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Lasting Transitions Counseling

909 Harris Ave Suite 202E
Bellingham WA , 98225

Family of origin, parenting, child behavior issues

I came to Jenifer yearning to grow
and live true to myself, wanting more connection with my creativity, weighed
down by guilt and shame and feeling like I was stuck in surface level
distractions. I wanted to rediscover myself and learn how to build a more authentic
life where I felt like I really knew myself and went after what would make me
happy. Wanting to work on myself was also in part a way of dedicating myself to
be the best Mom I could be. My son was about 5 at the time I started to see
Jenifer. We had struggles that needed to be addressed and hardships that were
growing more difficult. I considered myself a good, loving, committed mother
and loved being a mom but I needed help. My son has anger issues that I simply
did not know how to handle. I didn’t understand why this was happening and felt
like nothing I was doing was making a difference. The worst part was that his
behavior of expressing his anger, sadness, confusion was triggering me; my own
cycles of escalation were being triggered  and it was making matters worse
and therefore not helping my son. Jenifer and I worked on looking at my
patterns that were created very early in life. Understanding the way I escalate
has helped me not be triggered and I can now see more clearly that my son is
not trying to hurt me and he needs my help. Jenifer is helping me work on
myself so that I can help my son with his anger. Jenifer has unlimited and the
utmost creative approach to helping kids who have anger, sadness and confusion;
this is truly one of her specialties that she shines so bright in because she
is so experienced and so unique. Jenifer understands kids and is one of their
biggest advocates. She embodies love and respect and always has such a clear
picture of how to build trust with my son.  Jenifer has specific detailed
advice down to the tiniest of details on how to handle so many difficult
situations with my son. I can go over every little thing that happened and she
has insight and such helpful advice on what I could’ve done or do next time. Her
suggestions are always staying true to keeping everyone safe, treating with
respect, breaking the cycle, finding a way to not give into the anxiety, being
consistent, respecting his feelings, teaching him boundaries and staying in
control of myself. Her approach is playful and creative which are two
characteristics that can be very hard to be in a stressful parenting situation
but she shows you how and eventually I found myself doing it naturally. 
The way I react is changing and I can feel the inner peace that she has been
teaching me to find.  She really gives me the tools to handle situations
with my son that used to make me feel so helpless and I’m so proud that I’m
making changes that will last and continue to help my son.  Some of the
other major parenting components centered around the difficulties my ex and I
were having co-parenting. I was not even aware of how much the inconsistencies
were confusing and effecting my son. One of the biggest ways this lack of
structure and consistency was coming out was in my son’s severe resistance to
go to school. With Jenifer’s very in depth help learning how to create the
consistency my son so desperately needed there have been a huge turn around. We
went from every night there being violent outbursts from his anxiety about
school the next day and mornings that were even worse; so many days that he
missed school because it was so hard dealing with his behavior and we didn’t
know what to do. My son is now one of the first kids to arrive at school; he
likes to get there early so that he can help his teacher set up the classroom.
He doesn’t miss days anymore; this is one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve
ever made and I know it’s Jenifer’s help that has made all the difference. She
helps with every step of my goals to make sure my son is getting what he needs
and I’ve learned so much. 

During the time I was seeing Jenifer I had the sudden onset of health
conditions that of course effected every aspect of my life. Her support in
navigating through the bewildering challenges that this health condition pose
has played a huge part in creating my health plan, carrying it out and my
recovery.  Jenifer has a way of helping me with the many different
dimensions of my health issues. She helps with the overwhelming logistics of
how to organize, prep and plan so I can be successful to carry out my health
plan. She also teaches me how to process what is happening to me; making a
connection with my mind and body. She teaches awareness of what my body is
going through and how I can best honor myself and work toward healing.

I came to Jenifer searching for transformation, ready to begin the work; I am
now feeling more and more like my true self. It has now been just over a year
of seeing Jenifer and I’ve been putting in hard work; the things I’m learning I
will take with me through the rest of my life. I have at times wondered when am
I going to see the changes I’m working so hard for and then it starts to happen
-  a new me. I’m changing  my thought process, I’m shedding the
shame, I’m figuring out what I want and how to empower myself.  Jenifer
has been my guide.

Relationship, family, intimacy-related, and self esteem

is amazing. She is really knowledgeable and has been really helpful for me. She
can dig into any topic that we are discussing in a really constructive way.

Relationship problems

Jen is one in a mil. Super qualified to do what she does- A true find. Wishing everyone had a Jen to navigate through rough waters.

Excellent Therapist

I have had previous therapists that have helped, but I did
not attend more than a few sessions. Jenifer creates a feeling of trust an
security that not only helps you succeed in your personal journey but makes you
want to get to that place where you feel that you are working on being a better
person and  creating a healthier and happier environment. 


Jenifer's true strength and integrity shows when you hit
the rough patches, and for that I will always be grateful.

Depression, Social Anxiety

I appreciate Jenifer's honest and direct
style. She's helped bring awareness and clarity to my past and provided support
and strength to work through it. She asks the right questions to help me think
through things in my own time. She's responsive and there when I need her.


Excellent, honest yet warm. I totally recommend Jenifer

Relationship, grief, intimacy-related, and self esteem

Jenifer helped me recognize my problem and I really love her approach. This is my first time talking to a specialist and I am really thankful for all she is doing.

Relationship, grief, and self esteem

Jenifer has been very helpful in helping me sort out the root causes of the problem I have. She isn't just consoling me but helping me see how the situation arose in the first place and how to avoid getting into another such problem in the future.

Depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, self esteem, and anger

Jenifer is amazing. She gets to the heart of the issue, asking the kinds of questions that dig deep. After only a few sessions I felt like I've gotten more out of our work than I have after months with other therapists.

Trauma and abuse, and self esteem

I like her approach very much, she reflects smart and validating. And helps you with some questions which show sincere interest and help to figure things out, in a very understanding way and responds very validating. :)

Depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, self esteem, and anger

Jenifer is amazing. She gets to the heart of the issue, asking the kinds of questions that dig deep. After only a few sessions I felt like I've gotten more out of our work than I have after months with other therapists.

Stress, anxiety, relationship, family, and parenting

Jenifer is amazing! She asks the right
questions and directs you in ways that are very helpful and insightful.


Jenifer is great. She is a good listener and
does her best to help and make one feel understood and heard and acknowledges one's hurts and give ideas for solutions in the future.


Jenifer asks the right questions. Even though
it's sometimes hard to face the reality, her words help me stay on track and
focus on the most important things.


you are an awesome counselor. I am grateful you chose to pick up my case!


Best experience I ever had

Depression, stress, anxiety, eating, and self esteem

Jenifer makes me feel like I'm talking to a very wise and understanding, but cool, older sister. I feel completely at ease to share with her and she always gives just the right feedback in just the right amounts at just the right time. Counselling can be really tough but she's made it a positive experience.

Depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship, trauma and abuse, intimacy-related & self esteem

Brilliant and kind, I wish I didn't have to stop counseling with her. She knows exactly how to handle and care for an individual as well as guide them in the right direction. 

Depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, family, parenting, self esteem & career

Jenifer is my rock. I see no other way that I could possibly tackle all my issues and better myself without her. My responses lately have been very wordy and time consuming, and Jenifer ALWAYS without fail, finds the time to give back responsive, insightful feedback, Helping me through this journey. Although we are from different backgrounds, I am able to open up and I feel like we do our best to understand and empathize with each other. She's is the perfect match, I couldn't have asked for a better help!

Stress, anxiety, relationship, and family

Never done counseling before but Jen is just amazing. She has helped me and my partner with so much. She listens but really gets involved and just delves in and offers some amazing advice

Faith in healing

In the need for help, I found Jennifer. Not only did she listen
and helped me précisé my concerns but her experience professionalism and
guidance bring me faith in the process of healing.

You're an angel

can't believe how amazing she is! Thank you Jenifer, you're an angel.

Stress, anxiety, relationship, family and self esteem

Jenifer has a warm and understandable approach when dealing with my situation, and at the same time she is direct and honest. Her comments are on-the-spot.

Such a fortunate experience

Before coming to Jenifer, I spent 20 years seeing
psychiatrists and therapists on a weekly basis who were not able to provide the
support and treatment I needed. What makes Jenifer's approach different, is
that she listens, cares, and holds me accountable. When I come into a session
with a problem I am trying to work out, Jenifer has a gift in asking me the
right questions so that I am able to come to my own realizations and
understandings with her help. I leave my sessions feeling like she and I have
worked together as a team to find the best solution for me. 


While Jenifer does not take
health insurance, her sliding pay scale has made my sessions affordable and her
counseling is better than what I have received from someone who takes


When I first began going to Jenifer, I was visiting her
weekly. I now feel more confident in my ability to make healthy choices and
decisions for myself, and I see her only when I need to which is every few
months. Jenifer is a counselor I have been able to transition with. I am
extremely grateful for her support and hope that everyone looking to better
their life through counseling is able to have such a fortunate experience.

Gambling Addiction

Dealing with a family member with a gambling addiction was overwhelming. We turned to Jenifer for help dealing with this painful and complex issue. This was the best decision we could have made. Jenifer's compassion for her clients and understanding of gambling addiction helped us to heal and get our lives back. I only wish we had decided to seek her help sooner. 

Integral to my growth

I am so grateful to have met
Jenifer. For years before encountering her, I was struggling with a
mis-diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It wasn't until Jenifer was able to detect
my misdiagnosis that my life finally started to progress through therapy and
the work began taking on a very positive effect. Thanks to Jenifer I have grown
mentally and emotionally leaps and bounds and no longer take any psycho-active
medications. I can truly say I am a better person after my work with her. She
has been more than understanding. She has been truly insightful to my
experiences and integral to my growth.   


My safe place

the past few years, Jen has been coaching me through some very big transitions
in my life and I could not have navigated through these changes with as much
grace without her help. Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the
most important aspects of my life and face the fears that have hindered me so
much in the past. Jen became my safe place. Her way of teaching me and giving
me different perspectives is something I'll cherish for forever. Without Jen I
would not be the person I am today and I'm very thankful I've grown through her
passionate and gritty coaching ways. I'm also thankful for her constant
support. She truly is my biggest fan and I am forever grateful to have Jen in
my life. 

ANYTHING is Possible

With Jenifer's help, I've made leaps and bounds with progress in my life I never would have thought possible... I know now that ANYTHING is possible!


5 stars!