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Law Office of A. Stephen Rocha

1081 Camino del Rio South, # 208
San Diego CA , 92108

Certified Family Law Specialist Stephen Rocha is outstanding.

Certified Family Law Specialist Stephen Rocha is outstanding. He has been my attorney for many years. He is a no non-sense guy. He will protect and advice clients accordingly. He will present facts for clients to make fair decisions for the family according to the laws. The advice he provided is based on family laws and many years of experienced. He will research the right laws to keep clients out of trouble and convince judges to make the right decisions. Family laws are about fairness, protecting the weak and children who have nothing to do with the divorce. It is best to do homework and have questions prepare for the appointments. Pay attention because he is precise with the response to resolve issues.The rate for his expertise is reasonable. He knows time is money so he will try to be short to save money. He can be aggressive in court if there are no alternatives. He will advise the clients to be ethical and do the right thing for the family. Dealing with divorce is unpleasant. I would recommend attorney Rocha to be on your side during this difficult time. He can be a tiger if the other side doesn't play fair. He has a lot of pride in his work and proud of his winning record and tradition. My custody and finance cases were complicated and he is undefeated  representing me.

He was there for us through every single step of the way

Stephen, first thank you for being such an AMAZING lawyer for my husband and I. Thanks to him we now have more custody and a better balance with our entire situation. He was there for us through every single step of the way, with all the many questions we had for him and gave us the answers we needed and overall made us feel at ease. Handled everything we needed done for us and went above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied with everything going on. Got to know about him as a person as well and that made us feel extremely comfortable with him. Couldn't thank him enough for all the time and effort he put into us and our case! We will definitely be back to him.

He has been nothing less than the BEST!

My family and I have been working with Mr. Rocha for many years now, and he has been nothing less than the BEST! If you are looking for a lawyer that understands military Jargon, LES's, child support, child custody cases, move away cases and anything in between, this is the guy you want on your side. I have read many reviews posted by others regarding Mr. Rocha, and I have to say,  none of them give a true insight of his character or legal knowledge. This guy knows his trade inside and out, but if you are looking for a soft spoken, passive lawyer, that is afraid to stand thier ground and fight for you! Then Mr. Rocha is clearly not the guy for you. I am a US Navy veteran, a military spouse and a mother with a special needs child, and Mr. Rocha was able to relate to my specific life style and work hard on all of my cases down the years, and get me the best results. He has never lost a case I hired him for, and this my friends is for one reason....Mr. Rocha is the best of the best and when it truly matters, this is the guy you are going to want in your corner. 

Client Review: "extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy"

This man has truly changed the lives of my children and I! I had been battling my ex husband in court for over ten years. When I finally was able to afford an attorney to represent my family I called Mr. Rocha's office. He answered the phone himself which I wasn't expecting, and he even took the time to listen to the details regarding my difficult case. Mr. Rocha is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. He definitely goes above and beyond to make sure his clients needs are met. He conducts himself in a professional yet straightforward manner. His no nonsense, confident, strong presence is exactly what I needed to represent me in court against a narcissistic bully. Mr. Rocha fights to win, and does not back down. On top of all that, his rates are billing procedures are reasonable. I deeply appreciate everything he has done for my family, and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Client Review: "professionalism and their attentiveness to their clients"

After finding out that my divorce was not finalized (6 years later) while I was in the process of trying to plan a wedding with my new fiance I was in a mad rush in dealing with South County Court. After 3 days of missed work and fighting to get even some answers from the family court and jumping through their ridiculous hoops and unprofessional approach to family law I found Stephen Rocha. I called his office and the receptionist was cheerful and kind, within seconds I was forwarded over to speak with Stephen. He took my case for a flat fee and set me up to come in and sign the documents needed as well as explaining the whole process to me. His service also included serving my horrific ex husband with his divorce papers across country. Throughout the whole process Stephen and his staff kept me informed of all updates in my case, even through the grueling waiting period for the South County Court to finalize my simple divorce. I highly recommend Stephen and his team for their professionalism and their attentiveness to their clients and their needs.

Client Review: "He will fight for you"

In 2014, Stephen Rocha's Law office represented me in my male-male divorce.  I hired Mr. Rocha mainly because; based on reviews I had read about him, he was an aggressive practitioner of the law.  What I didn't expect was Mr. Rocha to go above and beyond in getting better understanding of gay marriage, and how he could get the best possible outcome in my case. He did research on other State with similar cases and compare with Law in California to see how to get the best possible outcome. I loved that he is straight forward and to the point. He will not "sugarcoat" things for you, and believe, this is what you need when you are going through a divorce. He will fight for you and represent you the best way he knows: professionally but yet aggressively. He also was professional on his fee and billing practices. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Client Review: "This man is amazing!"

This man is amazing! He will fight right alongside you in any kind of divorce.... He is knowledgeable, proactive and skilled at working with narcissism.... If you are on the hunt for an attorney who will fight for YOU (and your kiddos), he should be your first choice!

Client Review: "I'm so thankful I found Mr. Rocha!!"

I called Stephen Rocha's office for a consultation and was surprised when he answered the phone himself. I explained I was shopping around for an attorney to help with a potentially ugly custody battle and inquired about a consultation. I was again surprised when he jumped right into it and began asking me for the details of my situation. The consultation began right then. He did interrupt me several times in order to clarify some of the details and even chewed me out for things I had already done wrong. At that moment, I knew I found the right man to represent me. While some people may have been bothered they were getting reprimanded by an attorney they hadn't even hired, I knew he was already helping make sure I was covering all my bases so I'd have a stronger case. He wastes no time and gets right to the point. He continued to impress me at each hearing. He is tough, aggressive and always ready to play hardball. Most of the other attorneys I contacted were way more expensive. Rocha was more affordable and I still got the end result I was fighting for. I'm so thankful I found Mr. Rocha!!

Client Review: "He is knowledgeable, aggressive and quick-witted"

I hired Mr. Rocha over 2 years ago to assist with what I knew would be a very long and complicated custody battle. He is knowledgeable, aggressive and quick-witted which is exactly what I was looking for in an attorney. He is a "no nonsense" personality. If something about your case doesn't make sense during your consultation, he will call you out to get to the bottom of it then and there to ensure there are no holes in your case.  I will admit Mr. Rocha can be a bit abrasive, but I wasn't looking for someone to coddle me or be "sensitive" to my feelings. If that's what you need, hire a therapist. I needed a strong, aggressive attorney who would fight tirelessly to help me keep my child out of a very unsafe situation...And that is exactly what I got with Mr. Rocha. I have worked with other family attorneys that cost over 3x Mr. Rocha's rates and they didn't accomplish even HALF of what Mr. Rocha did.  As expensive as attorney fees are, Mr. Rocha's have been beyond reasonable. Hiring him has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Client Review: "fast, efficient, responsive, honest representation, I found it"

The law office of Stephen Rocha delivered above my expectations in every way.Recently Stephen Rocha's Law office represented me in my divorce. If I had not used his office several years ago for a smaller matter, I think the reviews I saw on yelp may have dissuaded me from interviewing him for the job. I did interview him. I hired him. He was the correct choice.I spoke with four attorneys including Mr. Rocha before hiring Stephen to handle my case.  I hired Mr. Rocha for two reasons. I believed that he had a good understanding of divorce law in the state of California and would represent me well.  I believed that he would work efficiently and bill me appropriately.Personally, I have a thin skin, but the last thing I needed for this emotionally and financially painful life event was an expensive shoulder to cry on! What I wanted was a high degree of service, efficient use of billable hours, good counsel in my decision making, and an attorney that pursued what I felt were my interests. When occasionally my ego got hurt a little, I sucked it up and was happy I was getting honest counsel.The law office of Stephen Rocha delivered above my expectations in every way. The service provided by Rocha's office was outstanding. When extra work was needed for a document, or a quick turnover was important, Stephen responded fast to meet the needs of the case. I was kept in the loop in real time about all communications between my spouses attorney and Rocha's law office. Emails were often responded to within minutes, if not, then almost always the same day. Phone calls I made to the office were usually picked up by Mr. Rocha himself, if not, then I got to his staff rather than an answering machine and he returned my phone call right away. I found it amazing how often I was able to get Mr. Rocha on the line to assist me immediately. Clearly there are a lot of options out there, but if you are like me and you want fast, efficient, responsive, honest representation, I found it in the Law office of Stephen Rocha.

Client Review: "competent, confident and able to do what it takes to meet your objectives"

I spoke with him twice, met with him today, and he was generous with his time.  He's no-nonsense, period. He's not going to coddle you, so if this is what you want, probably not your best bet.  This is specifically why I will likely hire him.  Hiring a lawyer should not be based on personality but who is competent, confident and able to do what it takes to meet your objectives.  Join a support group to whine, but hire a shark to represent you when it involves what is most precious to you.  I wish someone would have told me this a year ago.

Client Review: "he cares a great deal about his clients"

I hired Stephen back in August of 2012, I was scared and completely ignorant to the divorce process. Stephen really helped me through the entire horrific process, not only have I learned a great deal, but I am now confident. The prices are very cheap in comparison to other lawyers in San Diego, but most importantly, he works with his clients to ensure that they are focused on the matter at hand and not the financial aspect of divorce. I can't begin to thank him enough for everything he has done for me, I am sure I haven't been the easiest of clients, especially because of my frequent calls, but he stood by me, and to this day I have received everything that I asked for in regards to custody, legal rights, and child support. I would say that the main thing to keep in mind is that you have to set realistic goals, be honest with him, and most importantly, BE STRAIGHT FORWARD. I would like to end my review by stating that I am completely happy with Mr. Rocha's services, he is extremely experienced, aggressive, and contrary to those statements made by people who haven't even hired him, he cares a great deal about his clients, review his website if you don't believe me, then you can see just how much he has done for the people of San Diego.

Client Review: "I am a repeat customer"

I am a repeat customer of Mr. Rocha.  I picked him over numerous other attorneys because he is firm, knows his stuff, is fair, honest, gets to the point quickly, is very bright and gets it, and not afraid to tell me if I'm wrong (which I appreciate because it keeps me out of trouble).  Fighting in court and legal issues are not on my list of things I am good at or things I enjoy at all, and quite stressful for me (or anyone), especially when if comes to things I love the most in this world (my kids). I came from an abusive/bullying relationship (which Stephen understands well), but I don't dwell on it so much with him. I save that for my counseling sessions :).  My focus now is on creating the best possible situation for my kids and becoming less fearful of standing up for what is fair, right, and in the best interest of my children.  Knowing that Stephen is helping us gives me peace of mind that I'm not alone. I can reach him even on weekends for emergencies and he is quick to get back to my e-mails and messsages. I'm so grateful I found this attorney and highly recommend him.