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Dignity Credit Solutions

5750 Sunrise Blvd. Suite 210C
Citrus Heights California , 95610
United States


Pat has helped me greatly in improving my financial situation. He truly cares about helping people. Thanks for everything Pat!


Pat is very friendly professional and honest I high recommend

Grow Your Business Faster

I highly recommend Pat and Dignity Credit Solutions to provide excellent business credit and funding to help my clients reach their financial goals faster!

Pat gets results!!

Pat is the Man!! Since meeting him about a year and a half ago, I knew from the get-go he is a fun, loving guy, and being backed by knowledge & experience in the field of credit repair, I knew I was in good hands from Day 1! I recommend working with Pat as a cost efficient way to improve your credit situation.

Thanks Pat!
Cameron James

Instagram @CameronJamesSpeaks

Pat Walley is trustworthy!

Pat Walley is a business owner I trust, like and recommend.

Exceptional Customer satisfaction

Pat Walley from Dignity Solutions is Amazing. He is patient, very knowledgeable in his field and in just a short time my scores went up 86 points. If I would have listen to him sooner my credit scores would be even higher sooner. Overall I am becoming more financially stable. I look forward to a ongoing relationship with Dignity Solutions. I highly recommend you get in touch with Pat he will help change your life for the better!

Pat is the best!

Pat you are a Life Changer!

Pat was amazing. He delivered exactly what he said he would. His integrity, knowledge and patience left me with a stronger understanding on how credit scores really works and soon to be excellent credit! Thank you Pat ????!

Looking for answers

When my score dropped, I reached out to Dignity to see why. They informed me that it was because I had recently applied for new credit and to make sure my balances were under 10%. Since then, my score has grown and I'm a happy camper.

We survived the Paradise fire but did not know what to do about our credit woes

I would like to give a shout out to me hero and long time friend Pat Walley. He genuinely takes on the task of sifting through mounds of information that he understands in a unique way. Pat does not take the task lightly because he understands the necessity of repairing your credit. With integrity and raw compassion Pat explains in detail the necessary steps we needed to take to help clear our credit. And he explains in simple terms how to maintain our path to successfully gain and keep a healthy credit standing.
Thank you Pat and Dignity Credit Solutions for your service in guiding us in our journey to repairing our credit. You unselfishly took on the task as though it was your own. We are grateful for your expertise.
Steve & Shanon Nelson

We were on the verge of Bankruptcy

My wife and I were struggling in keeping up with our monthly payments with our mortgage, credit cards, and other bills and still have any left over cash to buy groceries for us and our kids.
We were on the verge of having to declare bankruptcy when I had reached out to Pat for advice. He listened to all my concerns and captured details of what we were paying on interest with our credit cards and helped us consolidate and use other assets like my 401k I could barrow from at a very low interest to help clear out my credit cards with high interest rates. The beauty is that I am paying myself back with my loan for my 401k and the money we now save that previously went to the interest of those credit cards NOW goes to my 401k and the left over money to help reduce other smaller credit cards with lower interest rate.
Pat was honest and professional and is generally eager to help find ways to help you save and have cash flow left over to pay off those bills you didn’t think you could. I appreciate his service and would recommend Dignity Credit Solutions to anyone interested in trying to eliminate credit card debt and improve your credit score to which he has done for us.

Thanks Pat

I was able to qualify for a VA loan and buy my first home

I am a Army Veteran and wanted to buy my first home. Problem was, I didn't know how to find a home or how to get qualified for the VA loan I wanted. My dad, Pat, helped me raise my credit score and helped guide me to get a great VA loan and THEN he used his skills as a real estate investor to find the perfect home for me and my family. Now my family has a great place to live and I am saving so much money because of my higher credit score. Thanks Dad and Dignity Credit Solutions.