolutely loved it and Charlotte is a gorgeous and fun city. I will definitely be back! Exceptional instruction. You can tell he cares and he really wants us to learn."

D. Zelazny, DDS

"Loved the info, pace, and approach."

E. Noser, DDS

"Excellent course, I would recommend it to anyone interested in starting to do (place) implants."

B. Westmoreland, DDS

"Fantastic course, fantastic people. The staff/team were truly awesome."

T. Hampton, DDS

"The pearls that I learned from Dr. Engel have invigorated my practice and changed the way I approach treatment planning. It is absolutely amazing!"

F. Grimaldi, DDS

"The opportunity to perform a live implant surgery under the guidance of the faculty was invaluable. I’d refer this course to my colleagues without hesitation."

R. Simmons, DDS

"This is the best course that I have taken in my 25 year career. I wish I had this knowledge years ago, there’s nothing like it!"