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Diamond Ottawa

5459 Canotek Rd suite #5
Ottawa Ontario , K1J9M3

Loved the Food

Loved the food the show was awesome. They were nice to serve me a vegan meal.

Dr. Wendy Abraham

“As a Naturopathic Physician I am always talking to people about food – not just what you eat – but the quality of it, the source of it, how you cook it, when you eat it, how you store it, etc. After all, food is medicine – unless of course it is prepared in lots of oil, destroyed by heat, and contains nasty chemicals (then it may as well be poison). After seeing the chefs cook and present the Diamond cookware, I was pretty impressed. I loved the idea that I didn’t need to saturate my veggies in lots of oil to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan (oils can be healthy when used as a condiment… add lots of heat and it’s a different story) and I loved that I didn’t need to introduce a ton of heat and destroy the nutrients either. Our food supply is already so depleted, we don’t need to make it worse by heating our food to extreme temps. The final and probably the most critical piece of what impressed me and quite frankly “sold me” on the Diamond Cookware was the fact that other cookware “holds onto” old oxidized food &/or “leaches” disgusting chemicals/metals into our food. Again – I thought I had some pretty nice cookware – some that promoted being “green” – after tasting what was in the water after the “pot test” – I wasn’t just impressed, I was sold!!! I literally threw away my pots and pans and anxiously awaited my new set of Diamond Cookware. Of course, I pretty much ate raw food for the next few days. I love my new pots and pans. I love that I can get the most nutrients out of my food. I love that I can feel confident that I am not unintentionally polluting my two little girls with otherwise healthy foods. I love that my pots and pans will last forever. I recommend your pots and pans to my patients – after all – we are what we eat! And let’s face it… no one wants to be “old, depleted, oxidized toxins”. Thank you both for all your awesome support and delicious recipes!”