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Dental Consulting Experts - The Ledbetter Group

Atlanta Georgia
United States

Dr. Clell Morris (Medical College of Georgia, 1995)

"In 2017, I decided to make some significant changes in my practice after serving our community for 20 years. I chose to attend The Dental College of Georgia’s Maxi Course in implant therapy, expand my office, and hire a practice management consultant. I knew many consultants, but Russ’ testimonial page contained many positive reviews from colleagues and classmates. Fast forward to 2020/2021: The Ledbetter Group helped me transition to an office twice the size of my previous and increased collections by over 40% more than my best year prior. With Russ’ guidance, we accomplished this despite the challenges of the pandemic. I can’t thank Russ and the Ledbetter Group enough for helping me achieve my goals and set a standard for the next 20 years."

Dr. Zach Powell (Medical College of Georgia, 1995)

"The Ledbetter Group has helped my leadership team transform three of the practices within our group. Russ’ methods are not gimmicky or pushy and his traditional philosophy aligns with our patient-centered practice model and team approach. Through measurement, accountability and personal coaching, he has helped instill confidence in our team to create synergy from within the practice. The rewards have been bountiful, and are not only measured in dollar signs- our team is happy, cohesive and more motivated than ever. Highly recommended."

Dr. Beau Bradford (University of Alabama School of Dentistry, 2007)

"I started a practice from scratch and was seeing growth, but not at the pace I wanted. Russ was recommended to me by a friend and I have seen my production double with his help. He has years of experience and knowledge that will help your practice as well. He is very open and honest and will do a practice analysis before he starts to make sure he can get you the results you desire. I have been very pleased with the results he has helped us achieve and the metrics he gave us will allow us to continue to improve and adjust as our practice grows and changes."

Dr. Thomas I. Smith, DDS (Medical University of South Carolina Dental School)

"I cannot say enough about our experience with The Ledbetter Group. After 29 years of apparent success I contacted Russ to help us grow the practice as we were starting to experience a slowing of growth. Russ and his team provided the guidance my team needed to schedule more efficiently, motivate my team to be more productive and to attract more new patients. We have seen well over a 20% increase in monthly collections most months. I would recommend The Ledbetter Group to most dentists regardless of their career stage."

Dr. Todd Blevins (Medical University of South Carolina, 1997)

"Working with the Ledbetter Consulting over the last year and a half has been a great experience. I have worked with many consultants over my 22 years in practice, and Russ is one of the best. His down to earth, practical solutions have helped bring about not only an increase in production and collections, but better communication within my office team. I highly recommend them."

Dr. Ryan Colosi (University of Buffalo School of Medicine, 2007)

"We have been working with Russ and his team for almost a year now. The results speak for themselves. This is a professional, detail-oriented team with a consistent approach to improving the overall flow and productivity of a practice. I strongly encourage any pediatric or general dentist who has plateaued and is looking for that next level to reach out to Russ."

Dr. Andrew Rivers (University of Alabama School of Dentistry, 2009)

"I purchased a small-town practice from a retiring dentist back in 2012. After steady growth we hit a plateau several years back and I dabbled with the idea of using a consultant to help break through the stagnation. Several of my dental school classmates had all used and recommended the Ledbetter Group. I decided to hire Russ and Lana and I am glad I did. It has been very helpful having an outside, objective set of eyes looking at my practice. We were able to make some changes that really elevated the business. My accountant actually said, 'I don’t know what you have been doing this year, but keep it up!' "

Dr. Mina Dadkhah & Dr. Alireza Sharafi (University of Southern California School of Dentistry)

“I’ve been working with Russ more than a year and I can’t say enough about his professionalism and knowledge. I started working with him after months of research and talking to so many different big and small dental consulting companies and consultants and my previous experience of working with bigger company with no results. My dental office was plateaued and I didn’t think we have any room to grow, but he promised a monthly growth and delivered it within 6 months.

I trust and respect his opinions so much that I ask him questions about all aspects of running my practice. Now even though I feel that my staff and office is energized, I can’t stop working with him, I still see result from his advise and recommend him to anybody looking for a competent and knowledgeable consultant.”

Dr. Dugald McMillan (University of Alabama, 2009)

“I want to say how pleased I am that I chose the Ledbetter group as a consulting partner. Russ Ledbetter had mailed me some information about his services and testimonials from previous clients. I stashed it away in a drawer and occasionally looked at it. I had always heard consultants could be an asset in any dental office but never really felt I needed it. After constantly hearing Howard Farran on Dental Town podcast berate dentist for not knowing their numbers it soaked in that I didn’t know mine. Finally, after a year of mentally going back and forth, I elected to call Russ. Russ and I discussed my practice and he made sure I had room to improve before agreeing to work with me. I can truly say this has been the best ROI I have experienced to date. I have been able to add monthly production over the course of a year without changing my conservative nature or speed at which I perform treatment. He taught me and my staff how to schedule effectively and focus on the numbers. This had led to an easier and more predictable schedule without so many high load, low production, and fatiguing days. Between phone calls and a little homework, I probably averaged 4 hours a month to my workload. I’m in a small town with bread and butter dentistry, and in the end I’m able to efficiently treat more patients and that’s a win for everyone.”

Dr. Bayne Heersink (University of Alabama, 2009)

“When I purchased my practice, one of the first things I did was call Russ. It has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Our average monthly collections are up more than $20,000 per month, and all we have done differently is work smarter, not harder. I would highly recommend The Ledbetter Group to anyone who wants their scheduling and production to be more efficient and predictable.”

Dr. Clint Fulks (University of Tennessee 2005)

“We’ve come a long way by using The Ledbetter Group to help us with our practice. They delivered on their promise of increased production. I believe you are only as good as your supporting staff will let you be and with their help I am confident I have the team I need to move forward with my practice. I now feel like I better and more effectively know how to manage my staff and practice. They had me track key numbers which I now understand and have power to make positive changes and can compare month-to-month going forward. My stress is better since I am much more in control of my practice." -- 

Dr. Andy Grantham (University of Alabama Dental School 2004)

"My practice was in a terrible downward spiral. Staff moral and motivation were very low. An unsustainable guaranteed bonus system set up by the previous practice owner was in place and was putting severe strain on me financially. I was miserable and had thoughts of selling everything and going away from dentistry. I decided to call in Lois Ann and her team to help me right the ship and after a year of hard work, good staff hires, and some restructuring, I am finally turning a profit and feeling better about my career path. My present staff is happy and enjoying the monthly bonuses that they actually earned. Many thanks to The Ledbetter Group for their guidance and support." -- 

Dr. Jay Phillips, Dr. Chris Hasty, Dr. Lee Boney, Dr. Heath Miller (Med College of GA 1994, Med College of GA 2003, University of FL 2008, Med College of GA 2012)

“Would you like to take your practice from good to great? This is a dream of mine for my practice, my team and my patients. With the help of the Ledbetter Group, we are turning a dream into a reality. I have been practicing dentistry for 21 years. Over this time, I have utilized several consultants in an effort to improve our group practice. Other consultants seemed to have the same ideas to change our practice into their business model. Russ Ledbetter’s methods are different. After listening to our goals and perceived problems, he went to work creating systems, motivating staff, and fine-tuning our leadership skills to push us to a new level. Russ used proven methods to create a better work environment with an improved schedule to bring in an increase in production and new patients. Therefore, making our practice more profitable so our goals were met. With extreme pleasure, allow me to recommend Russ Ledbetter to help you achieve your dreams of success.” -- 

Dr. Andrew Jackson (LSU School of Dentistry 2007)

 “In September of 2014, my business partner of seven years and I dissolved our partnership and I began a journey as the sole owner of Jackson Family Dentistry. My ex partner’s wife had run the business part of the offices so being responsible for every facet of the business was new, exciting, and unnerving. I immediately saw a need to implement the correct systems to make my ‘new’ office more patient friendly, employee driven, and as stress free as possible. I hired Russ to be my business consultant throughout that process and it was a wildly successful venture. Patient wait times almost disappeared, we scheduled an office-wide lunch break for the first time in the practice’s history, and production increased while office morale was boosted. No matter your stage of life or occupation, everyone needs a coach to reach his/her full potential. I highly recommend you allow Russ to be your counselor in the business aspect of running a dental office and you will see immediate and long-lasting results.” --

Dr. Brian Cook (University of Alabama Dental School 2006)

 "After my fourth year as a practice owner, I wasn’t confident I had control of my office and felt I was repeating the same mistakes each year.  I decided I couldn’t fix things on my own and began searching for a consultant.  I found Russ and had several friends recommend him.   We have seen tremendous growth over this past year in production/collections, improved patient experience, better organization, lower overhead, etc.  In one year, we have made changes that would have taken my entire career to implement.  You will not make an investment that has a better return for your practice.  I now feel confident in running the business side and can sleep at night not worrying about finances." --

Dr. Ash Walker (Medical College of Georgia 1995)

“It is my pleasure to recommend Russ Ledbetter of The Ledbetter Group. Russ has tweaked vast information into practical applications that you can learn today and use tomorrow. I have benefited tremendously, financially and personally, through Mr. Ledbetter’s guidance. I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I don’t use something that he has taught me. I have seen phenomenal growth in my practice and my staff development since learning his tried and true techniques. I am grateful for all that he has done to help my practice grow and flourish."

Dr. Steve Swords (Medical College of Georgia 1996)

"Hiring Russ and his team (The Ledbetter Group) was not only my best business and career decision ever but also by far the best investment of my life. I have never bought any piece of equipment or attended any seminar where I had a 1700% return (over $513,000) within 1 year. Although the numbers speak for themselves, Russ’ overall impact on my life was even more valuable. My only regret is that I waited 8 ½ years to decide I needed a “coach” – someone to teach me what dental school did not! Thanks for everything."

Dr. Burton Moffett (University of Alabama Dental School 2006)

“The Ledbetter Group has helped me both personally and professionally over the past year. My young pediatric dental practice was growing at a very healthy pace, and it was actually this growth that spurred my decision to work with a practice consultant. Despite the success my practice was experiencing, I knew that without systems in place and clearly defined ways of doing things, our growth would eventually overwhelm my hard-working staff and myself. I also knew that there was much more to running a dental practice than I had been taught in dental school – specifically regarding the business side of the practice. The Ledbetter Group gave me and my team a structured framework for operating the practice, as well as a detailed system for monitoring practice statistics. I now feel I have an in-depth understanding of how to manage our growth, as well as a way to recognize problems BEFORE they happen. From a personal perspective, I now enjoy the reduced stress and increased satisfaction that comes from having a well-organized, clearly defined way of doing things. My team is more empowered to use the skills they possess to make the practice successful, and we are a closer group as a result. I’d read so many testimonials from other clients of The Ledbetter Group that lamented having not worked with them earlier in their careers. I’m so glad I made the decision to seek their help in preparing my practice for the future.”

Dr. Britt Burcham (University of Tennessee 1988)

"The Ledbetter Group proved to be a key part of a true “turning point” in the productivity of my practice. Making recommendations based on a practice analysis, they exceeded every expectation I had, while remaining sensitive to my wishes and personal goals. Using the principles The Ledbetter Group implemented, my practice has continued to grow. I heartily recommend their services to anyone looking to increase productivity and satisfaction in their professional lives."

Dr. Lance Osborne (University of Tennessee 2000)

"I would strongly recommend The Ledbetter Group to every dentist who wants to maximize their practice’s potential. My experience of working with Russ Ledbetter was not only professionally rewarding but personally rewarding. I have found that my practice is more efficient, more productive (double what he promised me, over $200,000 more per year) and also less stressful. Russ and his staff will put all the pieces of the dental practice puzzle together for you."

Dr. Barton Barrett (University of Alabama Dental School 2008)

"Several months ago, I began to feel the stress and burn-out creeping in, and knew I needed to do something differently. About that time I received a brochure from Russ in the mail, and after checking some references, I finally called him. What he has done for my practice in just a few months has been amazing! Our stress level is lower, and our production has well exceeded anyone's expectations. I'm the biggest skeptic in the world, and wouldn't have believed it had I not been living proof. I highly recommend Ledbetter Consulting to anyone."

Dr. Sam Wright (University of Alabama Dental School 2009)

I would like to compliment The Ledbetter Group for the outstanding service it provides. Russ is honest and he keeps his promises.  He asks you what your goals are, and like a magician, in the end, makes them happen. We are now collecting more than $500 per day more than we were when we started with him.  We used to work all Fridays, and now we work only one.  I'm on the verge of hiring an associate (one of my goals), and the situation is promising, so that I can eventually form a partnership, so that I can take more vacation (one of my other goals).  To be clear, Russ does not push adding a partner, and only offered some feedback on how I might approach it.  He is in the business of improving the business you've already established, not overhauling it.  His secret involves his hard work and study, personalized to your practice.  Consultants and coaches require your participation as well as your staff's, and his system is wonderful at getting that.  His methods are logical and easy to implement.  He sticks with you and constantly has new ideas.  He follows through.  You follow through.  Once the year is up, you miss the Group, but you and the staff are better than you were the year before.  It's a better place to work.  A better place to practice dentistry.

Dr. Tamsie Coker & Dr. Matt Coker (University of Alabama Dental School 1996 & 2001)

"The Ledbetter Group helped a great deal with boosting our production and collections. They far exceeded the production increase they promised. They really helped to organize our front desk and provided detailed job descriptions. Our office is much closer to our long-term goals after the year of consulting."

Dr. Amanda Darty (University of Alabama Dental School 2006)

I started working with The Ledbetter Group during a major time of transition in my career. I had just built a new office, hired new employees and was stressed to the max with trying to manage all of the newness and growth that surrounded me. I tried to tackle it all myself for about six months before I realized that I needed help and in a major way! I was consumed with how I was going to make it from one month to the next when I hired The Ledbetter Group. Immediately, Russ and his team evaluated my practice and got me started down a path of consistent, sustainable growth. With their help I was able train my staff and manage my practice with less stress and more profit. I would recommend the services of the Ledbetter Group to any doctor who wants to run an efficient, well organized practice and keep a well-trained, satisfied staff!

Dr. Mike Cox & Dr. Tina Cox (Medical College of Georgia 2014)

Russ, his wife Jill, and in-office consultant Lana are as good as it gets in the dental consulting/coaching business. You will not find a more outgoing, personable, and honest group of consultants. He'll tell you what you're doing right-and wrong- and he can guide you to fix the problems! The protocol that he implemented in our practice has increased production/collections an average of $20,000 per month over the past year. He has a very reasonable rate for the service he is providing, especially compared to most consultants who take a percentage of what you collect! Russ and team are very easy to get in touch with if we have an issue in the office that I need advising on. I can call them anytime and if I don't get an answer they will be calling back shortly. He and the team are extremely hands on, and when he tells you somethings going to happen it WILL happen. Russ's skills far exceeded what we expected! If you are in the market for a new consultant/coach call Russ and team. I will be more than happy to talk to anyone considering The Ledbetter Group. ​

Dr. Sid Parker & Dr. Jeff Pennington (Medical College of Georgia 1995 & 1996)

“We have been working with Russ and Ginny for the last 9 months. During this time, they have helped us increase our business significantly with consistency. We appreciate their efforts to help our team and their "hands on" approach is an excellent recipe for our relationship based practice.”

Dr. Joseph Labbe (University of Alabama Dental School 2004)

“After several years of owning a dental practice that was experiencing very minimal growth, I had become frustrated and no longer enjoyed my work. After working with the Ledbetter Group, my production greatly increased and I had a better understanding of how to operate my practice. My patients are happy, employees work as a team, and I once again enjoy my work. I highly recommend the Ledbetter Group.”

Dr. Tyler Myers (Medical College of Georgia 2006)

“The timing of bringing Russ in to help our office could not have been more perfect. My five year old, scratch start practice was hitting its stride and things were getting stressful. Some days we couldn’t work everyone in who wanted to be seen and other days my schedule was full of holes. Within three weeks of beginning the program with Russ our production went up and our stress level went down. Russ promised a 10% increase, but we are up 23% over last year. Nothing in the way I treatment plan has changed. His consulting has paid for itself ten times over.”

Dr. Dale Hambright (University of Alabama Dental School 2005)

Like many, I was very skeptical at first, but found Lois Ann a very sincere, hard working lady who's main goal was to help train me in leadership skills that I lacked. She is a no-nonsense, straight talking consultant with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Our production increased on less days, and our office stress improved tremendously. We are still a work in progress, but must give Lois Ann significant credit for our recent success.

Dr. Britt Morris (University of Alabama Dental School 1987)

We recommend The Ledbetter Group to anybody who is interested in practice growth and management!

Dr. Karen Connell (University of Alabama Dental School 2000)

Dear Russ, I have always been a do-it-myself kind of gal, never liked to ask anyone for help. After finishing dental school in 2000, I started practicing with my father. We quickly took a small one dentist practice and turned into a busy, growing, two-dentist practice. All the ups and downs, dad and I navigated together. Suddenly in 2009, my father, who never missed a day at work due to illness, began having multiple health issues. As he missed several months and only returned to work a 12 hour work week, I found myself at a loss. I really didn't know how to do it all! I decided to hire a consultant, and chose Russ Ledbetter because he had worked so well with several of my classmates. He is teaching me skills that can never be learned in dental school or incorporated after just attending a weekend seminar on practice management. I feel more confident, the practice is growing again, and my employees are happy! Thanks so much Russ, for making my career fun again!

Dr. Edwin Hargett III (Medical College of Georgia 2005)

“Having just purchased an existing dental practice, hiring Russ Ledbetter was a big step in the right direction. With his guidance, our new patient flow increased dramatically as well as our production and collections. A task Russ achieved that I found to be even more beneficial was to give me peace of mind and confidence. Russ put systems and accountabilities in place so that I knew when staff was performing and when they weren't. Through Russ, I truly learned how to "run" my practice. Thanks Russ”

Dr. Steven Robinson (University of Alabama Dental School 2000)

“When I first signed on with Russ I was very worried about what the return on my investment would be. It seemed like a lot of money to pay for a consultant. After completing his program I can honestly say that I am very excited about the outcome and it was definitely one of the best business decisions I have ever made. The whole process forced me to look at my practice like I had never done before. I thought my practice was doing OK and we were growing at an acceptable rate. To say that I was wrong would be an understatement. The changes that we have made now have transformed my practice. I am glad I decided to work with Russ and his team. The difference in my practice and the large increase in production and collections were well worth the investment.”

Dr. Carlton King (University of Alabama Dental School 1973)

“I am writing this regarding my association with The Ledbetter Group and their impact on my life professionally. Although I had much skepticism about pushing ahead with a consultant, I am happy to say that the transformation of the various facets of my practice have been profound. Through working with Lois Ann Ledbetter positive changes were soon reflected in my practice. Not only has my gross production and personal income increased, but my day to day associations with my staff and patients have improved tremendously.”

Dr. Robert Crosby (University of Alabama 1982)

“My practice was growing at a healthy rate, but something was missing. I wanted faster growth and larger returns in a shorter period of time. A fellow colleague and friend referred me to Lois Ann Ledbetter. After all, she had done all these wonderful things for his practice; so I thought why not. It’s only money. So I contacted Lois Ann and she convinced me that she could help me and my practice. And now, seven months later, I feel like I am much better off than I was before. I thought I was doing things right, but little did I know. Now I work smarter and it’s more rewarding. I now feel in control of all aspects of my practice. Stress has decreased and staff relations have improved. And most importantly, I feel better about myself and my practice. The main reason I feel it works is because you have an unbiased person working with your practice. What you learn can’t be taught in a weekend course or even a short-term consultation service. It takes an extended period of time to implement and evaluate new ideas and to find problems that need correction. Overall I feel like I made a good investment and it will pay for itself many times over!

Dr. Samuel Pierce

“From July 1992 through June 1993 I have had the pleasure of working with The Ledbetter Group, a practice consulting firm dedicated to helping professionals realize and achieve their maximum potential. Prior to my retaining their services my practices (a private practice with a small satellite office) had reached a plateau. The first six months of 1992 showed only a 2% growth over the same period in 1991. Cash flow was a nightmare; patient recall was virtually non-effective, staff inter-communications were very poor, and I felt like the practices were in control of me rather than I being in control of them. I had considered hiring a practice consultant on several occasions, but I never did because I did not think I could afford it. Then I came to the realization that I could no longer afford not to hire a consultant. As a result of working with The Ledbetter Group, the first six months of this year showed an increase in production of 35% over the first six months of 1992. At this present growth rate, this will be an increase in production of well over $100,000 for 1993! Cash flow is no longer a worry, patient recall efficiency has increased tremendously, and the staff now works together like a championship team. I can recommend The Ledbetter Group without any reservations if you want your business to be the best it can be. My only regret is that I did not hear about them sooner!”

Dr. J.R. 'Randy' Kornegay (University of Alabama Dental School 1973)

“I would like to thank you for the excellent assistance you have given me and my staff. I feel that we are really working as a team to provide the best possible health care to our patients more effectively and with greater ease. As you know, we have increased our productivity by sixty percent and I see this as a direct result of following the plan you helped our office develop specially for us. We are now able to do much more work with greater enthusiasm and real enjoyment. I think your ideas concerning self evaluation and planning were most helpful. They enabled us to decide what goals were important to our office and the best way to achieve these goals both personally and professionally. Please feel free to call upon me at any time to discuss your role as consultant with any new prospects. I am certain you can provide for them the same excellent quality of sound advice that you gave to us. My staff and I are looking forward to a much more successful and happier future thanks to your help. Thank you again.”

Dr. Ladd Luce (University of Alabama Dental School 1998)

“I don’t believe there is a practice The Ledbetter Group couldn’t help make more successful. They promises their results for a reason: they get the job done.”

Dr. Richard Bennett & Dr. Cindy Greene & Dr. Ryan Wood (Medical College of Georgia 1998, University of Florida 2005, Medical College of Georgia 2005)

“In these challenging economic times, investment in the practice is critical. I believe the engagement of The Ledbetter Group was the single best decision our practice has ever made. Russ delivers on his promise to increase production and collections, streamline efficiencies, he raised morale, and took our practice to the next level. I am not one to make casual recommendations but this one is a sure thing.”

Dr. Tara Lambert Moncus (University of Alabama Dental School 2001)

“I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude for The Ledbetter Group. I began working with them in June of 2004, approximately eight months after opening my dental practice and I am very confident that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. They provided one-on-one personal attention with weekly phone calls and monthly practice monitoring. They helped me to develop the communication skills to build a strong, productive team, which is an essential key to a successful dental practice. They showed me how to be organized and efficient and how to manage the growth of my practice. Over the course of a year, my production increased an average of $35,000.00 per month. They also implemented a course of action for future projects and concerns that has allowed me to reach many of my goals within a very short period of time. The Ledbetter Group has truly exceeded my expectations."

Dr. Casey Bloom (University of Alabama Dental School 2006)

To whom it may concern, “I have had the wonderful opportunity to bring The Ledbetter Group on board for practice consulting. I cannot say enough good things about the decision I made to accept their invitation to taking my practice to the Next Level. I am a recent graduate and have owned my practice for just less than 2 years. The practice had 40 years of history and a recent move in location. I was very skeptical. I had all the fears a recent graduate has with all the loans and now a new one with the practice. The staff was in a rut. I got the phone call from Lois Ann Ledbetter and I have not looked back since. They promised a 10K increase in monthly production, but they average 18k. They far exceeded their promise. They said they would help me develop a Team that communicates well, that is motivated and willing to take the practice in the right direction. They said they would coach me to manage the team and become a great team leader. I was reluctant to make the decision, but I am so thankful that I did. I am now averaging $1,000 increase in daily production, new patients are coming in droves, and patients are moving forward with treatment. Patient referrals are through the roof. It is almost magical the transformation that has taken place with my practice. It is a place everyone wants to be a part of. Some patients are even asking for jobs here because they want to be associated with the positive and electric atmosphere that we have here. They are telling all their friends about us. It is amazing. In comparison to exactly one year ago this month of March had a 20k plus increase in production. And collections have followed directly alongside the increase in production. I am truly amazed. I am so glad that I made the tough decision to move forward with a dental consultant early on in my career. If you get that phone call from The Ledbetter Group, make the same decision that I made. You will not regret it. The thoroughness and dedication by them is unbelievable. They will coach you to Success.”

Dr. Michael LeGrand (University of Alabama Dental School 1994)

“Dear colleague,I was very pleased with the services of Lois Ann Ledbetter in 2008, and I wished I would have used her earlier in my career. It probably took me two years from our initial visit before making the commitment. Like most dentist, I was a little hesitant to pay her fee without a guaranteed return. In her one year of service with us, she was able to meet or exceed all my expectations. The promises she made as far as production and profitability were exceeded. I lost zero staff, and I found my staff more motivated than I had originally thought possible. Their new bonuses probably helped some too. My overall experience with Lois Ann was terrific, and our relationship continues to this day. It is very reassuring to know I can still call her in times of need or just to run things by her. In closing, I would like to highly recommend the services of Lois Ann Ledbetter to anyone interested. “

Dr. Kirby Hart (University of Alabama Dental School 2001)

"It's now April 2010. I was in group practice from July 2001 to December 2009 when I decided I was ready to go solo. I hired Russ Ledbetter from The Ledbetter Group in August 2009 after opening a brand new start up practice in May of 2009. Not only was I new to running a solo practice, but my entire staff, hygienist, assistant, and front desk coordinator, were all new to their respective positions. To say we were green and inexperienced is the understatement of the century! My first year of private practice has been a whirlwind to say the least. I don't know how I would have survived financially or what the practice would look like from a management perspective if I hadn't had Russ to guide and direct me the whole way. I highly recommend The Ledbetter Group. I feel it has been a very wise investment on my part that will continue to pay dividends for the rest of my career."

Dr. Brad Litkenhous (University of Alabama Dental School 2004)

“Working with The Ledbetter Group has been one of the best and most rewarding business decisions I have ever made. They opened my eyes to so many things vital to effective practice management. Through their analysis of my practice, The Ledbetter Group uncovered a personnel issue that would have had serious negative consequences had it continued. I now realize how much my dental school education lacked the essential elements necessary to evaluate and manage the business side of dentistry. The Ledbetter Group definitely delivered on their promises. Our production increased by over $10,000 per month as did our collections. She helped create harmony among the staff and improved working relationships. Our practice now steadily attracts an average of 30-40 new patients each month showing continued growth. With respect to these achievements, I feel less stress and once again enjoy coming to work each day.”

Dr. Al Roberts (Medical College of Georgia 1996)

“When I first received a phone call about The Ledbetter Group, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. After retaining their services, our production jumped over 18,000 dollars a month. This was by far the best investment I had ever made for our practice. The mentoring Russ provided proved to be invaluable. As I am writing this, sticking to the principals The Ledbetter Group instilled upon us and to their plan, it is helping our practice have the best month all year. I would highly recommend Russ and his team to anyone who feels in a stagnant moment in their practice. Their team coaches professionalism to the upmost.”

Dr. Lance Scarbrough (University of Tennessee Dental School 1995)

“I brought The Ledbetter Group into my office in 2002 when the economy went south and my practice production fell tremendously. With his guidance, we rebounded the following year with an $180,000 dollar increase in gross production. We are still using his core principles today because they work. Thanks Russ.”

Dr. Andy Brunson (University of Alabama Dental School 2003)

“I really appreciate all of the hard work you have done for our practice. I am thrilled with the excitement and productivity of our staff. They have really been focused and are working well together. Of course the increased monthly production and increased efficiency make dentistry that much more fun. I will call on you again if I ever need anything!”

Dr. Andy Donaldson (University of Alabama Dental School 2001)

“Thank you The Ledbetter Group! My team and I have the best relationship and most trust we’ve ever had after working with you. We have a clear picture of what it takes to set and reach goals. Making the production goals you promised was the icing on the cake. Now we are much more profitable and we are equipped with the knowledge and attitude to make things happen. Thank you for helping to de-stress our office and make what we do more enjoyable.”

Dr. Carol Miles, retired (University of Alabama Dental School 1980)

“Best money I've ever invested. Don't know how they do it, it's not just one thing. The Ledbetter Group will find the weaknesses in your practice.”

Dr. Jason Garner (University of Alabama Dental School 2000)

“I would highly recommend The Ledbetter Group to any dentist interested in making their dental practice a more enjoyable and profitable place to work. In addition to increasing the production and collections in our office, Russ taught me many management techniques which will continue to be tools I use as I grow my practice in a positive direction. He stresses the importance of identifying the right people in the interview process and always working to maintain a positive office environment for all employees and patients. Russ and Ginny gave us many ideas for increasing new patient numbers and ideas for keeping our practice a fun and enjoyable place to work. It is very exciting and rewarding for our staff to see our practice continue to grow as we form new relationships with our patients and their families.”

Dr. Jennifer Wells & Dr. Erik Wells (Medical College of Georgia 1994 & 1996)

“If you are overly stressed at running your practice and feel like you’re in over your head managing your staff, there is a simple and effective solution: The Ledbetter Group practice management. How do I know this? Twelve months ago we were in the same boat…frustrated, stressed and genuinely looking at other professional options. Russ Ledbetter discussed our goals and dreams for the practice, formulated a strategy and helped us to work towards fulfilling those goals. Our staff is much more motivated and efficient, we are less stressed, and the practice is more profitable. Win…win…win. We have no reservations recommending The Ledbetter Group.”

Dr. Kim Pitts (University of Tennessee Dental School 1997)

Russ, “Thank you for helping all of us grow exponentially. Little did I know in 2001 I would be faced with the full responsibility of a two doctor practice. At that time my father would need to take an unexpected leave for medical reasons. Russ and Ginny were able to guide me through this difficult time. We not only maintained the production both doctors used to do, but to my amazement still increased our production and profitability with very low stress. I highly recommend The Ledbetter Group to those who are looking for positive change in their practice and personal lives.”

Dr. Chris Ferguson (Baylor University School of Dentistry 1996)

"The Ledbetter Group helped us set goals and implement systems that work. Having an office manual and a structure for scheduling has decreased office stress tremendously. We achieved a production increase well above what he promised. We now have time for lunch and rarely stay late in the evenings."

Dr. Martin Nunn (University of Alabama Dental School 2000)

"Without hesitation, I would recommend The Ledbetter Group to anyone who would like to increase the profitability of their practice. The results promised by Russ were not only met but exceeded. Hiring The Ledbetter Group was easily the best decision I have made in my eight years of practice."

Dr. Jeff Worley (University of Alabama Dental School 1988)

"Russ Ledbetter of The Ledbetter Group worked with me on practice management issues several years ago. The things I learned from working with him then have paid tremendous dividends since. Our practice of dentistry has been more efficient, less stressful, and much more productive as a result of his training. I highly recommend his services!"

Dr. Robert Whitehead, retired (University of Tennessee Dental School 1974)

"Without a doubt the best return on my investment I have ever had, bar none."

Dr. Calvin Sanders (University of Alabama Dental School 1973)

"In 1998 I had been in practice 23 years and was 51 years old and was making a living-not destitute and not getting rich. I had pretty much decided that if I was doing the best I would ever do, I would just be content with that. But then Lois Ann Ledbetter called, having been referred to me by a friend. After talking to her on the phone, I decided I would really like to know if I could do better and enjoy dentistry more (I really dreaded going to the office). But I had one big obstacle. There was no way I could pay her except by using what little savings I had. Happily, I never used a penny of savings. Increased production easily paid her monthly fee. I now enjoy dentistry. Numbers: In 1997 I was stagnated at $250,000 to $260,000 a year. In 1998 I did $365,000. In 2001 I hit $500,000. In 2006 I hit $600,000. (I live and practice in rural northeast Alabama). My guess is that most doctors who commit to Mrs. Ledbetter do better than this. Things I have been able to do because of increased production: fully fund our pension and profit sharing plans for me and my staff (from the first month I worked with Mrs. Ledbetter); give bonuses to my staff based on collections (average of $390/month each); place and pay for $100,000 of new equipment (over 9 months); purchase and pay for digital intra-oral and panoramic radiographic equipment; pay for office remodeling (interior and exterior); go to a 4 day work week; take my staff to the ADA meeting in San Francisco as a reward for doing $600,000."

Dr. Tim Needham (Creighton University 1992)

"When I opened my own practice in 1998 I had experience in dentistry, but not management. I had both experienced employees in the front office and in the clinical area and felt that with their help we could effectively run the practice. After about two years of struggling, it was obvious that something was not working. That was when I was approached by Russ Ledbetter regarding his consulting services. We decided that we had nothing to lose since he guaranteed we would make back his consulting fee by between 500 to 900% in increased production if we followed his program. Implementation was difficult at first, since in general, employees do not like change. However, we stood our ground as owners of the practice and things began turning around quickly. A combination of improved customer service, improved office atmosphere, improved scheduling and most importantly improved management and practice measurement allowed us to become a profitable business. Thanks Russ!"

Dr. John Barnes (University of Alabama Dental School 1981)

"I worked with The Ledbetter Group as consultants and still use the principles learned everyday with great success. I had been to essentially every practice management seminar and interviewed three other consulting firms before deciding on Ledbetter. The others required that you travel your entire staff to their facility and train there. Very expensive. Some relied on a great deal of emotional interaction and physical contact as a part of their training. When I interviewed Russ about this he said “We solve business problems with business solutions.” That got my attention. Ledbetter consultants come to you and your facility and see your staff and facilities in action, they can implement a business solution that will fork for YOU. A consultant lecturing to several offices at some distant site cannot possibly offer the solutions that Ledbetter can actually implement inside your own office. My bottom line is better every day because of my experience with Ledbetter. This paid for itself in a few months. On the other hand, if you are not using Ledbetter, you are losing money every day. When people call me for a reference, I tell them that I have already done the analysis on this for them and they just need to call Ledbetter and get started right away. Don’t think about it, just do it!" Best regards – John (Roll Tide!)

Dr. Bucky Etherton (University of Alabama Dental School 1997)

"I first met Russ when I was in dental school; Russ came and bought my class pizza and gave a lecture on practice management. I don’t remember any of the lecture, but I do remember I had two slices of pepperoni and one slice of sausage. When I got out of dental school, I knew nothing about managing a practice and I knew I needed help. I joined my dad’s dental practice and he assured me that he would teach me all I needed to know. As it turned out my dad was a great dentist, but not the best businessman. I asked my dad about hiring Russ and getting some help, but he said, “Over my dead body!” So after my dad died in 2001, I hired Russ to help the practice. Russ made some very big promises and included them on his contract with me. I have to say that hiring Russ was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Russ kept his word and fulfilled all his contracted obligations and much more. By following Russ’ instruction the practice increased its gross by $35,000 a month. I also went from working five days a week to a four-day week. In addition, I went from taking a long weekend vacation twice a year to a week vacation once a quarter. Russ also helped me set up a retirement plan for my entire staff and myself. I feel that I now understand my business better and I have fewer staff issues due to Russ’ education of my staff and myself. My staff receives many bonuses a year and I have a staff eager to go above and beyond my expectations. I continue to use Russ’ services today and I find his help an invaluable tool in my practice."

Dr. Jeff Singleton & Dr. Charles Clark & Dr. Martin Clark (Medical College of Georgia 2001 & 2007 & 2016)

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to write about my experiences with The Ledbetter Group consulting. Russ Ledbetter was recommended to me by a colleague, and at first I was apprehensive of the idea of hiring a practice consultant. I was seemingly doing well. I was getting some new patients, practice production was growing slowly but steadily, and we were even collecting most of what the practice produced. On the other hand, I was overworked and my practice was unorganized. We did not have any functioning systems in place; we had no consistent collections/payments procedures, and had no idea how to schedule properly. Nonetheless, my practice was still doing well and thriving prior to Ledbetter’s help – we were just doing it the hard way. After my initial practice analysis, Russ established a break-even point for the practice and also established a set of production and collection goals. I was skeptical of the goal numbers because I was already working hard, basically as fast as I could, and did not feel like any more production could be accomplished without detriment to my health. Somewhat skeptically, I let Russ take over and did what he recommended. Ledbetter Consulting also sent a working consultant to my office for extended periods to coach both my staff and me. As the following months unfolded, I started to see big time positive changes in both the practice’s systems and numbers. I notice I was seeing fewer patients, producing more, collecting more consistently (97-102%) and was less tired and stressed at the end of the day. I have now completed Ledbetter’s program. The practice continues to grow in a positive manner and the staff is doing a great job retaining the knowledge and coaching The Ledbetter Group provided. Even though I have completed the program, Russ is always just a phone call away and is quick to answer questions or provide assistance for any staff member or me. If you would like to know more or have any questions about Ledbetter’s consulting program, feel free to call me to discuss it. I strongly recommend The Ledbetter Group to anyone wanting to improve their practice health. It is one of the best investments I have ever made."

Dr. Daniel Nix (University of Alabama Dental School 2000)

“I worked with The Ledbetter Group a few years ago after I decided to purchase the practice that I joined after graduating from dental school. As a recent graduate, the only practice management I knew was the system implemented in this practice by my mentor. When I first met Russ, we were just plugging patients into the schedule as they arrived at the front desk or called on the phone, and running around the office in complete chaos. Russ showed us that with a little organization and goal setting, we could make more money while working in a lower stress setting. The change was amazing! It has now been several years, and we still have every bit of Ledbetter's policies in place. He has made such a difference in my practice, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to my friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Shivani Pandit (University of North Carolina Dental School 1992)

"Before I consulted with Russ, we were working harder. Russ showed us how to work smarter. Production has gone up by 40 to 50% and my staff is getting bigger bonuses. Not only has he boosted our production and collections, but he also coached me on how to be a better businesswoman - overall a happier person. We couldn’t have done this without Russ’ continuous support and foolproof system. In place, my practice is running much smoother and staff morale is higher."

Dr. Rod Roark (University of Tennessee Dental School 1995)

"Before I hired Russ, I was not skeptical, but I thought I did not need a consultant. Russ convinced me that I did. I am very glad I listened. He raised my production by almost double what he promised, and everything is much more organized than before. I would definitely recommend Russ to anyone who is considering a consultant."

Dr. John McLemore & Dr. Pete McLemore (University of Tennessee Dental School 2000 & 1983)

"Dear Russ, Just a note of thanks for helping us achieve the goals we set for our practice. I have to admit that after our initial consultation, I was a bit skeptical that we could attain what you said was possible. But the proof is in the pudding. After one year, a 50% increase in productivity, a cohesive team, and a less stressful work environment have made us believers. Thanks again for your help. Pete and John McLemore. P.S. We really do mean that Russ. It’s hard to overstate how far we have come in the last year and you and Ginny deserve a lot of credit for our progress. Thanks so much!"

Dr. Bennie Evans (Emory University 1976)

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you The Ledbetter Group for what you have done for our dental practice. It became evident that management changes and building a cohesive dental team had to come first and you led us in that direction. With your help, I was able to incorporate my partner into the practice and position him to be able to buy in and eventually take over our busy practice. Financial planning and financial sharing is now a focus, which we use to evaluate our progress and motivate our hard working staff. These changes were not easy but you and your team at The Ledbetter Group were there to guide us every step of the way. Thanks to you, we now have visual tools, which are easy for all of our staff members to use. They are able to visualize just how important it is to meet our daily and weekly goals. Also, the time comes in every dental practice to make plans to retire. I appreciate so much that you helped me to visualize my retirement goals. I look forward to a smooth transition when that time comes."

Dr. Johnathan Echols (University of Alabama Dental School 2001)

"I wanted to find a solution to help put money back into my practice that had a good return on the investment. There was not a piece of equipment that I could find that would give the return that Russ Ledbetter guaranteed. The management systems put into place and the tax information given will make me well over one hundred thousand dollars each year, far exceeding the fee he charges. The implementation of changes by Russ was done in a smooth manner and carried out with integrity. I highly recommend working with The Ledbetter Group to fine tune your practice."

Dr. William Voss (University of Tennessee Dental School 1988)

"I heard about Russ at The Ledbetter Group through a friend that was considering hiring a consultant. I have to admit that at first I was very skeptical about the promises made and goals that could be reached using The Ledbetter Group, but as the meetings and conversations progressed, I realized that each and every goal was being met. I was thoroughly pleased with my results and would recommend The Ledbetter Group to all."

Dr. Mike Zebell (Medical College of Georgia 1996)

"My practice utilized the consulting services of The Ledbetter Group to help us reach our maximum potential. We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and courteous guidance they provided us. As a result of implementing the recommendations they provided us with, our practice increased its productivity by 25-30% per month."

Dr. Mike Threadgill (Emory University 1976)

"Dear Fellow Emory Classmates, I hope that all of you are well and continue to enjoy the practice of dentistry. My wife and I raised, educated and married-off three children, all in good health and look forward to more leisure time in the coming years. After twenty years in the Army, I settled in Newnan, Georgia, and opened a solo practice. The practice was very successful, but I knew I needed to position it for maximum return when the time came for a sale. Although I am generally leery of practice consultants, a friend, who had worked successfully with her, introduced me to Lois Ann Ledbetter. Lois Ann did a practice analysis for me in one day and felt that we could improve profits and better prepare the practice for sale over a relatively short time. We agreed on a one-year contract and began fine-tuning the practice. Production, collections and profit increased fifteen percent. The practice of dentistry became more pleasant and profitable than ever. It wasn’t easy or cheap, but it worked. A year later, I sold the practice for substantially more than it was worth before. Lois Ann’s efforts are appreciated and I now work part time and am free of administrative hassles. I don’t know what your future plans are, but if you want to have a smoother running practice, increase profits and plan for retirement, I recommend Lois Ann’s services to you."

Dr. David W. Towers (University of Alabama Dental School 2000)

“Russ Ledbetter has really helped me to grow personally and professionally. When I hired Russ, tension between my staff members had reached a critical level; and I lacked the leadership skills to know how to resolve the situation. Russ taught me some valuable management techniques to help resolve conflict in the office. He taught me how to monitor critical performance indicators in the practice so that I can tell which areas are performing well and which need improvement. I was promised a $10,000 per month increase and he exceeded that by over 170%. Not all success can be measured in dollars and several quality of life type improvements have made being at work more enjoyable. Over the course of the past year Russ has become a personal friend and mentor. I can say without reservation that he has saved me years of trial and error in learning to be a more effective leader and manager.”

Dr. Michael Plyler (University of Tennessee Dental School 1997)

“Working with The Ledbetter Group was an extremely rewarding and educational experience. I’ve been very pleased with the growth my practice has experienced as a result of Russ Ledbetter’s consulting expertise. I was initially promised a $10,000 per month increase in production. This number was far exceeded. My practice continues to grow due to the systems and procedures implemented under the guidance of The Ledbetter Group.”

Dr. Terry Burgess (University of Tennessee Dental School 1988)

“I would like to personally recommend the services of Russ Ledbetter. I feel that my clinical training was excellent, however, I was unprepared for running a business and managing a staff. I struggled for 10 plus years trying to acquire these skills and find the answers to personal satisfaction in my practice. I realized that I did not have all the answers and paid for the advice of three practice consultants. I spent an embarrassing amount of money for little or no results. The problem was that their cookie cutter systems did not fit my practice. I finally, upon the recommendation of a colleague, talked to Russ and enlisted his services. I can truly say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my practice, my family life, and my general well being. Russ opened my eyes to the possibilities of my practice, gave me direction and support, and showed me weakness in myself that were limiting my practice. I looked upon Russ as a coach that was genuinely interested in my success and me. Russ has given my staff and me an enjoyment of work because our professional and personal goals can be achieved. Using a consultant is a difficult decision that should take considerable thought and prayer. I cannot express how thankful and blessed I am for taking that step of faith and hiring Russ. I would hire Russ again and strongly recommend him to any colleague that is seeking answers to the hurdles that are blocking growth and satisfaction in your practice.”

Dr. Stanley Beard (University of Alabama Dental School 1989)

“My goals for working with The Ledbetter Group were: I wanted an increase of over $10,000 per month in income, to have a stable and profitable hygiene department, and to have a consistently balanced and less stressful schedule. All three of these goals were achieved in excess of my expectations. I would encourage you to allow The Ledbetter Group to analyze your practice to see if they can help you in any of these or other areas.”

Dr. JoAnn (Tubbs) Crim (University of Alabama Dental School 2004)

"When I first received a call from Lois Ann, I was hesitant because I thought that I could not afford a professional dental consultant. I knew we NEEDED help. I had a business consultant at the time but really needed a dental consultant. She had helped my classmate, and I just felt that she would help us as well! Lois Ann analyzed my practice and made big promises of increases in our production and collections, less stress and less time in the office. I had no idea how we could have such a big increase within a year. Well, let me be the first to say that we exceeded our goals within three months!! I feel that I am finally starting to steer the ship instead of floating along and hoping to not sink. After she helped stabilize our practice, I had surgery and missed six days of work. Without Lois Ann's expertise and training, I'm not sure how we would have managed. The practice was fine even with my absence. She has given us the knowledge to succeed and the security of a productive practice. Our office works as a team, and we are excited about dentistry!! She has changed not only my practice but my life. I would encourage any dentist to call Ledbetter and Associates! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!"

Dr. Cheri Cunningham (University of Alabama Dental School 2004)

“I love being a dentist. I can honestly say I feel blessed to be able to do my dream job each day. However, after managing my practice for eight years, I found myself frustrated, exhausted and unsure of my financial future. I wasn’t struggling, but I was never able to get ahead, either. I, honestly, had no real idea of how to measure my success in practice. I was working more days and longer hours than ever before with no real breakthrough results to show for it. Around this time, I was introduced to The Ledbetter Group. To say I was terrified to hire a consultant is an understatement. How would I pay the fee when some months I seemed to barely make it? But, after talking with them, I was taken aback by this company’s overwhelming desire to show me how much better life could be with a more proficient work environment. For the first time in my life, someone asked me what my goals and dreams were for my practice. They had no gimmicks or cookie cutter formulas for success. They evaluated the current state of my practice and then devised a plan with my personal dreams and goals in mind. The training my team and I received was tailored to fit our office and our mission. Immediately, we became more organized, efficient, and profitable. In just a few short months, I was reaching production goals and having to raise the bar to set new ones. My practice was growing and thriving, and my team was excited to begin receiving consistent monthly bonuses. For the first time in a very long time, I was working fewer hours and fewer days while seeing real results. I no longer worried if I was going to make it. I had a guide and a newfound knowledge in practice management. Before working with The Ledbetter Group, I felt like my practice was on auto-pilot where results were out of my control. Today, I feel I am at the wheel, steering my team in the direction we want to go in order to achieve the goals and dreams we desire. My professional life is better than ever, and I have a clear vision for the future of my practice!”

Dr. John Duke (University of Alabama Dental School 1973)

“I have practiced dentistry independently for over 25 years and have done well. However, I wanted to gain more control of business practices and improve my performance as an employer. I also wanted to increase overall efficiency and develop an excellent staff. After checking references, I decided to utilize The Ledbetter Groups’ services. We have been able to surpass all of our initial goals. Our production has increased about 110%. My overhead percentage has decreased with this growth. My employees are thrilled with the changes. Most importantly to me is that they followed through precisely on everything they promised. I endorse The Ledbetter Group completely!”

Dr. Bill Hamilton, Jr. (University of Alabama Dental School 1977)

“I highly recommend the consulting program that The Ledbetter Group has to offer. My practice was not growing as fast as I knew it could, but I didn’t know how to change that. Once hired, our production increased by a little more than $16,000 per month. In addition, our collection percentage improved dramatically. The Ledbetter Group gave me the tools to be a good manager and leader. I now have a road map to where I want my practice to go.”

Dr. Hugh Armstrong (Medical College of Georgia 2006)

"I am very pleased I contracted with The Ledbetter Group for my practice. Russ and his team brought everyone on board working toward the same goals, and my staff is much more of a team. Our front office is more efficient, our hygiene is more efficient, and I, as the doctor, am more efficient. This efficiency helps my stress level stay low while increasing my production at the same time. I was able to "Work Smarter and Not Harder" to increase the production. I would recommend The Ledbetter Group to any dentist looking to increase production, new patients, and wanting to maintain a balanced work environment. Russ is a great coach not only in the practice but also in some personal areas. He can be compared to the great Paul "Bear" Bryant with his head coaching and his assistant Ginny coming in motivating the team."

Dr. Will Miles (Medical College of Georgia 2005)

“My name is Dr. Will Miles and I practice dentistry in Albany, Georgia. Before purchasing my practice in January 2006, I worked for six months in the practice to get a feel for the patients and staff to see if the practice was suited for me. The patients and staff are great but the business model was very unorganized. Collections were low and the schedule was stressful but the practice was established. I needed a better business model and a dental friend told me about The Ledbetter Group. Hiring them was the best business decision I could have ever made. My collections rose from 88% to over 98%, my schedule is less stressful and my gross production increased over $18,000 per month. I am extremely satisfied with the results my practice achieved from the services of The Ledbetter Group. Their services allowed my practice to experience a business boom.”

Dr. J. Randolph Hawkins (University of Alabama Dental School 1975)

“Several close friends who used The Ledbetter Group encouraged me to hire them. I had a good dental practice but there were several areas that I knew needed improvement. The Ledbetter Group helped me with those and many more. My production increased by over 40% and my office runs smoother, our team work has improved and we treat more new patients.”

Dr. Ron Beasley (University of Alabama Dental School 1999)

“I would recommend The Ledbetter Group as a consultant for any office that would like to become more successful, stable, organized and fun. Our production increased by more than the minimum $10,000 promised. My staff has become a more cohesive unit and has achieved a high level of teamwork.”

Dr. Mike McLeary (University of Tennessee Dental School 1997)

“I began working with The Ledbetter Group a year after graduation. It was the best business investment I’ve ever made. We reached all of my contracted goals and far exceeded the anticipated $10,000 per month increase. I recommend anyone who wants to increase productivity and reduce stress to use them to achieve your goals.”

Dr. Richard Straus (Medical College of Georgia 1984)

“The Ledbetter Group promised a $10,000 per month increase. They far exceeded that, increasing my practice by 45% while working fewer days! Meeting goals, stress reduction, teamwork and a shorter work calendar are all things my office has been able to accomplish since working with them. I heartily recommend them to help your dental practice.”

Dr. Leah McIntyre Cook & Dr. J. Hank Cook (Medical College of Georgia 1995)

“I would recommend The Ledbetter Group to any dental office looking to enjoy dentistry more and be more profitable while doing it. Russ has been with our office for six months and the average for the last three months has our production up 27%. This far exceeds his initial promised increase and we have six more months left in the contract. After working with a large consulting group and getting lost in all the different coaches, Russ is a breath of fresh air. I talk directly to him four times a month and he is available for my staff and me at any time. At our initial meeting we evaluated my practice and set goals to create an office that would make us proud. Russ has empowered my staff, trained them well and set up a bonus system which has been very successful the last three months. I started this venture to help my staff enjoy work more and to make more money. We are doing very well and I am enjoying how simple and easy the relationship has been. Thanks Russ.”

Dr. Phil Shipp (University of Tennessee 1995)

"The Ledbetter Group in one year took our office to the next level. Our production/collections numbers increased by over $250,000 in one year and we have had continuous growth from there. Thanks to Russ and Ginny for all that you have done."

Dr. B. Scott Thompson (University of Alabama Dental School 1988)

“Hiring The Ledbetter Group is the single best investment we’ve ever made in our practice. They delivered what they promised and then some. Production is soaring and continuing to grow, stress is way down and morale is way up. It’s truly a pleasure to go to work these days. I highly recommend their services.”

Dr. Mike Dingman (Emory University 1976)

"I’ve been asked to describe my experiences with The Ledbetter Group Consulting. My goal in contracting with them was to fully utilize new office space and to position myself for the sale of my practice at retirement. Although, not an easy process, I am very pleased with the results. In addition to exceeding all my goals, I learned to manage my practice in a more business-like manner. Staff harmony has improved and our production has increased steadily. I must admit, I was initially skeptical of the idea of hiring a consulting firm, however, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I achieved with the help of The Ledbetter Group. I guess you can teach an old dog a new trick or two."

Dr. Matt Adams & Dr. Jerry Adams (Medical College of Georgia 2001 & 1973)

“As much training as we receive to be great clinicians we often neglect the business side of dental practice. Russ and his team have given us an easy, quantifiable way to monitor our practice while decreasing stress and increasing productivity. An investment with Russ will pay off with huge dividends.”